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October 26, 1868, The Daily Memphis Avalanche, Memphis, Tennessee


Names of the Confederate Dead at Iuka, Mississippi.

    IUKA, Miss., April 27, 1866

    It is a pleasure to call to mind the deeds of heroism and devotion to principle which animated those who for their country fell.  Last Thursday being the day set apart by the ladies of the South to the solemn service of beautifying and decorating the graves of the Confederate dead, the ladies of Iuka, Mississippi, met after gathering flowers to strew upon the graves of our fallen heroes, showing by this last kindness - having ministered to the comfort of the dying soldier - that they fulfill their promise never to forget them. A list was taken of all who could be identified, and several ladies requested me to forward it to the AVALANCHE, that through your columns the friends and relatives may know the resting place of their loved ones.

Yours respectfully, SAMUEL N. DEWOODY

    E. Turner company H, 13th Miss.; W. R. Reed, company E, 4th Mo.; John Abbott, company E 9th Miss.; John W. Dasher, company D, 2d Mo.; A. G. Smith, company K, 37th Miss.; J. T. Maxwell, company E, 6th Mo.; M. D. Creasy, company B, 6th Mo.; S. H. Willis, company A, 9th Mo.; S. W. Oates, company A, 6th Mo.; J. Miller, company E, 5th Mo.; B. Brown, company B, 3d Arkansas cavalry; E. D. Sims, company H, 10th Ala.; G. D. Hutchinson, 2d Mo.; B. N. Rankin, 3d Ark.; J. A. Blair, 1st Arkansas cavalry; J. J Knight, 1st Texas cav.; A. Johnson, 2d Mo.; Captain J. N. Selby, 2d Mo. cavalry; Rice, 10th Mo., cavalry; W. T. Walton, 6th Mo. cavalry; W. M. Gort, 3d Texas cavalry;; W. Sappleton, 2d Mo.; D. C. Keller, 2d Mo; C. Tucker, 5th Mo.; J. N. Palmer, 6th Mo.; J. N. Givens, 4th Mo.; B. F. Grayson, 6th Mo.; C. A. White, company I, 40th Miss.; T. E. Cook, 43d Miss.; E. E. Dowall, unknown; D. N. Jones, unknown; F. Parkhurst, do.; J. B. Walton, unknown; H. Gray, Missouri brigade; W. Wells, company and regiment unknown; B. F. Hughes, 6th Missouri regiment; B. F. Grayson, T. B. Dunham, 3d Missouri cavalry; Captain Bailey, company D, 2d Texas; T. W. Reeve, 18th Arkansas; M. Langley, company D, 15th Arkansas; Captain W. H. Hall, 2d Missouri; N. Walton, company D, 36th Mo.; W. B. Lofave, 29th Ark.; James C. Dewoody, Roddy's cavalry; Major J. Williams, commanding battalion, Roddy's cavalry; Dr. Rogers, private, Jasper county. 20th Mississippi regiment; J. J. record, 9th Texas infantry;  - Kennedy, 9th Texas infantry; - Peden, Kemper county, 40th Mississippi; - Gist, 9th Texas infantry; - Hawkins, 9th Texas infantry.

    There are hundreds of others, buried at or near Iuka, but this list comprises all whose names can be identified.



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