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Wabasha County, MN 
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1880 Zumbro Falls (Wabasha Co) Business Directory

Bielfulett H, boots and shoes.
Bright T, harnessmaker.
Bryant C D, blacksmith.
Carley A, Hotel Propr.
Churchill W W, druggist.
Dale J W, wagonmaker.
Doty Elden, hardware.
Dryar Thomas, wagonmaker.
Doty Elden, hardware.
Fryar Thomas, wagonmaker.
Haradon E A, General Store.
Hostetter M S, flouring mill.
Huddleson J, grocer.
Hyde E S, express and railroad agent.
Kegley J, mason.
Radabough, N C, Agricultural Implements.
Rocher Joseph, blacksmith.
Rogers H M, physician.
Santerschlayer J, boots and shoes.
Seeley & Buck, general store.
Strickland M S, billiard hall.
Sugg A, Hotel Propr.
Vogel John, meat market.
Weiss Bros, flouring mill.

[Minnesota State Gazetteer and Business Directory, including Dakota Territory 1880-81 Vol. II; Published by R. L. Polk & Co. and A. C. Danser] Submitted by Karen Seeman

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