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Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Alamaa Cemetery 451145N 0940654W  
Albion Cemetery 450935N 0940727W  
Apostolic Cemetery 451058N 0941051W  
Bethel Cemetery 450630N 0940802W  
Bethlehem Cemetery 450907N 0940252W  
Calvary Cemetery 450159N 0934701W  
Cassel Cemetery 450356N 0935052W  
Cokato Cemetery 450440N 0941030W  
Corinna Cemetery 451723N 0940355W  
Crow River Cemetery 450953N 0941139W  
Delano Cemetery 450134N 0934714W  
Elmwood Cemetery 450538N 0934353W  
Elmwood Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Evangelical Cemetery 450953N 0940235W  
French Lake Mission Cemetery 451054N 0941516W  
Good Shepherd Free Lutheran Church 450500N 0941139W  
Grace Cemetery 451150N 0941420W  
Grace Cemetery 451655N 0940924W  
Grace Methodist Episcopal Cemetery
Helm Cemetery 451653N 0934616W  
Highland Cemetery 450818N 0940200W  
Highland Cemetery 452210N 0935840W  
Hillside Cemetery 451803N 0934747W  
Howard Lake Cemetery 450305N 0940400W  
Immanuel Cemetery 451044N 0934709W  
Immanuel Cemetery 451253N 0941234W  
Kreidler Cemetery 450552N 0935353W  
Lakeside Cemetery 451946N 0935555W  
Lakeview Cemetery 450952N 0935201W  
Lakeview Cemetery 451719N 0935958W  
Lutheran Cemetery 450500N 0941141W  
Marysville Cemetery 450750N 0935703W  
Mission Cemetery 450928N 0935210W  
Mission Cemetery 450435N 0935929W  
Mount Herman Cemetery 451014N 0940536W  
Mount Hope Cemetery 452418N 0940324W  
Mount Olive East Cemetery 450238N 0934606W  
Mount Olive West Cemetery 450355N 0935006W  
National Cemetery 451119N 0941120W  
Nylunda Cemetery 445921N 0940043W  
Old Saint Timothy Cemetery 451446N 0935543W  
Ostego Cemetery 451720N 0933608W  
Our Savior Cemetery 451122N 0941141W  
Pelican Lake Methodist Church Cemetery
Reinmuth Cemetery 450448N 0940401W  
Riverside Cemetery 451041N 0941124W  
Riverside Cemetery 451856N 0934848W  
Saint Albert Cemetery 451414N 0933835W  
Saint Charles Cemetery 451142N 0935931W  
Saint Francis Cemetery 451010N 0935452W  
Saint Francis Cemetery 451010N 0935451W  
Saint Henrys Cemetery 451756N 0934854W  
Saint Ignatius Cemetery 451155N 0940820W  
Saint James Cemetery 450252N 0940321W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 451541N 0940831W  
Saint Josephs Cemetery 450238N 0934602W  
Saint Joseph's Cemetery 450240N 0934900W  
Saint Luke Cemetery 452435N 0940332W  
Saint Marks Cemetery 451208N 0934709W  
Saint Mark's Cemetery 451840N 0940621W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 450409N 0935855W  
Saint Michael Cemetery 451155N 0933952W  
Saint Michael Cemetery 451242N 0933955W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 450354N 0935010W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 450455N 0935444W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 450159N 0934703W  
Saint Timothy Cemetery 451340N 0935903W  
Stockholm Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery 450209N 0941310W  
Stockholm Township Cemetery 450213N 0941256W  
Stockholm Township Cemetery 450213N 0941255W  
Sunset Cemetery 451059N 0941431W  
Swedish Cemetery 450608N 0941124W  
Sylvan Cemetery 450820N 0940543W  
Trinity Cemetery 450629N 0935210W  
Union Cemetery 451631N 0941047W  
Watson Cemetery 450513N 0940931W  
Woodland Cemetery 450028N 0935927W  
Woodlawn Cemetery 451553N 0940703W  
Wright Cemetery 450349N 0935516W  
Zion Cemetery 450811N 0935207W  

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