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JULY 2018
MARRIAGES: County Records 1881-1884
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: Rosters, 1884-List of Notaries Public, 1892 Official Roster
NEWS-FIRES: 1895-Prairie Fires, 1895-Forest Fires
PEOPLE: Ollie Germain
OBITS: John Bird
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1886-County Seat Location
PEOPLE: submitted by Robin Line- J. R. Brown

MARCH 2018
OBITS: Gleason Children, Morowiz Daughters
WILLS: Inheritance Tax-Cross, Dalziel, Hemming, Henning, Weiss
PEOPLE: Rudolph Anderson, Fred Evander, Amy Burton, Wilson E. Burton

OBITS: Limping Spirit, Earl E. Huber
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: Charles E. Houston, Charles E. Collins, Henry L. Prescott, Walter Stevens
PUBLIC OFFICIALS: Rosters, 1895 Fire Officials
MILITARY: Soldier News - Fred C. Rensing
MILITARY: World War I Casualties - William Krensing, Carl Sandman, James F. Keane, Albert Anderson, Nels L. Anderson
NEWS-WEATHER: Lightning kills Mr. Simpson, spares Mr. Huff, 1888-Again Blockaded, 1903-Gale Blows Furiously
NEWS-BUSINESSES: J. H. Wiggins - Robin Line

JUNE 2017
MILITARY: Korean War Casualties, Vietnam War Casualties
OBITS: Gabriel Renville
NEWS-WEATHER: 1888 Snowed in, no fuel

MARCH 2017
PEOPLE: J. W. Corey
OBITS: Tom Hoksenamaza and Wife
NEWS-VISIT: Van Gordon
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1892-Ordered to Break Camp, 1891-Courthouse

OBITS: Ed. Burnell - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-WEATHER: 1888-Destructive storm
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: Carl Pressley, Mrs. J. A. Pressley

OBITS: J. F. Patterson - submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-FIRE: 1888-Blizzard and Blaze

JULY 2016
OBITS: William V. Fleming, John Otherday
CHURCHES: Rev. F. C. Lovett
PEOPLE: C. J. Myers
NEWS-BUSINESS: Westfall & Durbin
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1886-Prepared to Meet Mob, 1889-Settling Sisseton
NEWS-CRIME: Antoinette Seidensticker
NEWS-VISIT/RELOCATE: Mrs. Sherwin, C. F. Smith

OBITS: Mrs. Alexandria Paul
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1885-Oil Strike
NEWS-WEATHER: 1888-Snow Blockade
NEWS-VISIT: Amasa Crosfield
PEOPLE: Frank Benoit

JULY 2015
SCHOOLS: 1911-Teacher Shortage
COURT: 1886-County Seat Change, Betcher vs. Devenney
FAMILIES: Simmer Gathering
CHURCHES: Rev. Lundgren

MARCH 2015
OBITS: Mrs. Doctor Marshall, Mrs. Paul, Gabriel Renville, Bogus Jack Bird
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1883-Bones Discovered, 1891-Land Available, 1891-Sisseton Payment Deferred, 1891-Can't Celebrate the 4th, 1891-Attorney Fees
NEWS-VISIT: Mrs. Fred Lawrence, George W. Haskell (2)
NEWS-PEOPLE: George Smith, Chief Renville
NEWS-SICK: Howard Smith
NEWS-WEATHER: 1888-Hail Storm
NEWS-FIRE: 1892-Fire

OBITS: Mrs. Henry Dezotell-Contributed by Jim Dezotell, Ellen Bowers

Feb. 2014: Births - submitted by Tam
Bio: O'Hair - transcribed by mb

Aug. 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Jul. 2013: Obits: Doheny, Gaulke, Johnson
Marriage Announcement: Wyckoff – La Laque
Bios: Bartlett, Dezotell, Satterlund

Aug. 2012: Obit: Keppelberger

May 2012: Obit: Allen

Apr. 2012: Bio: Hellekson

Mar. 2012: Marriage: Zimmerman-Koebernick

Feb. 2012: WW2 Army Honor List; Fire at Traverse; Crime News: Long

Jan 2012: 1870 Federal Census; 1880 Mortality Schedule, obit for FIHLING

Previous Updates:
County organization and description; list of cemeteries; Obit of Chief Renville

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