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Cemetery Latitude Longitude Additional
Alajoki Cemetery 464632N 0950946W  
Blessed Sacrament Cemetery 484115N 0961159W  
Evergreen Cemetery 463758N 0950047W  
Evergreen Cemetery 462209N 0944735W  
Finnish Cemetery 464036N 0945942W  
Greenhill Cemetery 463659N 0950519W  
Greenlawn Cemetery 462350N 0950134W  
Huntersville Cemetery 464419N 0945141W  
Jim Cook Cemetery 464448N 0950119W  
Leaf River Cemetery 462817N 0950712W  
Lyons Cemetery 463637N 0944940W  
Mantyla Cemetery 464007N 0950532W  
Montrose Cemetery 462734N 0945222W  
Mother of Sorrows Cemetery 462301N 0945534W  
North Germany Cemetery 463658N 0945843W  
Red Eye Cemetery 464017N 0950826W  
Saint Anns Cemetery 462614N 0950859W  
Saint Fredericks Cemetery 462354N 0950137W  
Saint Huberts Cemetery 463233N 0950019W  
Sebeka Cemetery 463821N 0950721W  
Shell City Cemetery 464727N 0945713W  
Swan Valley Cemetery 462958N 0944031W  
Wadena Cemetery 462620N 0950859W  
West Lyons Cemetery 463416N 0945308W  
Wing River Union Cemetery 463235N 0945609W  

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