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Yellow Medicine County MN 
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Yellow Medicine County Businesses


    Source: The Clarkfield Advocate (Special Edition with Town History), Thursday, May 31, 1956. Transcribed by J. Alberti

    Dustin'off Some Old Ones

    C.A. Smith Lumber Company- We are here to stay and can furnish you with anything you need in the way of lumber, lathe, shingles, building material. S.A. Tofthagen, local manager.

    (Editor's note: This was the first lumber yard in Clarkfield and was located on the present site of the new Milk Drying Plant.)

    Advertisements in the May, 23rd, 1894 issue

    Clarkfield Drug Store, A.R. Torgerson, proprietor.

    J.N. Silver, wagon, blacksmith and machine shop. Horseshoeing, plow work, etc.

    H.P. Andrisen, general merchandise.

    City Hotel, Egbert Johnson, prop.

    Commercial House, P.E. Lyngen & Co., props.

    New Restaurant- H.D. Jacobson, prop. Good warm or cold meats at any hour of the day.

    M.J. Rowe's, Granite Falls, Minn. Restaurant and lunch room. Regular dinner 25˘

    The Hamiltonian Trotting Stallion “Enchanter Lake” will make the season of 1894 at Clarkfield Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This horse has the best strains of trotting blood on both sides. Call at Quesnell's barn to see him. C.A. Kraemer, keeper.

    Clarkfield Harness Shop, C.J. Rognstad, prop.

    The “thinking” ladies of this city have organized a woman's suffrage league. God grant them success and we hope they will increase and inculcate in to the minds of everybody the necessity of women at the ballot.

    Putnam says- “There is something going to happen with all these strikes and Coxieties marching to Washington-what is the solution of this question? Why, Put, simply put our productive wealth into the hands of the masses instead of the few owning it all. If some of our bright editors could only think.”

    Chris. Johnson & Co., The Cheap Cash Store. Groceries, boots, shoes, gent's furnishings.

    Chris Olson- Hardware and all kinds of implements.

    A.P. Gudbrandson, furniture & undertaking.

    Henry Monson buys Cattle, hogs and sheep at highest market price for cash.

    J.S. Johnson & Son offerthe following at hard time prices: Boys' suits at $1.50; Men's suits at $3.00 to $5.00; Men's calf shoes (warranted) $1.00; Men's and Boys' boots 50˘ and upward. We handle all kinds of farm machinery. 14 to 16-inch disc harrow at $25.00.

    Ole Hanson, tailor.

    Jensen & Monson, groceries, dry goods, etc.

    Clarkfield Roller Mills, John Larson, prop.

    City Meat Market, Ole Olson, prop.

    August Anderson, plasterer and bricklayer.

Granite Falls

Businesses and Business People

The business interests of Granite Falls are of a varied and complete description. It is quite remarkable to find such an extensive amount of business transacted in a place of its size.

Barnes & Ireland
GRANITE FALLS. Barnes & Ireland, successors to the firm of Barnes & Co. are dealers in drugs and furniture. (HMV)*

C. A. Bennett
GRANITE FALLS. The Granite Falls Journal is the only newspaper published in the village. It is the official paper of the county and is very widely circulated. Being ably conducted it has a large influence which reaches beyond the confines of the county limits. It was originally established in the year 1874, when it was called the Granite Rock. In 1875 it changed hands and became the property of M. O. Hall, who changed the name to the Granite Falls Journal. It subsequently became the property of F. A. Wilson, who subsequently sold it to the firm of Bennett & Harroun. The latter only retained his share a few months when he sold his interest, and the firm became Bennett & Lathrop. The entire editing and management rests with Mr. C. A. Bennett, who fills the position with ability and enterprise. In connection with the paper there is a well equipped job office. (HMV)*

Blesser Lodge No. 59
GRANITE FALLS. Blesser Lodge No. 59, A. O. U. W., was instituted January 6, 1879. The following were the first set of officers: A. J. Blesser, P. M. W.;.A. J. Studeman, M. W.; W. Wallace, G. F.; O. J. FOSS, O.; M. N. Rathbone, R.; C. Burton, F.; J. A. Weaver, Rec.; J. Swift, G.; Joseph Fortier, L. W.; C. E. Shannon, O. W. (HMV)*

C. Burton
GRANITE FALLS. C. Burton is largely interested in the handling of all kinds of lumber and building materials, fencing materials, sash, doors and blinds, builders' hardware etc. (HMV)*

R. M. Clark
GRANITE FALLS. R. M. Clark has been for nearly three years in business as hardware dealer, carrying also stoves and tinware. (HMV)*

Edward Crane
GRANITE FALLS. Edward Crane has a large assortment of clocks, jewelry, etc. (HMV)*

F. J. Cressey
GRANITE FALLS. the drug trade is well represented by F. J. Cressey, H. J. Simpson and K. T. Hazelburg. (HMV)*

J. G. Dodsworth
GRANITE FALLS. The banking facilities of the village are excellent, the Granite Falls Bank of J. A. Willard & Co. being possessed of ample financial means and experience. The bank was established in June, 1878, and has since its inception proved itself well worthy of the support and confidence of the public. Mr. Willard is president of the First National Bank of Mankato, and resides in that city: the bank here is under the management of Mr. J. G. Dodsworth, an experienced and capable financier. (HMV)*

Granite Lodge, A. F. & A. M.
GRANITE FALLS. Granite Lodge, A. F. & A. M., was organized under dispensation, Feb. 7, 1874. The first regular communication was held April 20, 1874. The names of the masters have been successively Henry Hill, G. W. Dewey, I. O. Russell, O. J. FOSS. (HMV)*

Gregg Bros.
GRANITE FALLS. Gregg Bros, conduct an excellent restaurant and confectionery business. (HMV)*

Hawley and Orwoll
GRANITE FALLS. Hawley and Orwoll deal in dry goods, clothing, etc. The former has been in business about nine years, the present firm is of recent date. (HMV)*

Hotchkiss & Foss
GRANITE FALLS. Hotchkiss & Foss established themselves in business in 1874, and have built up a heavy trade in general merchandise, (HMV)*

Jensen & Olson
GRANITE FALLS. The furniture trade is well represented by Jensen & Olson and by E. Enos, the successor of Goodnough & Enos. (HMV)*

Johnson & Diegan
GRANITE FALLS. Johnson & Diegan are also engaged in the harness trade and deal in boots and shoes. (HMV)*

Johnson & Neste Bros.
GRANITE FALLS. Johnson & Neste Bros, conduct an extensive business in agricultural implements, as also do the following: Goodenow & Winter, Letts & Johnson, W. H. Lyon, C. L. Jones and W. P. Baker. (HMV)*

K. E. Neste & Brothers
GRANITE FALLS. Among the oldest and most prominent of the firms is that of K. E. Neste & Brothers. They keep on hand a large and well selected stock of general merchandise and do a very heavy business. (HMV)

J. Olson
GRANITE FALLS. J. Olson has a large brick store in which dry goods, groceries, clothing, boots and shoes, are carried in large quantities. He has been in Granite Falls about three and a half years. (HMV)*

J. L. Putnam
GRANITE FALLS. J. L. Putnam keeps a saddlery and harness store. (HMV)*

L. J. Rice & Son
GRANITE FALLS. L. J. Rice & Son are general merchants and have good stocks. (HMV)*

I. O. Russell
GRANITE FALLS. I. O. Russell, dealer in groceries, has been for long identified with the locality. (HMV)*

W. A. Schweiger
GRANITE FALLS. W. A. Schweiger deals largely in flour and feed. (HMV)*

F. Stoppe & Son
GRANITE FALLS. F. Stoppe & Son deal in dry goods, clothing, groceries, etc., which firm has been established at Granite Falls about four years. (HMV)*

S. M. Teachout
GRANITE FALLS. The Commercial Hotel is a large, well constructed structure, nicely furnished and comfortable in all respects. It was opened about three years and a half ago by Messrs. Teachout & Allen, but has been for some time carried on by Mr. S. M. Teachout, under whose administration it has become one of the most popular places of resort of travellers in the western part of the state. (HMV)*

William Wallace
GRANITE FALLS. William Wallace is extensively engaged in the hardware trade, as also is the firm of Whiteher & Wilson. (HMV)*

Wethern & Donaldson
GRANITE FALLS. Wethern & Donaldson are located on the east side, where they are engaged in the grocery and flour and feed trade. (HMV)*

H. J. Wilkinson
GRANITE FALLS. H. J. Wilkinson has been for nearly three years engaged in the book and stationery line, in addition to which he deals in musical instruments. (HMV)*

John Winter
GRANITE FALLS. The Merchants' Hotel is kept by Mr. John Winter, the first settler in the county. It was formerly kept by his son, Mr. J. W. R. Winter. (HMV)*

*(HMV) SOURCE: History of the Minnesota Valley by Rev. Edward D. Neill. North Star Publishing Company, Minneapolis. 1882. Transcribed by Mary Kay Krogman.

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