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Yellow Medicine County Minnesota 
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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Vicki Bryan

No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner Post office address Cause for which pensioned Monthly rate Date of original allowance
138,492 Reeves, Mary A. Canby widow $8.00  
  Fuller, Alpheus Canby disease of lungs $6.00 May 1878
81,476 Lusk, Maria A. Canby widow $6.00 Aug. 1866
168,750 Landru, Hiram K. Canby inj. to back & res. dis. kidneys $4.00 May 1880
  Sandborn, Gilman T. Canby chr. diarrhea $6.00 May 1882
  Poynton, Mair Canby chr. bronchitis $12.00  
  Whetford, Charles A. Canby g.s.w. right thigh & inj. to abd. $6.00  
  Winter, John D. Canby inj. to chest & lungs $6.00 July 1880
  Forganson, Anna Canby widow $8.00  
  McCrea, Daniel Canby wound right thigh $2.00  
  Chapman, Herman Echo g.s.w. left hand $10.00  
  Bostwick, John D. Granite Falls disease of lungs $8.00 Nov. 1882
  Kenney, Mary A. Granite Falls dependent mother $8.00  
  Nelson, Thomas H. Granite Falls g.s.w. left thigh, res. var. veins $8.00 July 1881
  Ruddick, Nathan Granite Falls loss of sight left eye $6.00  
  Tams, Ambrose H. Granite Falls injury to abdomen $12.00  
  Powers, Gorham Granite Falls wound left shoulder $8.00  
  Sullivan, Melville C. Granite Falls injury to abdomen $8.00 June 1881
  Hotchkiss, Rollin R. Granite Falls g.s.w. right forearm $4.00 May 1882
  Fitch, McConel Granite Falls dis. of liver & res. dis. lungs $50.00 Mary 1881
  Goodenough, Hiram Granite Falls loss left little finger & dis. heart $10.00 March 1878
  Johnson, George S. Minnesota Falls disease of heart $6.00  
  Hanson, Anna Silliard's dependent mother $8.00 April 1876
  Swan, Orin J. Sorlien's Mill chr. diarr., disease of liver, & resulting dyspepsia from typhoid fever $8.00  
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