Yellow Medicine County
"Photographs link us to the past and present, and give to those in the future." C. L. Gunderson

List of photos

~ Clarkfield Class Picture: March 29, 1912

~ Clarkfield Class Picture, January 1926

~ Spring Creek Lutheran Church, January 1960

~ Clarkfield Confirmation Class, Circa 1911

~ Spring Creek Lutheran Church confirmation class, mid-1930's

Source: All photographs courtesy of Lost Stories and Photos of Minnesota Blog ( unless indicated otherwise

Clarkfield Class Picture: March 29, 1912 of the country school then known as the Simon B. Gunderson district. 38 pupils were enrolled in the eight grades.

(Left to right)

Front row: Alvin Dotseth, Halvor Hegna, Leonard Peterson, Raymond Larson, Arnold Berg and Walter Topper.

2nd row: Carl Appleseth (standing slightly away from group), Hilda Topper, Ida Thorhaug Amundson, Lydia Selness Tingval, Minnie Larson (with white ribbons in hair), Inga Appleseth Johnson, Mabel Vallen Davidson, Bennie Gunderson, and Andrew Dahlberg. (Benie and Andrew are the taller boys standing on the end holding something- a bag/clothing?)

3rd row: Selmer Foss, LeRoy Peterson, Ludwig Gunderson, Millard Wallen, Ingval Leroen, Louis Hegna, Norris Berg (appears to be very hidden in the photo), and Oscar Foss.

4th row: Melvin Foss (is actually just below the teacher-looks like he is in the row below), Estella Ralston Troke (teacher from 1911-1912, lighter dress, slightly behind Gurine Gunderson), Gurine Gunderson Mauland (tall girl towards back), Nettie Peterson Wait, Myrtle Haugen, Hannah Larson Gunderson (has lighter ribbon on the side of her hair), Ida Haugen.

5th row: Joseph Selness (with a cap), and Reuben Foss (with a bat).

Clarkfield Class, January 1926 (Names Unknown)

Spring Creek Lutheran Church, Clarkfield, MN, Normania Township, January 1960

Photo #1 (on left)

Sixth row up from bottom (left to right): Bennie Gunderson, Hannah Gunderson (with dark hat/white flower), Shirley "Tina" Gunderson (with glasses, dark dress, and light scarf in hair).

Fifth row up from bottom (left to right): Mrytle Haugen (White hat, dark dress, and glasses), next to her is Iver Haugen.

Fourth row up from bottom (left to right): Gerhard Larson, Raymond and Ella Larson (all wearing glasses).

The remainder are unknown at this time.


Photo #2 (middle)

Front Row (right to left): Henry and Emma Jacobson.

Second Row (right to left): unknown, Mabel Danielson, Belma and Alfred Larson.


Photo #3 (on right)

Unknown people other than listed above.


Clarkfield Confirmation Class, Circa 1911

Back Row (left to right):   Bertha Satre, Andrew Amundson, Sadie Skough, Art Forbord, Jannette Oleson, Edwin Lund, Bessie Johnson, Harry Ness, Malvin Vik
Second Row (left to right):  Selmer Oleson, Bennie Gunderson,Laura Oleson Amdahl, Pastor Storaasli, Gertie Hanson, Miller Hanson, Henry Larson
Front Row (left to right): Hilda Forberg, Henry Stangland, Amanda Strebo, Alfred Brekke, Nettee Rodness, Bazel Johnson, Nettee Iverson, Amanda Selness





Spring Creek Lutheran Church confirmation class, estimated to be from around the mid-1930's

Top Row (left to right): Arden Gunderson third from left, others unknown

Bottom Row (left to right): Reverend Jorgen Emil Hanson Akre, girls unknown



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