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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Additional Information
Immanuel Cemetery 455514N 0962538W  
Lake View Cemetery 454150N 0964235W  
Monson Cemetery 455321N 0962431W  
Nelson Cemetery 454813N 0963438W  
Plateau Cemetery 453521N 0964925W  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 460119N 0963247W  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Saint Galls Cemetery 460027N 0961850W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 454811N 0962735W  
Saint Patrick Cemetery 453842N 0962423W  
Sharon Cemetery 455413N 0962241W  
Siloah Cemetery 453840N 0963347W  
Trinity Cemetery 453629N 0961733W  
Valley View Cemetery 453514N 0964813W  
Wildwood Cemetery 454900N 0962920W  
Zion Cemetery 454020N 0963430W  
Zion Cemetery 454954N 0962207W  

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