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Yellow Medicine County MN 
Genealogy and History

Yellow Medicine County Prior Updates

December 2016

BIOS: G. Halvorson, Ole Heimark, Lewis E. Larsen, Timan Lee, N. J. Nelson, Ole Olson, Theodore Stoltenberg

HISTORY: Lisbon Township



November 2016

BIOS: D. W. Sherman, E. H. Sorlien, Andrew Steele, James Walker, S. M. Yearly

OBITS: Ludwig Gunderson, Myrtle Haugen, T. R. "Ray" Mauland



October 2016

BIOS: George S. Johnson, Peter Kelehan, J. F. Langmaid, George L. Letts, B. H. Monroe, J. Q. Parke

CRIME NEWS: Mrs. John Purvis



Septembe 2016

BIOS: A. Buffum, Scott Bundy, Lewis Dibble, Joseph Doncaster, A.O. Dotseth, T.C. Ellingson, Joseph Falkingham, Halvor Gullikson, John Kise, Osmend Knutson, I. Kolhei, O. L. Lovsner, M. T. Myhre, Robias Reishus, Reier Swendson

HISTORY: Minnesota Falls Township, Normania Township



August 2016

HISTORY: Otis Township and Granite Falls (many pioneers, early settlers, and businesses named)



July 2016

NEWS- LOCAL HAPPENINGS: October 3, 1935 (Tyro, Omro-Tyro, Hazel Run township, Hazel Run)- many names!



June 2016

CHURCH NEWS: parishes of St. Leo and Canby 1901-Rev. A. Rinke and Rev. Rand, Rev. E. E. Findsley 1901

NEWS- LOCAL HAPPENINGS: O. S. Reishus 1895, New land owners 1902 (many names)

NEWS-VISIT/TRAVEL/RELOCATION: W. W. Dunning, Jacob Klossner Jr., John Parker, N. P. Rodnas



MAY 2016

NEWS- BUSINESS: Drying plant and Elevator Company (1956)

NEWS- LOCAL HAPPENINGS: 1935 Clarkfield Advocate (and surrounding areas)

PHOTOS- Spring Creek Church confirmation class mid-1930's



APRIL 2016

NEWS- CLUBS & LODGES: American Legion Auxiliary

NEWS- POLITICAL:1935 Clarkfield Commissioner election


OBITS/DEATH NOTICES:Gregory Brandt, Bennie O. Dyrdahl, Grace Foss, Selmer Foss, Amanda Gullickson, Ragna Gunderson, Melvina Haaland, Myrtle Haaland, Louise Hagren, Elsie Hoffman, Melvin Halvorson, Lewis Rysdahl, Mathilda Rysdahl, Wayne Tongen, Amanda Varpness, Esther Willander



MARCH 2016

BIOS: Dr. Malvin M. Hauge

HISTORY:  Clarkfield Hospital/Town

OBITS/DEATH NOTICES: Raymond Peter Larson




BIOS: Michael Dowling

CHURCH NEWS: Steve & Marilyn Edmund, Lutheran Brotherhood (I. F. Fagerlie, M. O. Vik, Rev. J. E. Akre, Carl Berg, Oscar Shefveland and Alex Christensen)


Clarkfield Town History: Community Memorial Hospital (Interviews with: Dr. Haug, Mae Christensen, Hallie Vik, Mrs. Neil Larsen), Creamery, Dairy Industry, Dustin' Off Some Old Ones (1894, 1906, 1916, 1926, 1936, 1946), Fire Department, Newspapers, Telephone Company

MILITARY NEWS: Wood Lake battlefield monument

NEWS- BUSINESS: New Bus Line 1946

NEWS- CLUBS & LODGES: Boyscout Troop No. 255 (1956), W.C.T.U.

NEWS-COURT: Fort Totten Indians (Ignatious Court, Aaroon Hoop, J. Sherman and John Wood)

NEWS- FAMOUS:  Gov. Lynn Frazier, I. F. Fagelie

NEWS- ILLNESS/INJURY/SURGERY: Hospital News 1932 (Chester Hayes, Ingvald Lynner , Noble Steffenson, Jim Stroup, Mrs. Charlie Whitemore), Leprosy in Granite Falls


NEWS- MARRIAGE: Eischen-Roles, Haugen-Colston, Johnson-Evjen, Knutson-Friberg

NEWS- MISC: Andrew Anderson, Clarkfield Clothing House, Inga Lynner, Firearms Training Program for Boys & Grils (1956- Many Names), A. T. Olson

NEWS- POLITICAL: County Repubilicans, Farmer-Businessman Party, H. P. Bengston, Stickers (G. O. Homme vs. Oscar C. Snortum), Yellow Medicine County prize for most votes

NEWS- SPORTS:  Clarkfield High School Football All-State Team (Irving Anderson & Odell Swang)

NEWS- WEATHER: Clarkfield, Multiple towns damaged from large storm (many names listed)

OBITS/DEATH NOTICES: Mrs. John Afdem, Emma Hartfiel

SCHOOL: Clarkfield Senior Class Play 1946, Clarkfield School Musical 1946, Farm School, News from 1914 ( Frances Anderson, Minnie Anderson, Orton Anderson, Josie Friberg,  Mrs. Harriet Gordon,Vivian Hulteen, Mildred Kittleson,  Hazel Lein, Evelyn Silver), Radio (Ardine Berkvam, Jr., Allen Larson, James Olson, Galen Wilson, and John Grooters),

PHOTOGRAPHS: Clarkfield Confirmation Class (Circa 1911)

WILLS/PROBATE: William Albert Kelm, Ida F. Priebe, Tilda M. Vig



BIOS: Martin E. Tew

CENSUS: Population 1880

CHURCH NEWS: Norwegian Lutheran Church, Paul Mork, Esther Paulson


MILITARY NEWS: Arlyn Anderson, Leon Anderson, Ward Cornelius, Henry Jacobson Jr., Arden Morland, Robert Nelson, William Smith, Emil Weber, Delmar Willander

MILITARY WAR STORIES: Big Eagle, Mrs. Hayden

NEWS- BUSINESS: Gorden Tailoring, The Northwestern Telephone Company

NEWS- CARDS OF THANKS: Simon Gunderson

NEWS- CLUBS & LODGES: 4H, Clarkfield Lions, Hazel Run Legion & Auxiliary, Prairie Rangers Saddle Club, Spring Creek Homemakers, Swede Prairie Hustlers

NEWS-COURT: Fort Totten Indians (Ingatius Court/Frank DeMars/James Grant), Gov. Burnquist/A.S. Jergenson, Judge G. E. Qvale, Sisseton & Wahpeton Indians/Ignatuis Court

NEWS- CRIME: John J. Wilbur

NEWS- EXECUTIONS: Schwalier/Bassannella

NEWS- ILLNESS/INJURY/SURGERY: Bernhart Allson, Andrew Chesvold, Frank Gensvold, Halvor Hegna, Almyra Hoiland, Maurer, Clinton Paulson, August Wilson

NEWS- FAMOUS: Hon. William Jennings Bryan


NEWS- MARRIAGE: Virginia Berdine and Richard Pratt, Florence Bjorklund and Roy Anderson, Emma Lindstrom and Lewis Johnson

NEWS- MISC: Baker, Mons Bratherg, Thomas Evanson, Halvor Gulickson, Mr. Ide, Ellen Jacobson, Hans P. Moe, John Reese, Thea Rollefson, Ole Stevens, Clarkfield Dry County

NEWS- SPORTS: Corn Husking (several articles)

NEWS- WEATHER: P.O. Haugen Fire

OBITS/DEATH NOTICES: Louise Aanes, Henry Braasch, Simon Erickson, Severin O. Erie, Gunder Gunderson, Lars B. Gunderson, Alvin Hagren, Martin A. Lee, Otto Malkow, Rev. Paul Moen, Iver Olson, Hon. Benjamin F. Pillsbury, Rev. A. L. Riggs, Anna Rodness, Rev. Scheitel, Hilda Weeks

PHOTOGRAPHS: Clarkfield Class of 1912 & 1926, Spring Creek Lutheran Church 1960 (3 photos)

SCHOOL: Annual board meeting




BIOS: Hanry Anderson, Ole T. Anderson, H. K. Beetlend, John N. Bisseberg, Ole J. Dahly, Ole Hanson, Siver Helkson, L.M. Jensvold, Isaac Johnson, K.S. Kjemhus, Ed Knudson, Ole S. Kolhei, Chr. Lockrem, Andrew O. Lende, C. H. Nellie,  John Nelson, S. L. Orwoll, G. S. Reishus, Ole Simundson, J. J. Stevens, O. E. Stevens,  Rev. K. Thorstensen, O. G. Veldey, Joseph H. Watson, Samuel Watson, O. C. Wilson

CHURCHES: Augustana Lutheran, Clarkfield Alliance, Clarkfield Gospel Tabernacle, Clarkfield Lutheran Church, Clarkfield Methodist, Congregation Church, First English Lutheran, The Methodist Episcopal Church


HISTORY: Townships of Sandes, Granite Falls

MILITARY STORIES: Chief Big Eagle, John Bowe

NEWS- ANNIVERSARY/BIRTHDAYS/REUNIONS: T.C. Anderson, Hegna, Haugen, Harold Smith

NEWS- BUSINESS: Clarkfield, Creamery, Dairy, William Packham

NEWS- CARDS OF THANKS:  B. A. Aakvik, Wayne Arvid, Hans Peter Larson

NEWS- CRIME: Bank Blown Up, Ralph L. Crosby, Jeannette Gagen & Harry Doan, Syver Martinson & Hans Miller

NEWS- CLUBS & LODGES: Clarkfield, Women's Nonpartisan Clubs (Laura Ashmun)

NEWS-COURT CASES: Jacob F. Jacobson vs. Railroads, F. N. Wiger

NEWS- ENTERTAINMENT: Olle i Skratthult

NEWS- FAMOUS: Sentaor Thye

NEWS- ILLNESS/INJURY/SURGERY: Edward Anderson, E. E. Kuehn

NEWS- MARRIAGE: Fribery/Hanson, Larson/Winson

NEWS- POLITICAL: Gust. Ericson, Jake F. Jacobson, J. A. McDermott, S. O. Tjosvold

NEWS- SPORTS: Corn Husking (Richard Huth), Clarkfield Football, Hazel Run Basketball

NEWS- WEATHER: Canby, Clarkfield

OBITS/DEATH NOTICES: Carl Bergren, Mrs. Mary Childs, Henry Danielson, Henry "Spike" Halvorson, Neptuna Myhre Isaacs, Simon Gunderson, Kolbensvik, Hans Peter Larson, Erick Jensen, Mrs. L.S. Orwoll, Peter Sebber, Jacob Settem,  B. Thorpe

SCHOOL: Granite Falls Graduation

TOWN HISTORY: Clarkfield, Granite Falls, Hanley Falls

WILLS/PROBATE: Exevier Fregnier, Daniel Freniere,


BIOS: Gustave Anderson, P. A. Anderson, Henry Benson, Halvor S. Berg, Erik Christenson, John Christensen, Torger Christensen, Ole L. Enstad, Johannes A. Farse

NEWS-EXECUTIONS:Louise Ott murdered by her husband Joseph Ott - articles covering the crime, apprehension, trial, verdict, sentence, appeals and execution.

HISTORY: Townships of Sioux Agency and Stony Run
MARRIAGES: (News) Stevens-Glaim
BIOS: A. B. Regester, B. Roessler, G. J. Rolfstad, I. O. Russell, Knud Rollefson, Charles E. Shannon, M. C. Sullivan, S. M. Teachout, William Wallace, F. H. Wellcome, Benjamin Wethern, H. J. Wilkinson, Andrew Winter, John Winter

JULY 2015
CENSUS: Totals by decades
SCHOOLS: 1907-New High School for Echo, 1908-No Tobacco for Pupils
FAMILIES: Mohns Family Reunion (Buer)

APRIL 2015
VISIT & TRAVEL NEWS: Ed Jensen, Mrs. Geo. Schlosser, Andrew Gilruth
BIOS: E. W. Messer, Charles Mooney, Ole Nelson, J. S. Newell, F. T. O'Donnell, S. Olander, H. L. Olson, C. S. Orwoll, John G. Olson, Wentworth Paine, B. F. Pillsbury, W. W. Pinney, A. L. Poole, Gorham Powers, J. L. Putnam

BIOS: C. E. Clark, William Dodge, J. D. Dodsworth, Andrew Eckman, Joseph Fortier, O. J. Foss, H. T. Goodnough, M. O. Hall, T. O. Hall, Henry Hill, R. R. Hotchkiss, J. F. Ireland, Lewis Jenson, B. Johnson, L. H. Kramer, Hans Larson, Ole O. Lende, C. D. Lewis, G. W. Lewis, J. A. Lewis, A. J. Luce
HISTORY: Early County History
BUSINESSES: Early Business People of Granite Falls

BIOS: S. Anderson, W. R. Barnes, Charles A. Bennett, Henry Bordewich
CHURCHES: Church History
OBITS: Henry Warnke

Feb 2014:
BIOS: Dowling - transcribed by Vicki Bryan

Apr. 2014: Posen Township Birth Records (1882-1904) transcribed by Judy Ziesmer

Feb. 2014: Bio: Dowling - transcribed by Vicki Bryan
Crime News: Skola - transcribed by Tam

Aug. 2013: 1883 Pensioners on the Roll
Obits: Gunderson, Scheitel, Welcome
Marriages: Calhoun - Dreyer; Crowl - Chase; Mackay - Marron; Miller - Homme


May 2012: Bio: Adams

Apr. 2012: Bios: Effertz, Evans, Tew

Mar. 2012: Birth: Johnson; Obits: Big Eagle, Wiggins; Bio: Hanson;
Marriage: Lovell-Viken;
Disaster: Tornado (1898)

Feb. 2012: obits for Bordewich; Dodsworth; Otis; Weflin; bio for Judge Powers; 1935; 1936 Birth Index; 1918-1920 Death Index; marriage records 1871-1950; WW2 Army Enlistment Index; Army Honor List

Jan 2012: fire news story, List of cemeteries

Previous Updates:
Footh-Neubouer Wedding; Land Records 1867-1880; 1895 Fire Wardens

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