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JULY 2018
OBITS: Loraina Howard, Miles Staffery, Charles Perry
NEWS-DIVORCE: Grace M. Wedge vs. George A. Wedge, Alvina Halpaus vs. Robert Halpaus, Mabel Shumway vs. James C. Shumway, Frederick W. Alms vs. Emma K. Alms, Kate A. Rice vs. Daniel C. Rice, Wilson Hutchins vs. Jane Ann Hutchins, Huldah Rowland vs. George A. Rowland, Julia A. Cross vs. H. A. Cross, Margaret Cannon vs. John Cannon, Kate Lent vs. Benj. Lent, Jas. Orr vs. Susan Orr, Thomas Mongan vs. Lucretia Mongan, Agusta Vonsenden vs. Frank J. Vonsenden.
MARRIAGES: County Records - 1865
MARRIAGE NEWS: Fetzer-Speed, Walters-Cammish, Clark-Emery, Knebler-King, Porter-Shibely
WILLS: Guardianship Proceedings-Augustus, John Henry, Frederick Harmon, Mary and Bertha Bierce, minors, Frank E. Wilson, Lutitia E. Grow, Freelove A. Grow and Henrietta Grow
WILLS: Probate Notices-Israel Smith, John Errickson, Robert S. Cochrane, Thomas Moore
COURT: James Carter and Mrs. Ira Wheeler, Lester Sievers, Ed Rutz
OFFICIALS: News-Addison G. Foster

MARCH 2018
OBITS: John Starr, Mary Sullivan, Patrick Costello, Mary O'Flaherty, Caroline Gilcreast, Amelia Hager, Elizabeth Costello
MARRIAGE NEWS: Costello-Hassig
MILITARY : Soldiers - Dominick P. Costello, Alfred L. Holtan, Michael Chichanowski, Elmer McDonough, B. F. Sylvester
MILITARY : WWI Casualty News-Louis G. Rheingans, Carl Wyatt, August Brams, A. B. Grams
WILLS: Inheritance Taxes-Baldwin, Baxter, Cornwall, Corser, Cross, Hirschy, Hoyt, McCahill, Motz, Murray, Schilling, Schulenberg, Sexton, Smith, Thesseman, Tryon, Wilke, Wood, Zarling
SCHOOLS: Lavinia Margaret Costello
Submitted by Robin Line:
OBITS: John Theodore, Edward Wolf
NEWS-CRIME: Otto Burkhardt
PEOPLE: M. Wentworth, W. F. Howard
NEWS-ILLNESS: Watson Daughter
NEWS-FIRE: 1895-Millville Fire

JUNE 2017
BIOS: George Fiefield
TOWNSHIPS: Gilford, Greenfield, Lake, Oakwood, Pepin, Watopa, Zumbro
NEWS-CRIME: Joseph Riley
OBITS : John Rehsoft, City Marshall Rogers submitted by Robin Line

MARCH 2017
OBITS : John Luber
OFFICIALS : 1878 County Officers
DIRECTORIES: 1880 Zumbro Falls Business Directory, submitted by Karen Seeman
OBITS : Alfred Lind, Ernest Erns, Lydia Hall, Peter Hebler submitted by Robin Line
MILITARY : Soldier News - James Beaupre submitted by Robin Line

OBITS : Manly Small
NEWS-FIRE: 1867-A. T. Sharp Fire and 1885-Ann Killeen Farm submitted by Robin Line

JULY 2016
OBITS : Lynn E. Malinda
NEWS-CRIME: Frank Clark contributed by the Alberti's
HISTORY: Township histories for Chester and Minneiska
PEOPLE: N. J. Olson, W. F. Howard
NEWS-SICK : Mrs. Wentworth

PEOPLE: Simon Phillips
NEWS-SICK : Jacob Koff
OBITS : Andrew Johnson
TOWNSHIP: Plainview Township
TOWN: Plainview

OBITS : Contributed by Ken Wright - Charles Flombsly
PEOPLE: David Sweeney, E. B. Andrus

JULY 2015
HISTORY: West Albany Township, Mount Pleasant Township
SCHOOLS: Grace Wells
COURT: Samuel A. Phillips
WILLS: Lars Person
FAMILIES: Mr. and Mrs. George F. Evans Anniversary

MARCH 2015
OBITS : Nicholas Leffring, Margaret Liffrig, George H. Hall, Sarah A. Hall, W. E. Warding
NEWS-COMMUNITY : 1888-Crop Destroyed, 1888-Bet against land
NEWS-WEATHER: 1888-Cyclone; 1890-Hail
NEWS-CRIME: Larry Taft
NEWS-FIRES: 1893-Rivers Overflowing
HISTORY: Highland Township; Hyde Park Township; Wabasha County-Where the settlers came from
NEWS-VISITS & RELOCATIONS: Mrs. F. J. Van Kirk, Carrie Campbell
NEWS-PEOPLE: J. J. Christ, George Field, C. C. Udell, Samuel Phillips, John Morecy, D. A. Lindsey

OBITS : Grace Baker, John Bradshaw, Ben Crandell, Elisha Sibley, Fairchild Boy, Clara Ford, Mrs. A. C. Gates, Mrs. Arthur Gorman, Nels Nelson, Mrs. J. L. Nott, William Parkinson, Otto Sievers, Delta Silsby, Mr. & Mrs. Constantine Scheffer,
NEWS-COMMUNITY : 1872-Oyster Wager, 1878-Delinquent Subscriptions, 1896-More Wheat and Flax
NEWS-WEATHER: 1889 Storm
NEWS-CRIME: Waite Adams
NEWS-FIRES: 1891-Elevator Fire, 1893-Barn Fires, 1895-Flour Mill Burned
HISTORY: Early County History
TOWNS: Mazeppa Early Settlers and History
NEWS-VISITS & RELOCATIONS: O. Wolf, Carrie Gorman, Mrs. W. H. Anderson, Mary and Minnie Gorman, Z. B. Page, Robertson Family

NEWS: Visit & Travel - A. P. Wadley, Mr. & Mrs. A. P. Wadleigh
NEWS: People - John Kegan

Aug. 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll

July 2013: Obits: Arnold, Blackwood, Bunn, Burkhardt, Estes, Hills, Hovelson, Mullen, Nogel, Patterson, Simons, Webb
Marriages: Caldwell - Sylvester; Guden - Putratz

Jan. 2013: Obit: Wilson
Bios: Bartlett, McDonough, Sell, Staples

August 2012: Obits: Murray, Schmock

July 2012: Bios: Brooks, Burkhardt, Butts

June 2012: Obit: Schroder
Bios: Clark, Cook, Duncan, Eddy, Gearey, Langer, Lindsey, Lynch, Miller, Mitchell, Robbins, Tritchler, Washburn

May 2012: Obit: Seeley

Apr. 2012: Bios: Gray, Morey

Mar. 2012: Bios: Colby (father's death), Collins, Cooke, Haradon; Marriage: Knudson-Asplund

Feb 2012: JUDGE obits; Duval, Limpert; Crime News: Haynes & Woodward Charged With Murder; Bio: Benson

Jan 2012: List of Cemeteries; GOUTCHER death certificate; obits for O'BRIEN, MAHER, VOLKER, BURKE, FITZGERALD; death certificate for MAHER, bio for FITZGERALD

Previous Updates:
Flora A. Brown Obituary; Schouweiler Biography; World War 2 Casualties; Deaths in 1908;
News Article-Murder of HAVERISH; "Register of Baptisms from St. Patrick's Church, West Albany, MN" 1885 - 1896

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