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Coahoma County, MS
World War 2 Casualties


Submitted by Tammy Clark






ALBIN Samuel J T-224081 FL O DNB
ARRINGTON Joseph B 34635662 PFC DOW
BENSON Moley Jr 34426929 PFC KIA
BIRDSONG Robert B 6360090 SGT DNB
BOWMAN Johnnie E 34133118 SGT DNB
BURNS Martin 0-504713 1 LT DNB
COFFER Willie 34131909 PVT DNB
COKER Donal B 34475177 PFC DOW
COLE James L 34420230 PVT DNB
CRUMP Arch M 34133119 T SG FOD
DAVIS Harry W 33110744 PFC KIA
FLETCHER Jack H 14042974 AV C DNB
GARNER John C Jr 14046229 SGT DOW
GILBERT Hugo A 34018585 TEC 5 DNB
GRAMMER Harold D 14151112 PFC DNB
HOOD Walter 34139995 PVT DNB
HOSKIN John 34472153 PVT DNB
HOUSTON George 0-755949 1 LT KIA
JOHNSON Lourensie 34610104 PVT DNB
JOHNSTON Joseph M 01846457 2 LT DNB
JONES Harold H 34613714 PFC DNB
JONES Robert L 0-759689 2 LT DNB
JONES Truman D 14097616 PVT KIA
KILGO Freddie A 20461758 PFC KIA
KING Hugh M 7000804 SGT KIA
KIRKWOOD Percy L 34274459 PVT DNB
LESTER Harold D 34635644 SGT KIA
LOGAN Jack J 34872854 PFC DOW
LYLES Thurman 34879828 PVT DNB
LYNOM Clemmie 34621084 PVT DOW
McCOLLOUGH Henry M 34018598 PVT KIA
MITCHELL Willie 34429354 PVT DNB
MUSE Orland W 20461789 SGT DNB
PATTERSON Cecil B 01296573 2 LT KIA
PHARIS Andrew J 34018524 PFC KIA
PORTER James 3442276 PVT DNB
RAINEY Howard C Jr 34914705 PVT KIA
RICE John A 0-821419 2 LT DNB
RICHARDSON Joseph 44045819 PVT DNB
ROBINSON Decatur M 0-758072 2 LT DNB
ROZZELL Richard W 14097520 PFC KIA
SHANNON John E 34628630 PVT DNB
SHELTON Frederick E 34137476 1 SG KIA
STOVALL William H Jr 0-716271 2 LT KIA
TEDFORD Paul W 0-430869 1 LT DNB
TOPP Richard S 14154742 PVT KIA
WALLER Robert H 0-801530 2 LT FOD
WORTHEY Lawrence C 34134047 S SG FOD

World War II Honor List of Dead And Missing
State of Mississippi
War Dept. June 1946

TYPE OF CASUALTY: This Is Indicated by the symbol at the far right of each column. An Individual who was killed in action, whether at the front or by enemy action In the rear areas, or If a prisoner of war, whether by air bombardment of his prison camp or by being shot while escaping, is designated “KIA.” Persons who were wounded and later died are marked “DOW”--died of wounds. Those who suffered fatal battle INJURIES as opposed to WOUNDS, In combat or In combat areas, and died In a line-of-duty status, are designated “DOI”--died of Injuries. Other line-of-duty deaths, such as from sickness, homicide, suicide or accidents outside combat areas (including training and maneuver deaths) are listed “DNB”- -died, non-battle, individuals who were determined to be dead under Public Law 480 are designated “FOD”--finding of death. Missing persons are marked with the, single letter “M”

Only those persons who died In a line-of-duty status are listed herein. individuals who were not in line of duty at the time of their deaths are not so listed. Though personnel not In line of duty are not listed, failure to find in these lists the name of a person known to be dead should not be taken as prima-fade evidence that such person died not in line of duty.

GRADE: This is synonymous with the misnomer “rank”, and the abbreviations which may be found in this book are as follows: GEN, General (four star); LT G, Lieutenant General, (three star); M G, Major General (two star); B G, Brigadier General (one star); COL, Colonel; LT C, Lieutenant Colonel; MAJ, Major; CAPT, Captain; 1 LT, First Lieutenant; 2 LT, Second Lieutenant; C WO, Chief Warrant Officer; WOJG, Warrant Officer, Junior Grade; FL 0, Flight Officer; AV C, Aviation Cadet M SO, Master Sergeant; 1 30, First Sergeant; T 30, Technical Sergeant; S SO, Staff Sergeant TEC3, Technician Third Grade; SOT, Sergeant; TEC4, Technician Fourth Grade; CPL, Corporal; TEC5, Technician Fifth Grade; PFC, Private First Class, and PVT, Private.


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