1788 American Arrivals at Natchez

Many Americans arrived by 1788, and settled in and around what is now Adams County, with more to settle here through the years.  Available in the Spanish archives relating to early pioneers who pledged allegiance to Spain in order to acquire land and make their fortunes.  Little did they know that within a few years they would be Americans once again when Mississippi became a part of the United States.

Extracted from their Oath of Alliance at Ft. Panmur, Natchez, dated June 4, 1788 is a few of the names of the forefathers of Adams County.  The originals can be found in the Papeles Procedentes de Cuba, General Archives of the Indes, legajo No. 669 with typescript in the library of Congress.  Please remember the Spanish language when deciphering the names.


Bayley Jarply

Brian, Pedro

Champin, John

Charles, Richardo

Dert, Sebastien

Eneyghton, Juan

Eneyghton, Roberto

Haskinson, Exekiel

Hawyard, Stephan

Jates, John

Jurner, Matheo

Lowden, Thomas

Minor, John

Murfy, Samuel

Newman, Exekiel

Newmen, Benjamin

Olery, Cornelius

Ormolay, John

Teeptet, George

Wooley, Melling




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