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Adams County Obituaries

York, Zebulon
Gen. Zebulon York Dead
He Was A Dashing Officer In The Confederate Army
New Orleans - Aug 5 - Gen Zebulon York, one of the dashing figures of the Confederacy, died at his home in Natchez, Miss. this afternoon. He was colonel of the Fourteenth Louisiana regiment during the civil war, which led in the battle of Mechanicsville, Gaines' Mill, Cold Harbor and Malvern Hill, and was wounded several times. He participated in the battle of the Wilderness and was made a brigadier-general on June 2, 1864.
Gen York was born October 10, 1819, in Avon, Me. His father was Zebulon York and his mother Zylphia Sylvester. His father was an officer in the second war with England and his grandfather was a Revolutionary soldier of distinction.

[Macon Telegraph 6 Aug 1900 - Submitters Name: Barbara Ziegenmeyer]

Baker, Francis
Francis Baker, Esq., late Editor of the Natchez Mississippian, on his way from Natchez, early last month, to New Jersey, was murdered near Mayslick, Kentucky, and his body found near the road 7 or 8 days after the murder was committed. Mr. Isaac Desha was taken up, on suspicion of having perpetrated the deed, and was to be examined. “The circumstances, says a Kentucky paper, which attach themselves to this mournful catastrophe are calculated to excite the deepest sympathies of our nature. The deceased was a valuable citizen of Mississippi; much respected as a man and as an Editor. The accused is yet in the bloom of youth; but a short time married, of high standing, and beloved by his friends and associates.” – Frank. Gaz.
[Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) December 15, 1824 - Submitted by Nancy Piper]

Cleland, Mrs. Lucretia
Cleland, Mrs. Lucretia, Natchez, Miss., Oct. 24, a?. -, wife of Rev. T. H. Cleland, pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church. Mrs. C, though in delicate health, had been active in visiting the sufferers from the prevailing epidemic in her neighborhood. She was still more severely taxed by her devotion to sick members of her own family. When seized at last by the disease, she was ill prepared to meet so powerful an enemy, and the result, as feared by her friends from the first, was fatal. She was the daughter of Rev. Thomas Savage, of Bedford, New Hampshire.

[(Source: Annual obituary notices of eminent people of the United States in 1858)
Submitted by Linda Blue Dietz]

Gilbert, Daniel C.
Gilbert, Daniel C., Esq. Vidalia, Miss., Oct. 22, te. 25, at the residence of Lewis Pipes, in Adams Co., near Natchez, a member of the Louisiana bar. Mr. G. was born at the family residence in Concordia Parish, April 2, 1833, and was consequently in his 26th year. Classically educated, he completed his law studies at the university of Louisiana, was admitted to the bar in Concordia, opened a law office at Vidalia, and had been just nominated to the office of recorder of the parish. He was a young gentleman of decided character, of great moral firmness and unswerving integrity; warm and genial in his associations and friendships ; true as steel to his word and principles, and a firm and consistent democrat in political faith. But the crowning glory or his character was love and reverence to his widowed mother, and a more than paternal care and oversight extended to his younger brothers, now in a course of collegiate education. The oldest son, he assumed the duties of guardian and head of the family immediately after the death of his lamented father, who was an eminent Louisiana planter.Griffing, Rev. James, Clairborne Co., Miss., July 12, re. 76. He was a plain, substantial, unpretending man, a zealous local preacher, and a professor of religion for more than 50 years; and his piety was of that pure and fervent kind that sustains the Christian amid the conflicts of life, and envelops his dying bed with the halo of immortality.Gwin, Mrs. Mary, Brunswick Place, Miss., June 22, te. 80, mother of Hon. Win. W. Gwin, senator from California.

[(Source: Annual obituary notices of eminent people of the United States in 1858)
Submitted by Linda Blue Dietz]

Mrs. E.C. Henry and Mr. Edward Metz died suddenly in Natchez last week. The latter was found dead in his bed.
[Memphis Daily Avalanche, 5 Jun 1867 - Submitted by K. Torp] 

Lacey, Tom
    Vicksburg, March 7 --   Tom Lacey, a Negro man, died at the State Charity Hospital Saturday morning following fatal burns that he received after his clothing took fire at his home on Main street.  In some manner the Negro spilled some oil from a lamp on his clothing which took fire, and he ran out of the house and out Main street, screaming as he ran, with the __ing mass of flames almost enveloping his body.  Mr. Florian Furguson, who resides on Main street was awakened by the screams of the Negro and went to his rescue.
[The Daily Herald, Chicago, IL, March 3, 1916]

Leake, Walter M. Mortuary Notice
In Natchez, Walter M. Leake, Esq. Marshal of Mississippi State.
[newspaper unknown, 23 Jul 1823 - Submitted by K. Torp]

Metcalf, J.O.
J. O. Metcalf
, a Justice of the Peace, was found dead in his room in Natchez last Sunday night.  Death was caused by stricture of the esophagus. [Brookhaven Ledger, December 2, 1880 - Submitted by Debora Reese] 

Walker, Captain Andrew
February 25, 1808

Departed this life at the town of Washington, on the 11th inst. Capt. Andrew Walker, an old Revolutionary Officer of the Penn. Line, and a member of the Cincinnati.  The Captain was a child of "Green Erin", many of whose heroic sons, combined with the patriots of America, to achieve the independence of our country and maintain its liberties against the proud and imperious power of Great Britain.  The Captain was an honest, intelligent man, and remained firmly attached to the principles of '76 to the end of his life.  he has left an only daughter now in her minority.  By his last will and testament, he appointed Mr. Samuel Postelthwait of the City of Natchez, his sole executor and guardian to his daughter.

Whitlock, Lily
Miss Lily Whitlock of Natchez, died last Saturday.
[Clarion, 10 Feb 1886 - Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer] 


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