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MARCH 2018
BIOS: Ervin Whitlock submitted by Robin Line
OBITS: George H. Drew submitted by Jacob Alberti
OFFICIALS: Rosters-1878 County Office Holders
OFFICIALS: News-Mr. Bodin, William Tubbs, John Nugent
DIRECTORIES: 1878 Business Directory and Gazetteer
WILLS: Inheritance Taxes-Anderson, Bland, Boderns, Dehmer, Elliott, Elsenpeter, Grandlund, Kolelnck, Krohn, Madigan, McGrew, Pearson, Stromberg

FAMILIES: Delano Families - additions and corrections to Johan Matyshok Family submitted by Erin Depew
MILITARY: Soldiers-W. D. Flannigan, Elmer D. WIllet, Arthur Annala
MILITARY: WWI Casualty News-Walter F. Benson, F. J. Mackie

OBITS: Ann O'Connell
PEOPLE: John J. O'Hair, John Fitzpatrick
NEWS-FIRES: 1885-Nuwash Fire, 1882-Elevator
OBITS: William Schultz submitted by Robin Line

JULY 2017
MARRIAGES: Schaum-Gray
PEOPLE: W. O. Sterling
OBITS: Octavus Cills
NEWS-VISITS: Henry Spindler, Ruby Mae McCormack
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: John Myren Family, Eric Erickson Family

MARCH 2017
OBITS: John Davis, Mary Coffman, Mrs. Willard H. Wing, Chas. L. Flannigan
MARRIAGES: Mooney-Parent, Lambert-O'Brien
NEWS-FIRES: 1883-Fire at Cokato, 1886-John McGinty Fire, 1886-John Lambert, 1890-J. K. Cullen Fire
NEWS-VISITS: Jefferson O'Connell

BIOS: Charles J. Swedback
OBITS: P. B. Mill Children, Martin Brothers, John Nugent, Paul T. Templin, Mr. and Mrs. George A. Raisbeck, Hugh Cassidy
OBITS: Samuel Bland submitted by Robin Line
PEOPLE: D. W. Flanegan, James McDonnell, Anton Jeuren
FAMILIES: Mary Thelen, Theobald Reunion
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1896-Larkins win eight straight, Larkins are county champs, 1888-Local Election, 1889-July 4 Celebration
NEWS-CRIME: Charles Oleson submitted by Robin Line
NEWS-VISITS: P. S. Rudolph, Mrs. C. Henry, Eliza Jordan, James McDonald, Mrs. Muldoon
NEWS-ILLNESS/INJURY: Maria Tarkkanen, Charles Harvey, George Buckland, George Caine

JULY 2016
OBITS: Ole Erickson, Mr. and Mrs. August Carlson, Mary Molsterteigen, Mrs. Kaysa Eckman
COURT: Divorce-Sigvart and Evaline Olsen
NEWS-CRIME: John Mazue
NEWS-VISITS: Mrs. A. L. Poffenberger, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Poffenberger, G. F. Wooley
PEOPLE: S. J. Swanson

CEMETERIES: Partial Listings for St. Marks, Pelican Lake, Mount Herman and Albion Free Church Cemeteries all transcribed by Nancy Overlander.
OBITS: Mrs. Bernard Nelson, Albert Meyer, Mrs. Nicklett Meyer, P. Dahlin

JULY 2015
WILLS & PROBATE: Mrs. Rebecca A. Porter
SCHOOLS: 1907-Cokato Schools

APRIL 2015
OBITS: Andrew Johnson, Mary Rost, J. N. Love, Mrs. John Johnson, Isaac Hendrickson
NEWS-VISITS: Mrs. H. Polson, J. E. Eckman, John Eckman, Nels Johnson, A. Osterberg
NEWS-CRIME: Christian Dahlberg, Ashley Riggs
BIOS: Bennett B. Cox
NEWS-PEOPLE: J. W. Beckman
NEWS-COMMUNITY: 1908-Publication Controversy

OBITS: Charles Rosen, Magnus Miller, Martin Nelson, James Wellingham, Richard Kelly, Burt Shepard
MARRIAGES: Dorsey-Johnson, Opsahl-Thune
CHURCH: (news) 1910-Church Dedication, 1875-Scandinavian Baptist Conference
NEWS: (people) John Oberg, Henry Mooers, James Trasy, Ruby Gustafson
NEWS: (crime) 1906-Saloon Burglary
NEWS: (visit & travel) Dr. Osterberg, H. C. Bull
NEWS: (weather) 1900-Heavy Rain, 1929-Tornado
NEWS: (fires) 1895-Incendiary Barn Fire, 1883-Fatal Fire at Cokato
NEWS: (business) Knapp Creamery, 1897-Elevator Pays 60% Dividend
NEWS: (community) 1900-Good Wheat Crop, 1896-Republican Club Organized

CHURCHES: Histories of Wright County Churches - Transcribed by Camilla Jackson
BIOS: James B. Blanchard transcribed by Larry Lakey

Prior Updates

Summer 2014: Korean War & Vietnam Casualties - transcribed by Curt Wiebusch
Obits: Buranen, Smith - contributed by Linda Massey
Delano Families - transcribed by Jan Grant
Delano Histories: Early Settlement - transcribed by Liz Dellinger, and Education history transcribed by Camellia

March 2014: History regarding City Hall, Fire Department, Post Offices and Clubs - transcribed by Bobby Dobbins Title
Delano history (newspapers) - transcribed by Bobby Dobbins Title

Feb. 2014: Obit: Trask - transcribed by mb
Marriage: Satterlee - McAllister - transcribed by Jim Dezotell
Bio: Hale - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Dec. 2013: partial cemetery listings for Hillside and Riverside Cemeteries in Monticello, obit for Blanchard

Aug. 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll
Obits: LaPlant, Perro, Wooley, Worf
Marriages: Anderson - Weirs; Burkhart - Oterbach; Cronk - Ambler; Jones - Praught; Lehman - Muehring & Theil - Muehring; Lindberg - Meyer; O'Leary - Meara; Rundquist - Peterson; Runquist - Sutton
Bio: Carlblom
Crime News: Boxell Murders

July 2013: Obit: Kennedy

May 2012: Bios: Alley, Balcome; Cemetery List for Grace Methodist Episcopal Cemetery in Annandale

Apr. 2012: Bios: Adams, Buck, Eckman, Fish

Mar. 2012: Obits: Holmgren, Prange, Schwantes; Bio: Chance

Feb. 2012: obits for Ball, Bonn; Bios: Clearwater Guards, Cutting, Smith; Minn. Line Train Wreck

Dec 2011: WW2 casualties; obits for HOLLAND, TACK, ERICKSON
1910 Death Records

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