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Wadena County, Minnesota 
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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Sara Rice

Certificate # Surname Given Name Middle Initial P.O. Address Cause for pension Monthly Rate Date of Original Allowance
  Rice Balis C. Aldrich inj. of spine $8.00 n.d.
  Taplin Abel R. Aldrich dis. of lungs $4.00 Feb  1878
  Lyons Harrison   Aldrich wd. r. knee $4.00 Jun 1882
  Walling John C. Aldrich wd. r. hand & loss r. eye $8.00 Sep 1880
183,415 Geager Leonard H. Aldrich total deafness l. ear & ch. diarr, dis. of abd. viscera $8.00 Feb 1881
40,806 Duford Joseph   Shell City wd. r. hand & loss 2 fingers $15.00 Apr 1865
51,626 Palmer David F. Shell City dis. lungs $18.00 n.d.
104,448 Prentice Margaret M. Shell City widow $8.00 n.d.
  Sanford Miles   Shell City wd. r. hip $4.00 Nov 1878
  Glass John   Shell City dis. of abdominal viscera $4.00 Mar 1881
  Rutherford George W. Shell City dis. of spine $12.00 Aug 1881
  Rosebrook Jonathan   Verndale chr. diarr. $4.00 n.d.
  Cheney George T. Verndale wd. l. foot $2.00 n.d.
  Chaney Wilcox   Verndale loss r. arm $24.00 n.d.
  Perkins Charles M. Verndale loss part r. thumb $2.00 Mar 1879
  Shelby Lewis N. Verndale shell wd. r. temple resulting in neuralgia $4.00 Jun 1882
  Sowbs Joseph   Verndale chr. diarr. $4.00 May 1881
  Reggs Francis W. Verndale tabes mesentenia $24.00 May 1880
  Williams John R. Verndale wd. l. thigh $6.00 n.d.
  Wetherel George W. Verndale inj. to back from shell wd., chr. diarr. $8.00 n.d.
  Henderson Frederick H. Verndale wd. face & loss teeth $2.00 n.d.
  Wetherel Alonzo   Verndale inj. to back $4.00 Oct 1880
9,527 Hael William   Verndale loss l. arm $18.00 Dec 1866
110,249 Beeler Jesse M.C. Verndale wd. r. hip $6.00 n.d.
144,340 Stevenson Lorenzo W. Verndale wd. chest $4.00 n.d.
119,671 Cotrell Mark H. Verndale wd. left forearm $4.00 n.d.
148,155 Hoisington Phineas M. Verndale wd. r. temple $3.00 Sep 1877
169,018 Harriman Cal C. Verndale injury to abdomen $4.00 Jun 1880
160,457 Proctor Uriah A. Verndale wd. r. thigh $6.00 Jun 1879
155,363 Ditmore Conrad   Verndale wd. both thighs $4.00 Sep 1878
  Hendrickson Alfred   Verndale wd.l. thigh $4.00 n.d.
  Lane Caleb C. Verndale varicose veins both legs $12.00 Oct 1880
  Knight Lois A. Wadena widow $8.00 n.d.
  Bailey Harrison   Wadena lung disease $6.00 n.d.
  Shepardson Albert J. Wadena wd. l. shoulder $4.00 n.d.
  Trout Casper   Wadena wd. r. arm $4.00 n.d.
  Giles Fanny A. Wadena mother $8.00 n.d.
  Miller Lettie   Wadena widow $8.00 n.d.
  Burwise Thomas   Wadena chr. diarr. $4.00 n.d.
  Lincoln Alvin H. Wadena wd. l. thigh $6.00 n.d.
  Fuller Henry W. Wadena wd. r. arm $4.00 n.d.
  Lewis Louisa   Wadena widow $8.00 n.d.
  Gitter John   Wadena w.r.thigh &  little finger l. hand $2.00 n.d.
  Gsell Albert   Wadena wd. r. ankle $10.00 n.d.
  Long Franz   Wadena injury to abdomen $4.00 n.d.
  Lehman Frederick   Wadena dis. of liver $4.00 Mar 1881
  Lester Sebastian   Wadena chr. rheumatism $6.00 Oct 1881
152,561 Phelps Gilbert D. Wadena loss r. thumb $4.00 Apr 1878
138,843 Low Charles   Wadena chr. rheumatism $8.00 n.d.
148,660 Sweitzer Allen G. Wadena wd. r. thigh $4.00 Oct 1877
66,799 Hicks Louisa E. Wadena widow $20.00 Jan 1875
190,253 Coppernoll William G. Wadena wd. l. arm $4.00 Jun 1881
61,003 Stewart Phineas P. Wadena wd. r. breast $6.00 n.d.
43,731 Henry Alvia H. Wadena fracture both bones r. leg & dislocation ankle joint $6.00 Jun 1866
61,415 Hannings William   Wadena wd. l. shoulder $12.00 n.d.
71,898 Dibble Horace M. Wadena loss l. eye & imp. vis. r. eye /// n.d.
112,535 Whitney George C. Wadena g.s.w.r. thigh $4.00 n.d.

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