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The Chickasaw Indians is where the County name derived from.
The county seats are Houston and Okolona.

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Website Updates:
10 May 2018: Added Gunn Biography
10 May 2018: Added Cary Biography
03 Apr 2018: Added Crawford Biography
03 Apr 2018: Added Boyd Biography
12 Mar 2018: Added Baskin Biography
28 Feb 2017: Added McLemore Biography
19 Jul 2015: Added Lewis Biography
05 Nov 2014: Added Mills obituary
17 Aug 2014: Added Allen Biography
05 Jul 2014: Added McQuary obituary
08 Dec 2013: Added A Southern Tragedy
23 Aug 2013: Added 1883 Pension List
02 Mar 2013: Added Shotwell, Davidson (4), Lyles (3), Nolden, Gunn, Brownlee, Lofton, Wofford (2) obituaries
01 Jun 2012: Added Featherson-Harris Marriage Announcement
01 Jun 2012: Added Prude Biography
22 May 2011: Added Added Elizabeth Cain Obituary
02 Jan 2011: Added Added McCondy Baptist Cemetery
31 Dec 2010: Added Obituary for Sallie L Johnson
25 Nov 2009: Added Arbor Grove Baptist Cemetery
25 Nov 2009: Added Asbury Cemetery
25 Nov 2009: Added Beuna Vista Cemetery
9 Nov 2009: Created Cemetery Index for County
18 Jul 2009: Added HORN surnames to Houston Cemetery
Jan 2009: World War 2 Casualties
Nov 2008: Houston Cemetery Listing
31 Jan 2008: Native American News; War News Story; Political News Story about A&M College

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Bobbie Gentry was born on July 27, 1944 in Chickasaw County.  Her parents, being of Portugal descent, named her Roberta Lee Streeter. Bobbie Gentry, singer/song writer, is best known for her hit song, "Ode to Billy Joe"


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