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Miss Hattie Bailey
Source: The Northern Pacific Farmer (Wadena, MN) November 13, 1879; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

I am prepared to give lessons on the piano or organ at reasonable rates. Call at residence over Farmer office. Miss Hattie E. Bailey.

Ball/Bell Family
Source: The Northern Pacific Farmer (Wadena, MN) November 27, 1879; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
We have a piece of scandal going the rounds among us in the shape of alleged child abuse. Last winter or early spring, a man by the name of Ball, living in Aldrich, parted with his wife, the wife leaving all the children with Mr. Ball. The children being quite numerous, and some of them small, Mr. Bell thought it would be best to get some friends to adopt the smaller ones who would be better situated to care for them than he. Accordingly F. L. Bennett took one of them, a little girl, intending to adopt it. Things run smoothly until about three weeks ago, when the story got circulated that the child was being abused by Mrs. Bennett, which, coming to the ears of Mr. Ball, he came and demanded the child of Bennett, and their being no papers making the adoption legal he delivered the child to Mr. Bell. Bennett now sues Ball for damages and libel, the case still pending in court.

J. B. Inman
Source: The Northern Pacific Farmer (Wadena, MN) November 13, 1879; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
J. B. Inman has put a new roof on his house, and boarded it on the outside, adding greatly to its appearance, as well as to its being more comfortable.

F. B. Knapp
Source: Kansas City Times (MO) Oct. 19, 1911; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
A Stranger Once Nursed by F. B. Knapp of Minnesota GIves a Reward, It's Said.
ST. PAUL, Oct. 18. - According to word received here tonight from Spokane, Wash., F. M. Knapp, to whom Thomas Lynch, now said to be dying in an Alaska hospital, has bequeathed a fortune of $84,000 for kindness shown him several years ago, is now employed as a motorman for the Inland Electric System. R. S. Knapp, father of the motorman, who was also named as beneficiary, has been dead for nine years.

A letter was recently received by a St. Paul paper asking that it find F. B. Knapp and his father, R. S. Knapp, that the money might be sent them. In the message received tonight, F. B. Knapp tells the following story:

"My father and I lived near Ferris, Minn., in the winter of 1898. One day Lynch was brought in from the woods a very sick man. I took him to my home, as there was no hospital, and I rode to Graceland, a small town to get some medicine. We nursed Lynch for a while, and when he got well he went away. I never heard anything more from him. I suppose he appreciated our attention."

Matt Knox
Source: The Northern Pacific Farmer (Wadena, MN) November 13, 1879; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Matt. Knox's house is being finished, and will soon be ready for himself, and we hope his wife, for Matt is still a batchelor. Get a wife, Matt.

Harry Presson
Source: The Northern Pacific Farmer (Wadena, MN) November 13, 1879; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman

Harry Presson has purchased a half interest with James Ostrander and will at once proceed to erect an addition to the premises on Front street. They propose to run a first class restaurant, and in connection thereto a complete stock of fruit and confectionery.

Henry Williams
Source: The Northern Pacific Farmer (Wadena, MN) December 18, 1879; transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman
Mr. Henry Williams, now stopping with Mr. Lincoln in Leaf River township, is a practical taxidermist and is said to be an artist in his profession. He is from Cleveland, Ohio and can stuff anything from a bird to an elephant. An evidence of his skill may be seen at the FARMER office the last of this week. Call and see it and embrace the opportunity of ornamenting your homes with nature's beauties.

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