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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Vicki Bryan

No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post office address Cause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of original allowance
Murch, Envil Afton g.s.w. right thigh $10.00
Cooney, Jas. Afton dis. of abd. vis., rheum., & inj. to elbow $4.00 Feb. 1881
Persons, Simon E. Afton dislocation of left forearm $2.66 2/3
Oliver, Mary H. Afton widow $8.00
Getchall, Jas. M. Afton injury to abdomen $8.00 May 1880
James, Amos Forest Lake amanrosis right eye $8.00
Sehil, Louis Forest Lake amanrosis right eye $4.00
Kenderman, W. Lake Elmo mother $8.00
Speth, Andrew Lakeland wound left arm $4.00
Munger, Lucy A. Lakeland widow $10.00 Aug. 1879
Lindsey, Darius P. Lakeland g.s.w. left hand $6.00
Lally, Martin Lakeland injury to abdomen $8.00 Jan. 1879
Brunnell, Joseph Langdon dependant father $8.00 June 1880
Moore, Ebenezer Langdon injury to abdomen $5.33 1/3
Morgan, John G. Langdon chr. diarr. $4.00 Nov. 1882
Arbuckle, Samuel C. Langdon wound both legs $8.00
82,933 Grab, Henry J. Marine Mills loss right thumb $4.00 Feb. 1864
Otis, Henry F., Jr. Marine Mills wound right shoulder $12.00
Peterson, Charles L. Marine Mills chr. diar. & dis. of abd. vis. $8.00
Cailson, Louisa Marine Mills widow $8.00
Olson, Elsie Marine Mills widow $8.00
Bigelow, Gilbert M. Newport inj. to spine $14.00
Baker, Chas. A. Newport inj. to right arm $18.00
Tupon, Francis Newport dis. of left leg $6.00 Feb. 1881
Wentworth, Elizabeth Newport widow $8.00
Fowler, William Newport wound right arm $5.00
Gray, Charles South Stillwater disease of eyes $4.00 May 1878
Fisher, Jacob South Stillwater results of prison life $18.00 Nov. 1878
Mercier, Frederick South Stillwater g.s.w. right leg & sh. w. left foot $6.00
Darling, Joel M. South Stillwater varicose veins $8.00 Sept. 1882
19,339 Pratt, Willis H. Stillwater wound right leg $4.00
119,054 Dyer, Otis H. Stillwater g.s.w. thigh, loss thumb $6.00 Sept. 1872
47,639 Smith, Wealthy J. Stillwater widow $8.00
135,984 Crocker, Jos. Stillwater g.s.w. right side $7.50 Sept. 1875
64,567 Davis, Geo. F. Stillwater g.s.w. right hand $3.00
31,529 Bell, Joseph Stillwater loss left arm $18.00
29,876 Stoddard, Wm. H. Stillwater chr. ulcer thigh $6.00
27,548 Foster, Hiram L. Stillwater loss left leg $18.00 April 1864
146,572 Dover, Greenliel Stillwater g.s.w. face & left hand $5.00 Nov.1877
18,020 Bloomer, Samuel Stillwater loss leg above knee $24.00
104,921 Cornwell, John G. Stillwater wound left foot $2.00
180,341 Richardson, Stephen Stillwater disease of eyes $2.00 Dec. 1880
35,719 Coroon, Clemena Stillwater widow $17.00 Dec. 1864
Henninger, Sarah Stillwater widow $8.00 May 1882
Jordan, Phoebe Stillwater widow $8.00
Rice, Franklin J. Stillwater wound left arm $6.00
Whiting, Wm. C. Stillwater malarial poisoning $12.00
Hebenstreit, M. Stillwater widow $12.00
O'Gready, Patrick Stillwater wound left hand $4.00
Caplozi, Albert Stillwater g.s.w. left thigh $4.00 Feb. 1881
Vandevir, John S. Stillwater g.s.w. left hand, loss thumb $6.00 June 1881
Calkins, Hiram Stillwater chr. diarrhea $6.00
Durich, Wm. Stillwater chr. rheumatism $6.00 March 1880
Dinsmore, Jno. W. Stillwater g.s.w. left arm $8.00
Peaslee, Moses H. Stillwater chr. hepatitis $12.00
Plaisted, Leonard F. Stillwater g.s.w. of head $2.00 Sept. 1882
Tyler, Theodore Stillwater g.s.w. left forearm $17.00
Tenner, Joseph A. Stillwater g.s.w. left shoulder $6.00
Smith, Henry W. Stillwater wd. left hand & jaw $8.00
Wherle, Ferdinand Stillwater g.s.w. left thigh $6.00
Buchanan, Colin Stillwater g.s.w. & frac. 6th & 7th ribs $8.00
Cates, Timothy L. Stillwater chr. diar.   $10.00
Capritz, Antonia Stillwater mother $8.00
Ballard, Jno. S. Stillwater father $8.00
Blanchard, Soviah B. Stillwater mother $8.00
Raulston, Eunice Stillwater mother $8.00
Curtain, Mary Stillwater widow $8.00 Oct. 1882
Marty, Adam Stillwater g.s.w. right thigh $4.00 Oct. 1880
Cheureux, Mary L. Stillwater widow $8.00
Morcarty, Catherine Stillwater widow $8.00
McKusie, Minerva Stillwater widow $20.00
153,046 Green, Asa Stillwater chr. rheumatism $4.00 May 1878
137,222 Foster, John C. Stillwater chr. diar. $4.00 Dec. 1875
142,797 Lotz, Jacob Stillwater incised wound left foot $6.00
48,166 Kriner, William Stillwater g.s.w. left thigh $8.00 Aug. 1865
Seibert, Catherine Stillwater widow $8.00
Schilicher, Elizabeth Stillwater widow $8.00
May, Catherine Stillwater mother $8.00
Blanchard, Saviah B. Stillwater widow 1812 $8.00 April 1879
Hersey, Roscoe F. Stillwater wound left foot $10.00
Hettinger, Nicholas Stillwater injury to abdomen $4.00
Hall, Francis H. Stillwater g.s.w. left thigh $4.00 June 1882
Foley, Jas. G. Stillwater sunstroke $4.00 May 1880
Gelhoye, Chas. Stillwater chr. rheumatism $4.00 June 1880
Gordon, Andrew J. Stillwater lung disease $8.00
Girard, Pierce Stillwater injury to abdomen $12.00
Gillespie, Walter Stillwater dis. of lungs & heart $12.00 Sept. 1880
Jones, Joseph Stillwater injury to right eye $18.00
Kannady, George H. Stillwater g.s.w. left knee $4.00
Keep, Frank Stillwater injury left shoulder $6.00
Keefe, Patrick Stillwater would left arm $8.00
Lawrence, Jas. F. Stillwater wound left shoulder $4.00
Resch, John Valley Creek g.s.w. left side $6.00
Porth, Wm. Valley Creek wound left knee $4.00
Schultz, Aug. Valley Creek wound left thigh $4.00
Clegg, Eiza Valley Creek widow $8.00
Harrisberger, Jacob Woodbury wound left arm $6.00

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