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BIOS: Men of Minnesota Portrait Index M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T submitted by Robin Line
GOVERNORS: John A. Johnson News
CRIME: Lynchings - Charles Gigabish, James Shamboo, Jo Shamboo, Alexander Campbell, George Liscomb
MILITARY: WWI Casualties - collected and organized by Susan Duff-Erkel
MILITARY : WWI News, 1917

BIOS: Men of Minnesota Portrait Index C, D, G, H, I, J, K, L submitted by Robin Line
COUNTY DATA: Miscellaneous - 1892 Number of Farms, by County
CRIME: Lynchings - Oscar F. Jackson, John Meade
NEWS-STATEWIDE: 1916-Minnesota Education System, 1906-Ice Cutting Laws, 1892-Inmates of State Institutions
PATENTS: William P. Shattuck, S. C. Lawlor, Adelbert G. Lawrence, Alexander McDougall, John R. Kunselman, Carroll D. Clipfell, John K. Daniels, Ferdinand Drewes, Herman Dittbenner, Frank Chimzer, Edward H. Burger, William Beck

BIOS: Men of Minnesota Portrait Index E, F, submitted by Robin Line
PATENTS: George Wetherby, George S. Couch, Alfred Watts, William Stinson, Edwin Staude, Charles Miller, Peter Schaefer, Horace N. Randall, John Lorentzen, Nils Lien, Charles Spinler, William Smith
CRIME: Lynchings - Frank McManus

JULY 2018
PATENTS: Thomas Emery, George Milburne, Arthur Rogers, Wilbur Steele, Tollef & O. Herberg, Royal Ripley, Peter Simpson, Thomas Diffley, Charles Hardenberg, Samuel Kennedy, W. C. Northrup, H. O. Roberts W. C. Thompson, W. Watson, A. Blackmer, Robert C. Boekler
BIOS: Men of Minnesota Portrait Index A, B, submitted by Robin Line
HISTORY: Timeline

JUNE 2018
PATENTS: D. W. Lewis, S. Rydbreck, Joseph Rigby (3), George Reckles, R. H. Ripley, J. L. Olson, James S. Pierce
RECIPES: from 19th Century - Italian Cream, Strawberry Shortcake, Hard Soap

MAY 2018
NEWS-TRAIN WRECKS: 1905-Train Wreck Near Morris,
NEWS: 1862-Volunteers Protected Train of Women and Children
PATENTS: D. T. Denton, W. M. Derby, H. M. Littell, C. P. Thresher, H. M. Young, H. Breuer E. R. Bristol, J. Edgar, George P. Fuller, E. T. Johnson, H. B. Cornish, F. Cote

APRIL 2018
PATENTS: C. C. White, Brock Woodruff, R. E. Woods, George Wilson, Richard G. A. Witt, Earl A. Wescott

MARCH 2018
PATENTS: W. E. Sergeant, L. W. Pruss, N. W. Rew, J. G. Richardson

MILITARY: WWI News, March 1918 Casualty News, Four More Gopher Gunner's Wounded Fighting in France, 3 Minnesotans Are Wounded, War Crosses
OBIT: Nimrod Ashbaugh

PATENTS: Jacoby, Edgland, Hacklander, Kihe, Zwickert, Denton, Haut, Keene, Paige, Schneidler, Likins

TRANSPORTATION: 1899 Railroad Talk
DAKOTA WAR: Big Thunder's Account

RECIPES: New Category - Pages added for Minnesota 19th century recipes - Breakfasts, Cakes & Cookies, Meats and Main Dishes, Puddings and Pies, Vegetables and Sides, Canning and Preserving, Sauces, Beers and Misc, and Household Recipes.

PATENTS: Frank B. Melville, Samuel J. Miller, W. F. Morton, Walter S. Morton, George W. Nolen, Alfred W. Peris, Harry Price, Jabez H. Paul, Henry W. Posz, Granville F. Prescott

PATENTS: G. T. Holt, Theodore Brunner, B. B. Gurley, Charles R. Crow, H. L. Hauser, H. M. Young, William F. Knowlton, Barton S. Molyneux, W. T. McGinty, C. H. Miller
MILITARY: Civil War News - 1862-Fort Ripley, 1863-Ballots for the Soldiers
TRANSPORTATION: 1902 Train Route

PATENTS: P. Hanson, Charles Loomis, Charles L. Travis, William Parish, Daniel Strunk, W. E. Canedy, J. E. Church, Ottawa Bick, Logan Bullett, S. V. Kennedy, O. Greene, Jonathan Hamilton

JULY 2017
PATENTS: Thomas Simpson, Charles Robinson, Albert Prochowicz, Henry Stevens, John Kruger, Samuel Kennedy, Charles Knopp, Peter Caesar, John Bauer, Hans Alm, Bryant Annin, C. Anderson

JUNE 2017
OBIT: Samuel H. Nichols
PATENTS AND INVENTIONS: John Stevens, Frank Stiles, Nathan Ruddock, Edmund Turner, Samuel Wolff, Edwin Wood, Joseph Willford, Alexander McDonald, Martin Lee, Theodore Campion, David Ames, Hans Bloom, August Scherkenbach, Frank Johnson

MAY 2017
PATENTS AND INVENTIONS: Albien, Ames, Arneson, Avery, Askey, Ames, Balsar, Baker, Bierline, Booth, Betze, Boyce, Brownrigg, Bain, Bird, Clark, Cogger, Dearborn, Dettloff, Dahl, Dickinson, Edgar, Elmore, Fanning, Farnham,

APRIL 2017
PATENTS AND INVENTIONS: Branning, Doulon, Fosgate, Holbrook, Lockie, Foley&Comee, Levalley, Thayer, Curtes, Pease, Trout
GOVERNORS: Horace Austin - Obit and 1870 News

MARCH 2017
PATENTS AND INVENTIONS: Abrams, Anderson, Barnes, Birge, Chamberlain, Fellman, Fuller, Grime, Herzog, Higgins, Kelly, Linkfield, Loveless, Melby, Minea, Osford, Paul, Plopper, Simpson, Willis,
NEWS-TRAIN WRECKS: 1895-Many Passengers Hurt
GOVERNORS: 1850-Governor Ramsey's Travels

PATENTS AND INVENTIONS: 100 Patents Issued, Name, Location and Invention.

NEWS-POLITICS: 1869-Democratic Ticket
GOVERNORS: 1863-Resignation of Governor Ramsey
MILITARY: Civil War News: 1896-Thirty Year Reunion

NEWS-TRAIN WRECKS: 1880 Broken Rail send sleeping car to destruction
MILITARY: Civil War News: 1862-Report on 3rd Regiment

GOVERNORS: Johnson Obit
TRANSPORTATION: 1869-RR open from St Paul to Dubuque, 1869-Cedar Falls Iowa to St. Paul, 1905-Better Mail Service, 1905-Soo Line, 1904-Soo Train Service Extended
NEWS-DISASTERS: 1892 Tornado submitted by Robin Line

NEWS: 1885-Land for Immigrants - submitted by Robin Line
PEOPLE: John C. McMahon, Capt. P. B. Davy - submitted by Robin Line

MILITARY: Civil War News: 1863-Slaughter in the 1st Minnesota
NEWS-TRAIN WRECKS & ROUTES: 1904-Soo Line to Winnipeg, 1880 Train Routes and Rates

NEWS-TRAIN WRECKS: 1881 and 1892 with list of injured, dead and missing
GOVERNORS: Clough - Appointments

JULY 2016
NEWS: Charles Lumsteller arrested - contributed by Jim Dezotell
NEWS: 1850-Women Scarce, 1863-Farm Hand Wages

JUNE 2016
MILITARY: Civil War News Items August 1861 - Articles including Capt. Putnam, 66 killed, Stephens, Anson Northup

MAY 2016
GOVERNORS: Winfield Scott Hammond Obit
NEWS-POLITICAL: 1869-Thomas Wilson Resigned, 1896-Convention

APRIL 2016
GOVERNORS: Governor Swift makes appointment
NEWS-TRAIN WRECKS: 1892-Near Elbow Lake

MARCH 2016
HISTORY: Chippewa and Sioux Fueds
NEWS-SCHOOLS: Housing Rural Teachers

GOVERNORS: Samuel Medary - Bio, News and Appointment Items
NEWS-TRAIN WRECKS: 1881-Train Wreck

January 2016
NATIVE AMERICANS: Dakota War News - 1862 Outbreak, 1862 Trial
NEWS-TRAIN WRECKS: 1891-Fatal Railroad Accident

NATIVE AMERICANS: Outline of Events of Indian Massacre in 1862.
GOVERNORS: Willis A. Gorman Bio

GOVERNORS: John Lind, Henry Sibley
NEWS-TRAIN WRECKS: 1892-Fatal Train Wreck

CRIME & PUNISHMENT: 1905-Make Hangings Private, The death penalty in Minnesota along with numerous other articles.
CRIME & PUNISHMENT: Listing of Minnesota Executions with links to details.

GOVERNORS: Governor Pillsbury's Biography, Alexander Ramsey's Biography
NEWS-TRAIN WRECKS: 1907-Train Wreck, Minnesota Fatalities

NEWS: 1898-Train Wreck Minnesota Injuries, 1914-Fatal Train Wreck Kills and Injures Minnesotans

JULY 2015
HISTORY: Early History contintued thru 1849

JUNE 2015
HISTORY: Early History thru 1835

MAY 2015
NEWS: 1888-Prison Inspectors Consider Reform

APRIL 2015
MILITARY: WWI Casualties transcribed by Jan Grant

MILITARY: 1886 G.A.R. Reunion, over 300 soldiers, transcribed and researched by Stephanie Chappell and Martin W. Johnson.

NATIVE AMERICANS: Fearful Slaughter of Settlers

NEWS: Bill for a new state "Minosota"

May 2014: World War I Army Casualty Lists
World War I Marine Casualty Lists

Apr. 2014: Afghanistan War Casualties

March 2014: Union Soldiers Interred at Fort Ridgeley and Fory Ripley - transcribed by Mary Saggio
1st Regiment Roster and Organization - both transcribed by Mary Saggio
photo of last survivor - submitted by KT

2nd Regiment Casualty Reports for the Atlanta Campaign, Chicamauga and Mission Ridge - transcribed by Mary Saggio
2nd Regiment Casualty Reports for Mill Springs, Savannah to Goldsboro - transcribed by Sandi King
2nd Regiment Roster of Commissioned Officers - transcribed by Heather Turner

6th Regiment Roll - transcribed by Heather Turner
Soldiers buried in National Cemeteries

Feb. 2014: Civil War biographies for Hunt and Kittredge
(Minnesota 4th Regiment) transcribed by Sandi King

Events: 1873 Polar Hurricane - transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Jan. 2014: Minnesota Civil War Deaths and Burials in Prisons

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