Waseca County, Minnesota

1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Sara Rice
Certificate # Surname Given Name Middle Initial P.O. Address Cause for pension Monthly Rate Date of Original Allowance
86,633 Geary John   Alma City  injury to abdomen $8.00 Oct 1867
163,765 Worle Jane E. Alma City /// $8.00 Jun 1874
  Preston George P. Alma City chr. diarr. $6.00 n.d.
  Weeks Polly   Alma City mother $8.00 n.d.
  Crowfoot Delilah   Alma City widow $8.00 n.d.
  Fratyke John   Alma City wd.l. thigh $1.00 Jun 1880
  Lawrence Henry   Alma City chr. diarr. resulting in debility $4.00 Dec 1882
  Nettleton Edward F. Alma City chr. diarr. $4.00 Jun 1880
  Dane Moses   Alma City dis.r. side affecting lungs $8.00 Nov 1880
  Wilcox William A. Janesville dis. r. eye $4.00 Oct 1882
  Wilcox James Jr. Janesville dis. lungs $18.00 Jan 1880
  Vaughn Martin   Janesville chr. diarr. $8.00 Jan 1882
  Miller Ebenezer   Janesville surv 1812 $8.00 Sep 1878
  Pride Charles G. Janesville dis. heart & lungs $4.00 Nov 1882
  Sterling Wallace M. Janesville fever & debility, resulting diarr., dis. Of abdominal viscera $8.00 Jul 1881
  Simons Thomas   Janesville dropsy, result of remittent fever & chr. diarr. $18.00 n.d.
  Chevey Lydia A. Janesville mother $8.00 Jul 1878
  Shortell Catharine   Janesville mother $8.00 n.d.
  Grover Dedamia   Janesville mother $8.00 n.d.
  Hatch Elizabeth   Janesville mother $8.00 n.d.
  Hopkins Alma   Janesville mother $8.00 Mar 1880
  Wentworth Virginia   Janesville widow $8.00 n.d.
  Bartholomew Chauncy F. Janesville loss.l. leg $18.00 n.d.
  Barker Zenia   Janesville dis. l. lung $18.00 n.d.
  Higgs John   Janesville injury to abdomen $4.00 Oct 1880
14,214 Bunker Luther J. Janesville wd. l. shoulder $18.00 n.d.
  Harrington Daniel   Janesville wd. both thighs $4.00 n.d.
  Ayers Richard   Janesville chr. darr. $8.00 Oct 1880
  Keyes William K. Janesville rupture r. side $8.00 n.d.
  Fish Otis E. Janesville chr. diarr., debility $6.00 n.d.
  Goff John   Janesville wd. r. wrist $18.00 Apr 1880
  Klein George   Janesville inj. thorax causing dis. lungs $10.00 n.d.
  Kelly Charles   Janesville injury to abdomen $8.00 Mar 1880
  Lang Thomas   Janesville injury to abdomen $8.00 May 1880
  Deitcher William F. New Richland typhoid fever, resulting dis. lungs & chr. diarr. $12.00 Mar 1882
73,900 Young Joseph D. New Richland wd.l. leg $4.00 n.d.
  Sutliff Omer H. New Richland loss part of r. thumb $2.00 May 1880
  Havsauer Michael Sr. New Richland father $8.00 n.d.
  Mosher Hiram A. New Richland loss l. arm $24.00 n.d.
  Harthy Thomas   New Richland dis. of lungs $8.00 Apr 1878
  Franklin Samuel W. New Richland injury to abdomen $8.00 Jun 1880
  Foss Henry M. New Richland wd.l. thigh $4.00 Jan 1878
  Blivin William B. Waseca child of $10.00 n.d.
  Goodspeed Temp. H. Waseca widow $10.00 Feb 1880
  Brossard Edward   Waseca wd.r. shoulder $6.00 Jun 1882
  Bennett Edward   Waseca wd.r. thigh $10.00 n.d.
  Broughton Ebenezer M. Waseca nervous prostration, resulting effects sunstroke & chr. diarr. $8.00 Dec 1882
  Comee Christopher C. Waseca nervous prostration & general disability $20.00 Sep 1882
  Leavitt Nehemiah   Waseca dis of heart & lungs $18.00 n.d.
  Chamberlain Herbert P. Waseca loss mid. finger r. hand 1st joint, mal. poisoning & res. dis. liver $4.00 Dec 1882
  Claghorn James A. Waseca inj. r. ankle & foot $18.00 n.d.
137,430 Hulein Charles   Waseca injury to abdomen $8.00 n.d.
  Canfield Job A. Waseca chr. diarr., resulting dis. abdominal viscera $6.00 Jun 1881
  Wait Eli   Waseca loss l. eye,  &c $8.00 n.d.
  Eldridge Thomas   Waseca injury to abdomen $12.00 n.d.
  Smith George A. Waseca wd. l. arm $18.00 n.d.
  Parker Chuancey   Waseca wd. r. arm $14.00 n.d.
  Prochel Samuel   Waseca wd. l. shoulder & l. forearm $4.00 Jun 1881
  Erwin Pruden Alba Waseca surv 1812 $8.00 n.d.
  Theis Christopher   Waseca asthma $6.00 Oct 1880
  Spillam Patrick H. Waseca wd. of back $10.00 n.d.
  Craven Milton   Waseca loss r. arm $24.00 n.d.
  Myers Michael   Waseca loss l. eye & partial loss r. one $18.00 n.d.
  Kimball Nancy   Waseca widow 1812 $8.00 Jan 1879
  Harding William   Waseca paralysis from pneumonia $18.00 n.d.
  Hayden James   Waseca wd.l. arm $14.00 n.d.
  Ballard John   Waseca chr. rheumatism $6.00 Jul 1882
  Faulks Elizabeth   Waseca widow $8.00 n.d.

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