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Wabasha County, MN 
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World War 2 Casualties

Submitted by Curt Wiebusch

Casualty Codes:

Killed in Action


Died of Wounds


Died of Injuries


Died Non-Battle


Finding of Death













Bernhardt John A 20751944 PVT DOW Wabasha Army  
Betcher Raymond E 37315487 CPL DNB Wabasha Army  
Boie Millard C   Pfc     USMC  
Boyd Walton J 0-711867 2 LT KIA Wabasha Air Force  
Carpenter Charles L   MM1   Wabasha USN  
Costello Joseph E 37553737 PFC KIA Wabasha Army  
Curtis Charles L   MM2     USN  
Dickman Marvin A 37599274 PVT KIA Wabasha Army  
Dreson Lawrence C 37302836 SSGT KIA Wabasha Army  
Feehan Patrick J 37581202 PFC KIA Wabasha Army  
Fenwick John R 17025114 TEC5 POW-Died Wabasha Army Jan 1943
Folkert Richard F 37025185 TEC4 KIA Wabasha Army  
Goodman Earl A 02011077 2 LT KIA Wabasha Air Force  
Gusa James M 37773936 PFC KIA Wabasha Army  
Gusa Roland I 37175686 PVT DNB Wabasha Army  
Harlan Charles J 37026331 TEC4 KIA Wabasha Army  
Hennings Ashley F 37316197 SSGT DOW Wabasha Army  
Hunecke Robert A 37314463 CPL KIA Wabasha Army  
Jostock Aloysius A 17017653 SGT DNB Wabasha Army  
Kanne Lester B 37272422 CPL DNB Wabasha Army  
Lange Darvin F 37776580 PVT DOI Wabasha Army  
Larson Edwin N 37268227 TEC5 DNB Wabasha Army  
Mathias Orville C 37324009 PFC DOW Wabasha Army  
Mc Cormick John G 37562965 PVT KIA Wabasha Army  
McGrath Robert J 37301682 PFC KIA Wabasha Army  
Miller Francis W 37022830 TEC5 DNB Wabasha Army  
Nordstrom Harold A 37030609 CPL KIA Wabasha Army  
Ostrom Howard D 37569434 SGT KIA Wabasha Army  
Owens Gerald V 37549080 SGT DNB Wabasha Army  
Perrotte William E 6569372 PFC KIA Wabasha Army  
Peters Emery C 37324002 SGT KIA Wabasha Army  
Polson Edwin W 17026947 PFC KIA Wabasha Army  
Prebe Leo R 37175699 TEC5 KIA Wabasha Army  
Roemer Edwin J 37160968 PFC KIA Wabasha Army  
Roundy Richard P 37569466 PVT DOW Wabasha Army  
Sanborn Harold C 16156124 PVT KIA Wabasha Army  
Sarazin Lavern A 37031763 PFC KIA Wabasha Army  
Schumacher Richard P 0-732585 1 LT FOD Wabasha Air Force  
Schurhammer Walter R 37029068 PVT DOW Wabasha Army  
Sorensen Carl Jr C 0-755775 2 LT KIA Wabasha Air Force  
Tetzlaff Harold P 37189091 PFC DOW Wabasha Army  
Timm Lloyd R   S2C     USN  
Tobias Edward A 36226930 CPL KIA Wabasha Army  
Tri Vincent P 37159290 TEC5 KIA Wabasha Army  
Wallace Robert E   CM3     USN  
Ward Delmer A 37023732 PVT DNB Wabasha Army  
Wedge Edward A 37197777 PFC KIA Wabasha Army  
Wiebusch Lewis E 37175771 PFC KIA Wabasha Army 10/21/1944
Wood Francis W 37160963 PFC DOW Wabasha Army  

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