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Marxhausen Family
Source: The Winona Republican-Herald (MN) August 17, 1950.

This is getting monotonous; everybody's in a rut.

The late Henry Marxhausen and his wife, who lives at Lewiston now, had two sons; E. J. Marxhausen, Lewiston, and Ernest, Courtland, Minn., and one daughter, Mrs. Esther Bankkau, Owosso, Mich. The two sons are the eldest in the family.

E. J. Marxhausen - who is the Winona county supervisor of assessments - also had two sons and a daughter. The two sons are the eldest in the family.

One of these two sons - Leonard, who lives at Rollingstone - now also has two sons and a daughter. The two sons are the eldest in the family.

The other son - Harvey, who lives in Minneapolis - also has two sons and a daughter. The two sons - hold on to your hats - are the two eldest in the family.

Wika/Wicka Family Information
Submitted by Don Evanson

The Wika (Wicka) family emigrated from the Kashubian region of Poland (northwest) and settled in Winona County, MN, and Trempealeau and Buffalo counties of Wisconsin, just across the Mississippi from Winona in Winona County.

Marianna Treder and Magdalena Palubicka, first and second spouses respectively of Jacobus Wicka (Wika) (born about 1793, died 2 Feb 1845,) both of which are extensive Wicka lines related through their half-sibling status as children of Jacobus. Jacobus had at least two brothers; Jan had one son and three daughters, and Antoni had three sons and one daughter. Little is presently known of the descendents of these two brothers of Jacobus.

Jacobus and Marianna Treder had 2 children and 26 grandchildren, then Jacobus and Magdelena Palubicka had 5 children and 35 grandchildren. So, the two sets of full first cousins are first half-cousins, totaling 61.

In 1821, Jacobus and Marianna Treder had their first son, Jakub born in Jamno, Bytow, Pomorskie, Poland. They were not married at the time and so the birth is recorded as "Illegitimate". Marianna Treder and Jacobus Wika married in 1827 in Jamno, Bytow, Pomorskie, Poland. Their second son, Johan (Jan) our great grandfather, was born in July of 1829 in Jamno. (note that the actual documents for Jamno from 1828-1834 are missing and may never be found.)

Marianna Treder died about a year plus in 1831 leaving Jacobus with the care of two young boys. Jacobus remarried shortly thereafter. He married Magdalena Palubicka about 1832 as their first son was born in 1833. They had four other children; all being born is Oslawa, Dabrowa, Bytlow, Pomorskie. Jacobus died in Oslawa in 1845. The five children of Magdalena Palubicka and Jacobus Wika (Joseph, Elizabeth, Paul, Anna, and Marianna) are half-siblings of Jakub and Jan.

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