Pioneer Churches of Franklin County

W. P. A. Records



Bethlehem Baptist Church – Located about 1-1/2 miles southeast of Hamburg.  Organized 30 November 1834 by Rev. Charles Felder, Rev. James Webb, and the following members: Abel Stringer, Michael Zigler, Elijah Gates, John Sojourner, Sarah Zigler, Lavica Gates, Prudence Roddy, Catherine Harper, Sarah Guice, Eliza Stringer, Alief Middleton, Mary Darden, Rhonda Sojourner.  There is a cemetery at this church.


Beech Grove Methodist Church – Located about four miles east of Roxie.  Organized in 1858 by Henry M. Youngblood, and itinerant Methodist preacher.  Elected as the church’s first trustees were John Chambers, John Aldridge, and George Farrell.  There is a cemetery at this church.


Damascus Baptist Church – Organized 3 September 1859 by 28 members, along whom were A. Wilson, and Z. Godbold.  Some of the early pastors were C. L. Oliver, H. H. Thompson, Wm. East, T. J. Hudson, J. X. Snyder, Z. Lofton, I. W. East, E. P. Douglass, W. L. A. Strausburg, T. W. White, J. M. Stroud, Joe Buckles, J. W. Patrick, R. W. Hall, and L. D. Posey.  There is a cemetery at this church.


Hamburg Baptist Church – Organized 7 April 1887, with the following members present: Dennis Hemby, L.L. Hemby, W. A. Buckles, Mary E. Price, W. D. Hemby, Nannie G. Hemby, C. F. Gates, Sarah Jane Gates, T. R. Whitehead, John B. Bufkin, Emma Moore, Corine Price, G. W. Gates, Delia Black, Emma McLemore, Nicholas Smith, and Hiram Higginton.  Church has a cemetery.


Knoxville Methodist Church – The membership was organized several years before the church building was erected in 1898.  Early members were the Horace G. Butler family, the E. N. Schooler family, Cade Havard and family, Dr. and Mrs. Montgomery, Dr. and Mrs. Reeves, Mr. and Mrs. John Carter, Mr. and Mrs. Brunson, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Webb, Mrs. Mary Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall, Charlie Aldridge family, Dud Havard, Mrs. Haughton, Frank McNeeley and family, and Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Mullins.  There is a cemetery at this church.


Mt. Carmel Methodist Church – (also known as Hamburg Methodist Church).  Organized in 1834 by Rev. John G. Jones, pastor of the Washington Circuit.  Originally located about two miles east of Hamburg in northwestern part of the county.  During its first year meetings were held in the home of Daniel Grice.  The hewed log church was built by Daniel and Jacob Grice, Electious Williams, James Epps, and others.  Pastors serving during the period of 1856 to 1876 were George F. Thompson, Wallace W. Graves, William G. Millsaps, Harvey F. Johnson, John G. Jones, Henry M. Youngblood, William Wadsworth, Ira B. Robertson, Corydon Chamberlain, Wilbur Fisk Glenn, and James H. Shelton.  There is a cemetery at this church.


Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church – Organized 22 January 1820 with 17 men and women in attendance at first meeting.  A cemetery is located at the side and rear of the church.  Past pastors include Zachariah Reeves, Rowland Wilkinson, Solomon Bufkin, W. W. Balls, R. N. Hall, D. H. S. Cox, D. A. Givings, R. J. Stewart, J. E. Lowe, J. Benjamin Lawrence, James B. Quinn, T. J. Barksdale, J. R. Johnston, W. K. Anderson, B. L. McKey, J. B. Evans, W. A. Greene, J. R. Haynie, Charlie C. Magee, J. G. Hemphill, W. L. Holcolm, and H. P. Porter.


New Hope Baptist Church – Organized before the Civil War.  During the was the work of the church was abandoned, and no records exist before 1873.  There is a cemetery on the grounds of this church.  First pastors were Sam Morris, Z. Lofton, Joseph Buckles, A. R. Lenn, George Washington Farmer, W. J. Weathersby, W. L. A. Strausberg, J. R. Mullins, and J. M. Stroud.


Oak Grove Methodist Church – Organized in 1862 with a meeting of the pastor and 20 members.  Early pastors were R. A. Sibley, E. A. Flowers, C. D. Cecil, B. F. Jones, D. F. Guice, G. W. Brown, J. W. Sandal, W. W. Hopper, V. D. Skipper, H. Bradford, H. B. Vandersburg, J. R. Whittington, P. H. Howse, and R. S. Gale.  There is a cemetery located on the grounds of this church.


Springhill Baptist Church (Knoxville) – Organized 12 July 1885.  Early members were Lucy B. Whitehead, Lucretia N. Thompson, Susan L. Baker, F. J. Dorsey, A. L. Dorsey, P. C. Thompson, L. A. Reeves, and J. C. Whitehead.


Wright’s or Bethesda Methodist Church – Organized in 1841 during the pastorate of B. M. Drake.  The original church stood about one-half mile north of the present building, near the spot where the old cemetery is.  The register gives only one charter member, but it is believed that there were others of whom there is no record.


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