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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Vicki Bryan

No. of Certificate Name Home Address Cause for pension Mo.Rate Orig.allow.
  Rogers, Permelia Albion mother $8.00  
  Cadwell, Fred'k. M. Albion ophthalmia $12.00  
  Rowen, Curtis Albion wound right thigh $4.00 Dec. 1881
  Rehome, Jno. Albion w. rt. knee & res. synovitis $4.00 Dec. 1881
  Fobble, Jno. Buffalo wound right leg $2.00 April 1881
  Haynes, Alfred V. Buffalo wound left leg $8.00  
  Adell, Anna Buffalo widow 1812 $8.00 Jan. 1879
  Flynn, Edward Buffalo father $8.00 April 1880
  Stone, Joel Buffalo wound of back, causing weakness in inferior extremities $8.00  
  Ernst, Herman Buffalo wound left elbow & left side of neck $4.00 Jan. 1881
  Doyan, Arvilla Clear Water widow   $8.00 May 1868
  Allen, David T. Clear Water chr. diarr. & res. indigestion $6.00 April 1882
  Bell, Richard Clear Water wound right leg $6.00 March 1878
  Baxter, James M. Clear Water hemiplegia left side $10.00  
  Gibbs, Chas. H. Clear Water disease of lungs $2.00 April 1881
  Fuller, Jed. F. Clear Water chr. dyspepsia & disease of liver, result of fever & ague $15.00  
  Howard, Stephen A. Clear Water synovitis left knee & nasal catarrh $4.00 July 1881
  Marvin, Simon H. Clear Water loss right thumb $4.00  
  Cummings, Mary E. Clear Water widow $10.00 June 1878
  Longworth, Phebe D. Clear Water mother $8.00 Oct. 1878
  Woodworth, Thad. J. Clear Water chr. diarr.  $4.00 Jan. 1882
  Shannon, James Clear Water wound left shoulder $2.00 July 1878
  Carter, Isaac Clear Water disease right leg, lungs, & deaf left ear $6.00 Oct. 1880
  Cramer, Ezekiel Clear Water wound right hand $6.00  
  Wyman, Frank B. Clear Water disease of heart $8.00 July 1879
  Webster, Wm. W. Clear Water chr. rheum. $20.00  
  Ridley, Alvah K. Clear Water sunstroke & varicose veins of right leg $18.00  
  Olson, Andrew Cokato rheumatism $8.00  
  Harner, Sarah J. Cokato widow $17.00  
  Coffield, James Cokato dis. of lungs, heart, & dropsy $8.00 March 1882
  Peterson, Augustus Cokato ulcer right leg $4.00  
  Millner, Jesse B. Cokato injury to abdomen $12.00 Oct. 1879
  Nelson, Sarah K. Cokato widow $8.00  
  Griffith, David Cokato dis. of abdominal viscera $8.00 Jan. 1881
  Teats, Sophia Corinna dependent mother $8.00 Feb. 1881
  Hitchman, Tiffany  Delano disease of heart $8.00  
  Muffley, Simon P. Delano wound right arm $10.00  
  Chance, Maranda A. Delano widow $19.00  
  Eppel, Martin Delano father $8.00  
  Robertson, Margaret Delano mother $8.00  
  Church, Peter Delano dis. of brain, res. of sunstroke $6.00 March 1882
  Seibel, John Delano varicose veins right leg $6.00  
  Sturman, Wm. Delano injury to abdomen $6.00  
  Stein, Conrad Delano wound right arm & chest $6.00  
  Eldred, Wm. O. Delano inj. shoulder & back, resulting partial paralysis of arms $6.00 Feb. 1878
  Wilson, Richard Delano chr. diarr., disease of lungs, & resulting disease of heart $12.00 Oct. 1881
91,044 Cadwell, Hiram D. Delano wound right leg $8.00  
110,453 Chatman, Monroe Delano wound left arm $4.00  
  Adams, Asael Howard wound right ankle $4.00 Oct. 1879
  Alexander, David Howard scurvy & result. ulceration & varicose veins of legs $10.00 July 1880
  Fitzgerald, Edward Howard wound right ankle & r. shoulder $14.00  
  Bunker, Stephen F. Howard wound right forearm $4.00 June 1881
  Hussey, John E. Howard chr. diarr. $12.00  
  Redfield, Fanny Howard widow 1812 $8.00 March 1879
  Munger, Elson M. Howard injury to abdomen $4.00 Jan. 1881
  Merritt, Lorenzo Howard wound right leg $5.33 1/3  
  Meacham, Sam'l. M. Howard disease of lungs $18.00  
  Caulfield, Mariva Howard widow $8.00  
  Bentley, Sarah Howard mother $8.00  
  Cadman, Thomas Howard injury to abdomen $8.00  
  Phillips, Rob't. L. Howard inj. to arm from aneurysm $4.00  
  Goodsell, Ellen Howard widow $12.00 Oct. 1881
  Nysteadt, Eric A. Keystone wound right thigh $6.00  
  Leonard, Webster G. Monticello dis. of chest, inj. to back & dis. of rectum from chr. diarr. $8.00 April 1881
  Sabree, Luther Monticello inter. fever, pain in chest, & lameness of back $4.00  
  Keen, Alvin F. Monticello chr. diarr. & dis. of abd. vis. $4.00 Jan 1880
  Bailey, Moody A. Monticello chr. diarr. $4.00 May 1878
  Naglee, John P. Monticello wound right leg (thigh) $2.00  
  Houston, Geo. W. Monticello chr. diarr. & ulcrat'n of legs $6.00  
  Hinkle, Wm. P. Monticello injury to abdomen $4.00 Sept. 1882
  Bertram, Julia Y. Monticello widow $8.00 April 1880
  Flynn, Jane Monticello mother $8.00  
  Bailey, Eunice Monticello mother $8.00  
  Prime, Mary Monticello mother $8.00  
  Stokes, Chas. Monticello ophthalmia $24.00  
  White, Edward K. Monticello chr. inter. fever & results $2.00  
  Wilder, Sam'l. Monticello gen'l. debility, results of chr. dyspepsia $2.00 Feb. 1880
  White, Jno. Monticello disease of eyes $12.00  
  Wedgewood, Geo. R. L. Monticello wound left shoulder $18.00  
85,337 McCochran, Randall Monticello wound left leg & right thigh $6.00  
17,804 Hamlet, Joseph B. Monticello injury left side $4.00  
165,236 Tuster, Andrew Montrose disease of lungs $6.00 March 1880
  Luckman, Joseph Montrose wound left forearm $4.00  
  Leatherman, Jacob Montrose injury left knee $4.00 May 1880
  Haven, Joel N. Montrose wound of face $8.00  
  Schultz, Helen Montrose mother $8.00  
131,700 Branen, Jas. B. Montrose wound left leg $6.00  
  Borthwick, Alex J. Otsego wound right arm $6.00  
  Morrell, John N. Otsego dis. of spine, result of sunstroke $8.00  
  McDonald, Lewis Otsego wound left hip $4.00 Feb. 1882
  Goodwin, Sarah E. Otsego widow $8.00  
  Buol, Jno. Rockford wound right breast $6.00  
  Asenath, Angell Rockford widow 1812 $8.00 Oct. 1878
  Burch, Sarah Rockford widow $8.00  
  Lindley, Sylvia Rockford mother $8.00  
  Alger, Almena Rockford mother $8.00 Sept. 1878
  Crawford, Rollin O. Rockford wound left side & arm $6.00  
  Redlon, Frederick Rockford chr. diarr. & res. disease of heart & lungs $6.00 Jan. 1881
163,498 Williams, Harris Rockford injury to abdomen $4.00 Nov. 1879
203,292 McHutt, Jno. Rockford wound right side of face $4.00 Feb. 1882
16,248 Brady, Henry Rockford loss left arm $24.00 Sept. 1863
  Astrope, Henry Silver Creek dis. of lungs & res. dis. heart $4.00 Aug. 1880
  Kimball, Mary Smith Lake widow 1812 $8.00 Sept. 1879
  Rahier, Jno. B. Smith Lake injury to abdomen $4.00 Nov. 1877
  Hauer, John H. Waverly Mills wound of face, &c. $4.00  

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