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Union Prisoners at Richmond


The following list, which has been arranged with great care, gives the names of our prisoners now at Richmond , and the nature of the wounds of __________ under surgical treatment. While it is probable that the list is not perfectly accurate, it doubtles [sic] contains fewer errors and omissions than any yet published. To the kind thoughtfulness of the surgeons who have recently returned from captivity, the friends of those who were left behind are indebted for the valuable information here given, and we here append their names:

Alfred Power, Surgeon, and W. H. Wilson, Assistant Surgeon, New-York Second Regiment;
Washington A. Connelly, Volunteer Surgeon;
Andrew McLetcher, Surgeon, New-York Seventy-ninth;
James Harris, Surgeon, Second Rhode Island;
R. A. Goodenough, Assistant Surgeon, Brooklyn Fourteenth;
and C. W. Le Boutillier, Minnesota First:



Co. A -- W. H. H. Dooley, W. Schneider, W. Becer or Baker, Keefer.

Co. C -- Charles J. Clark, Eugene Wilmer, C. Smith, H. William.

Co. F -- Lieut. Welch, Charles W. Merritt, Henry Burgtof, Hans Halstead, J. W. Imeson, C. H. Hubbs, John Barrow, Frederick E. Miller, C. Mills.

Co. H -- John White, Michael Yawman, Christian Bitka, A. J. Young, John Closer, Newton Brown.

Co. K -- J. S. Eaton, J. D. Durfee, C. E. Lincoln, E. Remore.

Co. D -- O. S. King, Theodore Brown.

Co. G -- James Russel.

Co. I -- Mark Kenney.

Co. E -- Oscar Sears.

Not Classified -- Eugene Wilmer, Oscar Noyes, Frederick A. Braun.


James R. McNally, fracture lower jaw by bullet;
James E. Russell, musket-ball through left shoulder;
O. S. King, slight wound;
Mark M. Kenney, slight wound;
John Barron, musket-ball through right shoulder;
W. G. Randolph, bullet through chest and forearm;
John O. Milne, bullet in chest, right forearm broken;
Charles G. Tanner, bullet in right knee;
Dennis Crandel, bullet in right foot;
C. C. Marr, bullet in right lung;
Wm. Potter, bullet in right shoulder;
F. A. Braun, bullet in right foot;
George Maddock, bullet through right forearm;
J. B. Halstead, left fingers shot away, and amputated;
J. T. Sallee, fracture of clavicle by bullet;
W. J. Conley, bullet through left foot;
J. L. Twitchell, three bullets in left hip;
Henry Kroner, bullet through right leg;
Henry A. Hubert, or Hubbard, bullet through left shoulder;
Ernst Tresger, bullet through right shoulder;
Joseph P. Garrison, bullet through left hip and pelvis;
Chauncy Squire, not stated;
Richmond Richardson, bullet through right arm;
John B. Meggens, bullet through left shoulder;
Newton Brown, bullet through right arm and lung;
Sergeant Harris, bullet through left shoulder;
______ Alderson, bullet through right lung;
James Rawley, bullet through right hip;
______ Ladd, bullet through stomach;
J. Mosbinger, flesh wound in right side;
E. Dresher, musket-ball through right shoulder;
Levi Emery, musket-ball through hand;
J. Barrows, musket-ball through shoulder;
Sergeant H. C. Wright, musket-ball through left thigh;
Charles Coombs, musket-ball through muscles of both thighs;
J. M. Lee, musket-ball through right thigh;
David Schonly, fracture of left leg, amputated.


Transcribed and Submitted by Linda Rodriguez

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