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transcribed by Vicki Bryan

No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post office Address Cause for which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original
Everdell, Lyman B. Breckenridge wd. right shoulder & breast $8.00 June 1881
Minick, William H. Breckenridge wound left arm $5.33 1/3
Evans, George M. Breckenridge dis. of abdominal viscera $4.00
Taylor, Daniel Breckenridge wd. side, face & head $6.00 April 1882
Cooper, Charles Breckenridge wound l. groin & thigh $6.00 April 1882
115,418 Rotner, Martin V. Breckenridge wound left shoulder $8.00
29,198 Anderson, Gilbert A. Breckenridge wound left wrist $6.00
96,304 Rem, Henry C. Breckenridge wound left hip $24.00
48,294 Auman, William H. Breckenridge wound right side $2.00 Aug. 1865
120,152 Mattson, Edwin Breckenridge g.s.w. left side $12.75 Nov. 1872
95,499 Burnham, Mary Helen Campbell widow $8.00 June 1867
Paine, Milton J. Campbell wound right leg $4.00
Riggs, John F. Campbell partial paralysis &c. $4.00 June 1881
Bowen, Megron S. Campbell loss of index finger $3.00 June 1881
Halvorson, Halvor Rothsay disease of lungs $18.00

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