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1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer

A village of about 200 souls in the township of the same name, near the center of the western border of Wilkin county, of which it is the seat. It is 217 miles by rail to St. Paul, is located upon the Red River of the North and is a station of the St. P. & P. R. R It contains three hotels, has a good general list of supply stores, and a Congregational church. The site of the village was first occupied in 1871. Wheat is the prominent shipping product of the region. Northwestern Telegraph and American Express companies have agents here. Mail daily. Peter Hanson, postmaster.

Anderson B C, Druggist.
Benson Thomas, railroad engineer.
Best James, saloon.
Brandress Andrew, county treasurer.
Corless John W, county attorney.
Corless & Blanding, Lawyers.
Farley H G, railroad conductor.
Folley C B, lawyer.
Fough Thomas, Railroad Agent.
Hansen Peter, general store.
Horton John D, physician.
Hyser Gottlieb, Hotel Propr,.
Igoe Joseph, telegraph operator.
Masterson Wm, saloon.
Merry John, hotel propr.
Pellets J E, clerk of the district court.
Phelps Ransom, agent American express.
Roell Lorence, boot and shoemaker.
Ross L M, blacksmith.
Sanders Jonas, Hotel Propr.
Smith L R, U S mail agent.
Stordock H G, U S mail agent.
Wein Charles T, boot and shoemaker.

In the central southern part of Wilkin county (township unorganized), 16 miles from the county seat and 201 miles to St. Paul by the traveled railroad route. It is a station of the St. P. & P. R. R. Stage to Fergus Falls. Mail, daily. A. W. Coats, postmaster.

A village of about 50 inhabitants, and a station on the Red River & Manitou extension of the St. P. & P. R. R., near the center of Wilkin county. First settled in September, 1877. Telegraph, Northwestern. Express, American. Daily mail. E. N. Wilson, postmaster.

Clifford & Wilson, lumber dealers.
Fletcher O C, hotel propr
WIlson E N, real estate dealer.

In the township of the same name, near the center of the western line of Wilkin county, 15 miles from Breckenridge, the county seat, and 232 by rail from St. Paul. Manson, or "Glyndon Cut-Off," 10 miles distant, is the nearest railroad station. Breckenridge is an equally convenient shipping point. The village is also upon the Red river of the North, where water power could be made available. Population, 150. A grain growing region, first settled upon in 1865. Express, American. Stage to Moorhead and Breckenridge 3 times per week. E. H. Cooper, postmaster.

Boutiette Cyril, saloon.
Harris J R, government contractor.
Langevin & Messer, General Store.
Nolan James, hotel propr.
Root W H, express agent.
Schmidts Albert, general store.

Northwestern part of Wilkin county, 25 miles from Breckenridge, the county seat and most convenient railroad station. Also, located upon the Red River of the North, where water power might be utilized. Mail stage to Blakely and Carpenter 6 days in a week. Louis M. Miller, postmaster.

Erickson Peter, blacksmith.
Hanson Peter, general store.
Johnson Hoag, blacksmith.
Langevin & Messer, general store.
Miller Louis M, Hotel Propr.
Smith Albert, general store.

Source: Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1878. Transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman.

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