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Yellow Medicine County Minnesota 
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Source: GNIS

May not be a complete list

Cemetery Name




Antelope Hills Christian Cemetery 444818N 0961430W  
Bergen Cemetery 445053N 0954330W  
Bethlehem Cemetery 444210N 0954505W  
Bethlehem Cemetery 444636N 0961853W  
Burton Cemetery 443840N 0960157W  
Camp Release Cemetery 445054N 0954231W  
Clarkfield Cemetery 444753N 0954723W  
East Cemetery 444119N 0953651W  
Fortier Cemetery 444024N 0962256W  
Fridhem Cemetery 444539N 0955324W  
German Cemetery 443715N 0952515W  
Hillcrest Cemetery 444737N 0953331W  
Hillside Cemetery 444113N 0952404W  
Israels Cemetery 444240N 0955440W  
Lutheran Cemetery 444022N 0953312W  
Methodist Cemetery 443953N 0953120W  
Nicolai Cemetery 444539N 0961106W  
Rock Valley Cemetery 444205N 0952518W  
Saint Andrews Cemetery 444724N 0953427W  
Saint Leo Cemetery 444301N 0960346W  
Saint Lucas Cemetery 443847N 0954809W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 444823N 0953444W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 444214N 0961748W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 444306N 0961824W  
Saint Stephens Cemetery 444146N 0961555W  
Spring Creek Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery 444211N 0954802W  
Stony Run Cemetery 444958N 0953841W  
Swede Home Cemetery 444030N 0955424W  
Swenson Cemetery 443844N 0961728W  
Trinity Cemetery 443937N 0961822W  
Union Cemetery 444607N 0953204W  
Wergeland Cemetery 443936N 0960847W  
West Cemetery 444121N 0953918W  
Zion Cemetery 444637N 0955722W  

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