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St. Charles, Minnesota Business Directory 1880-81
American House, Jacob Wiedemann Propr.
Aupperle Joseph, groceries and provisions.
Babcock David L, sewing machines, etc.
Bachelder Caleb C, railroad agent.
Bacon Delos, furniture.
Bacon & Adams, general store.
Bank of St. Charles, James C Woodard propr.
Barnett Rev J R (Methodist).
Bornholz Adolph H, clothier.
Campbell F C, agent Youmas Bros & Hodges, lumber.
Cartwright Edwin R, general store.
Carter Dennis, wines and liquors.
Clark Cloreman N, Physician.
Clemens Nicholas, wines and liquors.
Cole Rev L F (Episcopal).
Connell Patrick, saloon and boarding.
Dennis Rev W K (Baptist).
Dixon Frank, dentist.
Gage Henry N, carpenter and builder.
Gardner George H, Druggist.
Gates & Wardner, general store.
Guthrie & Chamberlin, phyisicians.
Halde Peter, meat market.
Hall Wm M, grocer, boots and shoes.
Hill E G, justice of the peace.
Hill H W, propr St Charles Times.
Howe & Beach, grocers, boots and shoes.
Johnson A & Co, hardware and stoves.
Johnson G C, boot and shoemaker.
Keeler Henry J, Dry Goods, Clothing, Etc.
Kelly House, John C. Kelly Propr.
Kiefer Nicholas, barber.
Ludwig Martin, saloon and billiards.
McElhaney & Ackerman, farm implements.
McGrath & Bro, grocery and saloon.
Mares Robert, blacksmith.
Marks R J, groceries and provisions.
Martin Joshua, dentist.
Miller Richard N, sewing machines, etc.
Mosher James A, watches and jewelry.
Mueller Andrew, wines and liquors.
Mueller Frederick W, Propr St Charles Brewery, head of Main
Mueller George, meat market.
Mueller Henry, cigarmaker.
Mueller Phillip, wines and liquors.
Nelson Charles, watches, clocks, etc
Neuman Benrhard, Grocer.
Olds Truman T, groceries and provisions.
Parr Wm R, furniture.
Parrott H C & Co, carriage and wagon mnfrs.
Pike Nathan N, farm implements and livery.
Probart Luther N, saddle and harnessmaker.
Pruner A A, barber.
Robertson Mrs Eliza I, millinery goods.
St Charles Brewery, Frederick W Mueller Propr, head of Main
St Charles Times (weekley), H W Hill propr.
St Charles Union (weekley), J S Whiton ed and propr.
Schalk Frank, boot and shoemaker.
Schank J G & Co, saddles and harness.
Schnell Louise, Grain and Elevator.
Seefield C W, grain and elevator.
Seefield Thaddeus D, grain and elevator.
Sidow Brothers, farm machinery.
Smith George & Co, druggists and grocers.
Spencer George, saloon and billiards.
Stebbins M B & Co, photographer.
Stehmann Wm, merchant tailor.
Stevens & Hyde, general store.
Sudduth John H, druggist and physician.
Tamblin Jerome B, physician.
Tuttle Rev H B (Congregational).
Welsh John A, saddle and harnessmaker.
Wharton B & Sons, druggists.
Wheelock Mrs Ellen, Hardware and Stoves.
White Misses M & M, millinery and fancy goods.
Whiton J S, ed and propr St Charles Union.
Wiedemann Jacob, Propr American House.
Wilson Samuel G, boot and shoemaker.
Wurstlein Peter, blacksmith.
Youmans Bros & Hodgins, lumber.
Zernas John, boots and shoes.
Zimmerman Rev John J (German Lutheran).

[Minnesota State Gazetteer and Business Directory, including Dakota Territory 1880-81 Vol. II; Published by R. L. Polk & Co. and A. C. Danser] Submitted by Karen Seeman

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