George County

Military Veterans Buried in George County

This list was compiled by Jimmy Trussell.
Contact Jimmy if you have any additions or corrections.

There were 869 marked Veterans graves listed in the 105 cemetery transcriptions that I had done in George County, Mississippi as of June 6th, 2008. Newly found veteran names have been added as they were identified, and the new total of names posted here is 2,407 as of August 8th, 2013. The added veterans have been placed in alphabetical order within the original list. As you can see this number has grown by 1,535 veteran's names, thanks to the efforts of people like yourself. I really appreciate all the help you have and are continuing to give me as I try to identify and honor all veterans in our George County cemeteries. You can reach me by my cell phone at 1-601-508-2002, Thank you so much for your help with this project!

On 06-19-2013 I received around 68 new veterans names thru the posted obituaries that have been done by Mrs. Betty Marshall. She then sent the updated birth, death and other information for around 500 veterans. I completed updating these 06-30-2013. On July 4th, 2013 I updated records for over 100 more of these veterans, using information from Mrs. Betty Radcliff Marshall.

On 08-01-2013 using the 1938 WPA records I was able to add 43 WW-1 and 6 Civil War Veterans to this list, using records from Mr. David Eubanks.

Others contributing to these records were Mr. Jim Taylor, Mr. Dan McCaskill and Linda Ellis.

On the 7th of August I started adding 185 Greene County Civil War veterans to this list, as there was no George County until 1910, so these men either lived in Jackson or Greene counties.

"All veterans listed have George County connections"

NameBirth/DeathService Information(Cemetery)

Ables, Max L; b. 05-21-1947, d. 11-30-1998, SFC US Army Vietnam (Barton Baptist)

Ables, Emmette Lynn; b. 04-09-1962, d. 11-01-2005, 43 years old, h/o Davina Ann Ables, Mississippi National Guard, (Agricola)

Adams, Charlie J; b. 03-02-1916, d. 05-04-1991, 75 years old, h/o Amelia V. Adams, US Army, WW-2, (Hill Crest Park-Bosier City, La.)

Adams, Eugene Clifton; b. 10-18-1892, d. 07-30-1981, Pvt. US Army, WW-1, Medical Corp., General Hospital #19 Oteen, N.C., discharged, 8-26-1919 (Gibson)

Adams, Gary Warren; b. 08-19-1951, d. 09-17-2011, 60 years old, h/o Beverly (Eubanks) Adams, US Army, (Ball Cemetery)

Adams, Harmon; b. 1896, d. 10-26-1941, Pvt., 114th Am. Tn., 39th Div., Mississippi, (Gibson)

Adams, Jesse A; b. 02-16-1840, d. 09-29-1910, 1st Ala. Arty. (C.S.A.) Civil War Veteran, Son of Wyatt and Martha (Havard) Adams, (Shady Grove)

Adams, Johnny Doyle; b. 12-23-1931, d. 12-03-2000, CPL US Army Korea, (Barton Baptist)

Adams, Oscar R; b. 05-28-1927, d. 07-06-1984, S2, US Navy, WW-2, (note: military plaque has date of birth as 05-28-1929), (New Hope)

Adams, Ronnie G; b. 08-30-1946, d. 03-11-2004, SP4, US Army, Vietnam, (Gibson)

Adams, Thomas Leonard; b. 04-15-1893, d. 10-06-1935, section C-9, Pvt. Texas Inf. National Guard, (Rocky Creek)

Adams, Winfred; b. ______, d._______, #1608135 Private First Class WW-1 discharged 03-25-1919 (information from 1938 WPA records)

Addison, E.A; b. 06-23-1941, d. 01-20-2008, 66 years old, h/o Marjorie Addison, CPO, US Navy, "Only had a memorial service in George County, not buried here"

Aeppli, Water Eugene; b. 01-15-1928, d. 01-07-1983, 54 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Serene Gardens-Jackson County, Ms.)

Aikens, Jeff Davis; b. 09-17-1893 d. 02-28-1949, 55 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Roundaway Cemetery-Roundaway, Ms.)

Ainsworth, Dorlyn C. "Buddy"; b. 09-15-1931, d. 06-14-2005, h/o Mary Frances (Kelly) Ainsworth, US Air Force, (Williams Cemetery)

Ainsworth, Seren E; b. 11-04-1922, d. 12-25-1975, (4-50-C), Sgt. US Army, WW-2, Korea, (Magnolia)

Ainsworth, William S; b. 09-12-1894 d. 04-11-1978, 82 years old, US Army, WW-1, (Magnolia-Greene County, Ms.)

Akers, Thomas L; b. 01-03-1933 d. 12-19-2006, 73 years old, h/o Janet Akers, Tech. Sgt., 20 years service, US Air Force, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Albair, Eli S; b. 08-08-1931, d. 04-28-2009, 77 years old, h/o Walterine (Sanders) Albair, US Army Korea (Progress-Greene County)

Albritton, Jack Henry (Sr.); b. 05-09-1932, d. 01-07-2001, name taken from City Cemetery List of Veterans, (Magnolia)

Alford, Ephraim; b. 04-18-1829, d. 11-12-1898, Pvt., Co. "G" 54th Alabama Infantry, enlisted 06-08-1861, discharged 04-26-1865, (Mt. Pisgah Community Cemetery) Civil War Veteran

Alford, Melvin; b. 10-15-1949 d. 07-31-1994, 44 years old, US Army, (Alford Family Cem. Greene County, Ms.)

Allen, Dr. Edward Hamilton "Ed" (Sr.); b. 11-16-1921 d. 01-17-1993, 71 years old, h/o Frances (Barnes) Allen, US Navy, (Memorial Park cemetery-Monroe, La.)

Allen, Larry James; b. 03-06-1943 d. 01-16-2010, 66 years old, h/o Jeannie (hooks) Allen, US Navy, Viet Nam (cemetery not named in obit.)

Allen, Terrill Douglas; b. 02-18-1920, d. 06-29-1990, S2 US Navy WW-2, (Woodard)

Allgood, Willis L, b. 09-23-1914, d. 10-25-1998, US Army WW-2 (Barton Baptist)

Allman, Andrew (Sr.); b. 02-12-1840, d. 09-09-1917, Cpl. Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Enlisted 08-22-1861, discharged 06-06-1865 (Civil War Veteran-Wounded in Action at Murfreesboro, Tenn.) (Captured at Lookout Mountain, Imprisoned at Rock Island Prison) (Crossroads)

Allman, George G. (Jr.); b. 11-19-1947, d. 12-25-1995, SFM3 US Navy Vietnam, (Shady Grove)

Allman, George Grayson "Buddy" (Sr.); b. 01-27-1924 d. 07-23-1998, 74 years old, h/o Elva Mae Allman, US Air Force, WW-2 (Shady Grove)

Allman, Joe (Jr.); b. 10-11-1921, d. 12-21-1951, WW-2 Veteran (2-103) (Magnolia)

Allman, John (Sr.); b. 06-10-1844, d. 10-13-1930, Pvt. Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran (Wounded in action-causing near blindness) (Crossroads Methodist)

Allman, Palmer, b. 04-01-1920, d.06-16-1944, Pfc.169th Military Police Det. WW-2, died non-battle cause (Crossroads Methodist)

Allman, Phelan A; b. 1840, d. 1917, Pvt., 24th Ms. Inf., Prisoner of War, Civil War Veteran (Cem not named)

Amedon, Shawn Michael; b. _______, d. 10-10-2011, 43 years old, h/o Rita Stephanie Amidon, US Army, Desert Storm, (Red Creek Union Baptist Church Cemetery)

Anderson, Colia; b. 05-16-1897, d. 02-19-1982, Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Mount Pleasant Cemetery – Barton)

Anderson, Daniel Otis (Sr.); b. 11-25-1925, d. 07-07-2012, 86 years old, h/o Mary Idaree (Jones) Anderson, US Army-WW-2 & US Air Force (20 years of service to his country), (Pineview Missionary Baptist Cemetery)

Anderson, Namon W; b. 11-04-1895, d. 02-08-2002, 105 years old, h/o Adela, US Army WW-1 (Atmore, Al.)

Anderson, Norman N; b. 10-14-1916, d. 09-30-2002, 85 years old, h/o Hazel (McCoy) Anderson, US Army, (McLain Cemetery)

Anderson, Robert Donald "Bobby"; b. 07-08-1929 d. 11-24-2004, 75 years old, h/o Madean Anderson, US Army, WW-2 (Rocky Creek)

Andreassen, Herman Martin; b. 08-01-1893, d. 11-27-1970, 77 years old, retired US Merchant Marine Seaman (Crossroads Methodist)

Anglin, James Austin; b. 08-11-1893, d. 01-14-1975, funeral held 01-24-1975, 81 years old, US Army, WW-1, (Shady Grove)

Archey, Charles Aaron; b. 06-08-1936 d. 08-19-2011, 75 years old, h/o Jean (Hudson) Archey, US Air Force, (Barton Baptist Cemetery)

Archey, Stephen Rodrick; b. 01-11-1940, d. 09-12-2003, US Army Korea, (Magnolia) information from set up at Wal Mart 09-25-2012

Arden, Dale K; b. 03-17-1914, d. 10-15-2001, US Army, WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Aricer, Lawrence Hardie; b. 12-09-1941, d. 06-12-2013, 71 years old, h/o Carole H. Aricer, US Army (cemetery not named in obit.)

Arrington, Homer Lee; b. 12-20-1927, d. 10-28-2007, 79 years old, h/o Mary (Welford) Arrington, US Army, WW-2 (Rocky Creek)

Atwell, Belton G; b. 07-21-1917, d. 06-16-1986, 68 years old, WW-2, Korea, Lt. Col. 23 years service (Massachusetts National Cemetery, Bourne, Mass.)

Avera, John A; b. 06-12-1842, d. 04-20-1905, Pvt., Co. "D" 3rd Mississippi Infantry, enlisted 03-06-1861, discharged 04-26-1865 (Mutual Rights) Civil War Veteran

Averett, John F; b. 10-25-1918, d. 10-13-1989, S/Sgt. US Army WW-2, section A-1 (Rocky Creek)

Averett, William D; b. _______, d. _______, #3831268, Private Company #44, WW-1, served in France discharged 07-18-1919 (information from 1938 WPA records)

Aylesworth, Scott M; b.10-13-1920, d. 10-15-2001, US Army, 450th Bomber Wing, 15th Air Force, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Backlin, Maurice R; b. 10-17-1921, d. 10-22-1992, S1 US Coast Guard, (Shady Grove.)

Backlin, Prentiss C; b. 07-01-1913, d. 09-18-2003, PFC US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove.)

Baggett, Dan; b.09-05-1891, d.08-15-1970, Pvt. Co. "A" 17th MG BN WW-1, section G-2, (Rocky Creek)

Bailey, B.F. (Jr.); b. 08-09-1912, d. 09-24-1993, PO1C, US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Bailey, B.F. (Sr.); b. 11-02-1845, d. 02-05-1894, Pvt. 36th Al. Inf. Co. "A", Enlisted 1864, Discharged 04-26-1865, served under Capt. A. A. Hall, he received a Confederate pension in George County, Civil War Veteran (Magnolia)

Bailey, Harmon A; b. 06-06-1831, d. 11-14-1905, Pvt., Co. "C" 4th Mississippi Calvary, enl. 06-14-1862, dis., 05-__-1865, Civil War Veteran, (Slay-State Line)

Bailey, Luther; (this name taken from the City Cemetery List of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Bailey, Marion Hartford; b. 08-05-1914, d. 01-25-1966, Sgt., US Army, (Magnolia)

Bailey, Ramon G; b. 08-14-1909, d. 10-23-1967, (2-142), US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Bailey, William T; b. 07-14-1925, d. 05-27-2003, US Navy, WW-2; US Army, Korea, (Magnolia)

Baker, Dudley E. (Sr.); b. 11-27-1926, d. 10-03-2008, 81 years old, h/o Ethel (Hamilton) Baker & Mildred Baker, US Army, Korea, (Serene Gardens, Jackson Cty.)

Baker, Elvis Mackey; b. 02-27-1890 d. 08-11-1940, 50 years old, h/o Mary Baker, he was born in Saltillo, Tn., WW-1 Veteran (Pleasant Hill)

Ball, Daniel Webster; b. 03-12-1892, d. 06-18-1973, 81 years old, Ms. Pvt. US Army WW-1 Veteran, (Ball)

Ball, Edward Vernon; b. 12-03-1918, d. 12-20-1988, funeral was held 12-22-1988, US Coast Guard (Mobile Memorial Gardens-Mobile, Alabama)

Ball, Henry A; b. 06-10-1811, d. 01-14-1915, Pvt. Co. "A" & Co. "E" 17th Battalion Miss. Calvary, Co. "A" 9th Miss. Calvary, Civil War Veteran, enl. 04-08-1861, dis., 05-04-1865, (Unity-Leakesville)

Ball, Henry C; b. 03-09-1846, d. 01-21-1929, Pvt., Co. "C" 15th Confederate Calvary, enl. 08-22-1861, dis., 05-04-1865, Civil War Veteran, (Sweetwater-Leakesville)

Ball, John J; b. 05-26-1843, d. 10-06-1908, Pvt., Co. "E" 36th Al. Inf. Civil War Veteran (John J. Ball Cemetery-Vernal, Greene County, Ms.)

Ball, Tyra Augustus; b. 03-12-1832, d. 01-18-1917, Pvt. Co. "D" 9th Ms. Calvary, enl 09-02-1862, dis., 05-23-1865 Civil War Veteran (Ball)

Ball, William Washington; b. 02-10-1841, d. 08-14-1922, Pvt. Co. "B" 9th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran (Pine Grove Cemetery, Greene Co. Ms.))

Baltimore, John Marvin; b. 1890, d. 1940, funeral 11-08-1940, 50 years old, US Army 90th Div., WW-1, France, (Magnolia)

Banes, John Raleigh; b. _______, d. _______, First Lieutenant Field Artillery, served in France and received a medal for his service, WW-1, discharged 02-22-1919, (information from WPA records 1938)

Banks, David L, b. 09-06-1932, d. 12-30-1972, S/Sgt. US Army, (Lily Grove.)

Banks, James; b. 07-11-1829, d. 02-18-1905, Pvt., Co. "F" 17 Battalion Mississippi Calvary, enl., 03-16-1861, dis., 04-09-1865 Civil War Veteran (State Line Cemetery- State Line)

Banks, Willie H, b. 06-06-1925, d. 03-19-2002, Cpl., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Sinai)

Barnard, Ralph Wesley, b. 07-01-1894, d. 03-29-1985, (4-24-D), Cpl. US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Barnett, James Marvin, b. 06-16-1924, d. 03-02-1965, MM2 US Naval Reserve WW-2 (Barton Baptist.)

Barr, Edward L; b. 05-21-1921, d. 02-15-1968, Veteran, (Magnolia)

Bartlett, J. Hugh; b. 08-12-1966, d. 01-24-2003, Sgt., US Air Force, Desert Storm, (Carter)

Barton, Billy Gerald, b. 12-21-1931, d. 10-14-1986, US Navy Korea, (Barton Baptist.)

Barton, Roy Adrian, b. 08-13-1919, d. 02-11-1992, SF3 US Navy WW-2, (Howell Baptist)

Barton, Walter Vernon; b. 10-27-1925, d. 08-23-1962, 36 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Mobile Memorial Gardens-Mobile Al.)

Bassett, Lowell W. (Sr.), b. 05-18-1920, d. 11-15-1997, (4-81-B), SM3 US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Bates, Gerald E; b. 08-21-1935, d. 07-11-1997, 61 years old, US Marnie Corps, 20 years of service, Vietnam, (Florida National Cemetery – Bushnell, Florida)

Bates, Joseph Connie; b. 11-10-1916, d. 10-22-1988, 71 years old, US Navy, WW-2 retired Merchant Marine Seaman (Howell)

Baugh, Raymond Lee; b. 11-30-1929, d. 04-29-2008, 78 years old, h/o Zula Mae (Moore) Baugh, US Army, (Barton)

Baxley, Cleveland S, b. 05-29-1927, d. 11-27-1995, US Navy WW-2, (Union)

Baxter, Ernest Ford; b. 07-06-1918, d. 09-12-1985, 67 years old, US Air Force, WW-2, (Shady Grove)

Baxter, Ollie Thomas; b. 01-19-1915, d. 12-13-1991, 76 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Shady Grove)

Baygents, James T, b. 07-31-1907, d. 07-24-1997, PFC US Army WW-2, (Oak Grove.)

Beard, Bruna W; b. 02-25-1889, d. 04-05-1964, 75 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Magnolia-Greene County, Ms.)

Beard, David Lee, b. 10-20-1927, d. 03-15-1953, Pfc., Co. "L", 17th Inf., 7th Inf., Korea, Purple Heart Medal, "Killed In Action", (Mount Pleasant Cemetery – Mount Pleasant Road)

Beard, James; b. 10-23-1832, d. 08-25-1917, 4th Sgt. Co. "A" Mississippi Infantry, enl. 07-06-1861, dis., 04-26-1865, Civil War Veteran, (Mt. Pisgah, Leakesville)

Beard, Nolan Levelle; b. 12-13-1922, d. 09-09-1989, 66 years old, US Air Force, WW-2 (Burleson Memorial Park-Burelson, Texas)

Beard, Ray V; b. 12-13-1924, d. 07-10-1999, US Army WW-2 (Magnolia)

Beard, Wilson W. (Jr.); b. 05-20-1918, d. 03-24-1988, 69 years old, US Navy, WW-2 (Winborn Chapel)

Bearry, George L; b. 05-18-1922, d. 01-15-1973, WW-2, US Navy Amphibious, (Rocky Creek)

Bearry, William D, b. 08-02-1908, d. 02-15-1985, (4-22-A), US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Beasley, John "Erskine"; b. 12-24-1921, d. 05-16-2011, 89 yrs. Old, h/o Hazel (Gower) Beasley, US Navy WW-2, (Carter)

Beasley, Preston M. (Sr.), b. 11-09-1895, d. 02-26-1983, US Army WW-1, (Barton Baptist.)

Beasley, Ralph H; b. 11-09-1932, d. 01-04-2000, US Army, Korea, (Barton)

Beasley, W.J; b. 11-17-1843, d. 07-05-____, Pvt, Co. "B" 32nd Al. Infintry Civil War Veteran-need records, (Grafton-Sand Hill)

Beavers, Gatha Lee; b. 10-05-1899, d. 02-12-1981 (name taken from City Cemetery list of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Beck, Charles R, b. 06-21-1932, d. 01-28-1983, Cpl. US Army Korea, (Hillcrest)

Beech, Joshua T; b. 02-22-1844, d. 03-18-1911, Pvt., Co. "A", 32nd Alabama Infantry, enl. 03-07-1862, dis., 04-26-1865, Civil War Veteran, (Mt. Pisgah, Leakesville)

Bell, Dr. Robert Braddock; b. 09-05-1931, d. 01-25-2010, 78 years old, US Army, h/o Bernice (Brenneman) Bell (Cemetery not named)

Benjamin, Loch, b. 01-15-1890, d. 02-02-1969, Pvt., 437th, Res. Labor BN., QMC, (Mount Pleasant Cemetery – Mount Pleasant Road)

Bennett, Frederick E; b. 06-12-1924, d. 10-31-1983, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (Hilltop)

Bennett, Herbert Hoover, b. 09-26-1928, d. 04-29-1982, PFC US Army, (Pipkin – off Fig Farm Road)

Bennett, Joe B, b. 10-27-1932, d. 08-24-1964, FN US Navy, (Pipkin – off Fig Farm Road)

Bennett, William F. (Sr.); b. 11-20-1917, d. 03-27-1960, Adj., US Navy, (Magnolia)

Benson, Raymond L, b. 12-05-1916, d. 04-06-1953, (3-130), Capt. 825th Engr. Avn. Bn., WW-2, (New York), (Magnolia)

Bernhardt, Durward Joseph; b. 12-10-1925, d. 11-17-2005, 79 years old, h/o Faye, US Army, WW-2, (Beaumont Cemetery)

Berry, Fred, b. 02-05-1897, d. 01-30-1963, (3-54), Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Berry, German; b. 08-31-1847, d. 12-01-1923, Civil War Veteran, C.S.A., Pvt. "Capt. Yergers Co.", Ms. State troops (Pine Grove Methodist Church cemetery) Information by Linda Ellis

Berry, Julius S, b. 03-02-1922, d. 04-03-1985, (4-74-D), Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Berry, Thelton Curtis; b. 02-03-1926, d. 09-25-1982, S/Sgt. US Army WW-2 (Pine Grove Methodist cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Berry, William Lawrence; b. 01-14-1892, d. 03-27-1962, 70 years old, WW-1 Veteran, Mississippi Cook Co. "G" 155th Inf. 39th Div. (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery-Perkingston) information by Linda Ellis

Berry, William Ross (Jr.); b. 07-19-1928, d. 11-09-2011, 83 years old, h/o Martha Berry, US Army, Korea (Pine Grove Cem, Jackson County)

Bexley, Edwin; b. 10-12-1933, d. 09-18-1975, US Army Veteran (Holmes Baptist)

Bexley, Lyman Jack, b. 01-18-1924, d. 01-05-1987, PFC US Army WW-2, (Holmes Baptist)

Bexley, William; b. _______, d. _______, "Killed in Action WW-2, Pvt., (no more information available at this time)

Bexley, William F, b. 01-31-1925, d. 02-13-1975, S1 US Navy WW-2, (Holmes Baptist)

Beyer, Bonnie (Pipkins); b. 01-08-1937, d. 03-30-2013, 76 years old, US Air Force, (cemetery not named in obit)

Bilbo, Lawrence J; b. 04-28-1900, d. 09-06-1981, US Navy WW-1 (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Bilbo, Ulysses C; b. 10-19-1915, d. 02-13-1995, 78 years old, US Army, WW-2, (Mt. Pleasant)

Bishop, Claiborne H, b. 12-03-1918, d. 09-21-1987, US Army WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Black, John; b. 12-16-1914, d. 01-30-1984, US Army M/SGT. WW-2 & Mississippi National Guard (Antioch-Benndale) information from set up at Wal Mart 09-25-2012

Black, John F, b. 03-07-1837, d. 11-__-1879, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Mississippi Inf. & Co. "A" 29th Mississippi Infantry Civil War Veteran (Salem Cemetery – Avent)

Black, John V; b. 03-07-1837, d. 11-__-1879, Civil War Veteran, C.S.A., Pvt., Co. "A" 9th Miss Calvary (Salem) information from Dan McCaskill's web site

Blackledge, Nelson W, b. 01-06-1902, d. 09-28-1963, (4-25-A), Lt. US Navy WW-1 & WW-2, (Magnolia)

Blackstone, Clarence, b. 10-10-1906, d. 01-04-1983, Pfc., US Army, (Mount Pleasant Cemetery – Mount Pleasant Road)

Blackstone, Robert L; b. 10-18-1922, d. 10-17-1944, Pvt., 3554th Q.M. Truck Co. Pvt., Killed in Action WW-2 (Mount Nebo Cemetery- Greene County, Ms.)

Blair, Calvin O; b. 10-24-1898, d. 12-24-1973, 75 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Blair Family Cemetery)

Blair, Herbert Milton 'Herb' (Sr.), b. 08-20-1932, d. 08-30-2003, US Air Force Retired, (Union)

Blakeney, Herbert O; b. 07-16-1923, d. 12-22-1970, US Army, WW-2 (Liberty Cemetery-Taylorsville, Ms.)

Blankenchip, William M; b. 08-19-1842, d. 06-08-1925, Pvt., Co. "E" 36th Al. Inf., enl. 04-01-1862, dis., 03-10-1865, Civil War Veteran, (Mt. Pisgah-Leakesville)

Blevins, Fred G; b. _______, d. 12-27-1999, 82 years old, h/o Mattie, US Navy (Cedar Hill Cemetery-Scottsboro, Al.)

Blunk, Oren D, b. 11-24-1904, d. 1986, (4-33-A), US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Bolton, Joe L, b. 05-25-1905, d. 08-20-1987, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Rose)

Bond, Alison Geyhue; b. 06-29-1924, d. 05-17-1990, US Army WW-2 (Pine Bluff Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Bond, Barrett W, b. 08-29-1910, d. 04-19-1973, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, Mississippi, (Gibson)

Bond, Rollie M, b. 10-22-1923, d. 05-24-2003, ABF2, US Navy, Korea, (Howell Cemetery – Basin)

Bonnarens, Martin Ezekiel; b. _______, d. ______, 78 years old, h/o Irma, US Navy, Monterrey, Mexico)

Booth, Reverand D.B, b. 03-19-1836, d. 10-06-1906, Co "C" Prattville Drag C.S.A. also Co. "H" 3rd Alabama Calvary, Civil War Veteran, (Wounded in action), section B-6 (Rocky Creek) (1938 WPA records show he was home because he had been wounded in battle at the time of Surrender)

Bosarge, Jerril John; b. 04-18-1931, d. 08-16-2009, 78 years old, h/o Janis (Parker) Bosarge, US Navy (Barton Baptist)

Botta, James Henry; b. 06-08-1936, d. 12-27-1999, US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Boulware, Earl J; b. 04-26-1923, d. 01-21-1989, US Navy, WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Boulware, Robert J; b. 09-14-1921, d. 09-30-1981, US Military Veteran, (Valhalia Memorial Garden, Seemes, Al.)

Boulware, Ronald L; b. 04-25-1918, d. 05-03-1987, 69 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Mutual Rights-Avera, Mississippi)

Bounds, Fred H; b. 01-16-1916, d. 09-29-2004, Col. WW-2, Vietnam, 88 years old, (Magnolia)

Bounds, Thomas Earl, b. 06-08-1920, d. 09-12-1992, (4-23-D), M/Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Bounds, William Edwin, b. 06-11-1922, d. 11-19-1989, (5-22-A), T/Sgt. US Army Air Corps, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Bounds, William T. (Sr.), b.09-04-1913, d.07-08-1991, (5-24-D), Cpl. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Bouthwell, Dan H, b. 06-06-1918, d. 04-11-1992, Pvt. US Army, (Corinth)

Bowen, Charles William, b. 03-07-1891, d. 09-21-1943, #3872640, WW-1, Pvt., US Army, Mississippi Honorable discharge by reason of S.C.D. 3rd Ind. Hd. Camp, (Antioch Methodist -Benndale)

Bowen, James Elora; b. 12-14-1918, d. 12-26-1984, 66 years old, US Merchant Marines (Magnolia)

Bowie, Billie Lee; b. 07-10-1923, d. 12-03-2000, 77 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Magnolia)

Bowlin, George Robert; b. 09-03-1942, d. 10-01-2007, 65 years old, h/o Ruby Carol Bowlin, US Navy, (cemetery not named in obit.)

Box, Buford Edwin; b. 11-19-1926, d. 08-06-1970, 43 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Moffett)

Box, Clarence A, b. 10-08-1924, d. 01-13-2002, (Macedonia)

Box, Edward; b. 08-16-1828, d. 07-09-1904, Pvt., Co. "B" 9th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran-need records, (Cooley-Vernal)

Boyles, Everett P, b. 02-18-1910, d. 01-09-1976, F1, US Navy, WW-2, military plaque has date of birth as 02-17-1910, (Pipkins Cemetery – Avent)

Bradley, Arnold; b. _______, d. 12-07-2007, 73 years old, h/o Ann, SSgt. US Air Force, (St. Timothy's Episcopal Church Columbarium-South Haven)

Bradley, Edgar Eulester; b. 10-09-1938, d. 07-01-2013, 74 years old, h/o Nelda (Fairley) Bradley, US Army, Viet Nam, buried with full military honors, (Bexley Baptist)

Bradley, Gordan Lamar; b. 04-23-1945, d. 08-__-2005, 60 years old, h/o Faye, US Army, Vietnam, (Ft. Walton Beach)

Bradley, Hardy Eugene; b. 03-26-1942, d. 09-17-2007, 65 years old, US Army National Guard, (Agricola)

Bradley, Hollie (Jr.); b. 03-22-1940, d. 6-26-2010, 70 years old, h/o Sheila (Stone) Bradley, US Army 1961 thru 1964, (Magnolia)

Bradley, Horace; b. 03-19-1923, d. 11-07-1981, (name taken from City cemetery list of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Bradley, Rex Allen; b. 01-27-1933, d. 05-23-1994, 61 years old, US Army, Korea, (Agricola)

Bradley, Sherrod Quincey; b. 05-__-1842, d. 08-31-1913, Pvt., Co. "F" 17th Battalion Ms. Cav., & Co. "D" 9th Ms. Cav. Civil War Veteran, (Buffalo-McLain Ms.)

Bragg, James Earl "Bill" (Sr.); b. ______, d. 01-02-2012, 71 years old, h/o Gloria Jean (Franks) Bragg, US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Brannan, Curtis W; b. 08-10-1887, d. 03-12-1963, US Army, WW-1 (Macedonia) veteran information provided by (Vermell (Brannan) Bijlani

Brannan, D E, b. 03-17-1838, d. 01-15-1922, Co. "E" 36th Ala. Inf. (Civil War Veteran), (Macedonia)

Brannan, Elvin, b. 01-02-1929, d. 11-05-2006, US Army (Macedonia)

Brannan, John W, b. 11-03-1845, d. 12-02-1922, h/o Sarah Brannan, Toomer's Co. Mobile Home Guards, Co. "C" 4th Al. commanded by General Weathers (Civil War Veteran), (Macedonia)

Brannan, Keith "Snooks" M, b. 05-12-1923, d. 02-21-1977, section A-1, S1 US Navy WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Brannan, Larry K; b. 10-09-1943, d. 07-24-1979, Sgt., 786th Trans., (Rocky Creek)

Brannan, Lonnie A; b. 11-20-1947, d. 04-08-1993, SP4, 683rd, Engr., Plt. FF., (Rocky Creek)

Brannan, Marcus L (Sr.), b. 10-17-1928, d. 10-13-1980, S/Sgt. US Army, Korea, (Macedonia)

Brannan, Morris W; b. 11-30-1891, d. 04-07-1965, US Army, WW-1 (Macedonia) Veteran information provided by Vermell (Brannan) Bijlani

Brannan, Rex Jimmy "Bull"; b. 03-08-1940, d. 10-05-2008, 68 years old, National Guard, (Coaltown Cem. Purvis)

Brannan, Thomas W, b. 02-02-1848, d. 05-06-1908, Toomer's Co. Mobile Home Guards, (Civil War Veteran), (Macedonia)

Brannan, Wayne G, b.05-30-1933, d 08-08-1969, MM3 US Navy Reserve, section D-7 (Rocky Creek)

Brannan, Webster Ervin; b. 03-12-1925, d. 12-11-1983, US Army, WW-2, Korea, "Purple Heart", F-7 (Rocky Creek) information provided by his daughter Vermell (Brannan) Bijlani

Brannon, Ellis, b. 12-16-1898, d. 06-19-1967, Pvt. US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Brannon, Martin, b. 1823, d. 1894, Co. "E" 36th Ala. Inf., (Civil War Veteran), (Macedonia)

Brannon, T. Watson, b. 04-11-1927, d. 05-10-1991, M/Sgt. US Army, WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, (Macedonia)

Brashier, Arnold Rogers; b. 11-14-1927, d. 03-30-2007, 76 years old, M/Sgt. US Air Force, Korea, (Magnolia)

Braswell, John Wade; b. ______, d. ______, Enlisted 1862, served under Capt. R.F. Cobb, was in the unit "Kaebo Battery", he received a Confederate pension in George County, Civil War Veteran, (cemetery not named)

Bratos, Einar, b. 04-12-1897, d. 04-03-1952, BM1 US Coast Guard, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Breland, Asa; b. 05-21-1821, d. 04-27-1903, Pvt., Co. "B" 3rd Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need record, (Asa Breland cemetery)

Breland, Bedford I, b. 10-17-1927, d. 03-01-2007, S/Sgt., US Air Force, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Breland, Eugene G; b. 08-26-1892, d. 04-12-1973, 80 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Lott Cemetery)

Breland, Harold Brunnell; b. 10-30-1923, d. 02-29-1964, 40 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Beaumont Cemetery-Beaumont, Ms.)

Breland, H. J; b. _______, d. 01-01-1862, Pvt. Died in Oglethorpe Hospital, Savannah, Georgia as results of wounds suffered. Wounded in Action – Civil War Veteran Co. "A" 24th Ms. Infantry. (Buffalo-McLain)

Breland, John C; b. 04-19-1839, d. 03-16-1892, Pvt., Co. "A" 9th Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran, (Abb Breland Cemetery-Neely, Ms.)

Breland, John C; b. 03-27-1842, d. 08-21-1915, Pvt., Co. "F" 17th Ms. Cav. & Co. "D" 9th Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran (Buffalo, McLain, Ms.)

Breland, John W, b. 01-__-1836, d. 07-28-1908, Co. "A", 4th Miss. Cav. "Civil War Veteran", (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Breland, Robert A.S; b.06-08-1919 d. 09-19-1952, 33 years old, US Military veteran, (Fairley Cemetery)

Breland, Robert N; b. 01-21-1831, d. 03-11-1903, Pvt., Co. "B" 17th Ms. Cav, Civil War Veteran-need records, (Indian Hill Cemetery-Richton)

Breland, Samuel S; b. 10-01-1815, d. 11-20-1892, Pvt., Co. "H" & "B" 3rd Ms. Inf. "State Troops", Civil War Veteran (Mutual Rights)

Brewer, A.A; b. 05-09-1835, d. 02-25-1928, Pvt., Co. "B" 17th Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran-need records, (Brewer-Greene)

Brewer, Bernard Haskell "Hack"; b. 07-15-1919, d. 05-30-2003, 83 years old, h/o Ruth, US Army, (Unity Cem. Greene)

Brewer, Christopher Columbus; b. 06-05-1837, d. 12-04-1900, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Mutual Rights)

Brewer, Daniel Webster; b. 01-__-1824, d. 02-16-1907, Pvt., Co. "D" Consolidated Crescent Regiment, Louisiana Infantry, Civil War Veteran (Hillman-Leakesville)

Brewer, Elvin Elsworth; b. 10-07-1928, d. 09-06-1972, 43 years old, Korean War Veteran, (Fare Field Cemetery-Greene County, Ms.)

Brewer, Jesse Gay; b. 07-16-1924, d. 05-12-2005, 80 years old, h/o Laura, US Army, Field artillery under Gen. George Patton, WW-2, (Neely Cemetery)

Brewer, Robert Lloyd; b. _______, d. _______, funeral 06-22-1971, 50 years old, retired US Air Force, Korea, (Cedar Lawn Cemetery-Jackson, Ms.)

Bridges, Oscar Warren; b. 10-12-1949, d. 08-19-2008, 58 years old, US Marine Corps., Vietnam (Straight Way)

Bridwell, Roy Ben, b. 10-08-1931, d. 11-04-1991, CW2, US Army, Korea, Vietnam, (Carter)

Briggs Robert John; b. 1846, d. 04-05-1905, Pvt., Co. "C" 17th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need records, (State Line-State Line)

Brinson, Grover Everette "E.B."; b. 04-23-1892, d. 11-31-1966, 73 years old, US Army, WW-1 (Magnolia)

Brinson, James Roscoe; b. 01-03-1895, d. 12-09-1976, funeral held 12-10-1976, 81 years old, US Army, WW-1 Veteran, (Glendale cemetery-Lufkin, Texas)

Britt, James Earl; b. 06-28-1938, d. 02-18-2011, 72 years old, h/o Connie Sue Britt, US Air Force, (Pipkins-off of Fig Farm Road)

Britt, William W, b. 05-12-1919, d. 05-09-1951, Cpl. 24th Inf. Bn., WW-2, (Pipkins Cemetery – Avent)

Brockway, Charles Alex; b. 02-09-1942, d. 07-25-2007, 65 years old, h/o Charlotte Brockway, US Army National Guard, (Rocky Creek)

Brooks, Billie, b. 02-03-1923, d. 07-25-1972, Sgt., US Marine Corps. WW-2, (Carter)

Brooks, James Cornelius (Jr.); b. 09-27-1926, d. 09-20-2006, 79 years old, US Army, (New Antioch)

Brooks, W.B; b. 01-16-1931, d. 01-07-2005, 73 years old, h/o Carol, US Army, Korea, (Evergreen-Helena, Ms.)

Broome, Curtis Clyde, b. 11-18-1923, d. 07-16-2005, (4-69-C), Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Broome, Jabus J; b. 12-01-1886, d. 06-02-1971, S/Sgt., (Magnolia)

Broome, J.J. (Jr.); b. 12-19-1929, d. 03-15-1981, 51 years old, US Army, Korea, (Magnolia)

Brown, Alonzo A; b. 02-21-1916, d. 02-19-1981, funeral held 02-22-1981, 64 years old, US Army, WW-2, (Pine Grove-Vernal)

Brown, Billy Windell; b. 10-28-1922, d. 09-02-1987, 64 years old, US Navy, WW-2 (Green Cemetery)

Brown, Buford H, b. 09-25-1918, d. 03-04-2001, (4-39-D), S/Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Brown, C.M, b. 09-01-1922, d. 03-09-1992, PFC US Army WW-2, section G7, (Rocky Creek)

Brown, Charles Keith; b. 06-05-1959, d. 02-18-2011, 51 years old, US Army, (Jones Hill Chapel Cemetery-Copeland, Alabama)

Brown, David Crockett, b. 08-14-1921, d. 07-01-1999, Tech. 5 US Army WW-2, (Barton Baptist)

Brown, Glayson Abram; b. 03-10-1925, d. 05-28-2012, 87 years old, h/o Genora (Cox) Brown, US Navy, WW-2, (Pine Grove Methodist-Jackson County)

Brown, Henry E, b. 02-20-1922, d. 04-24-1991, CPL. US Army WW-2 (Agricola)

Brown, James Elton; b. _______, d. 04-20-2012, 92 years old, h/o Jessie Marian (Warren) Brown, WW-2 Veteran, (Agricola Baptist Cemetery)

Brown, Joe Miley; b._______, d. 01-13-1999, 74 years old, h/o Emily Brown, WW-2 Veteran, (Mobile Memoria Gardens)

Brown, Lee Roy, b. 11-24-1895, d.07-22-1954, # 2588995, Evacuation Hospital, served in France, PFC Medical Department, discharged Camp Shelby, Ms., 08-04-1919,WW-1 (Agricola)

Brown, Lynn J (Sr.), b. 10-26-1925, d. 02-__-1975, Pvt. US Army, (Crossroads Methodist)

Brown, Raymond O. "Buck"; b. 06-07-1933, d. 05-02-2009, 75 years old, h/o Carolyn Ruta Brown, US Army, Korea, (Agricola Cemetery)

Brown, Robert Darrell; b. 07-04-1950, d. 02-20-2009, 58 years old, h/o Lena Rene Brown, Mississippi National Guard (Barton)

Brown, Troy Felton; b. 09-26-1922, d. 03-13-2006, 83 years old, h/o Idis Hazel Brown, WW-2 Veteran, (Mt. Pisgah-Greene County, Mississippi)

Brown, Walter O'Feral; b. 08-22-1916, d. 01-30-1994, US Army, WW-2 (Agricola)

Brown, Walter. Gideon; b. 10-15-1913, d. 01-08-2008, WW-2, 103rd Inf, 43rd Div. "Merrill Marauders", 94 Years old, (Magnolia)

Bruce, William H; b. 11-22-1930, d. 05-25-2007, US Navy, Korea, (Evergreen Cemetery-Columbus, Ga.)

Brumfield, Alexander; b. _______, d. 08-__-2001, 89 years old, US Army & US Air Force, (Mason Chapel Cemetery-Greene County))

Bryan, Harry Spencer, b. 09-16-1922, d. 04-18-2004, (2-247), US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Bryan, John L, b. 01-06-1919, d. 05-11-1983, (1-366), Capt. US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Bryan, R.E. (Sr.); b. 1927, d. 02-01-1996, 68 years old, US Navy, WW-2, "USS New Jersey", (Serene Gardens-Jackson County, Mississippi)

Bryan, Robert G; b. 04-20-1918, d. 05-16-1997, US Navy (Magnolia)

Bryant, Barry A, b.06-23-1965, d.12-11-2001, (6-50C3), STG 2 US Navy, Persian Gulf, (Magnolia)

Bryant, Elma, b. 05-28-1921, d. 10-12-1990, PFC US Army WW-2, (Barton Baptist)

Bryant, Rose Catherine (Haynes); b. 10-27-1934, d. 06-23-2008, 73 years old, US Air Force (Magnolia)

Bryant, Tullos "Tull" Simmons; b. 12-15-1897, d. 04-30-1976, 78 years old, WW-1 Canadian Army Veteran, (Mt. Pisgah-Greene County)

Bryant, Wesley Monroe; b. 10-20-1929, d. 06-20-1997, US Air Force, M/Sgt., (Serene Gardens Cemetery)

Bucca, Anthony C. "Bones"; b. _______, d. 07-30-2011 64 years old, h/o Elizabeth, US Marines (Disabled Veteran), Viet Nam, (Memorial Service Only-cremated (No cemetery named)

Buchanan, Billy Joe, b. 07-14-1947, d. 11-29-1995, Pvt. US Army, Sharpshooter Qualification (Barton Baptist)

Buckalew, William B; b. 07-14-1841, d. 03-27-1896, Pvt., Co. "A' Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Sweetwater-Leakesvile)

Buckhalter, Henry, b. 11-02-1914, d. 10-08-1966, PFC, Co. "B", 321st Infantry, WW-2, Bronze Star Medal, (Refuge.)

Buckhalter, Henry Wallace; b. 07-18-1947, d. 10-05-2010, 63 years old, US Army, Viet Nam, (Refuge)

Buckhalter, James Boyd; b. 12-07-1930, d. 03-05-1998, 67 years old, Korea, Bronze Star, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Buckhalter, Troy Evon; b. 06-15-1924, d. 10-01-1987, 63 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Shady Grove)

Buckley, George C; b. 02-07-1905, d. 04-29-1988, h/o Sallie, US Army WW-2, (Buckley Family Cemetery)

Bufkin, Chris M, b. 11-18-1969, d. 08-15-1997, and WT-3 US Navy Persian Gulf (Agricola)

Bufkin, James Cecil; b. 01-20-1920, d. 08-13-2002, Pilot, US Army Air Corp., Prisoner of War, (Magnolia)

Bufkin, Otis Rivers (Jr); b. 05-04-1935, d. 01-25-2010, 74 years old, US Army, (Agricola Cemetery)

Buford, Thomas; b. 1928, d. 07-31-2008, 80 years old, h/o Elizabeth, US Navy, WW-2 (Sunny Hill-Purvis)

Bunell, Thurman P; b. _______, d. 11-24-1993, 69 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Burell, John M; b. 08-28-1909, d. 04-02-1982, 72 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Magnolia)

Burge, J.W. Swiety, b. 11-07-1910, d. 06-25-1978, (4-4-B), 1st Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Burge, Lucious D; b. 09-14-1915, d. 07-27-2003, Veteran, (Magnolia 4-4-A)

Burleson, Richard P; b. 01-27-1942, d. 01-30-1982, Sgt. US Army, Vietnam (Davis Cemetery on Howell Road, behind Mexican Restaurant) information provided by Diona (Parker) Dickerson

Burnett, Charles Anthony; b. 08-12-1943, d. 05-28-2004, 60 years old, h/o Dianne Burnett, US Army, (New Antioch)

Burnham, Carl; b. _______, d. 12-23-1976, 58 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Crossroads Cemetery)

Burris, Raiford Earl (Sr.); b. 04-30-1926, d. 01-21-2002, 75 years old, h/o Lurlyne (Young) Burris, US Navy WW-2 (Mars Hill-Amite County)

Busby, Arlin Rufus; b. 11-06-1931, d. 09-27-2002, 70 years old, US Army, (Winborn Chapel-Greene County, Mississippi)

Busby, Lee Roy; b. 05-06-1897, d. 10-18-1966, #3831135, WW-1 discharged 01-25-1919, (Williams/Pierce Cem-Greene County, Ms.) (information from 1938 WPA records)

Busby, Paul Henry (Sr.); b. 08-02-1948, d. 10-11-2009, 61 years old, h/o Sandra Busby, US Army (Coleman-Whittington Cemetery)

Bush, Dan, b. 08-21-1892, d. 02-23-1959, Pvt., Co. "B" 420th Svc. BN., QMC, WW-1, Mississippi, (Bush Family-Bexley)

Bush, Green Alexander; b. 11-18-1849, d. 09-02-1933, Co. 'I' 29th Ala. Regt., was transferred to commissary. (Civil War Veteran.), (Union)

Butler, George L, b. 08-19-1892, d. 05-25-1953, Pvt. Mississippi Inf. WW-1, Crossroads Methodist.)

Butler, Melvin; b. 06-15-1931, d. 03-28-2007, 75 years old, Mississippi National Guard, (Butler Cemetery)

Butler, Sam Ennis; b. 12-14-1926, d. 10-15-2009, 82 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Crossroads Methodist)

Butler, Wash M. McClellon, b.03-29-1921, d.05-30-1984, Cpl., US Marine Corps.WW-2 (Movella Baptist.)

Butler, Will Cleve; b. 01-30-1923, d. 02-11-1982, 59 years old, US Navy, WW-2, (Tanner's Chapel-Jackson County, Ms.)

Butts, Calvin, b. 08-03-1919, d. 08-24-2005, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Sand Hill.)

Buxton, James Westine "Buck"; b. 09-04-1946, d. 02-08-2010, 63 years old, h/o Linda (Roth) Buxton, US Army National Guard six years, (Shady Grove Cem.)

Byrd, Charley Carlton; b. 04-07-1913, d. 11-24-1979, Pvt. US Army WW-2 (Pine Grove Methodist cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Byrd, Clifford Columbus; b. 07-01-1925, d. 01-22-1986, 60 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Pipkins)

Byrd, Donald Ford, b. 09-08-1938, d. 01-04-2003, (2-67), US Army, (Magnolia)

Byrd, Edward G; b. 09-21-1816, d. 01-20-1890, Pvt., 5th Mississippi Inf., CIVIL WAR VETERAN, (Hilltop)

Byrd, Eley Eldridge; b. 01-04-1930, d. 04-05-2008, 78 years old, h/o Roberta (Howard) Byrd, US Army, (Howard)

Byrd, Eno, b. 02-11-1940, d. 12-08-1995, S/Sgt. US Air Force, husband of Dola M., (Little Sweetwater – Benndale)

Byrd, Grady Dewitt; b. 08-31-1949, d. 04-28-2011, 61 years old, h/o Rana Byrd, US Navy Viet Nam (Magnolia)

Byrd, Harlan; b. 09-27-1927, d. 11-30-2010, 83 years old, h/o Alene (Yonge) Byrd, US Army, WW-2 & Korea, (Magnolia)

Byrd, Ira; b. 1841, d. 02-21-1898, Pvt., Co. "D" 56th Al. Partisan Rangers, Civil War Veteran, (Platt Cemetery-Greene)

Byrd, Ira E, b. 01-25-1925, d. 12-22-1973, SC3 US Navy WW-2, section F-4, (Rocky Creek)

Byrd, James; b. 01-13-1867, d. 01-30-1950, Troop "D" 32nd division infantry WW-1, (East Salem Cem-Greene County) information from 1938 WPA records

Byrd, James E. (Sr.), b. 09-09-1928, d. 12-30-2001, Cpl., US Army, h/o Rosia, (Byrd/Helveston)

Byrd, Jessie; b. 09-14-1848, d. 07-03-1933, enlisted in 1861, he served in Smith's Battery-Light artilary Co. "D"56th Alabama Calvary with Malacton Smith as Captain, he was discharged in 1862 as he was underage (13 years of age). Civil War Veteran (State Line Cemetery)

Byrd, Jessie Crawford; b. 12-19-1929, d. 02-27-2001, 71 years old, SN, US Navy, Korea, Military Veteran-lifetime VFW Member (Rocky Creek)

Byrd, Jim; b. _______, d. 02-10-1932, WW-1, France, (Buried in Tuscon, Arizona)

Byrd, Joe Wesley; b. 10-17-1929, 09-29-1975, Sfc. US Army Korea & Vietnam (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery) Information by Linda Ellis

Byrd, John A; b. _______, d. 1923, Pvt., Co. "F" 17th Ms. Cav., Co. "D", 9th Ms. Inf., State Troops, Civil War Veteran, Sweetwater-Greene)

Byrd, John W, b. _______, d. _______, and funeral held 01-20-1970, 57 years old, Sgt., Co. "B", 321st Inf., WW-2 (Antioch Methodist -Benndale)

Byrd, Josiah Walton; b. 04-02-1816, d. 07-28-1902, Pvt., Co. "B" Battalion Ms. Inf. State troops, Civil War Veteran, (Washington Cemetery-Neely)

Byrd, Malachi; b. 04-03-1827, d. 11-05-1889, Pvt., Co. "B" Steede's Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran-need records, (Avre Byrd Cemetery, between Richton and Neely)

Byrd, Michael King; b. 09-14-1821, d. 03-07-1891, Pvt., Co. "D" 3rd Regiment Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Avre Byrd Cemetery-between Neely & McLain)

Byrd, Reuben; b. 11-24-1831, d. 11-15-1913, Pvt. Co. "A", 3rd Batt'n., Ms. Inf. Wounded Nov. 30th 1864 at Franklins Tenn., arm broken and back injured, was in prison at close of war (Wounded in Action)(Prisoner of War)Civil War Veteran, (Byrd)

Byrd, Reuben A; b. 02-14-1828, d. 01-02-1882, Pvt. Co. "E" 14th Confederate Cav., (Garland's) Civil War Veteran (Byrd)

Byrd, Thomas; b. 03-08-1843, d. 05-31-1862 Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Killed in Action, Civil War Veteran (Platt-Greene)

Byrd, Vernon; b. 01-04-1930, d.05-06-2003, 73 years old, h/o Shirley Byrd, US Army, (Byrd Cemetery)

Byrd, William (Sr.), b. 05-22-1920, d.01-19-1982, US Army WW-2, section G-4, (Rocky Creek)

Byrd, William Franklin; b. 10-02-1847, d. 01-18-1927, Pvt., Co. "B" 17th Ms. Cav. Civil War Veteran-need records, (Washington-Neely)

Byrd, Woodrow M. (Reverand); b. 02-11-1919, d. 04-02-2011, h/o Sharon Byrd, US Army, WW-2, (Calvary Baptist)

Cain, Leonard D; b. 11-01-1926, d. 01-23-2001, 74 years old, h/o Gloria Mae (Chaisson) Cain, US Army, (Magnolia)

Cain, William Franklin; b. 06-23-1818, d. 05-20-1862, There is a Memorial Stone in Naomi Cain Cemetery only, he was buried in Bedford, Virginia, CSA Co. "C", 16th Mississippi Infantry Civil War Veteran (Naomi Cain Cemetery)

Caldwell, Jack H; b. 07-03-1950, d. 04-06-2006, Vietnam, 444th Transportation Co., (buried in Morgan City Louisiana Cemetery)

Caldwell, John Thomas; b. 07-14-1926, d. 09-05-2006, 80 years old, h/o Barbara F. "Bobbie" Caldwell, US Navy, WW-2 (Dothan, Ala.)

Caldwell, Leonard Leroy; b. 01-16-1922, d. 01-16-2009, US Army, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Caldwell, Robert Hamilton (Jr.), b. 05-17-1920, d. 03-13-1993, (1-382), AMM2, US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Caldwell, Robert Hamilton (Sr.); b. 03-24-1894, d. 03-24-1980, WW-1 Corporal Btry. "D" 140th F.A. served in France, discharged 06-20-1919, (Magnolia) information from 1938 WPA records)

Caldwell, William McCord "Mac"; b. 03-23-1923, d. 10-08-2004, US Army, WW-2, 1943-1946, (New Hope Cemetery, Lottie, Alabama)

Calhoon, Melvin Eugene; b. 09-21-1928, d. 03-02-1993, 66 years old, US Air Force, 20 year veteran, (Oak Grove)

Campbell, Floyd, b. 01-15-1920, d. 08-14-1993, MM2, US Navy, WW-2, (Saint James.)

Campbell, Homer H, b. 02-15-1918, d. 07-07-1983, (4-32-B), US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Campbell, Peter, b. 04-27-1921, d. 09-30-1994, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Sinai)

Cannon, Calvin V, b. 09-19-1843, d. 02-21-1916, Pvt. 4th Ala. Reg. C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, section C-5, (Rocky Creek)

Cannon, Gerald Lee "Jerry"; b. _______, d. 01-30-2012, 74 years old, US Air Force retired, memorial service held at Plesant Hill Methodist Church-no cemetery named, Coastal Funeral Home in Moss Point in charge of arrangements

Cannon, James Walton; b. 10-29-1907, d. 01-21-1970, 62 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Sweetwater-Greene County, Ms.)

Cannon, John D, b. 04-30-1920, d. 02-26-1992, section E-3, PFC US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Cannon, John T; b. _______, d. _______, Enlisted in 1864, served under Lt. Joe Cleveland, he received a Confederate pension in George County. Civil War Veteran, (cemetery not named)

Carlisle, Irving "Nub", b. 10-17-1914, d. 12-24-1994, Tech. 5 US Army WW-2, section B-1, (Rocky Creek)

Carlisle, James E "Jimmy", b. 01-04-1947, d. 01-17-1998, Sgt. US Air Force Vietnam, section B-1, (Rocky Creek)

Carlton, Daniel D; b. 07-18-1916, d. 09-04-1973, 57 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Fairhope Cemetery-Tibbie, Al.)

Carmical, Guinn A. "Hoagie"; b. 06-26-1929, d. 11-16-2008, 79 years old, h/o Mary (Bouler) Carmical, US Air Force, (Shady Grove Cemetery)

Carpenter, Clinton Russell; b. 11-07-1920, d. 11-11-1991, 71 years old, h/o Martha Vernie Mae Carpenter, WW-2 Coast Guard Veteran (Magnolia)

Carroll, Norman L; b. 09-26-1923, d. 02-22-1981, 57 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Hattiesburg Cemetery-Hattiesburg, Ms.)

Carter, Dan W, b. 02-11-1922, d. 12-25-1944, S/Sgt. 120th Inf., 30th Inf. Div., WW-2, Killed in Action (Reeves/Carter.)

Carter, Earl McBride; b. 02-12-1926, d. 12-20-2002, 76 years old, h/o Juanita Carter, US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia Springs cemetery, Hurley)

Carter, George Evans; b. 07-24-1922, d.02-11-1977, 77 years old, US Navy, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Carter, Homer Earl, b. 02-15-1928, d. 10-15-1988, US Army WW-2, (Moffett)

Carter, Joseph, b. 10-08-1908, d. 07-10-1954, Pfc. Co. "B", 354th Engineers, WW-2, Mississippi, (Lily Grove.)

Carter, Knox, b. 06-06-1892, d. 10-24-1956,Cpl., Co. "A", 2nd Discharge Bn. WW-1, Louisiana, (Carter)

Carter, Marshall Lorenzo; b. 05-09-1941, d. 10-14-2012, 71 years old, Tug Master US Navy, (Reeves/Carter Cemetery)

Carter, Newt. T; b. _______, d. _______, Enlisted in 1862, 15th Co. "G", served under Col. Harry Murry, he received a Confederate pension in George County. Civil War Veteran (Cemetery was not named)

Carter, Posey, b. 01-20-1934, d. 03-21-1996, US Army, Korea, (Lily Grove.)

Carter, Robert L; b. 08-04-1918, d. 06-__-1981, US Army, Pvt., WW-2, (Mt. Pleasant)

Carter, W.M, b. 1846, b. _______, d. 02-05-1921 Pvt., 15th Mississippi Calvary, enlisted 1863, Civil War Veteran, (Carter)

Carter, William L, b. 05-24-1915, d. 03-01-1980, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (Reeves/Carter.)

Caruthers, James Sumerlin; b. 03-24-1911, d. 03-31-2001, 90 years old, US Army, WW-2, (Riverside California National Cemetery)

Cates, Lamar; b. 02-29-1924, d. 07-30-2003, US Military Veteran, information provided by Charlie Welford, (Holmes Baptist)

Catlett, Julius Frank, b. 01-12-1910, d. 01-16-1977, (4-38-C), Tech. 4 US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Caviness, Glenn P; b. 06-02-1928, d. 03-09-1999, h/o LuElla Caviness, US Army, Korea, (Mott Family Cemetery)

Chambers, William R; b. _______, d. 07-20-2004, 75 years old, h/o Sandra, US Air Force, Korea (cemetery not named)

Chambliss, William G; b. _______, d. 07-25-2012, 65 years old, h/o Patricia Ann Chambliss, US Navy, Vietnam, (Memorial service only-creamated)

Childress, Ray Louis, b. 09-16-1926, d. 05-17-1992, Sgt. US Army, 11th Airborne Div., WW-2 & Korea, (Shady Grove.)

Childress, William M, b. 03-23-1931, d. 04-20-1975, SA US Navy Korea, (Shady Grove.)

Childress, William, b. 1798, d. 1856, Pvt. 16th Regt. Mississippi Militia, War of 1812, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Chisholm, Bob Franklin; b. 08-11-1933, d. 06-29-2010, 76 years old, h/o Sandra J. (Burge) Chisholm, US Army (Magnolia)

Choate, Larry Joe (Sr.), b. 11-30-1937, d. 11-05-1999, (6-42B3), S/SGT US Army, (Magnolia)

Christian, James M, b. 03-14-1909, d. 07-14-1946, TECH. 5 US Army WW-2, (Howell Baptist)

Christian, Shirley, b. 02-06-1916, d. 10-12-1964, PVT US Army WW-2, (Howell Baptist)

Churchwell, Gavin 'Tug' (Sr.), b. 03-29-1921, d. 02-14-1990, Tech. 5 US Army WW-2, (Union)

Churchwell, James M; b. 03-08-1824, d. 08-21-1903, Pvt., Co. "E" 36th Al. Inf. Civil War Veteran (Mt. Pisgah)

Churchwell, Rufus Bradley; b. 09-10-1941, d. 03-10-2008, 66 years old, h/o Camille, US Army, (Magnolia-Greene Cty.)

Churhwell, William C; b. 12-27-1822, d. 06-03-1881, Pvt., Co. "E" 36th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Churchwell Cemetery-Greene)

Clark, Glover; b. 12-08-1932, d. 04-05-2013, 80 years old, h/o Ella Clark, US Army, Korea, (Memorial Gardens-Jackson County)

Clark, James Elijah; b. 05-31-1941, d. 12-24-1983, SN, US Navy, Vietnam, (Refuge.)

Clark, Marva "RAI" Mangum (Smith); b. 09-20-1968, d. 08-13-2004, 35 years old, US Army (cemetery not named)

Clark, Millard Elwood; b. 10-23-1923, d. 03-21-2008, 84 years old, h/o Ethell, RS Army, Purple Heart, (Antioch Baptist Cem. - Greene Cty.)

Clark, Sherrie Thomas; b. 11-23-1935, d. 10-11-2005, h/o Jessie J. (Jones) Clark, National Guard, (Rocky Creek)

Clark, Sollie Arledge; b. 08-16-1905, funeral 08-21-1965, US Army Air Corp. WW-2 (Magnolia-Mobile, Al.)

Clark, William Harvey "Buck"; b. _______, d. 09-08-2011, 85 years old, h/o Waudenia Clark, US Navy, WW-2 (New Hope-Unity Cem. In Citronelle)

Clifton, Frank James; b. 08-26-1914, d. 03-23-1988, 73 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Clifton, Reece; b. 07-19-1839, d. 03-06-1899, Pvt., Co. "G & H" 15th La. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Mutual Rights)

Coaker, A.A. "Capp"; b. 06-10-1895, d. 09-22-1975, 80 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Clarks Chapel-Greene County)

Coats, James E, b. 09-17-1916, d. 10-28-1989, US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Coats, Lauren Bruce, b. 05-15-1926, d. 08-11-1980, PFC, US Army, WW-2, (Movella Baptist.)

Cochran, Coyt Daniel, b. 11-22-1931, d. 06-12-1971, SFC US Army, WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, (Shady Grove.)

Cochran, Curnal C, b. 10-20-1910, d. 12-12-1981, US Army, WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Cochran, Dan T; b. 04-29-1922, d. 07-13-1988, Cpl., US Army, WW-2, (Joe P. Fairley Cemetery)

Cochran, Dewey D; b. _______, d. 01-22-1956, WW-2 Veteran, (Mobile Memorial Gardens-Mobile, Al.)

Cochran, Edgar C; b. 1910, d. 02-22-1965, 54 years old, WW-2 veteran (White House Cemetery-Clara, Ms.)

Cochran, Edward Connie; b. 02-11-1918, d. 03-28-1986, 68 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Shady Grove)

Cochran, Edward Lafayette; b. 02-04-1844, d. 09-16-1905, Co. "A", 3rd Mississippi Inf. Civil War Veteran (Salem Cemetery. – Avent)

Cochran, Frank; b. 11-14-1843, d. 09-15-1900, Pvt., Co. "E" 17th Battalion, Ms. Cav. & Co. "C" 9th Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran, (Buffalo)

Cochran, Franklin Hurley; b. 01-06-1932, d. 11-10-2005, 73 years old, US Marine Corps., (Pipkins cemetery)

Cochran, Gooseberie /Gouldberry; b. 01-17-1847, d. 05-08-1920, Pvt., Co. "H" 1st Ms. Cav. Res., Civil War Veteran, (Lazarus Walley Cemetery)

Cochran, Henry C; b. 11-26-1826, d. 03-18-1899, h/o Mary J. Cocoran, Cpl., Civil War Veteran, C.S.A., Co. "A" 9th Miss Calvary, Was captured December 1864, (Prisoner of War-held on Ship Island) (Salem) information from Dan McCaskill's web site (this info added from 1938 WPA records- enlisted 09-1862 and served until he was captured.

Cochran, Homer (Jr.); b. _______, d. 03-02-1988, 62 years old, WW-2 veteran, (Cochran Family Cemetery)

Cochran, John A; b. 12-15-1828, d. 09-09-1896, Civil War Veteran, C.S.A., Pvt. Co. "H" 3rd Batt'n. Miss Inf. (Crossroads Methodist) information from Dan McCaskill's web site

Cochran, John Harold, b. 03-18-1927, d. 10-10-1998, Cpl. US Army WW-2 Korea, (Shady Grove.)

Cochran, Johnnie A, b. 09-18-1906, d. 06-17-1983, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Cochran, Marvin Marvell (Sr.), b. 09-28-1918, d. 10-03-1991, T/Sgt. US Army WW-2, Prisoner of War, (Corinth)

Cochran, Melvin Leon; b. 09-06-1926, d. 12-11-1968, Pfc. Co. "A" 1st BG. 31st Inf. WW-2, Mississippi, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Cochran, Oscar O'Neal; b. 07-04-1896, d. 10-11-1943, Pvt. 307th Inf. 77th Div., WW-1, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Cochran, Preston Alexander; b. 10-20-1908, d. 12-22-1964, 56 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Byrd)

Cochran, Ramey R; b. 05-23-1919, d. 06-30-1986, (4-85-D), Tech. 4 US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Cochran, Richmond "Pete" Franklin; b. 01-06-1922, d. 11-08-2008, US Army, h/o Georgena Idell "Dell" Cochran, (Shady Grove)

Cochran, William H; b. 12-26-1911, d. 10-27-1967, WW-2, US Army Air Corp., Special Trn., Unit, (Magnolia)

Colburn, Hertle A; b. 01-24-1924, d. 02-20-1991, (not on the maps), Pfc. US Army, Korea, (Magnolia)

Cole, James; b. 1811, d. 08-28-1901, Pvt., Co. "D" 1st Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran, (Grafton Cemetery-Sandhill, Ms.)

Cole, Liburn D; b. _______, d. 11-20-2006, 75 years old, h/o Helen M. Cole, US Air Force (26 year veteran), (Memorial Gardens, Mobile)

Coleman, Alfred Lewis; b. 01-27-1927, d. 10-12-1950, FN3, US Navy, Korea, USS Pirate (AMS0275), 3 miles off Sin-Do Island, the ship hit a mine and sank 10-12-1950, his remains were never recovered. He was awarded the Purple Heart, the Combat Action Ribbon, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Medal, the Korean Presidential Unit Citation and the Republic of Korea War Service Medal. "Killed in Action", (his remains lost at sea)

Coleman, George C, b. 02-02-1942, d. 05-27-1968, SP5, US Army, Mississippi, (Sweetwater.)

Coleman, Mattie Lucille (Parker); b. _______, d. 10-03-2012, 86 years old, US Army, WW-2, (Agricola Baptist)

Coleman, Sidney J; b. 12-07-1928, d. 11-16-1993, Cpl. US Air Force, (Davis Cemetery-Howell Road-behind Mexican Restaurant), information provided by Diona (Parker) Dickerson

Coleman, Terrell Richard; b. _______, d. 06-01-2006, 67 years old, US Army (cemetery not named)

Coleman, William Hale; b. 07-16-1931, d. 04-10-2002, Pvt. US Army, (Oak Grove.)

Collins, Benjamin Allen "Ben"; b. 08-26-1941, d. 04-01-2006, 64 years old, h/o Rebecca (Rester) Collins, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Colville, John H. (Sr.); b. 1894, d. 1966, Sargeant first class, (Serene Gardens, Jackson County) information from 1938 WPA records)

Colville, Thomas J, b. 08-13-1897, d. 07-10-1972, (4-81-A), Pfc. US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Colville, Willie; b. _______, d. _______, # 1608174, Private, Auxiliary Remount Depot 314th, discharged 03-31-1919, (information from 1938 WPA records)

Conner, James F; b. 12-21-1914, d. 09-10-1986, (5-14-D), 1st Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Converse, "Dr." Joseph Irwin; b. 12-20-1911, d. 06-02-1998, 86 years old, H/o Marion (Carpenter) Converse, Captain, Medical Corps.WW-2 (Magnolia)

Cook, Donald Perry; b. 07-02-1929, d. 08-30-1987, Cpl., US Army (Canaan)

Cook, James William; b. 04-27-1918, d. 11-16-2001, US Army (Oak Grove)

Cook, Ottis O'Neil, b. 04-16-1925, d. 12-06-1975, Coxswain, US Navy WW-2, (Union)

Cook, Robert Cecil "Bobby" Jr; b. 03-10-1928, d. 08-15-2010, 82 years old, h/o Lenore "Len" Cook, US Navy, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Cook, Vernon Lowell, b. 07-25-1927, d. 04-20-1983, CPL. US Army, (Union)

Cook, Wallace A (Sr.), b. 01-14-1923, d. 10-12-2003, Sgt. US Army WW-2, section F-11, (Rocky Creek)

Cook, Wayne E; b. 05-29-1931, d. 03-20-2003, 71 years old, h/o Gussie (Evans) Cook, US Army, (Twin Oaks Memorial Gardens-South Haven, Ms.)

Cooley, Edward Ralph; b. 07-01-1892, d. 04-20-1980, 87 years old, US Army, WW-1 (Magnolia)

Cooley, Dan Spiceland (Sr.); b. 07-26-1930, d. 10-01-2001, 71 years old, h/o Edna Cooley, US Military Veteran, Cpl. US Army, Korea, no dates available, (Mobile Memorial Gardens)

Cooley, Glenn W; b. 11-16-1926, d. 05-19-2007, 80 years old, US Army, WW-2, (Cooley Family Cem.)

Cooley, Hubert L; b. 06-18-1834, d. 03-07-1893, Pvt. Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran-need records, (Cooley-Vernal)

Cooley, LaTroy, b. 11-04-1915, d. 08-24-1993, (1-400), M/Sgt. US Army Air Corps WW-2, "D.D.S.", (Magnolia)

Cooley, L.B; b. 11-10-1933, d. 11-30-1973, 40 years old, Korean War Veteran, (Mixon-Mizelle Cem.)

Cooley, Malcolm Leadger "Mal"; b. 12-27-1922, d. 05-19-2004, 81 years old, h/o Ruth (Davis) Cooley, Coxswain US Navy, WW-2, (Sweetwater-Greene)

Cooley, R.Z; b. 04-08-1829, d. 01-01-1887, Pvt., Co. "H & B" 3rd Battalion Ms. Inf. State troops, Civil War Veteran, (Powal Place-Vernal)

Cooley, Sean Michael, b. 04-18-1969, d. 02-03-2005, h/o Laura, Mississippi National Guard, M/Sgt. 150th Combat Engr. Bn, PURPLE HEART, Killed in action in Iraq, (O'Neal Cemetery – Benndale)

Cooley, Waldo E, b. 10-01-1918, d.09-12-1977, BM1 US Coast Guard WW-2, (Oak Grove.)

Cooley, William A; b. 05-02-1831, d. 03-17-19_2, Pvt., Co. "B & I" 2nd Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran, (Cooley Cem-Vernal)

Cooper, Curtis Clarence; b. 12-14-1920, d. 02-22-2009, 88 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Antioch Methodist)

Cooper, Howard James; b. _______, d. 07-24-2002, 83 years old, h/o Margaret Cooper, US Army WW-2, (Serenity Gardens)

Cooper, James Elvin, b. 08-04-1929, d. 08-23-2002, (4-6-B), S/1c US Army Korea, (Military plaque has date of death as 08-25-2002), (Magnolia)

Cooper, Singleton F; b. 05-26-1915, d. 07-03-1993, 78 years old, US Marine Corp. (Barton)

Cooper, Vernon E; b. 11-02-1892, d. 04-14-1945, Ms. Pvt. WW-1 343rd Fld Arty. 90th Division (Magnolia-Greene County)

Cooper, Washington "Wash"; b. 02-24-1834, d. 06-02-1913, Civil War Veteran, C.S.A., Co. "D" 9th Miss Calvary (Old Flurry Cemetery-Broome) Information by Linda Ellis

Corley, Carter William; b. 10-05-1921, d. 11-10-1996, 75 years old, US Army, (Ft. McCoy Cemetery-Ft. McCoy, Florida)

Cornelson, George Amos; b. 07-28-1919, d. 06-07-1982, 62 years old, SSgt. US Army WW-2, (Scotland)

Corser, Mathaniel Jason "Mat"; b. _______, d. 06-24-2012, 37 years old, h/o Tiffany Corser, US Army (no cemetery named in obituary)

Counselman, Herbert A; b. 06-08-1926, d. 03-19-1991, 64 years old, US Navy, WW-2 (Agricola)

Courtney, David Bruner; b. 04-21-1936, d. 07-08-2006, 70 years old, h/o Jane Ann Courtney, US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Courtney, Marion Jackson "Jack"; b. 1892, d. 11-18-1984, 91 years old, US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Cowart, A.J; b. 02-15-1841, d. 12-26-1912, Pvt. Co. "A", 3rd Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran (Byrd-Cowart)

Cowart, Abner Joseph, b. 06-30-1892, d. 04-11-1952, Cpl., Btry. "D", 46th Fld. Arty., WW-1, Mississippi, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Cowart, Alton C; b. 06-01-1918, d. 08-12-1980, funeral held 08-15-1980, 62 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Pipkin)

Cowart, Aubrey, b. 02-25-1921, d. 07-22-1983, S/Sgt., US Army, "Retired", (Refuge.)

Cowart, Elijah K, b. 04-01-1893, d. 12-14-1974, Pvt., US Army, WW-1 (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Cowart, Ezekiel, b. 1766, d. 03-01-1874, Pvt. McGowan's Co. Mississippi Militia (War of 1812), section B-7, (Rocky Creek)

Cowart, Harold L; b. 07-07-1921, d. 07-04-1977, Pvt. US Army, WW-2 (King-Cowart-O'Neal Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Cowart, Joseph E. "Boots"; b. 08-22-1924, d. 08-04-2012, 87 years old, h/o Ella (Goff) Cowart, US Navy, WW-2, USS Pennsylvania BB-38, (Hance Eubanks Cemetery)

Cowart, Lewis; b. 01-09-1896, d. 04-30-1976, Cpl. US Army WW-1, (King-Cowart-O'Neal Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Cowart, M. "Martin" C; b. 1829, d. 02-23-1884, Pvt., Co. "A" 7th Battalion Ms, Inf. Volunteers, (Pipkins-Leaf/Avent highway 57) Civil War Veteran

Cowart, Norman Charman, b. 09-21-1927, d. 04-05-2003, Sgt., US Army, Korea, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Cox, Aurelius P; b. _______, d. 06-05-1919, Enlisted in 1861, 15th Cav. Co. "B" served under Gen. Murry & Capt. Smith. He received a Confederate pension in George County. Civil War Veteran, (Alexander Cemetery-Stone County))

Cox, Earl Tennyson; b. 04-17-1916, d. 09-20-1981, US Navy (C.F. Ward)

Cox, Noah Wilson; b. 06-16-1897, d. 10-__-1965, 68 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Lyons Cemetery-Lyons Ohio)

Coxwell, Edward Austin, b. 07-12-1916, d. 11-22-1998, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (New Antioch. – Twin Creek Road)

Coxwell, Emmett O, b. 11-18-1912, d. 01-15-1991, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (New Antioch. – Twin Creek Road)

Crabtree, Jesse L; b. 11-27-1932, d. 02-24-2001, Pvt. US Army Korea (Magnolia)

Crawford, William Ray; b. 05-19-1958, d. 10-16-1978, SA, US Navy (Naomi Cain) information by Linda Ellis

Crenshaw, Thomas L; b. 09-07-1920, d. 04-09-1985, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, Co. "B" 274th Inf., (Rocky Creek)

Croom, James Allen; b. 03-28-1921, d. 10-19-2008, h/o Helen, US Coast Guard, WW-2 (Rocky Creek)

Crow, Bobby Everett; b. 06-10-1923, d. 10-19-1988, 65 years old, US Air Force, WW-2 (McInnis –Vernal)

Crowell, Charles Clarence "Pas" III; b. _______, d. 01-25-2012, 58 years old, retired US Navy, (VA Cemetery, Biloxi, Ms.)

Crutcher, Charles Reeves; b.06-07-1926 d. 05-22-2003, 76 years old, h/o Edith M. (Rasberry) Crutcher, STM1, US Navy, (Bethlehem)

Culpepper, Robert Edward "Billy"; b. 05-18-1938, d. 06-29-2013, 75 years old, h/o Linda Culpepper, United States National Guard, (Machpelah Cemetery, Pascagoula, Ms.)

Cumberland, Ernest Burlin; b. _______, d. _______, 82 years old, h/o Donnie Sue Cumberland, US Army, (Magnolia)

Cumberland, Homer B, b. 03-23-1918, d. 06-10-1975, (4-106A), Cpl. US Army WW-2, Prisoner of War, (Magnolia)

Cummins, Hubert Lofton; b. 11-15-1944, d. 10-18-2009, 65 years old, US Army, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Curd, Arvella Irene (Bullis-Barth); b. 12-06-1922, d. 06-19-2009, 86 years old, US Navy at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, (Magnolia)

Curry, Harry Leonard; b. 07-23-1902, d. 12-09-1959, 57 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Union)

Curry, Michael W, b. 10-18-1951, d. 06-27-1973, FA US Navy Vietnam (Louisiana), (Union)

Cutbirth, Delbert C, b. 07-16-1921, d. 01-26-1997, PFC US Army WW-2, (Woodard.)

Dale, C.H. (Sr.); b. 09-27-1894, d. 06-17-1969, Veteran, (Magnolia)

Dale, John; b. 10-01-1928, d. 12-13-1980, Veteran, (Magnolia)

Daley, Billy Gene; b. 12-22-1945, d. 03-22-2003, 57 years old, h/o Karen Daley, United States Military veteran, (Winborn Chapel-Greene County, Mississippi)

Daniel, Julian B; b. 12-04-1926, d. 02-28-1984, 57 years old, US Army Veteran (Lott Cemetery-Georgetown, Alabama)

Daniels, Ranmon, b. 02-28-1893, d. 11-14-1952, Pvt., Co. "D", 812th Pioneer Inf., WW-1, (Mount Sinai)

Daniels, Walter L, b. 06-19-1922, d. 12-25-1980, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Sinai)

Daughdrill, DeVan; b. 06-06-1915, d. 07-01-1996, 81 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Daughdrill, John W; b. 12-05-1845, d. 12-16-1914, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Washington Cemetery-Neely)

Davidson, Herman Cecil, b. 01-04-1932, d. 07-25-1994, US Army Korea, (Shady Grove.)

Davidson, Victor King; b. 07-13-1912, d. 07-21-2011, 99 years old, h/o Louva, h/o Nelda Davidson, US Army WW-2 (Lakewood Memorial Park, Jackson, Ms.)

Davis, Absalome, B, b. 07-22-1836, d. 05-17-1917, Co. "D" 9th Miss Cav. & Co. "A" 24th Ms. INF. (Civil War Veteran), (Macedonia)

Davis, Alvin M, b. 03-26-1919, d. 03-22-1974, section F-7, Pvt. US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Davis, Artis Ray; b. 12-01-1919, d. 01-24-2010, 90 years old, US Army Air Corps, WW-2 (Pine Crest Cem., Mobile, Al.)

Davis, Bernie H, b.08-07-1916, d.05-01-1936, section B-8 Pvt. 1cl 3rd Field Arty. Battery "E", Enlisted in 1934 and died while in service (peacetime) WW-1, (Rocky Creek)

Davis, C.C. "Jack"; b. 12-23-1904, d. 11-01-1979, US Army, (Crossroads Methodist)

Davis, Charlie L., b. 04-02-1896, d. 01-30-1978, WW-1 (Macedonia)

Davis, Charlie Otho; b. 03-24-1929, d. 03-25-2005, 66 years old, h/o Cecilia Y. Davis, (Valhalla Memorial Gardens-Seemes Al.)

Davis, Charles P, b. 10-05-1892, d. 12-20-1972, Pvt. US Army, WW-1, (Macedonia)

Davis, Claudia; b. 09-06-1891, d. 01-18-1987, Nurse service in field hospital in France WW-1 (Machpelah Cemetery-Jackson County) Information from 1938 WPA records

Davis, Clinton, b. 04-21-1895, d. 12-14-1984, Pfc. US Army WW-1, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Davis, David S. (Sr.), b. 1830, d. 07-15-1908, Sgt. Co. "A" Miss. Cav. 9th Regt. Civil War Veteran (Crossroads Methodist.)

Davis, Frank; b. 12-25-1925, d. 11-07-1991, 65 years old, Korean War Veteran, (Davis Family Cemetery)

Davis, Fred Colon, b. 04-30-1926, d. 04-03-1982, section B-4, Cpl. US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Davis, George; b. 1832, d. 1894, Pvt. Co. "G" 3rd Ms. Cav. Civil War Veteran, (Davis)

Davis, Gregg T, b. 04-23-1922, d. 08-26-1998, Cpl. US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Davis, Herbert H, b. 09-23-1913, d. 11-28-1968 S/Sgt. 1716 Engr. Map Dep. Det. Us Army, (Moffett)

Davis, Herman; b. 01-22-1925, d. 06-10-1982, 57 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Davis)

Davis, James B; b. 03-09-1837, d. 11-26-1911, Pvt. Co. "A" 9th Ms. Cav. Civil War Veteran, (Dickerson)

Davis, James E, b. 05-11-1920, d. 05-07-1991 Cpl. US Air Corps WW-2, (Moffett)

Davis, James J; b. 04-04-1837, d. 12-04-1911, h/o Eleanor Davis, Pvt. Co. "A" Miller's Ms. Inf. , enlisted 02-1862, discharged 05-1865, served under Murdock McInnis and Col Miller,Civil War Veteran 1-303-A (Magnolia)

Davis, James M, b. 07-21-1921, d. 07-19-1984, section C-1, Cpl. US Army, WW-2 Army Air Force, (Rocky Creek)

Davis, Jeff; b. 01-02-1847, d. 03-08-1922, Pvt., Co. "A" 2nd Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need records, (Union Cemetery-Richton, Ms.)

Davis, Jimmie "The Peanut Man"; b. 11-29-1930, d. 07-04-2011, 80 years old, h/o Hazel Davis, US Army, (Oak Grove)

Davis, John C; b. 04-21-1889, d. 11-07-1949, 60 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Shady Grove)

Davis, John Douglas, b. 08-21-1923, d. 09-02-1976, section B-4, PFC US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Davis, John Henry, b. 03-29-1892, d. 02-19-1962, PVT US Army WW-2, (Woodard.)

Davis, Joseph Bertiss "Bert", b.09-14-1892, d.03-21-1971, Pvt. 137 Field Arty WW-1, (Shady Grove.)

Davis, J.W. "Billy"; b. 01-9-1045, d. 08-02-2013, 68 years old, h/o Linda Faye Davis, US Army National Guard, (Shady Grove)

Davis, Littleton J; b. 03-06-1925, d. 12-26-1995, US Navy, WW-2, 1943-1946, (Howell Baptist)

Davis, Luther Wilburn; b. 05-12-1924, d. 05-13-2007, US Navy, WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Davis, Marvin Earl; b. 03-02-1922, d. 04-30-2010, 88 years old, US Air Force, Korean Conflict, (Rocky Creek)

Davis, Robert Ford; b. 12-12-1919, d. 01-22-2005, 85 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Crossroads United Methodist)

Davis, Robert Hilary, b. 09-01-1927, d. 12-04-1992, section F-8, US Army, A1C US Air Force, Korea, (Rocky Creek)

Davis, Rupert E, b. 07-25-1906, d. 02-05-1994, section F-2, Pvt. US Army, WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Davis, Stance Arnold, b. 04-11-1914, d. 01-20-1988, TMV2 US Navy WW-2 (Agricola)

Davis, Tom, b. 12-28-1901, d. 07-26-1955, F3 US Navy, (Shady Grove.)

Davis, Hardy William; b. 10-11-1888, d. 03-27-1981, 92 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Davis, Watson; b. 08-24-1895, d. 01-31-1986, Private first class discharged 03-22-1919 (Dickerson/Davis-George County) information from 1938 WPA records)

Davis, William Russell "Reverend"; b. 12-09-1932, d. 09-26-2008, 75 years old, h/o Shirley Ann (Christian) Davis, US Army Veteran (Rocky Creek)

Day, Carl Columbus, b.03-02-1896, d.01-25-1964, section D-7, PFC 167th Inf. Rainbow Division, (Rocky Creek)

Deakle, Billy Ray, b. 10-05-1927, d. 05-15-1971, (4-84-A), BM3 US Navy, WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Deakle, Linson A, b. 11-28-1921, d. 11-20-1988, (4-60-B), S1 US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Deakle, Linson Aaron; b. 01-27-1898, d. 02-19-1961, Pvt. 153rd Depot Brigade "Mississippi" (Magnolia)

Dean, Arthur Edwin; b. 04-12-1916, d. 10-13-1972, 56 years old, US Navy, WW-2, (Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery-Norfolk Virginia)

Dean, Frank P; b. _______, d. 05-27-1925, Co. "I" 12th Ala. Inf. Was in prison at Point Lookout, Md., (wounded in action) (Prisoner of War) Civil War Veteran (Dean cemetery-Agricola)"See & Read the Frank Dean Story on my homepage"

Dean, Jessie Parnell; b. 04-18-1914, d. 05-11-1991, 77 years old, h/o Claudine dean, US Navy WW-2 (Agricola Baptist)

Dean, Lester H, b. 05-26-1894, d. 01-11-1975, PVT US Army WW-1 (Agricola)

Dean, Lester Leroy, b. 10-10-1919, d. 08-07-2006, US Merchant Marines WW-2 (Agricola)

Dearman, Travis, b. 04-12-1943, d. 11-27-1998, SP4 US Army (Ball)

Dearmon, Albert D, b. 07-31-1921, d. 06-16-1989, Tech. 5, US Army, WW-2, (New Antioch. – Twin Creek Road)

Dees, Artis; b. 06-16-1916, d. 05-02-1998, Sgt. US Army Air Corps (Palestine-Mobile County, Alabama)

Dees, Owen L; b. 08-08-1927, d. 09-24-2009, 82 years old, h/o Freda N. (Gunter) Dees, US Army, WW-2 (Pinecrest Cemetery-Mobile Al.)

Deering, James W (Sr.); b. 02-18-1933, d. 11-04-2004, 71 years old, h/o Nancy Deering, US Navy Korea & Viet Nam, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Deese, James Louis, b. 11-29-1919, d. 02-12-1979, Pfc. US Army WW-2, "Father", (Crossroads Methodist.)

Deeter, Gerald Devon; b. 07-23-1929, d. 01-25-2002, 72 years old, Korean Conflict, (Corinth)

DeFlanders, Clifton, b. 03-14-1921, d. 12-12-1967, Tech. 5 Quartermaster Corps WW-2, (Bethlehem)

Dement, Bernice William, b. 08-14-1927, d. 01-08-1993, (4-80-A), S/Sgt. US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Dement, Henry C (Jr.), b. 04-05-1917, d. 12-02-1984, US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Dement, Shelton; b. 05-22-1940, d. 02-09-2002, 61 years old, h/o Dorothy (Howell) Dement US Navy, (Hilltop)

Denmark, Andrew Jackson; b. 03-08-1840, d. 09-18-1917, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Churchwell Cemetery-Greene)

Denmark, John A; b. 09-18-1822, d. 01-18-1891, Pvt., Co. "E" 36th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Mt. Pisgah)

Denmark, Redden; b. 08-28-1825, d. 09-30-1904, Pvt., Co. "E" 36th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Mt. Pisgah)

Denton, Lewis Spaldon (Sr.); b. 04-02-1933, d. 11-__-2008, US Air Force, Korea, (Pine Crest-Mobile, Ala.)

DePriest, John William, b. 12-11-1846, d. 12-12-1926, (2-271), 1st Mississippi Cav. Reserve, Civil War Veteran, 2-271 (Magnolia)

DeVaughan, Howard S, b. 01-19-1908, d. 07-06-1978, "Buck", US Coast Guard WW-2 (Agricola)

DiBennedetto, Anthony S "Tony", b. 10-31-1929, d. 12-03-2001, Cpl. US Army Korea, (Northside Baptist)

Dicey, Robert Lee, b. 04-16-1901, d. 05-15-1960, (3-284), Pvt. Btry. "D', 140th Fld. Arty. WW-1 (Mississippi), (Magnolia)

Dick, Robert E, b. 09-24-1927, d. 07-09-1992, (5-31-C), S2 US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Dicken, Gregory S; b. _______, d. _______, #1608186, Sargeant Q.M.C. discharged 02-17-1919, WW-1 (information from 1938 WPA records)

Dickens, Smith; b. _______, d. _______, Co. "D" First Mississippi Volunteers (Spanish American War) information from 1938 WPA Records

Dickerson, Albert Gaines; b. 03-18-1891, d. 12-30-1976, Private Co. #10 recruit Depot discharged 01-15-1919 (Eubanks/Dickerson-George County) Information from 1938 WPA record)

Dickerson, Austin Ford; b. 01-23-1924, d. 06-12-2004, 80 years old, h/o Majorie Dickerson, US Merchant Marines, 44 years of service, (Rocky Creek)

Dickerson, Charles G, b. 07-09-1920, d. 07-12-1975, PFC US Marine Corps WW-2, (Holmes Baptist)

Dickerson, Clarence; b. 08-23-1936, d. 08-05-2000, US Navy, (Davis Cemetery-on Howell Road, behind Mexican Restaurant) information provided by Diona (Parker) Dickerson

Dickerson, David Mack; b. 02-18-1947, d. 09-29-2007, 60 years old, h/o Jennifer Dickerson, US Army Reserves, 29 years service, Veteran of Desert Storm, (Dickerson-Davis Cemetery)

Dickerson, George; b. 06-09-1910, d. 03-27-1984, 73 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Davis Cemetery)

Dickerson, J. C. "Curt", b. 04-03-1896, d. 06-07-1991, Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Holmes Baptist)

Dickerson, James M "Billy", b. 04-04-1930, d. 01-20-2006, Cpl. US Army WWII Korea, (Billy Dickerson Family Cemetery.)

Dickerson, James Walton (Sr.), b.10-31-1914, d. 12-02-1986, TECH. 5 US Army WW-2 (Woodard.)

Dickerson, Joel F; b. _______, d._______, Co. "H" 3rs Bn., Ms. Inf., "Miss. Rifles", C.S.A., Civil War Veteran (Dickerson Family Cemetery-Greene County)

Dickerson, Joseph C, b. 06-18-1893, d. 02-03-1955, (3-59), Pvt. 11th Co. Receiving Depot, WW-1 (Mississippi), (Magnolia)

Dickerson, Joseph, b. 04-28-1892, d. 12-23-1957, # 3870528, Pvt. Co. "C" 105 Inf. 27 Div. WW-1, served overseas 10-06-1918 to 03-06-1919, (Holmes Baptist)

Dickerson, Matthew; b. 02-14-1913, d. 01-23-1994, Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Davis Cemetery-on Howell Road, behind Mexican Restaurant) information provided by Diona (Parker) Dickerson

Dickerson, Norman E, b. 11-05-1927, d. 08-29-2004, (4-47-D), Cpl. US Army Korea, (Magnolia)

Dickerson, Richard Timothy (Sr.); b.08-08-1947, d. 09-19-2007, 60 years old, Vietnam Veteran (Holmes)

Dickerson, Shelton H, b. 05-14-1897, d. 10-16-1982, US Army WW-1, (Woodard.)

Dickerson, Silas; b. 11-25-1916, d. 12-06-1986, Sgt. US Army WW-2, "Star of David on Stone", (Davis Cemetery on Howell Road behind Mexican Restaurant) information provided by Diona (Parker) Dickerson

Dickerson, Thomas H; b. 06-11-1934, d. 01-24-2007, US Navy, Korea, USS Philippine Sea, (Magnolia)

Dickerson, William "Billy" Donald; b. 05-11-1916, d. 03-26-2008, 91 years old, h/o Rosalind Barbara Dickerson, US Army, WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Dickerson, William Joseph; b. 04-28-1892, d. 12-23-1957, 65 years old, US Army, WW-1, (Holmes)

Dickerson, Will Roy, b. 01-02-1926, d. 02-14-1984, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Holmes Baptist)

Dickey, Wren; b. 07-04-1888, d. 04-04-1959, Pvt., Co. 'A', 335th Svc., Bn., (Sweetwater.)

Dickin, Greg; b. 11-25-1894, d. 12-29-1951, 57 years old, WW-1 Veteran (2-75) (Magnolia)

Dickinson, Joel; b. 09-14-1818, d. 03-07-1898, Pvt., Co. "H" 3rd Batt., Inf. State Troops, Civil War Veteran, ( Dickerson – Vernal)

Dickson, Hampton; b. _______, d. _______, Enlisted in 1861, 21st Al. Co. "I", served under Col. Anderson - Captains Taylor & Crenshaw. He received a Confederate pension in George County. Civil War Veteran (Cemetery was not named)

Dixon, Alfred Pete; b. _______, d. 09-05-2003, 80 years old, h/o Thellis Dixon, US Army, WW-2, (Refuge)

Dixon, Clarence V, b. 03-02-1905, d. 12-12-1950, PFC 58th General Hospital WW-2, (Union)

Dixon, Elbert, b. 12-22-1907, d. 09-21-1958, S1, US Navy, WW-2, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Dixon, Lester Joseph (Sr.); b. 03-03-1949, d. 01-01-1998, US Army, (Shady Grove)

Dixon, Loren, b. 01-17-1898, d. 02-19-1959, Pvt., 1st. Provisional Regt., WW-2, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Domec, Wallace L, b. 04-03-1931, d. 03-31-2005, Captain, (Bexley Baptist.)

Donaldson, James A, b. 06-28-1901, d. 09-26-1951, (3-16), Sgt. – 3rd Army Air Force Composite Sq., WW-2, (Magnolia)

Donaldson, James W; b. 08-18-1889, d. 05-29-1976, 86 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Barton)

Donaldson, James Grover; b. 01-15-1925, d. 02-01-2001, 75 years old, h/o Mary Lou Donaldson, US Coast Guard, WW-2 (Barton)

Dove, Arthur D. (Sr.); b. 08-25-1925, d. 03-19-2006, US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Downing, Lee, b. 08-20-1878, d. 11-10-1960, Pvt. Co. "E", 2nd Regt. Ala. Inf., Spanish American War Veteran, (Finch Cemetery – hwy. 612/hw. 613 intersection)

Driskell, George P (Jr.), b. 08-27-1925, d. 11-22-1986, PFC US Army WW-2, (Union)

DuBose, Walter J, b. 12-29-1895, d. 07-18-1958, (2-116), Pvt. Co. "F" 8th Bn. Repl. Tng. Cen, WW-1, (Magnolia)

Ducker, Wilson C; b. 12-30-1917, d. 10-17-1974, F1 US Navy WW-2 (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Dudley, Drury; b. unknown, d. 06-27-1994, 71 years old, h/o Willie Frazine Dudley, US Navy WW-2 (Roberts Chapel Cemetery-Mobile)

Dudley, James Tim, b. 08-13-1916, d. 07-09-1996, (5-6-D), Major US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Dueitt, Thomas J; b. 11-13-1824, d. 07-15-1906, Pvt., Co. "E" 36th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Mt. Pisgah)

Duersel, John Frederick, b. 08-18-1937, d. 08-24-2002, FR US Navy, (Barton Baptist.)

Duersel, Kurte O, b. 05-22-1933, d. 01-16-1987, US Navy Korea, (Barton Baptist.)

Duke, Jessie T, b. 02-27-1943, d.11-15-1982, (1-309), Sgt. US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Duke, Joseph L. (Jr.), b. 02-28-1922, d.07-25-1943, (1-310), Staff Sgt. US Army WW-2, Killed In Action (Magnolia)

Duncan, Jesse T; b. _______, d. _______, Killed in Action 2nd Lt., WW-2 (no information available)

Dungan, Auburn Bill, b. 11-13-1924, d. 11-11-1977, S1 US Navy WW-2, (Union)

Dungan, George Leroy; b. 07-27-1931, d. 09-28-2008, US Army, 724th Railway Bn., Korea, 1952-1960, (Pine Grove-Vernal)

Dungan, James Edwin; b. 01-15-1939 d. 10-10-1999, 60 years old, h/o Dotty Dungan, US Air Force, (Union)

Dungan, Von Ray; b. 05-06-1922, d. 05-01-2008, US Army, Wildcat Division, WW-2, h/o Mary, (Barton)

Dunham, Herman W, b. 01-13-1919, d. 04-26-1995, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove.)

Dunlap, Almouth D, b. 04-08-1910, d. 10-28-1993, PFC US Army WW-2 (Purple Heart), (Corinth)

Dunn, Benjamin Franklin; b. 11-28-1922, d. 04-20-1994, 71 years old, h/o Agnes (R.D.) Dunn, US Army WW-2 (Midway Baptist Cemetery-Thomasville, Al.)

Dunnam, Barnabas, b. 09-16-1916, d. 01-19-1997, section C-10, US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Dunnam, Cecil; b. 02-02-1923, d. 07-22-2002, 79 years old, h/o Florence Dunnam, US Air Force, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Dunnam, Ebenezer M; b. 09-20-1829, d. 06-12-1920, Cpl., Co. "A" Ms. Cav. & Co. "D" Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Mutual Rights)

Dunnam, Nathaniel Alexander; b. 07-09-1832, d. 05-07-1908, Pvt. Co. "A" 17th Ms. Cav, Co. "A" 9th Ms. Cav, Pvt., Civil War Veteran, (Mutual Rights)

Dunnam, Rayford; b. 11-22-1947, d. 09-26-2009, 61 years old, h/o Linda Dunnam, US Air Force & National Guard, (Union)

Dunnam, Robert; b. 04-17-1820, d. 07-08-1879, Pvt., Co. "C" Steede's Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran-needs records, (Walley-near Richton)

Dunnam, Roy Ervin; b. _______, d. 02-09-2011, 79 years old, h/o Yvonne Dunnam, US Air Force, Korea, (Rocky Creek)

Dunnam, William S; b. 12-31-1822, d. 04-18-1900, Pvt., Co. "D" 3rd Ms. Inf., Co. "A" 9th Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran, (Grafton)

Dunton, Charles Henry (Sr.); b. 04-26-1927, d. 10-01-2009, 82 years old, h/o Evelyn Dunton, US Army, (Brookside Cemetery, Newburgh, Maine)

Duty, William B. "Bill" (Sr.); b. 06-06-1907, d. 06-14-1994, 87 years old, h/o Ouida (Morgan) Duty, 78 Lightening Division, & 11th Infantry Communications chief, US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Dye, Carl Dan; b. 07-14-1903, d. 08-10-1988, 85 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Rocky Creek)

Dye, H.R; b. 08-13-1910, d. 08-31-1991, Pvt. US Army, WW-2, (Lee Cemetery, Fulton Road-Agricola) information provided by Eric Lee

Dye, Noah Levi; b. 10-04-1916, d. 02-01-1998, US Army, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Dye, Thomas; b. 07-16-1931, d. 09-28-2009, 78 years old, son of Noah & Emeline (Smith) Dye, US Army, Korea (Dye-Hyatt Cemetery)

Dyer, Thomas Arvin; b. 11-19-1927, d. 01-07-2011, 83 years old, US Merchant Marines & US Army, WW-2, (Sumter Memorial Cemetery, York Alabama)

Eagleson, Tracy Allen; b. 07-07-1944, d. 05-28-2008, 63 years old, US Navy, (Moffett)

Easley, James D. "J.D."; b. 07-17-1921, d. 12-24-2001, 80 years old, WW-2, US Army, (Magnolia)

Easterling, Alonzo Larry "Uncle Pete"; b. _______, d. 05-05-2013, 67 years old, h/o Diane (Tadlock) Easterling, US Army (Magnolia)

Easterling, Van Buren (Sr.); b. 08-16-1892, d. 12-14-1955, #4776262, Private, Salvage Company Q.M.C., discharged 03-10-1919,WW-1 Veteran (3-94), (Magnolia)

Easterling, Van Buren II; b. 02-14-1926, d. 09-15-2009, US Army (Magnolia)

Easterling, John W; b. 02-15-1942, d. 08-13-2007, SP4, US Army, Vietnam (Magnolia)

Eckford, Joe Palmer; b. 05-04-1921, d. 09-14-2009, 88 years old, brother to Doris (Ivory) Alexander), US Army, WW-2 Veteran (un-named cemetery, Mobile, Al.)

Eckhoff, Carlton Lamar; b. 12-14-1928, d. 05-10-2001, Cpl., US Army, Korea, (Magnolia)

Eckhoff, Louis Ira, b.12-21-1921, d. 01-14-1976, M/SGT US Army WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, (Union)

Eckhoff, Sedley Daniel "Sabo"; b. 03-19-1918, d. 11-12-2000, 82 years old, h/o Mabel Eckhoff, US Army, 18 years of service, (Union)

Ecroyd, Kimili Kae; b. 03-21-1963, d. 07-20-2010, 47 years old, w/o Glen W. Ecroyd, US Air Force (Pipkins off of Fig Farm Road)

Ecroyd, William; b. 03-16-1889, d. 03-20-1979, Private, discharged 12-22-1918 (Crossroads Methodist) information from 1938 WPA records)

Edgar, Henry Ford, b. 03-10-1925, d. 04-20-1975, Tech. 5 US Army WW-2 (Ball)

Edge, Wilmer Arthur, b. 05-14-1908, d. 05-21-1989, (2-04), US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Edwards, Gavin; b. 01-13-1922, d. 06-03-2005, US Army, WW-2, 83 Years old, (New Hope)

Edwards, Jessie M; b. _______, d. _______, US Navy, 87 years old, (Howell)

Edwards, Johnny Monroe; b. 09-29-1944, d. 12-01-1980, funeral held 12-04-1980, 36 years old, Alabama National Guard, (Howell)

Edwards, Perry; b. 07-09-1839, d. 01-10-1925, Sgt., Co. "F" 11th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Magnolia-Leakesville)

Elkins, Elder Leon, b. 01-03-1924, d. 03-24-1985, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (New Hope.)

Elkins, Wayne Allen, b. 12-16-1940, d. 10-12-1991, BT3 US Navy, (Union)

Elliott, George; b. 03-21-1840, d. 07-26-1916, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Odom Cemetery- State Line, Ms.)

Ellison, R.L; b. _______, d. _______, Enlisted in 1864, 2nd Al. Co. "E" served under Capt's. Gage & Hill, he received a Confederate pension in George County. Civil War Veteran (Cemetery was not named)

Ely, John; b. 06-28-1894, d. 10-21-1971, 77 years old, US Army, WW-1 (Rosedale Cemetery-Jackson County, Ms.)

Ely, Kermit Steede; b. 04-12-1906, d. 08-21-1976, funeral held 08-22-1976, 70 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Rosedale Cemetery-Jackson County)

Ely, Roy (Sr.); b. 10-22-1892, d. 10-31-1979, 87 years old, US Navy, WW-1 (Rosedale Cemetery-Hurley, Ms.)

Emerson, Archie R; b. 01-06-1909, d. 01-17-1991, 82 years old, US Air Force, WW-2 (Movella Baptist)

Engel, William L. "Bill"; b. 08-11-1952, d. 01-31-2008, 55 years old, h/o Kathy Engel, US Army, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

England, Gary L; b. 03-01-1939, d. 09-15-2006, US Navy, GMCS, Vietnam, H/o Lydia C. England, (Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Cem.)

Erkhart, Al, b. 02-02-1910, d. 09-10-1964, Pvt. Co. "E" 64th Inf. Tng. Regt (Ball)

Erkhart, Atlas J; b. 04-17-1927, d. 04-18-2002, WW-2, 1944-1946, (Ball)

Erkhart, Willie F, b. 08-21-1926, d. 07-31-1977, Pvt. US Army WW-2, "Daddy", Crossroads Methodist.)

Espey, Weldon Norris, b. 04-15-1919, d. 09-11-1973, (4-67C), Pfc. US Marine Corps. WW-2, (Magnolia)

Estep, Donald Lee; b. 11-03-1947, d. 03-02-1988, 40 years old, Vietnam Veteran, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Estridge, Hugh Franklin; b. 08-15-1895, d. 11-24-1975, 80 years old, US Navy, WW-1 (Mt. Pisgah-Greene County)

Eubanks, Arthur Franklin (A.F); b. 12-08-1934, d. 01-07-1985, Sgt. 631st Arty. MS/NG US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Alfred Wayne; b. 03-29-1949, d. 08-09-2011, 62 years old, h/o Sheryl (deceased) & Gretcha Eubanks, US Army and National Guard, Vietnam & Desert Storm, (Eubanks Cemetery-Greene Cty.)

Eubanks, Alton A; b. 11-07-1906, d. 06-19-1972, 65 years old, US Army, WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Alvin L, b. 08-15-1906, d. 09-15-1975, section E-4, Cpl. US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Carl Marcus; b. 12-30-1927, d. 03-14-1967, 39 years old, M/Sgt. US Army, Vietnam (Cemetery not named) Killed in Action, He is listed on the Vietnam Memorial wall, Panel 16E, line 077

Eubanks, Charles Lyman, b. 10-08-1886, d. 04-12-1964, section D-7, PFC Base Hospital 216, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Charles; b. 08-__-1802, d. 02-14-1884, Civil War Veteran, section B-6 (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Charles P, b. 07-29-1835, d. 02-26-1907, section C-5, Pvt. Co. "C" 2nd Batt. Ala. Lt. Arty. C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Charlie T, b. 05-25-1920, d. 05-18-1996, Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Eubanks, Clay Littleton; b. 08-13-1928, d. 04-03-2007, 78 years old, h/o Louise T. Eubanks, US Merchant Marine Veteran, (Magnolia)

Eubanks, Daniel Charles; b. 10-01-1928, d. 05-28-1950, funeral held 05-31-1950, US Navy Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, David W, b. 01-09-1911, d. 11-09-1964, (2-64), Tech. 4, 863rd Ord. Ham. Co. WW-2 (Mississippi), (Magnolia)

Eubanks, Edwin Monroe "Sturdy"; b. 12-27-1961, d. 09-22-2011, 49 years old US Army (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Elbridge Bailey, b. 08-31-1909, d. 01-26-1974, (2-63), LCDR. US Navy, (Magnolia)

Eubanks, Gary L, b. 08-04-1951, d. 11-22-2006, Pfc. US Army, (Macedonia)

Eubanks, Guy Edward, b. 01-01-1918, d. 08-15-2002, section E-10, Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Hardy N; b. 04-19-1888, d. 07-24-1957, US Marine Corp. Iwo Jima, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Hardy Oliver, b. 11-12-1887, d. 09-14-1980, US Army WW-1, (Eubanks/Dickerson)

Eubanks, Herbert Lafayette, b. 11-08-1929, d. 02-11-1996, Sgt., US Army, Korea, (Macedonia)

Eubanks, Littleton H. (Jr.); b. 11-27-1937, d. 02-07-2010, 72 years old, h/o Dr, Audrey C. Eubanks, US Army Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, L.J; US Army, Korea, 77 years old, (Holmes)

Eubanks, James P, b. 09-18-1919, d. 09-14-1958, Pvt. 9809 Tech Svc. Unit WW-2, (Holmes Baptist)

Eubanks, James Travis, b. 12-23-1917, d. 01-25-1994, section D-7, GM2 US Navy, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, John Francis Marion, b. 07-12-1838, d. 05-30-1892, C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, section B-6, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, John Marcus; b. 09-30-1893, d. 10-29-1976, 83 years old, US Army, WW-1, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, John Marshall; b. 11-03-1935, d. 04-29-2009, 73 years old, h/o Garnet Eubanks, US Air Force (Winborn Chapel, Greene Cty.)

Eubanks, John Marvin, b. 02-21-1915, d. 11-27-1943, section C-6, Tech. 5 US Army, Killed in Action (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Joseph Burnis (Sr.), b. 10-10-1924, d. 06-05-1986, section D-8, Tech. 4US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Leon Hobson, b.06-12-1913, d.04-01-1987, section F-5, PHM1 US Navy, WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Leonard, b. 09-26-1929, d. 09-05-2000, PFC US Army Korea, (Bexley Baptist.)

Eubanks, Littleton HAvard (Jr.); b. 11-27-1937, d. 02-07-2010, 72 years old, h/o Dr. Audrey C. Eubanks (US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Littleton Havard, b. 12-22-1839, d. 12-08-1901, section B-6, Pvt. Co. "E" 36th Ala. Inf. (Prisoner of War), Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Lyman Jackson; b. 08-14-1928, d. 12-13-2005, US Military Veteran

Eubanks, Malcolm Arthur; b. 04-16-1899, d. 09-23-1975, 76 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Magnolia)

Eubanks, Marcus Lynn; b. 09-20-1948, d. 11-18-2003, 55 years old, h/o Maranda Kay Eubanks, US Army (Church of God Cemetery-Leakesville)

Eubanks, Mark, b.06-30-1895, d.03-14-1973, section B-5, Pvt. US Army WW-1, #4294142, Cook, A.S.C. unassigned (Co. "C" Hq. Btn. A.S.C.) served in France, discharged 08-04-1919 (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Marvin W, b. _______, d. _______, no dates, (has a veteran's stone, cannot see dates), (Holmes Baptist)

Eubanks, Nolan Loen; b. 02-03-1942, d. 01-07-2013, 70 years old, h/o Essie Eubanks, US Army National Guard (Nolan Eubanks Family-Greene Cty.)

Eubanks, Perry Leon; b. 10-24-1924, d. 08-25-1985, 60 years old, US Army, (Holmes)

Eubanks, Robert Edward; b. 10-30-1938, d. 05-13-2005, 66 years old, h/o Kathy Eubanks, US Army, (Corinth)

Eubanks, Roger Dale, "Rodney"; b. 02-20-1949, d. 09-27-2006, SP4, Vietnam, US Army, information provided by Charlie Welford, (Holmes Baptist)

Eubanks, Stephen P, b. 05-09-1842, d. 10-23-1923, section C-5, Pvt. Co. "E" 2nd Bn. Ala. Lt. Arty. (Prisoner of war) Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Thomas J, b. 11-16-1836, d. 01-11-1907, section B-6, C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, Walter Lee; b. 07-02-1917, d. 02-06-2005, 87 years old, h/o Ulhma Alice Eubanks, US Army WW-2, (Holmes)

Eubanks, William C, b. 07-26-1896, d. 12-13-1961, Pvt. 61st Co. 162nd Depot Brigade, WW-1 (Mississippi), (Eubanks. – Ernest Pipkins Road)

Eubanks, William D, b. 05-05-1927, d. 06-28-1993, CPL US Army Korea, (Pineview)

Eubanks, William F, b. 06-01-1916, d. 03-11-1976, Tech. 5 US Army WW-2, (Hillcrest)

Eubanks, William F, b. 07-10-1832, d. 05-25-1915, section B-6, Co. "M" Adams Regt. Miss. Cav. C.S.A. "Civil War Veteran", (Rocky Creek)

Eubanks, W.O. "Oz"; b. 01-24-1924, d. 08-16-2012, 88 years old h/o Ola Mae (Young) Eubanks, US Army WW-2, (Dasher Cemetery-Valdosta, Ga.)

Eubanks, Zelton Knox; b. _______, d. 03-26-2013, 82 years old, h/o Suzanne (Bristow) Eubanks, US Army, Korean War, (Forest Park Funeral home in Webster, Texas – No cemetery Named)

Evans, Andrew; b. _______, d. _______, h/o Laura Margurite (Evans) Davis, Enlisted 1861, 24th Inf. Co. "A", served under Col. R.C. McElave & Capt. Henry Roberts. (1938 WPA records show he was discharged for poor eye sight. He received a Confederate pension in George County. Civil War Veteran, (Cemetery was not named.)

Evans, Edward E; b. 07-19-1903, d. 03-22-1993, CPO, US Navy, (Magnolia)

Evans, Frankie; b.12-27-1939, d. 12-16-1986, US Army, Korea, h/o Marie, (Rocky Creek)

Evans, Gerald; b. 10-01-1937, d. 12-04-2000, US Air Force, Medical & Xray Tech., Alaska, (Rocky Creek)

Evans, Merle; b. 12-25-1935, d. 01-16-1997, US Army, Germany, (Rocky Creek)

Evans, Tyra J; b. 03-18-1844, d. 01-18-1897, h/o Laura Evans, Pvt. Co. "A" 1st La. Cav, enlisted 09-16-1864, served under Capt. John R. Sclater, and Lieut. Hames Hollonquist, Civil War Veteran, (Evans/aka/Croom)

Evans, Tyrone Franswau, b. 05-16-1952, d. 05-19-1975, Pvt., US Army, (Mount Pleasant. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Evans, Willie F (Jr.), b. 05-24-1950, d. 08-01-2003, section F-11, SP5 US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Evans, Willie F (Sr.), b. 07-05-1911, d. 04-24-1985, section F-11, Cpl. US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Ezell, Elbert L; b. 01-15-1826, d. 04-12-1886, Sgt., Co. "I" 36th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Fellowship)

Ezell, Floyd Otis (Jr.); b. 07-17-1938, d. 10-04-2007, 69 years old, h/o Sally Jo Ezell, US Army, Korea, (Rocky Creek)

Fagan, Grady; b. 1894, d. 03-__-1973, 78 years old, US Army, WW-1 (Magnolia)

Fairley, Anguish K; b. 07-14-1841, d. 06-__-1874, Pvt. Co. "F" 36th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran (Salem)

Fairley, Ardean, b. 1886, d. 1977, Private, US Army, WW-1, (Sweet Pilgrim. – Benndale)

Fairley, Arlon Guyther; b. 11-18-1943, d. 11-08-2009, 65 years old, US Army, Vietnam (Pipkins-George County)

Fairley, Bartimeus; b. 05-16-1930, d. 01-20-2006, h/o Dorothy Fairley, W-2 Veteran, (Jackson-Fairley Cemetery)

Fairley, Bliss L, b. 08-13-1910, d. 09-06-1972, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Fairley, Cecil F; b. 12-28-1917, d. 12-16-1975, 57 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Leaf Cemetery)

Fairley, Charles Corbet; b. 11-15-1894, d. 07-07-1962, 66 years old, US Army, WW-1 (Magnolia)

Fairley, Dan Oytt (Sr.); b. 10-05-1936, d. 11-26-2003, 67 years old, h/o Betty Joe Fairley, US Army, (New Life Cemetery)

Fairley, David Lee, b. 10-13-1922, d. 04-21-1949, PFC, 985th QM Service Co., WW-2, (Sweetwater.)

Fairley, Ed; b. 05-05-1882, d. 11-02-1932, Private, Head quarters company 65th Pioneer Infantry, Information from 1938 WPA records)

Fairley, Edmon, b. 12-23-1924, d. 04-27-1977, Pvt., US Army, (Sweetwater)

Fairley, Enoch, b. 10-26-1937, d. 02-09-2004, US Army, Vietnam, (Sweetwater.)

Fairley, Forrest F, b. 10-18-1890, d. 08-20-1958, Pvt., MG. Co. 59th Inf. WW-1, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Fairley, Forrest G, b. 04-23-1930, d. 01-10-1990, Cpl., US Army, Korea, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Fairley, G.L. "Jack"; b. 04-30-1927, d. 04-28-1988, 60 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Fairley Cemetery)

Fairley, Hurley John, b. 1922, d. 1976, Seaman 1st Class United States Navy (Antioch Methodist -Benndale)

Fairley, Isom, b. 12-26-1904, d. 12-28-1962, PFC, HQ Co. 1604th Svc. Unit, WW-2, (Sweetwater.)

Fairley, Joe Emil; b. 08-24-1922, d. 11-03-1972, 50 years old, US Army, WW-2, Purple Heart, (Fairley)

Fairley, John (Jr.); b. 05-08-1832, d. 03-21-1913, Pvt. Co. "I" 36th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran (Fairley)

Fairley, John Mack (Sr.); b. _______, d. _______, information from the 1938 WPA records show him as a soldier in the Spanish American War

Fairley, Mose, b. 11-22-1893, d. 03-18-1963, Pvt., Co. 'A' 549th Engineers, WW-2, (Sweetwater.)

Fairley, Nepolan; b. 05-01-1950, d. 12-27-2006 (Headstone has d. 12-23, obit has 12-27), 56 years old, US Army, 20 years of service, (Jackson Fairley Cemetery)

Fairley, Oran Otto (Sr.), b. 04-07-1919, d. 07-22-1974, T/Sgt. WW-2 US Air Force Reserve, (Joe P. Fairley)

Fairley, Randolph, b. _______, d. _______, Co. 'B', 447th Labor BN., QMC, (Sweetwater.)

Fairley, Robert (Sr.), b. 03-11-1920, 08-10-1984, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Pleasant Cem. - Mount Pleasant Road)

Fairley, Russell Richard; b. 12-30-1950, d. 07-31-2000, SP4, US Army, Vietnam, (Hilltop)

Fairley, Sam, b. 07-07-1929, d. 07-26-1975, Pvt., US Army, Korea, (Sweetwater.)

Fairley, Syrl H, b. 03-19-1943, d. 06-19-2003, U.S. Military Veteran, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Fairley, Theron; b. 01-15-1934, d. 03-21-1953, 19 years old, Killed in Action, died of wounds, ground casualty, US Marine Corps. Pvt. 1 Class, Korea (cemetery not named)

Fairley, Truman Warren; b. 06-28-1931, d. 02-05-2009, 77 years old, h/o Patricia, US Air Force (Hilltop)

Fairley, Wallace, b. 01-06-1908, d. 07-28-1993, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (Sweetwater.)

Fairley, William Clinton, b. 08-10-1916, d. 01-02-1950, Tech. 5, M.P. Plattoon 103rd Inf. Div. WW-2, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Fairley, William M; b. 10-10-1927, d. 06-01-1993, Cpl., US Army, Korea, (Hilltop)

Fairley, Wm. David; b. 11-13-1919, d. 09-22-1993, S/Sgt., US Army, WW-2, h/o Vivian, (Hilltop)

Fallin, Norman L. (Jr.); b. 01-11-1965, d. 07-18-1986, EMFN, US Navy (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery) Information by Linda Ellis

Fallin, Norman Lavelle (Sr.); b. 04-16-1928, d. 04-28-2013, 85 years old, h/o Barbara A. Fallin, US Navy WW-2, (Benndale Church of God Cemetery)

Fallon, Charles Thomas; b. _______, d. 04-01-2001, 69 years old, h/o Barbara (McLeod) Fallon, US Army (Mt. Pisgah Pentacostal Cemetery)

Fallon, John D, b. 05-14-1929, d. 10-07-1999, (4-42-B), FT2, US Navy Korea, (Magnolia)

Farmer, James Harvey; b. 10-17-1924, d. 07-09-2007, 78 years old, h/o Sarah Farmer, WW-2 Veteran, (Crossroads Free Pentecostal)

Farnham, Joe; b. _______, d. 05-19-2012, 67 years old, h/o Betty Marie Farnham, US Army 1969 thru 1974, VietNam, (Serene Memorial Gardens-Jackson County)

Farr, Basin or Bain; b. 1870, d. 04-14-1959, 89 years old, Spanish American War, (Brandon Cemetery-Brandon, Ms.)

Faulkner, James Donald "Don"; b. 01-11-1938, d. 12-26-2010, 72 years old, h/o Laura Belle (Buckley) Faulkner, US Army, (Jackson County Memorial Gardens)

Faurot, George Arthur; b. 12-18-1915, d. 10-09-2009, 93 years old, h/o Mary Faurot of 36 years, h/o Macie Faurot of 19 years, Retired Chief Boatswain's Mate, US Navy WW-2 (Lewis Family Cemetery, Greene County)

Fendley, Aubrey, b. 11-23-1911, d. 12-10-1976, (4-49-C), Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Fendley, Coma, b. 07-09-1909, d. 08-14-1977, section D-9, Pfc. US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Ferguson, John C, b. 1920, d. 1956, section E-5, US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Ferrill, Bryant; b. 05-29-1769, d. 12-25-1836, War of 1812, (Ferrill Fam. Aka Indian Creek cem. Located 2 ½ miles north of Salem Campground)

Ferrill, J.W; b. _______, d. 10-10-1893, h/o Louisa A. Ferrill, Pvt., Co. "H" 4th Al. Regt. Commanded by Capt Crenshaw, enl. 1863, d. 1865 Civil War Veteran, (unknown cemetery-Jackson County, Ms.)

Ferrill, Roy W. (Sr.), b. 09-30-1951, d. 08-10-1971, Pvt., 24th Ord. Co., 267th Maint. Bn., Vietnam, (Mount Sinai)

Fike, Johnnie Elbert; b. 01-12-1923, d. 10-09-2007, 84 years old, h/o Norma Lee Fike, US Army, WW-2 (Maples Cemetery-Greene County)

Fike, Tommy J; b. 04-18-1929, d. 07-15-2004, 75 years old, h/o Kathleen Fike, US Air Force Viet Nam (Retired Col.), (McLain Cemetery)

Fike, Willie Elbert; b. 04-08-1894, d. 02-14-1960, funeral 02-16-1960, 65 years old, WW-1 (McLain Cemetery-McLain, Ms.)

Finch, George W; b. 07-08-1932, d. 10-09-2009, 77 years old, h/o Betty J. Finch, US Army, Korea, (Finch Family Cemetery)

Finch, Herman (Sr.); b. 01-24-1925, d. 05-22-2009, 84 years old, US Navy, WW-2, h/o Virginia Lee Finch, (Finch – Agricola)

Finch, Jasper T, b. 01-18-1923, d. 08-16-1988, TECH. 4 US Army, WW-2, (Finch Cemetery – New Hope Church Road)

Finch, J.Taylor; b. 07-04-1894, d. 09-12-1938, 44 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Finch Family Cemetery)

Finch, Joseph, b. 09-15-1931, d. 09-03-1996, Cpl. US Army Korea, (Finch Cemetery. – Willie Finch Road)

Finch, William H, b. _______, d. _______, Co. "I", 36th Ala. Inf., C.S.A., Civil War Veteran, (Finch Cemetery – highway 612/highway 613 intersection)

Fischer, Oliver H, b.03-03-1920, d.12-21-2003, (6-61B2), HM1 US Navy WW-2, Korea, (Magnolia)

Fleming, Charles "Charlie" Gordon; b. 01-12-1925, d. 07-16-2007, 82 years old, US Navy WW-2 (W.A. Smith Cemetery-Jackson, Al.)

Flowers, Lee R. III, b. 09-28-1943, d. 08-05-1999, (4-35-D), US Marine Corps / Pfc. US Army, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Flurry, Clinton; b. 01-08-1941, d. 09-09-1987, US Army Vietnam (Pine Grove Methodist cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Flurry, Floyd; b. 11-21-1937, d. 10-24-2011, 75 years old, h/o Lois Flurry, Military Veteran, (buried in the South Florida National Cemetery, Lake Worth, Florida)

Flurry, Henry (Jr.); b. 05-15-1829, d. 10-29-1891, Civil War Veteran, C.S.A., Pvt. Co. "D" 9th Miss Calvary (Old Flurry Cemetery-Broome) Information by Linda Ellis

Flurry, James Lewis; b. 10-03-1924, d. 01-20-1998, enlisted 06-17-1943, US Army, WW-2 (Jackson County Memorial Park)

Flurry, John A; b. 04-05-1902, d. 10-15-1961, Pfc. 306th Base Hq. & AB Sq. Army Air Force, WW-2 (Old Flurry cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Flurry, Joseph; b. 04-05-1836, d. 04-29-1911, Civil War Veteran, C.S.A., Pvt. Co. "C" 9th Miss Calvary (Red Creek Union Baptist Church cemetery) Information by Linda Ellis

Flurry, Kenny; b. 01-08-1941, d. 09-09-1987, 46 years old, US Military Veteran, funeral was held in the Pine Grove Methodist Church-Jackson County, cemetery was not named)

Flurry, Lewis Carlton; b. 05-09-1925, d. 01-10-1987, enlisted 08-25-1943, US Army, WW-2, (Floral Hills Memorial Gardens, Gulfport, Ms.)

Flurry, Lewis D; b. 05-05-1936, d. 08-27-2006, US Navy retired, (Magnolia) information from set up at Wal Mart 09-25-2012

Flurry, Odus Elmore; b. 02-20-1923, d. 07-29-2000, enlisted 04-23-1943, Pvt. US Army, WW-2 (New Zion Cemetery-Wiggins)

Flurry, William N; b. 08-23-1925, d. 06-12-1983, enlisted 10-23-1943, US Army WW-2, (no cemetery named)

Ford, Charles H; b. _______, d. 09-15-2002, 76 years old, h/o Willie C. (Eckes) Ford, US Navy, WW-2 (Ft. Bliss National Cemetery-Texas)

Forsyth, Maurice; b. 12-11-1922, d. 03-06-2011, 88 years old, h/o Frances (McIntosh) Forsyth, US Army Air Corps, (McIntosh Cemetery, Greene County, Ms.)

Fortune, Woods E; b. _______, d. 06-09-2003, 77 years old, US Navy (Ulmer's Chapel Cemetery-Lena, Ms.)

Foshee, Barney William, b. 11-01-1940, d. 07-25-2009,68 years old, h/o Anne Foshee, US Army, (Magnolia)

Foster, Charles H. (Sr.); b. 05-07-1934, d. 11-26-2009, Army National Guard for 12 years, (Jackson County Memorial Gardens-mausoleum)

Foster, John S, b. _______, d. _______, enlisted March 1861 served 4 years and 1 month. He was thrown by his horse onto the carriage of a cannon and broke his right shoulder and he was shot in the Knee. Co. "H", 17th Ala. Inf., (Wounded in Action) Civil War Veteran, (Refuge.)

Fountain, Ronnie Joe; b. 07-23-1946, d. 08-29-1998, 52 years old, Viet Nam Veteran (Magnolia)

Fowler, Eugene M, b. 07-23-1938, d. 01-11-1983, Pfc., US Army, Vietnam (Antioch Methodist -Benndale)

Fowler, Jesse W; b. 06-08-1841, d. 08-07-1932, Pvt. Co. "A" 2nd Ms. Cav. (State Troops), Civil War Veteran, 1-366 (Magnolia)

Fowler, Joseph Houston, b. 06-04-1925, d. 07-16-1952, Coxswain, USNR, WW-2, Mississippi (Antioch Methodist -Benndale)

Fowler, W.J, b. 07-14-1926, d. 11-07-1994, US Army, Korea (Antioch Methodist -Benndale)

Franklin, Benjamin Harrison; b. 08-09-1891, d. 11-01-1970, 71 years old, US Army, WW-1 (Magnolia)

Franklin, Benjamin Hoover; b. 01-25-1930, d. 08-24-1998, 68 years old, h/o Bessie Mytris (Tanner) Franklin, Korean War Veteran, (Magnolia)

Fraizer, John "Jack" Leander; b. 08-21-1911, d. 03-17-1992, funeral held 03-20-1992, 80 years old, US Navy, WW-2 (Pine Grove-Vernal)

Freeman, George James; b. 07-09-1822, d. 07-01-1900, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Lazarus Walley Cemetery-Greene)

Freeman, Joseph F, b. 06-14-1921, d. 08-17-1966, (4-72-A), SM1 US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Freeman, Rich William; b. 03-24-1922, d. 08-20-2004, 82 years old, h/o Emma Freeman, US Army, WW-2, (Winborn Chapel-Green County, Mississippi)

Freeman, William "Bill" Thomas; b. 11-28-1922, d. 01-29-2006, h/o Posey Milloy (Driver) Freeman, US Army, WW-2, (Magnolia)

French, Johnie T, b. 09-03-1925, d. 08-05-1989, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (New Hope.)

Fretwell, James C, b. 03-01-1919, d. 10-03-2004, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (New Hope.)

Fry, Charles; b. 1794, d. 1852, Pvt. US Army, War of 1812, enlisted 1812, discharged 1813, (Fry Family Cemetery)

Frye, Tyra James; b. _______, d. _______, # 1608221, Private, Q.M.C., discharged 03-23-1919, information from 1938 WPA records)

Frye, William H, b.04-04-1899, d.10-25-1957, (2-198), Pvt QM.Corps WW-1, "Miss", (Magnolia 2-198)

Fryfogle, Benjamin A, b. 07-13-1890, d. 12-20-1966, (1-412), Pvt. Btry. "E" 321st FA 82nd Div., WW-1, (Magnolia)

Fryfogle, Glen Willis (Sr.); b. 03-17-1939, d. 06-09-2012, 73 years old, h/o Pollie A. Fryfogle, US Air Force (Donated his body to Cancer research-no burial)

Fulcher, Earnest Winston; b. 11-28-1908, d. 07-04-2003, 94 years old, US Army, WW-2, Pipkins-Avent)

Fulton, Eugene "Gene"; b. 10-09-1938, d. 02-03-2002, 63 years old, h/o Nell (Hyatt) Fulton, US Navy (Union Cemetery-Moss Point, Ms.)

Fuquay, Henry Ford; b. 03-25-1910, d. 01-05-1990, Veteran, section G7 (Rocky Creek)

Fuquay, James D, b. 08-14-1911, d. 05-27-1964, S/Sgt. 3148th Ord. Man. Co. WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Gaines, Abner Strother; b. _______, d. 1905, Captain, Corps of Engineers, Tennessee, Civil War Veteran, (Gaines Family Cemetery-State Line)

Galloway, James "Coot", b. 08-03-1922, d. 10-13-1990, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (military plaque has birth year 1923), (Mount Sinai)

Galloway, Robert Cook; b. 02-11-1846, d. 06-30-1933, Enlisted in 1864, 21st Al. Co. "I", served under Col. D. C. Anderson & Capt. Crenshaw, he received a Confederate pension in George County, Civil War Veteran (Rosedale United Methodist Church Cemetery-Harleston, Ms.)

Galloway, Willie, b. 1896, d. 1985, US Army, WW-1, (Sweetwater.)

Gambles, John F; b. 03-19-1920, d. 03-19-2004, Sgt., 38th Cav. Recon. Tr., Philippines, 83 years old, (Magnolia)

Gante, Howard Earl; b. 10-05-1907, d. 02-12-1997, 85 years old, US Air Force, WW-2 (Rocky Creek)

Gardner, Issac; b. _______, d. _______, Civil War Veteran) (this name was taken from the City Cemetery List of veterans) (Magnolia)

Gardner, J.S; b. 09-08-1846, d. 11-18-1924, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need records, (Williams-Greene)

Gartman, Thomas Miller; b. 09-09-1923, d. 02-23-2006, h/o Melonese Gartman, US Army, WW-2, (Camellia Baptist Cemetery-Semmes Alabama)

German, Jimmie Roy, b. 07-09-1942, d. 05-07-1972, A3C US Air Force, (Howell Baptist)

Gibson, Billy Glenn, b. 10-09-1957, d. 08-26-1982, L/Cpl. US Marines, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Gibson, Billy Joe, b. 01-06-1936, d. 08-26-1967, US Army (Macedonia)

Gibson, Carl B, b. 12-10-1888, d. 01-05-1957, Pvt. Hq. Co., 64th Inf., 7th Div., WW-1, (Gibson)

Gibson, David, b. 06-15-1845, d. 09-26-1929, h/o Virginia A. Gibson, enlisted Spring 1864, served under Col. Perry Maura, Capt. J.W. Murrel, 15th Confederate Regiment. Civil War Veteran, 2-188 (Magnolia)

Gibson, Earl E, b. 01-31-1926, d. 10-24-1977, (2-192), BM3 US Navy WW-2, Korea, (Magnolia)

Gibson, Earl William; b. 11-24-1920, d. 10-31-2004, 83 years old, h/o Avis (Eubanks) Gibson, Senior Chief petty officer, US Navy, (Pine Grove-Vernal)

Gibson, Jack Kennedy; b. 03-17-1918, d. 02-13-1943, 24 years old, US Army Air Corp., Killed in Action WW-2 (Magnolia)

Gibson, John Calvin; b. 05-05-1841, d. 09-21-1906, Pvt. Co. "B" 36th Al. Inf Civil War Veteran, 2-188 or 2-192 (Magnolia)

Gibson, John T; b. 05-09-1832, d. 06-26-1893, Pvt. Co. "H" 14th Confederate Cav. Civil War Veteran (Gibson)

Gibson, John Wesley, b. 09-08-1909, d. 05-16-1989, US Army, WW-2, h/o Iva Gibson, (Refuge.)

Gibson, Loyd Dewey, b. 04-27-1900, d. 09-26-1932, (2-192), Pvt. Coast Arty. Corps, WW-1, (Magnolia)

Gibson, Prentiss E, b. 05-19-1889, d. 01-29-1960, (1-374), Pfc. Co. "B" 304th Ammo Train WW-1, (Magnolia)

Gibson, Thomas J (Sr.), b. 05-20-1910, d. 11-19-1981, US Navy, Korea, (Macedonia)

Gibson, Thomas Lamar, b. 05-17-1937, d. 06-07-1987, SP4, US Army, (Refuge.)

Gibson, Tony; (this name taken from the City Cemetery list of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Gilbert, Holbert Wilson, b. 12-19-1914, d. 06-18-1996, ENC US Coast Guard WW-2 Korea, (Barton Baptist.)

Gill, W. Burrus, b. 10-05-1911, d. 11-30-1989, SGT US Army WW-2, (Woodard.)

Glidewell, Lloyd; b. 05-26-1916, d. 11-08-2008, 92 years old, h/o Vivian (Gilley) Glidewell, US Army (Barton Baptist)

Glidewell, William B; b. 01-09-1877, d. 08-28-1964, S/Sgt., WW-2, 1941-1945, (Barton)

Glidewell, William Bert; b. 05-14-1919, d. 02-11-2010, 90 years old, h/o Myrtle (Barton) Blidewell, US Army, WW-2 (Barton Baptist Cem.)

Goff, Albert H; b. 12-31-1897, d. 01-22-1960, Sargeant Q.M.C., discharged 03-25-1919 (Information from 1938 WPA records)

Goff, Billy C, b.05-04-1937, d.09-21-2004, (6-54C3), Senior M/Sgt. US Air Force, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Goff, Calvin R, b. 08-02-1918, d. 08-11-1997, (4-85-B), Tech. 5, US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Goff, Douglas S; b. 02-05-1923, d. 11-02-2004, 81 years old, h/o Jane (Rush) Goff, US Navy Reserves WW-2, US Air Force reserves Korea, (Pine Crest cemetery-Mobile)

Goff, Earl G, b. 01-15-1910, d. 04-21-1974, PFC, US Army Air Corps (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Goff, Earl, b. 09-07-1894, d. 05-27-1972, (4-66-D), Sgt. US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Goff, Edward Joseph; b. 11-06-1896, d. 07-15-1974, Private, discharged 03-25-1919, (information from 1938 WPA records)

Goff, Edward L; b. 09-28-1926, d. 08-03-1997, (name taken from City Cemetery list of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Goff, Horace Leroy; b. 08-25-1920, d. 09-05-1947, military enlistment record dated 09-28-1942, no record of service, (Pipkins)

Goff, Hubert Joseph, b. 06-07-1923, d. 11-04-2002, Tec5, US Army, WW-2, h/o Ella (Antioch Methodist -Benndale)

Goff, J. D, b. 01-26-1903, d. 02-28-1955, 53 years old, (retired US Marine corp.), (Shady Grove.)

Goff, James P, b. 01-19-1921, d. 08-25-1990, (2-31), S/Sgt., US Army Air Corps, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Goff, Jerry Otis; b. 01-08-1943, d. 04-10-2012, 69 years old, h/o Barbara Jean (Allen) Goff, Sgt. US Army (cemetery not named in obit)

Goff, Levi L, b. 09-09-1894, d. 01-18-1977, Pvt., US Army, WW-1, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Goff, Mack Edmonson; b. 10-01-1931, d. 02-25-2002, 70 years old, h/o Lillian (Glen) Goff, US Army, (Pipkins-Avent)

Goff, Richard A, b. 10-15-1941, d. 05-12-1992, (4-85-B), Sgt. US Army Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Goff, Steve; b. _______, d. 10-02-2008, US Army, Vietnam, (Pinelake Church, Brandon Ms.)

Goff, Steven DeWayne; b. 07-05-1966, d. 03-27-1987, funeral held 03-29-1987, 21 years old, US Army 87th Airborne Division, (Rocky Creek)

Goff, Vernice E. "Ed"; b. 09-23-1920, d. 03-18-1988, military enlistmen record 08-19-1942, no record of service, (Magnolia)

Goff, Wilburn Everette; b. 08-09-1917, d. 01-14-1992, 74 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Pipkins-Avent)

Goff, William Craft; b. 09-13 (1923 or 1925), d. 09-22-2012, 87 years old, h/o Effie Francis Goff, US Merchant Marines (3 years), US Army (2 years), (Pipkins cemetery-Leaf)

Goff, William Finley; b. 12-06-1895, d. 01-21-1956, 60 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Leaf)

Goldsmith, David Allen, b. 09-22-1924, d. 05-31-1991, US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove.)

Gordon, Berry Thomas, b. 11-14-1928, d. 12-04-1986, section F-5, PFC US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Gordon, Richard T, b. 12-09-1888, d. 11-13-1949, section E-5, PFC 162nd Depot Brigade WW-1 (Mississippi), (Rocky Creek)

Govedare, Paul B, b. 10-24-1918, d. 05-08-1988, (5-20-B), Lt. Col. US Marine Corps, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Graham, Charlie; b. 10-23-1925, 07-14-2005, US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Graham, Curtis Clifford; b. 09-17-1920, d. 07-15-2001, 80 years old, h/o Maxine (Pitts) Graham, US Army, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Graham, Curtis Mitchell, b. 08-29-1942, d. 08-15-1996, (6-50B2), AN US Navy Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Graham, Stanlee Lee; b. 05-25-1921, d. 06-02-1982, (name taken from City Cemetery list of veterans) (Magnolia)

Graham, William; b. 03-08-1837, d. 05-16-1909, Civil War Veteran, C.S.A., Pvt. Co. "L" 27th Miss Regt. "Twiggs Rifles", (unmarked grave in King-Cowart-O'Neal cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Grammer, Glen Allen; b. 09-30-1919, d. 12-26-2005, 86 years old, h/o Nettie Edwina Grammer, US Army, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Grant, Charles Lindsay (Sr.), b. 09-17-1902, d. 06-16-2002, US Army, "Professor", (Mount Pleasant. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Grant, Donnell; b. 07-26-1952, d. 03-23-1991, Cpl. US Marine Corps Vietnam, (Davis Cemetery on Howell Road behind Mexican Restaurant) information provided by Diona (Parker) Dickerson

Grant, Lucius A; b. 06-03-1921, d. 12-23-1983, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Davis Cemetery on Howell Road, behind Mexican Restaurant) information provided by Diona (Parker) Dickerson

Grant, Silas, b. 02-16-1897, d. 10-12-1969, Pvt., Wagon Co., QMC, WW-1, (Mount Pleasant. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Grant, Wade Hampton, b. 02-27-1889, d. 11-09-1978, Pvt., US Army, WW-1, (Mount Pleasant. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Grantham, Ernest L, b. 08-29-1889, d. 12-03-1968, CPL Util. Det. QMC WW-1, discharged 02-11-1919 by reason of circular 77 W.D. 1918, (Ms.), (Union)

Grantham, James Howell; b. 08-01-1898, d. 11-01-1918, Killed in Action in a battle, WW-1 (name taken from City Cemetery list of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Grantham, Robert V; b. 1892, d. 1932, (information from 1938 WPA record)

Graves, Lee C; b. _______, d. _______, Killed in Action WW-2 PFC., (no other information available at this time)

Graves, M. M, b. 01-19-1930, d. 06-12-1990, US Air Force /Korea, (Shady Grove.)

Gray, Jonny Marshal II; b. 05-14-1963, d. 07-03-2004, 41 years old, h/o Tina Gray, US Army, (Dickerson-Davis cemetery)

Green, Al (Jr.); b. 12-04-1934, d. 03-07-2012, 77 years old, h/o Virginia Green, US Army, Lebanon Conflict (McLain United Methodist)

Green, Elder W; b. 12-20-1932, d. 04-06-1999, US Navy, Korea, (Shady Grove)

Green, George P; b. _______, d. _______, Private, Q.M.C. discharged 03-22-1919, (information from 1938 WPA records)

Green, George Washington; b. 08-20-1898, d. 04-12-1979, 80 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (McInnis/Green Cemetery-Greene County, Ms.)

Green, James; b. 10-__-1819, d. 09-03-1891, Pvt., Co. "H" 3rd Battalion Ms., Inf. State Troops, Civil War Veteran, (Washington cemetery-Greene)

Green, Joe; #1608240 Private, discharged 02-01-1919, (information from 1938 WPA records)

Green, Ornon Creel; b. 08-27-1926, d. 12-__-1985, (veteran headstone), (Holmes Baptist)

Green, Richard W; b. 01-09-1846, d. 03-16-1908, Pvt., Co. "D" Lewis's Battalion, Al. Cav. Civil War Veteran, (McLeod Cemetery-Leaf)

Green, Samuel I; b. 12-15-1842, d. 08-10-1915, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (McLain Cemetery)

Green, Thomas Benjamin (Sr.); b. 08-07-1925, d. 08-31-1990, US Navy then retired from US Air Force, (McLain Cemetery-McLain, Mississippi)

Greene, George M. "Buck"; b. 10-08-1922, d. 06-29-2011, 88 years old, h/o Rosalie Greene, US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Greene, George P, b. 07-06-1890, d.05-08-1956, (2-269), Pvt QM Corps WW-1, (Magnolia)

Greene, Jacob H, b. 10-23-1917, d. 03-09-1966, Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Barton Baptist.)

Greene, Joe S (Sr.), b. 06-24-1895, d. 02-11-1968, (2-269), Sgt. QM Corps 39th Div. WW-1, (Magnolia)

Greene, Joseph Spira (Jr.); b. 05-31-1925, d. 12-13-1977, 52 years old, US Marine Corps WW-2, (Jackson County Memorial Park Cem. Jackson County, Ms.)

Greene, Orvell Lequinn; b. 04-27-1934, d. 12-13-1995, US Army, 101st Airborne, (Shady Grove)

Greene, Richard W; b. 07-16-1841, d. 08-02-1897, Pvt. Co. "A" 9th Ms. Cav. (Steede's Battn.), Enlisted 04-08-1862, Discharged 05-04-1865, Civil War Veteran (McLeod Cemetery-Leaf) information by Mark Mizell

Greene, Richard W; b. 01-09-1846, d. 03-16-1908, Pvt. Co. "A" 3rd Al. Cav., Brook's Company, Lewis's Al Cav., Enlisted 04-04-1861, Discharged 05-04-1865, Civil War Veteran (McLeod Cemetery-Leaf) information by Mark Mizell

Greene, Roscoe, b. 06-12-1916, d. 12-12-1964, Sgt. 3535 Bomb TNG WG AAF, (Corinth)

Greene, Thadd C; b. 09-14-1845, d. 03-07-1914, Pvt., Co. "E" 17th Ms. Cav, Co. "C" 9th Ms. Cav, Civil War Veteran, (McLain Cemetery)

Griffin, Alfonzia; b. _______, d. _______, US Army, Germany, US # 53055352, information provided by Mrs. Margaret Johnson, he is buried in an unmarked grave in this cemetery on Merrill road. (New Antioch)

Griffin, Donald W; b. _______, d. 04-01-2012, 85 years old, h/o Doris Griffin, US Navy, (Midway Baptist Cemetery)

Griffin, Julius Walker "Jake"; b. 04-02-1913, d. 02-26-1989, WW-2 Veteran, (Magnolia)

Griffin, Leo W, b. 07-03-1917, d. 12-06-2001, F2 US Navy WW-2, (Holmes Baptist)

Grove, Winton L, b. 08-18-1934, d. 10-04-1985, (4-89-B), M/Sgt. US Air Force, Korea, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Guin, James Douglas, b.04-26-1921, d.05-04-2006, SFC US Army WW-2 Korea & Vietnam, (Bexley Baptist.)

Gunter, Berchard K, b. 09-21-1921, d. 10-24-1944, (4-68-B), RM2 US Navy WW-2, Killed in Action (Magnolia)

Guthrie, James Thomas; b. 06-09-1935, d. 06-19-2003, US Army, (Buckley Family Cemetery)

Hall, Arnold Lee, b. 08-13-1927, d. 04-03-1997, section A-8, PFC US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Hall, Avon Cleston, b. 05-03-1926, d. 11-04-1974, (4-81-B), Tech. 3 US Army, (Magnolia)

Hallstrom, Lewis, b. 06-08-1908, d. 05-19-1945, Pfc. 385th Inf. Mississippi, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Hamilton, Geniel; b. _______, d. 03-24-2013, 80 years old, h/o Ruby (Nobles) Hamilton, US Army, Korean War, (Magnolia)

Hancock, Alfred Lefey; b. _______, d. 12-15-2012, 83 years old, h/o Jean Hancock, US Army, Korea (H.O. Parker Cemetery)

Hamilton, Frederic; b. _______, d. 05-16-1902, h/o Harriet Emeline Hamilton, enlisted 05-__-1861, discharged 1865, Co. "I" 21st Al. Volunteers, served 4 years, under Capt. Taylor, Capt. Talley, Capt. Gleason and Col. Crawford, (cmemtery unknown)

Hancock, Olvin R. "Bob", b. 03-28-1919, d. 03-06-1999, section A-4, Tech. 4 US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Handy, William; b. 1841, d. 02-20-1917, h/o Laura Handy, Pvt. Co. "A" 11th Ms. Inf. Enlisted 06-01-1861, discharged 05-09-1865. Served under Robert E. Lee. He received a Confederate pension in George County. Civil War Veteran (Buried in Beauvior, Biloxi, Ms.)

Hankins, Joseph Elbridge; b. 07-15-1918, d. 12-21-2007, 89 years old, h/o Alberta Hankins, US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Hanvey, Thomas Edward, b. 06-30-1891, d. 07-30-1962, section B-3, Pvt. Co. "C" 2nd Inf. (WW-1) Alabama National Guard (Rocky Creek)

Hardesty, William Edwin; b. 07-15-1941, d. 01-12-2008, 66 years old, h/o Kathleen Hardesty, US Air Force, Vietnam, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Hardin, Don Joel, b. 10-24-1946, d. 01-28-2006, (4-50-D), FN US Navy, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Hare, Lilburn F, b. 06-07-1923, d. 12-24-1973, T/SGT US Army Air Forces, (Shady Grove.)

Harless, Occie O; b. 10-15-1918, d. 09-24-1974, S/Sgt. US Army, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Harmon, Eugene R, b. 09-16-1919, d. 05-28-1975, section F-5 PFC US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Harper, William Edward; b. 07-27-1928, d. 08-14-1986, 79 years old, retired US Merchant Marine, (New Hope)

Harris, Alvin Gaines (Sr.); b. 10-06-1939, d. 10-08-2012, 73 years old, h/o Doris (White) Harris, US Navy Vietnam (Carter Cemetery)

Harris, Benjamin Franklin; b. 01-19-1843, d. 11-01-1900, Pvt. Co. "E" 36th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (State Line Cemetery)

Harris, James Calvin; b. 06-14-1926, d. 08-16-1995, US Army, WW-2, (Pleasant Hill Cemetery)

Harris, John C, b. 10-18-1894, d. 05-14-1964, Pvt. US Army, WW-1, (Refuge.)

Harris, Joseph Russell, b. 01-25-1923, d. 01-29-1995, US Army, WW-2, (Magnolia) information provided by his daughter Sharon McGee, was not marked as a veteran.

Harris, Seldon L. "Sam"; b. 03-14-1937, d. 04-18-2007, 70 years old, h/o JoAnn Harris, US Marine Corps., Vietnam (Moblie-Alabama-Magnolia Cemetery)

Harrison, Guy Richard (Sr.); b. 01-01-1948, d. 07-06-2004, 56 years old, h/o Judy Harrison, US Navy, (Magnolia)

Harrison, Lee R; b. 02-16-1919, d. 10-26-1990, h/o Margarette Harrison, US Army Sgt. 3680th QM Truck Co. (Rocky Creek)

Harrison, Leonard, b. 09-21-1915, d. 04-21-1982, Cpl. US Air Force WW-2, (Shady Grove.)

Harrison, Lloyd, b. 09-21-1915, d. 08-19-2000, (5-6-B), US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Hartley, Claude Arthur, b. 10-09-1937, d. 04-14-2006, United States Army, (Movella Baptist.)

Hartley, Melton L, b. 06-07-1936, d. 05-26-2002, PFC US Army, (Movella Baptist.)

Hartley, Wiley (Jr.), b. 03-28-1926, d. 11-22-1961, PFC US Army WW-2, Bronze Star Medal, (Shady Grove.)

Hartmann, James Gude; b. 08-21-1931, d. 04-21-1987, funeral held 04-23-1987, 55 years old, Korean War Veteran, (cemetery not named in newspaper)

Harvey, Barry H, b. 04-01-1938, d. 02-22-1995, section E-5, S/Sgt. US Army & US Air Force, Vietnam, (Rocky Creek)

Harvey, John Thomas, b. 04-13-1893, d. 01-20-1967, section E-5, PFC 8th Bn. 162nd Depot Brig. WW-1, (Rocky Creek)

Harvey, Lee Daffin; b. 07-30-1920, d. 02-03-1990, 60 years old, US Army retired (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Harvey, Robert Edwin; b. 07-30-1920, d. 05-29-2011, 78 years old, h/o Elsie Marie Harvey, US Air Force, (Rocky Creek)

Harvison, Billy Joe; b. 01-17-1931, d. 08-08-2012, 81 years old, h/o Katheryn (Keel) Harvison, Mississippi National Guard, US Army, (Oak Grove Cemetery)

Harvison, Bobby D, b. 11-08-1932, d. 10-28-1986, Pfc., US Army, Korea, (Gibson)

Harvison, James Clyde; b. _______, d. 05-12-2009, 75 years old, US Marine Corps (Magnolia)

Harvison, Jimmy Dale; b. 04-03-1937, d. 04-20-2008, 71 years old, h/o Joanne, US Navy Korea (Gibson)

Harvison, John C; b. 11-14-1839, d. 07-20-1918, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Washington Cemetery-Neely)

Harvison, Thomas Jefferson; b. 07-08-1915, d. 09-26-1967, 52 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Spring Brook Cemetery-Chatom, Al.)

Harwood, Joe B, b. 02-12-1931, d. 08-07-1993, S/SGT US Air Force, Korea, (Pineview)

Hataway, Benjamin Richard "Ben" (Jr.); b. 10-24-1910, d. 02-14-2013, 81 years old, h/o Wanda Hataway, US Army, Korea, (Frederick Memorial Cemetery-Fredereck, Oklahoma)

Hatcher, Arthur James, b. 02-24-1944, d. 04-29-1996, US Army, Vietnam, (Barton Baptist.)

Hatcher, Lester Clay, "L.C."; b. 01-21-1917, d. 07-15-2011, h/o Marilyn (Adams) Hatcher, US Army, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Hathcock, Raymond L; b. 02-20-1922, d. 04-25-1967, (name taken from City Cemetery list of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Hathorn, Samuel R, b. 06-09-1893, d. 02-08-1954, Pvt. Co. "B" 115 Inf. WW-1, (Holmes Baptist)

Hathorn, Thomas Jefferson; b. 04-18-1837, d. 01-29-1895, 2nd Lt., Co. "F" Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran, (Buffalo)

Haus, William Vail; b. 07-06-1895, d. 08-08-1972, "Conn.", Pvt. US Army WW-1 (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Havard, Allan R, b.05-13-1918, d.02-10-1992, section E-7 Sgt. US Army WW-2 Purple Heart, (Rocky Creek)

Havard, Arthur W; b. 08-31-1910, d. 01-10-1995, Cpl., US Army, WW-2, Prisoner of War (Corinth)

Havard, Burnis; b. 03-21-1917, d. 06-22-1957, 40 years old, WW-2 (Shady Grove)

Havard, Calvin Ray, b. 12-18-1924, d. 05-01-1985, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove.)

Havard, Calvin Wilber; b. 01-04-1928, d. 10-11-1999 Military enlistment dated 05-14-1946, PFC, US ArmyAir Forces, WW-2, (Miller Memorial Cemetery-Fort Morgan, Baldwin Co., Al.)

Havard, Charles L, b. 10-31-1897, d. 05-25-1968, PFC Co. "G" 167th INF. WW-1, (Shady Grove.)

Havard, Dave W; b. 05-23-1927, d. 02-14-1995, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (Canaan)

Havard, David, b. 06-17-1829, d. 1877, Co "E"17th Miss. Cav. C.S.A. (Civil War Veteran), (Shady Grove.)

Havard, Dewitt; b. _______, d. 11-27-1945, 24 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Shady Grove)

Havard, Elbert A, b. 11-18-1911, d. 12-08-1944, PFC 556 QM RHD Co. WW-2, Killed in Action (Holmes Baptist)

Havard, Eli, b. 09-05-1892, d. 01-18-1969, Pvt. Co. "M" 151st INF. WW-1, (Shady Grove.)

Havard, Glenn; b. _______, d. 12-03-1995, 62 years old, Korean War Veteran (Union)

Havard, Gregory, b. 10-03-1925, d. 01-03-1994, section E-2, Gm3 US Navy WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Havard, Harlie T; b. 03-14-1925, d. 12-10-2002, S1, US Navy, WW-2, (Canaan)

Havard, Hildry Glenn, b. 04-10-1933, d. 12-03-1995, CPL US Army Korea, (Union)

Havard, James; b. 03-12-1839, d. 01-22-1904, Pvt. Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Enlisted 08-22-1861, discharged 04-26-1865 (Farnsworth Cem. Leaf) Civil War Veteran)

Havard, Jessie R, b. 08-13-1934, d. 10-27-1993, SP4, US Army, Korea, (Howard Family)

Havard, Joe Edwin; b. 01-20-1929, d. 12-09-1993, Sgt. First Class, US Army, Korea, Bronze Star, (Shady Grove)

Havard, John, b. 01-12-1848, d. 10-01-1930, section C-7, Pvt. Co. "E" 17th Batt. Miss. Cav. C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Havard, John (Sr.); b. 07-14-1925, d. 10-09-1997, 72 years old, US Military Veteran (Howard Family)

Havard, John Chester; b. 03-24-1931, d. 08-08-2009, 78 years old, h/o Frances Havard, US Navy, (H & H Cemetery)

Havard, Joseph D. (Sr.), b. 05-31-1910, d. 10-19-1969, section D-7, Pvt. Co. "A" 415th Inf., (Rocky Creek)

Havard, Joseph "Raymond"; b. 10-24-1938, d. 08-15-2011, h/o Brenda (Greer) Havard, US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Havard, Joseph W; b. 02-10-1922, d. 05-06-2003, US Navy, WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Havard, Johnnie H (Jr.), b. 07-28-1920, d. 02-17-1994, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Corinth)

Havard, Leon W, b. 03-15-1921, d. 02-11-1973, SGT US Army WW-2, (Holmes Baptist)

Havard, Walter Leon; b. 08-06-1932, d. 11-18, 2010, 78 years old, H/o Claudia Havard, US Army, Korea, (Corinth)

Havard, Marion Lewis; b. 11-09-1917, d. 04-10-2005, Pfc., 3rd Ranger Bn., Prisoner of War, (Highland Cemetery-Hattiesburg, Ms.)

Havard, Marion "Mace"; b. 09-25-1923, d. 03-06-2008, 84 years old, h/o Iona, US Army Ranger, WW-2, Prisoner of War (Refuge Methodist)

Havard, Maurice Alan; b. 03-18-1928, d. 09-06-2008, 80 years old, US Navy Veteran, (Corinth)

Havard, Randall, b. 08-05-1894, d. 05-30-1943, section C-5 Pvt. 152nd Inf. 38th Div. Miss., (Rocky Creek)

Havard, Raymond; b. 03-09-1923, d. 01-19-2011, 87 years old, US Navy, WW-2, (Shady Grove)

Havard, Richard Lester, b. 05-10-1925, d. 02-13-1977, PFC US Army WW-2 Korea (Ball)

Havard, Richmond Ferman "Shorty"; b. 11-04-1923, d. 05-22-2006, 82 years old, US Army, WW-2, (Corinth)

Havard, Sam George; b. 11-10-1927, d. 10-06-1995, 67 years old, US Army, Korea (Ball)

Havard, Sammie; b. 05-31-1919, d. 12-23-1965, enlisted 06-06-1941, US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove)

Havard, Stevon Delano; b. 07-26-1969, d. 05-02-2010, h/o Tina (Lubbock) Havard, Cpl. US Marine Corp. (Macedonia)

Havard, Thomas Ivan; b. 09-09-1932, d. 11-16-1974, funeral held 11-18-1974, 42 years old, US Air Force, (Rocky Creek)

Havard, Walter Dewitt, b. 09-26-1921, d. 11-26-1945, US Navy Veteran, Killed in Action WW-2 (Shady Grove.)

Havard, Walter Leon; b. 08-06-1932, d.

Havard, W. Verlon; b. 12-24-1925, d. 02-02-1976, US Navy, Bronze Star, (Magnolia)

Havard, Walter W, b. 02-28-1896, d. 03-31-1962, section F-6, Pvt. Co. "K" Army Comp. Regt. WW-1 (Mississippi, (Rocky Creek)

Havard, Will Roy; b. 02-12-1924, d. 02-05-2011, US Army enlistment 06-17-1943, Rocky Creek)

Havard, Willie Thomas, b. 01-26-1920, d. 07-27-1999, S/SGT. US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove.)

Havens, Louis John; b. 10-19-1918, d. 02-05-1993, Pvt. US Army, WW-1 (Louis Flurry) information provided by Linda Ellis

Havens, Norman M; b. 04-15-1891, d. 08-22-1949, "Texas" Wagoner, 360th Inf. 90th Div., WW-1 (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Havens, R.B; b. 07-03-1923, d. 10-14-2012, 89 years old, h/o Marie Havens US Navy WW-2 (Havens Cemetery)

Hawkins, John W; b. _______, d. _______, Co. "D", 37th Miss. Inf., C.S.A., Civil War Veteran, (Ball)

Hayden, Elton Charles, b. 05-26-1928, d. 07-01-1990, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Union)

Haygood, Horace B, b. 08-18-1925, d. 10-18-1994, PFC US Army, WW-2, Purple Heart, (Macedonia)

Haynes, Frank Ray; b. 09-07-1931, d. 04-03-2013, 81 years old, h/o Melinda Haynes, US Army, Korea, (Magnolia)

Hayzlett, William F, b. 02-13-1940, d. 12-12-2001, SMS US Air Force, (Oak Grove.)

Head, Jeffery; b. 07-16-1962, d. 07-15-1996, 33 years old, US Military Veteran, (Sandhill)

Hearty, Rev. John William (Jr.); b. 03-17-1921, d. 02-15-2010, 88 years old, h/o Jasie Mae Hearty, US Army & then retired from US Air Force as Chief Master Sargent. (Rosedale Methodist Cem., Jackson County)

Heathcock, Josiah B; b. 03-24-1833, d. 03-25-1904, Pvt., Co. "I" 36th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need records, (Lane Cemetery-State Line)

Hedegaard, Allen Millard; b. 05-03-1921, d. 01-17-2011, 89 years old, WW-2 & Korean Conflict, (cemetery not named in obit, Sigler in Charge)

Hedegaard, Harvey; b.04-07-1923, d. 07-01-2002, 79 years old, (Magnolia)

Hektor, Joseph; b. 12-02-1941, d. 08-11-2011, 69 years old, h/o Bertha Hektor, US Navy, (New Antioch Cemetery)

Helverston, Godfrey; b. 02-06-1816, d. 10-26-1893, Pvt. Co. "I" 27th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran (Gibson)

Helverston, James; b. 04-24-1845, d. 01-__-1910, Pvt. Co. "G" 15th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Helverston Family)

Helverston, Peter; b. 1843, d. _______died in service, (Killed in Action) Sgt. Co. "L" 27th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran (Gibson)

Helverston, Richard; b. _______, d. 04-22-1864, enlisted 10-02-1861 Cpl. Co. "l" 27th Ms. Regt. Captured at Lookout Mountain, Tn. on 24 Nov 1863. Died and is buried in Rock Island Prison Cemetery (grave #1080) Prisoner of war, Civil War Veteran, Rock Island, Illinois

Helvie, William W, b. 05-23-1920, d. 05-16-1946, (2-73), Tech. 5, 38th Inf. Div. (Indiana), (Magnolia)

Hembree, William Charles; b. 07-09-1926, d. 09-19-1950, Sgt. US Army, Killed in Action, WW-2 & Korea, Co. "I", 3rd Battalion 5th Infantry Regimental Combat Team. Killed near Hansan Dong in South Korea. He was awarded the Purple Heart, the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, The Korean Presidential Unit Citation, th Korean War Service Medal and the WW-2 Victory Medal (cemetery not named)

Hempstead, Havard Carlton, "Jack" (Sr.); b. 04-15-1940 d. 01-07-2006, 65 years old, h/o Pauline Hempstead, United States Armed Forces Reserve, (Magnolia)

Hempstead, Horace; b. 05-28-1894, d. 04-23-1975, US Army, WW-1, #4294143, Private Casula Company #4, Co. "D" 105th Infantry, 27th Division Served in France, discharged 04-11-1919 (Rocky Creek)

Hempstead, John W, b 01-18-1927, d.04-02-1980, section B-6, US Navy WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Hempstead, Robert L; b. 02-10-1930, d. 01-31-2009, 78 years old, h/o Sarah Elizabeth, US Navy, Korea, Vietnam, (Culpeper National Cemetery, Culpeper, Virginia)

Hempstead, Thomas Morris (Sr.); b. 09-12-1896, d. 06-02-1961, 64 years old, WW-1, served in France, discharged 07-24-1919 (Magnolia)

Hempstead, Thomas Morris (Jr.); b. 01-05-1927, d. 11-08-1995, 68 years old, US Military Veteran, (Magnolia)

Henderson, Barkley B; b. 01-08-1935, d. 12-23-2004, SP4, 631st Fld. Art., 69 years old, (Magnolia)

Henderson, Chapman; b. 03-23-1843, d. 10-04-1883, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Henderson-Piave, Ms.)

Henderson, Dan H, b. 12-30-1916, d. 02-10-1977, (4-57-D), Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Henderson, Denvil L; b. 06-10-1924, d. 09-27-2012, 88 years old, h/o Mary Sue Henderson US Army WW-2, (White House Cemetery-Clara)

Henderson, Everett, b.08-05-1917, d.01-15-1972, (4-49-B), Pvt. 834th Qm. Co. WW-2, (Magnolia)

Henderson, George D; b. 07-02-1933, d. 12-17-2008, 75 years old, h/o Helen (Clark) Henderson, US Air Force, Korea (Magnolia)

Henderson, Lige (Jr.), b.06-21-1933, d.11-09-1961, (2-140), SFC 357th Ord. Co. (Miss.), (Magnolia)

Henderson, Rickey D, b. 01-13-1951, d. 05-31-1970, Pvt. Co. "E" BN 3 AIT BDE, (Corinth)

Henderson, Robert K; b. 05-11-1912, d. 01-20-1994, US Army, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Henderson, Thomas Owen; b. 09-17-1905, d. 12-25-1989, US Military veteran (Magnolia)

Henderson, Thomas W, b. 03-24-1929, d. 04-18-1997, (2-215), HM2 US Navy, Korea, (Magnolia)

Henley, Herman C; b. 03-14-1908, d. 02-01-1960, US Navy, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Hennis, Billy W, b. 03-12-1933, d. 03-22-2002, PFC US Army Korea, (Oak Grove.)

Herndon, William P; b. _______, d. _______, Enlisted 1862, 9th Ms. Cav. Served under Col. Steede and Captain McInnis, Civil War Veteran He received a Confederate pension in George County. (Cemetery was not named)

Herrington, Jimmy Teel; b. 04-08-1947, d. 08-22-2009, 62 years old, US Army, Vietnam, (Herrington Family Cemetery)

Herrington, John Milton; b. 12-25-1825, d. 10-26-1881, Civil War Veteran, C.S.A., Pvt. Co. "H" 5th Miss Inf. (State Troops), (Fairley-Herrington cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Herrington, Raymond Dempaey; b. 01-12-1929, d. 01-18-1995, 66 years old, US Navy (Blue Springs Cemetery – Alabama)

Hewlett, Elizabeth (Taylor), b.11-12-1940, d.06-10-1998, section D-10, A2C US Air Force, (Rocky Creek)

Hickman, John Olna, b. 01-30-1919, d. 01-01-1996, section D-4, SM1 US Navy, (Rocky Creek)

Hilbun, Ben F."Dr."; b. 11-14-1890, d. 12-__-1963, 73 years old, WW-1 Veteran, Oktibbeha Memorial Gardens, Starksville, Ms.)

Hilbun, Janet Louise (Taylor); b. 03-26-1959, d. 03-02-2012, E-6 US National Guard "Retired", Operation Desert Storm & Operation Iraqi Freedom, (James Family-Greene County)

Hilbun, Vernon F (Sr.), b. 12-30-1907, d. 12-07-1974, CM2 US Navy, (Corinth)

Hill, Clayton N, b. 08-24-1927, d. 01-11-1991, US Navy, WW-2, (Crossroads Free Pentecostal.)

Hill, John Gilbert; b. 08-16-1918, d. 02-21-1990, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, h/o Annie Ruth, (Hilltop)

Hill, Julius W; b. 04-24-1925, d. 03-11-1965, 40 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Jackson Memorial Park-Pascagoula, Ms.)

Hillman, Charlie; b. 04-16-1832, d. 06-09-1871, Pvt., Co. "E" 36th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Abb Breland-Neely)

Hillman, Douglas A; b. 09-04-1931, d. 07-20-2003, 71 years old, h/o Betty Hillman, US Navy, (Corinth)

Hillman, Lewis Van D; b. 08-23-1948, d. 02-17-1991, funeral held 10-27-1981, 68 years old, US Army WW-2, (Corinth)

Hillman, Pinkey G; b. 04-14-1829, d. 04-09-1916, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Washington-Neely)

Hillman, Thurman Horton; b. 05-10-1920, d. 07-19-1990, 70 years old, Lt. Col. US Army, (Daughdrill Family Cemetery-Greene County, Mississippi)

Hilton, James C; b. 11-18-1914, d. 03-21-1997, 82 years old, US Navy (Hickory Grove Cemetery-Laurel, Mississippi)

Hinson, J.B. "Jab"; b. 01-06-1916, d. 07-17-1942, Killed in Action Ww-2, PVT., US Army, (Magnolia)

Hinton, Hollise Hermon; b. 12-31-1928, d. 06-30-2011, 82 years old, h/o Joyce Hinton, US Army, Korea, (Joyner Cemetery located in Tanner Williams)

Hinton, Hue Kermit; b. 01-11-1922, d. 09-27-1978, funeral held 09-30-1978, 56 years old, US Navy, WW-2 (Joyner Cemetery-Tanner Williams)

Hinton, James Rayburn "Jim"; b. 01-04-1938, d. 12-31-2009, 71 years old, retired U.S. Army, (Rocky Creek)

Hinton, Sam; b. 10-05-1906, d. 12-13-1970, 64 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Tanner's Cemetery)

Hinton, William G; b. 11-05-1841, d. 10-30-1916, Pvt., Co. "A" 46th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (State Line Cemetery)

Hite, Woodson, b. 01-20-1911, d. 04-27-1980, US Army WW-2, (Sand Hill.)

Hobby, Carl; b. 07-17-1911, d. 07-30-1977, funeral held 08-01-1977, 66 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Beaumont Cemetery-Beaumont, Ms.)

Hobby, Clayton "Dick"; b. 11-26-1919 d. 12-03-1988, 69 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Holmes)

Hobby, Crawford Edgar; b. 12-03-1923, d. 02-03-2011, 87 years old, h/o Lavonia (Howard) Hobby, US Army WW-2 (Pine Grove-Greene County)

Hobby, J. B, b. 11-19-1917, d.12-15-1957, PFC 440 Air Service Group AAF WW-2 Bronze Service Medal, Purple Heart, (Holmes Baptist)

Hobby, Jexie Ray, b. 04-05-1930, d. 08-16-1991, (1-413), SFC. US Army Korea, (Magnolia)

Hobdy, Edmond Evans; b. 04-09-1920, d. 05-10-2002, 82 years old, h/o Gladys (Knight) Hobdy, US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Hodges, James Ellis; b. 02-15-1916, d. 10-03-1976, funeral held 10-04-1976, 60 years old, US Army, WW-2, (Barton)

Hodges, Jewel Lafayette; b. 10-25-1935, d. 12-15-2004, SP5, Missile Bn.,70 years old, (Shady Grove)

Hodges, Paul Rudolph, b. 04-15-1931, d. 06-26-2006, (4-10B), Cpl. US Army Korea, (Magnolia)

Holcomb, Caswell R; b. 12-19-1927, d. 12-21-1986, 59 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Barton)

Holifield, Albert Terry (Sr.); b. 11-16-1950 d. 09-05-2010, 59 years old, h/o Betty Jean, US Air Force, Viet Nam, (Rhymes)

Holifield, Billy Winfred (Sr.); b. 11-04-1931, d. 05-04-1988, US Air Force, Korea (Barton)

Holifield, Bobby John; b. 09-20-1934, d. 01-30-2004, 69 years old, h/o Gloria Jean Holifield, US Navy, (Oak Grove)

Holifield, Columbus Eugene; b. 11-12-1918, d. 05-31-1979, 60 years old, US Army, WW-2 (McLain Cemetery-McLain, Ms.)

Holifield, George T, b. 10-17-1918, d. 10-17-1991, PFC, US Army, WW-2, (Carter)

Holland, Alvin; b. _______, d. _______, Killed in Action WW-2, Pfc., (No more information available at this time)

Holland, Charles A. (Jr.); b. 06-22-1926, d. 11-23-1954, SFC, US Army, WW-2, Korea, (Shady Grove)

Holland, Charles A. (Sr.); b. 05-26-1896, d. 10-07-1977, Pfc., WW-2, Calvary, (Shady Grove)

Holland, David Leslie, b. 12-25-1919, d. 09-10-1996, Tech. 4 US Army WW-2, (Bexley Baptist.)

Holland, David Matthew, b. 10-15-1968, d. 02-05-1992, SP4 US Army "Persian Gulf", (Bexley Baptist.)

Holland, Delma Owen, (Sr.), b. 12-21-1923, d. 10-08-2001, (4-30-C), 1st Lt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Holland, Donnis Elton, b. 07-20-1925, d.05-28-1978, (4-79-D), S1 US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Holland, Dock Louis, b. 05-07-1913, d. 07-14-1992, US Navy WW-2, (Shady Grove.)

Holland, Donnis Elton, b. 07-20-1925, d.05-28-1978, (4-79-D), S1 US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Holland, Edward S, b. 12-23-1930, d. 11-15-1987, PFC US Army, Korea, (Macedonia)

Holland, Everette L; b. 02-20-1932, d. 03-09-1997, Cpl. US Army Korea (Rocky Creek)

Holland, Henry E; b. 01-07-1907, d. 01-30-1989, 82 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Shady Grove)

Holland, Hollis Harold; b. 09-25-1924, d. 06-22-2009, 83 years old, US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Holland, James Artie, b. 06-15-1886, d. 03-28-1968, Pvt. HQ 3 BN 329 INF WW-1, (Corinth)

Holland, Jerry Leon, b. 03-19-1943, d. 08-09-1998, A1C US Air Force Vietnam, (Union)

Holland, John W, b. 05-13-1926, d. 05-24-2004, Tech. 5 US Army WW-2, (Northside Baptist)

Holland, Johnnie Woodrow, b. 09-11-1920, d. 02-20-1994, Tech. 5, US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Holland, Lester Norman; b. 01-21-1917, d. 07-17-1969, 52 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Magnolia)

Holland, Thomas Jefferson; b. 05-06-1901, d. 01-19-1963 WW-2 US Military Veteran (vet. Info provided by his grand daughter Dawn (Holland) Keys (Macedonia-B2)

Holland, Vaudie Evon; b. _______, d. 02-26-2009, 85 years old, h/o Josephine (Ferrante) Holland, US Navy WW-2 (Shady Grove)

Holland, Walter Ray "Bill", b.06-18-1932, d.01-04-1969, Pvt. H&S Co.4 ENGR. C BN., (Shady Grove.)

Holland, Wm. Thomas; b. 12-05-1815, d. 02-11-1890, Spanish American War Veteran (Crossroads Methodist)

Holley, B.E; b. _______, d. _______, (this name was taken from the City Cemetery List of Veterans) No dates or other veteran's information available, (Magnolia)

Holliman, Elec Barney; b. 03-04-1929, d. 10-25-1999, 70 years old, Korean War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Holliman, John Tallie, b. 05-22-1913, d. 03-11-1989, PFC US Army WW-2 (Ball)

Holliman, Maurice; b. 05-16-1917, d. 11-09-1969, 52 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Ball)

Hollinghead, Ernest Walton "Simmie"; b. 12-11-1947, d. 11-20-2007, 59 years old, h/o Brenda Hollinghead, US Army, Vietnam, (Howell)

Hollinghead, Prentis Powe, b. 07-19-1919, d. 07-22-1980, (4-86-B), US Army, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Hollingshead, Aaron G, b. 07-14-1920, d. 07-30-1970, PR2 US Navy WW-2, Korea, (Union)

Hollman, Grady Wilburn, b. 03-03-1916, d. 04-26-1991, (4-3-D), US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Hollmon, Maurice, b. 05-16-1917, d. 11-09-1969, Pvt. 660 Port Co. TC, WW-2 (Ball)

Holloman, Richard Eugene; b. 06-03-1952, d. 06-14-2013, 61 years old, h/o Linda D. Holloman, US Navy, Viet Nam (cemetery not named in obit.)

Holloway, Davis Lynell; b. 09-26-1921, d. 12-10-1995, 74 years old, US Military Veteran, WW-2 (Ball)

Holmes, Carl George; b. 06-10-1923, d. 06-01-1994, 70 years old, US Army, WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Holmes, David Micheal; b. 12-07-1947, d. 02-25-2007, 59 years old, Vietnam Veteran, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Holt, Curtis Lloyd; b. 08-02-1920, d. 02-09-2005, h/o Pauline Holt, US Army, WW-2, (New Hope)

Holt, Wayne J, b. 02-29-1936, d. 12-30-1997, (4-91-B), US Navy, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Holton, Dale; b. 09-04-1930, d. 12-06-2003, 73 years old, h/o Margaret L. Holton, US Army, (Crossroads United Methodist)

Holyfield, Waymon Blackwell, b. 03-10-1924, d. 08-09-1996, (section E-4) PFC US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Hood, Michael L, b. 08-02-1956, d. 10-25-2003, S/SGT. US Army, Vietnam, (New Antioch. – Twin Creek Road)

Hood, W.H; b. 1862, d. 03-13-1937, Spanish American War Veteran, 75 years old of Shipman, Miss. Died in Mobile, Alabama, buried in V ermillion Cemetery, Fayette Township, Vigo County, Indiana)

Horn, Wm. Merle; b. 11-09-1914, d. 08-05-1969, Sgt., (Magnolia)

Horne, Burnis Rue; b. 10-21-1896, d. 11-15-1981, 85 years old, WW-1 Veteran (Union)

Horne, John; b. _______, d. _______, funeral 09-21-1964, Lt. US Navy (Evergreen Cemetery-Gulfport, Ms.)

Horne, Robert Elton (Jr.); d. 06-08-1951, Lt. US Navy, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Horne, Willie Fount, b. 10-31-1898, d. 02-24-1983, (2-276), Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Hoskins, Charles Thomas "Chuck"; b. 11-06-1930, d. 09-03-2009, h/o Clovis Hoskins, US Army Air Corps. & US Air Force 1947 thru 1970, Sharpshooter 3, Marksman 4, Expert Marksman 5, 2 Purple Hearts, Jungle Expert, Republic of Viet Nam Gallantry Cross w/star, Master EOD, Airman Medal for Heroism, Air Force overseas service short tour, Air Force overseas service long tour, 2 Bronze Stars, Air Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal, Air Force outstanding unit award, Army Good Conduct Award, US Air Force Good Conduct award, Vietnam Campaign medal, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal w/3 stars.

Hovatter, William Jennings Bryan; b. 08-04-1897, d. 09-24-1969, WW-1 Veteran, (County Line cemetery)

Hoven, M.K. (Sr.); b. 07-02-1916, d. 09-17-1988, 72 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Valhalla Cemetery-Seemes, Alabama)

Howard, Clifton Lewis; b. _______, d. 01-04-2003, 61 years old, h/o Gloria Howard, US Army, (Howard Cemetery-Bexley)

Howard, Harrell D; b. 07-15-1936, d. 06-09-1993, A3C, US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Howard, James Douglas; b. 08-13-1946, d. 03-22-2012, 65 years old, US Army, (Bexley Baptist Church Cemetery)

Howard, John Jackson, b. 10-18-1831, d. 09-13-1909, Pvt. Co. "A" 12th Florida Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Howard)

Howard, Lafayette, b. 11-02-1889, d. 10-06-1959, Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Holmes)

Howard, Monroe Medford; b. 08-29-1927, d. 02-04-1988, US Army, WW-2, (Barton)

Howard, Oscar H; b. 08-06-1922, d. 04-19-1997, Sfc. (Holmes)

Howard, Otis Carl; b. 06-22-1930, d. 12-29-2012, 82 years old, h/o Mary E. Howard, US Army Japan & Korean Conflict, (Barton Baptist)

Howell, Adrian Ealon, b. 01-28-1947, d. 12-04-1967, (4-19-C), 20 years old, FN US Navy, Vietnam, "Killed in Action" (Magnolia) He is listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall Panel 31E, line 035

Howell, Albert W; b. 10-02-1932, d. 06-08-2012, 79 years old, h/o Willodean Howell, US Air Force, Korea, (Howell)

Howell, Alton; b. _______, d. _______, Killed In Action WW-2 Pfc., (No more information available at this time)

Howell, Arlie Ray; b. 07-24-1926, d. 07-09-2009, 82 years old, h/o Velma Howell, Paratrooper, US Army, WW-2, (Crossroads United Methodist)

Howell, Aubrey, G; b. 01-03-1924, d. 06-09-1989, Veteran, (Union)

Howell, Billy Wendell; b. 12-15-1935, d. 01-10-2001, 65 years old, US Army & US Marine Corps., (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Howell, Bruce O; b. 12-09-1932, d. 05-20-1978, National Guard, Korea (Macedonia)

Howell, Cecil Ross; b. 08-22-1928, d. 01-12-2009, 80 years old, Merchant Marines WW-2, (Howell)

Howell, Charles Lindsey; b. 04-11-1936, d. 05-30-2004, 68 years old, US Army (Shady Grove)

Howell, Charles Trueman "Buster"; b. 05-15-1922, d. 12-24-2004, Sgt., CBI, 1943-1945, 82 years old, (Refuge)

Howell, Cornelius Loranzo "Reverend"; b. 07-29-1891, d, 12-08-1966, 75 years old, US Army, WW-1 (Refuge)

Howell, Daniel; b. 04-16-1916, d. 07-27-1945, Pfc., US Army, 155th Inf., WW-2, "Mississippi", Killed in Action (Refuge)

Howell, Delbert Lee; b. 01-09-1920, d. 04-02-2004, US Navy, 1942-1945, (Ellisville Cemetery, Ellisville, Ms.)

Howell, Donnell James; b. 12-30-1930, d. 06-11-2007, Sgt., Korea, US Army (Crossroads Pentecostal)

Howell, Ealon C; b. 02-22-1922, d. 06-25-1988, US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Howell, "Reverend" Elder (Sr.), b. 06-25-1924, d. 11-06-2007, US Army, WW-2, National Guard & US Army Reserve, (Refuge) (information provided by his wife Mrs. Elder Howell), was not marked as a veteran.

Howell, Ellis; b. 11-10-1915, d. 12-03-1978, 63 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Crossroads Methodist)

Howell, George G; b. 09-29-1897, d. 09-16-1970, funeral 09-03-1970, 72 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Shady Grove)

Howell, George Reginald; b. 09-02-1934, d. 08-07-2009, 74 years old, h/o Juanita G. Howell, US Army, (James Howell Family Cemetery)

Howell, George Willie "Buster"; b. 11-24-1929, d. 11-24-1965, 35 years old, Korean War Veteran (Crossroads Methodist)

Howell, Guy O; b. 04-07-1924, d. 06-15-2008, GM3cl., 1 Silver Star, 10 Bronze Stars, 84 years old, (Barton)

Howell, Halsey Douglas (Sr.); b. 04-10-1939, d. 02-04-2012, 72 years old, h/o Bonnie Ethel Howell, US Air Force B-36 bomber mechanic, (Greenwood Cemetery-Summerdale, Al.)

Howell, Henry C, b. 11-06-1894, d. 02-01-1948, 1st Div. 28th Inf. WW-1, Wagoner Infantry Regular Army Reserve, discharged 08-03-1920, Shady Grove.)

Howell, Henry Dewitt (Sr.), b. 02-18-1924, d. 01-11-1971, Pfc. 162nd Qm. Bn. WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Howell, Ira Monroe; b. 11-26-1928, d. 10-17-2007, 78 years old, US Army, 23 years of service, (Crossroads United Methodist)

Howell, James; b. 08-17-1828, d. 04-13-1899, h/o Martha (Eubanks) Howell, 9th Ms. Cav, Steede's Batt'n. Civil War Veteran (James Howell Cemetery)

Howell, James C, b. 05-07-1921, d. 03-29-1969, Pfc. Co. "E" 157th Inf. WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Howell, James R; b. _______, d. 02-08-1969, 52 years old, Col. US Air Force (flew 35 combat missions over Europe), (Highland Park cemetery)

Howell, James William; b. 03-26-1926, d. 01-03-1990, S1C, US Navy, WW-2, (Shady Grove)

Howell, John Edward, b. 03-01-1924, d. 09-14-2004, US Marines, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Howell, John Huey; b. 10-20-1934, d. 12-19-2005, US Army, Pvt., (Rocky Creek), (information provided by his wife Willene Howell, was not marked as a veteran.

Howard, John Jackson; b. 10-18-1931, d. 09-13-1909, Pvt. US Army "Florida" (Howard Family Cemetery-Bexley)

Howell, Johnnie T, b. 10-28-1923, d. 11-25-2000, S1, US Navy, WW-2, (Crossroads Free Pentecostal)

Howell, Larry William (Sr.); b. 09-15-1941, d. 05-28-2004, 62 years old, US Army, (Crossroads Free Pentecostal)

Howell, Leonard Cohen; b. 03-27-1929, d. 08-05-1999, 71 years old, h/o Bessie Howell, Korean War Veteran, (Shady Grove)

Howell, Leonard L; b. 1902, d. 1960, funeral held 08-18-1960, US Navy, WW-2 (Valley View Cemetery-Ordway, Colorado)

Howell, L.N. (Jr.); b. 10-12-1897, d. 08-26-1965, Cpl., US Marine Corp. Reserve # 21711318, (Hilltop)

Howell, Lyman Calvin; b. 06-28-1924, d. 03-09-1968, Funeral 03-11-1968, 43 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Crossroads Methodist)

Howell, Mack, b. 01-17-1896, d. 03-27-1952, Pvt. 162nd Depot Brigade WW-1, (Miss), (James Howell Family)

Howell, Marcus N. "Reverend"; b. 05-24-1895, d. 04-21-1980, 84 years old, US Army, WW-1 (Refuge)

Howell, Mark; b. _______, d. _______, # 3830175, Private overseas detachment, discharged 11-15-1918, by reason of Exp. Of term of service per tel. A.G.O. 11-15-1918, information from 1938 WPA records)

Howell, Marvin E; b. _______, d. 11-09-2012, 89 years old, h/o Loray (Prescott) Howell, US Army WW-2 & US Merchant Marines (Magnolia)

Howell, Metro; b. 12-23-1932, d. 07-04-1998, US Navy # 53180707, (Hilltop)

Howell, Oscar C; b. 06-18-1918, d. 06-14-1961, 42 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Shady Grove)

Howell, Owen E, b. 08-09-1918, d. 10-19-1982, WW-2 Veteran, (Howell Baptist)

Howell, Pete "Charles"; b. 1831, d. 07-04-1910 This information taken from the 1938 WPA records, enlisted in early part of 1862, served almost 3 years. Fought in five battles and was wounded in one, when his leg was broken. (Civil War Veteran) (Wounded in Action)

Howell, Philip; b. 03-20-1845, d. 09-30-1909, Pvt. Co. "I" 12th Al. Inf. Civil War Veteran (Shady Grove)

Howell, Prentiss L, b. 06-23-1894, d. 07-05-1964, Pvt. US Army WW-1 (Ball)

Howell, Ralph, b. 04-03-1940, d. 10-02-2000, MSG. US Army Persian Gulf, (Shady Grove.)

Howell, Thomas; b. 08-26-1831, d. 02-14-1920, Pvt., Co. "D" 56th Al. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Moffett)

Howell, Van R, b. 01-21-1920, d. 02-29-1984, Tech. 4 US Army WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Howell, Vernon, b. 11-08-1918, d. 04-17-1990, section F-6, Tech. 5 US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Howell, Walton, b. 01-10-1894, d.03-01-1952, Cpl. 314th Aux. RMT DEP QMC WW-1, (James Howell Family)

Howell, Willard Atwell; b. 04-07-1928, d. 03-25-2013, 84 years old, h/o Eugenia F. Howell, US Air Force (Shady Grove Cemetery)

Howell, William Eray, b. 08-03-1949, d. 05-07-1970, 20 years old, Sgt. Co. "D" 7th Cav. 1st Div. Vietnam, Bronze Service Medal, Purple Heart, Killed in Action (Shady Grove.) He is listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall panel 11W, line 124

Howell, William Lamar, b.10-04-1927, d. 08-10-1952, S/Sgt. HO Army Test Div. WW2, (Ball)

Howell, William Ray, b. 09-05-1925, d. 12-28-2004, US Navy, WW-2, "Ray-Ray", (Refuge.)

Howland, Ray Christopher; b. _______, d. _______, funeral 07-05-1964, 81 years old, "Spanish American War Veteran" (Magnolia)

Hubbard, Donald Lenere; b. 11-30-1932, d. 11-14-2004, 71 years old, US Army, (New Hope)

Hudson, John Clinton; b. _______, d. _______, 73 years old, h/o Mary J. Hudson, US Air force 19 years, US Army 6 Years, (Brookwood Cemetery-Arab, Al.)

Hudson, Walter W, b. 02-18-1919, d. 12-15-1982, (4-77-A), US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Hudson, Willis C, b. 08-02-1921, d. 09-26-1998, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Sand Hill.)

Hulett, David, b. 01-27-1830, d. 01-24-1918, Co. "G" 13th Miss Inf. C.S.A. (Civil War Veteran), (Macedonia)

Hunt, Waino F; b. 12-14-1930, d. 02-07-2010, 80 years old, h/o Verla Mae Hunt, a veteran of the Korean Conflict, (Little Sweetwater Cemetery, Benndale)

Hunter, Clifton Dick; b. 03-02-1919, d. 10-16-2004, Colonel, US Navy & US Army Reserve Mississippi National Guard, 85 years old, (Magnolia)

Hunter, John Henry; b. 04-15-1913, d. 11-09-2009, US Navy, Lt. Cdr., 5 years Navy Intelligence, (Pine Crest, Mobile)

Hutchinson, Burnis D. "Hutch"; b. _______, d. 03-09-2004, 73 years old, h/o Deloris (Witt) Hutchinson, US Army, Korea, (Mobile Memorial Gardens)

Hyatt, Christopher Lane: b. _______, d. _______, 30 years old, b. unknown, died 08-06-2010, National Guard serviceman, (Pineview Cemetery)

Hyatt, Johnny Louis; b. 05-03-1934, d. 05-25-2005, 71 years old, h/o Jane Dye (Hyatt) Hyatt, US Marine Corps. Korea, (Dye-Hyatt Cemetery)

Hyatt, Travis; b. 09-04-1931, d. 06-07-1976, 44 years old, Korean War Veteran, (Evergreen Cemetery-Jackson County)

Hyatt, Woodrow, b. 01-12-1919, d. 11-07-1997, (6-39B4), US Army, (Magnolia)

Hyatt, Wyatt C; b. _______, d. _______, Killed in Action WW-2 SSgt., (no information available)

Ingram, Brenda Rae (Pipkins); b. 02-04-1960, d. 07-28-2004, 44 years old, US Air Force, (Scotland)

Ivey, Lenard E; b. 08-24-1919, d. 04-09-1976, 56 years old, US Navy, WW-2 (Barton)

Ivey, Roscoe Neal; b. 05-09-1909, d. 12-29-1931, Pvt. 1cl. WW-1, US 4th, Marine Corp. enlisted 11-22-1027, died in the service of Small Pox in Shanghai, China (Magnolia)

Ivey, Vilos L, b. 10-07-1921, d. 02-14-1965, PFC 448 Bomb GP AAF WW-2 (Barton Baptist.)

Jackson, Ben; b. _______, d. _______, Private, company #27 recruit depot, discharged 01-31-1919, WW-1, (information from 1938 WPA records)

Jackson, John G; b. 06-10-1894, d. 04-20-1971, US Army, WW-1, (Pine Crest Cemetery-Mobile, Al.)

Jackson, Joshua Andrew; b. 09-06-1832, d. 04-07-1904, Pvt., Co. "A" 32nd Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need records, (Lane-State Line)

Jackson, J.S; b. 10-23-1865, d. 12-17-1929, WW-1 (name taken from City Cemetery list of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Jackson, Louie H, b. 09-03-1913, d. 06-28-1979, US Army WW-2, (Howell Baptist)

Jannone, Joseph Frank; b. _______, d. 03-02-2001, 56 years old, US Air Force, Viet Nam, (Arlington National Cemetery)

Jenkins, David Ronald, b. 06-16-1944, d. 11-13-1985, (5-12-D), US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Jenkins, F.M; b. 11-26-1842, d. after 08-18-1923, Pvt., Co. "A & E" Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran, (Washington Cemetery)

Jenkins, Francis M, b. 04-11-1941, d. 08-05-1997, Pfc., US Army, Vietnam, (Gibson)

Jensen, Chris M, b. 04-07-1891, d. 08-30-1951, (3-61), Pfc. 27th Inf. WW-1 (Iowa), (Magnolia)

Johnson, Edgar Light; b. 04-19-1869, d. 07-241940, 72 years old, Spanish American War Veteran, (Magnolia)

Johnson, Frank Edward; b. 07-11-1946, d. 06-09-2012, 65 years old, h/o Kathy (Havard) Johnson, MS. National Guard (6 years), (Magnolia)

Johnson, Fredrick; b. 02-17-1935, d. 01-26-2003, 67 years old, h/o Gwen (Moss) Johnson, US Navy, (Seals cemetery-Carnes, Ms.)

Johnson, George M, b. 09-14-1914, d. 10-23-1978, (5-32-B), US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Johnson, Lawrence Clayton, b. 11-04-1911, d. 03-28-1987, section A-5, US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Johnson, Lincoln; b. 11-06-1919, d. 07-01-2002, SM1, (St. James)

Johnson, Marion Hal, b. 07-08-1921, d. 02-02-1979, (5-32-B), US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Johnston, E.M; b. 12-07-1830, d. 07-04-1913, Pvt., Co. "C" 21st Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need records, (State Line-State-Line)

Johnston, Thomas P, b. 08-21-1913, d. 08-30-1968, Sgt. 339 Sta. Com. SQ AF Korea, (Evans-Evanston)

Jones, Adam P; b. _______, d. _______, Enlisted in 1864, 6th Ga., served under Capt. Poe Miller, he received a Confederate pension in George county. Civil War Veteran (Cemetery was not named)

Jones, Charles Luther, b. 06-25-1932, d. 11-17-1988, S/Sgt. US Air Force Korea, (Pineview)

Jones, Edd, b. 03-02-1934, d. 10-15-1998, M/Sgt. US Air Force Korea & Vietnam, (Pineview)

Jones, Edward, b. 10-17-1911, d. 10-17-1994, US Army, WW-2, (Sweetwater.)

Jones, Edward Euvon; b. 12-13-1931, d. 07-26-2009, 77 years old, US Army 631st Artillery, (Movella Baptist)

Jones, Evern Staten (Jr.), b. 12-13-1920, d. 12-02-1965, (2-223), Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Jones, George H, b. 04-31-1844, d. 09-29-1919, Co. "I" 2nd Regt. Miss. Inf. He was discharged at Appomatox Court House, was wounded and had leg amputated at Gillsburg, Penn. (Wounded in action) "Civil War Veteran", (1-366), (Magnolia)

Jones, Gerald Wayne; b. 01-03-1942, d. 12-03-1977, 44 years old, US Army, (New Antioch)

Jones, Harmon, b. 10-03-1918, d. 10-11-1959, Co. "B" 106 Log Eng. "C" Bn. WW-2, (Holmes)

Jones, Henry Judson "Judd"; b. _______, d. 02-25-2012, 64 years old, h/o Peggy Y. Jones, US Air Force, (Midway Baptist Cemetery)

Jones, Hillery, b. 11-16-1924, d. 02-07-1998, Pvt. US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Jones, Hugh Harris, b. 11-11-1912, d. 04-19-1995, (5-1-B), T-Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Jones, James Langley (Sr.); b. 02-01-1936, d. 01-17-2005, US Marine Corps., (Need the name of this cemetery….was not in newspaper)

Jones, Marvin Leroy, b. 01-15-1915, d. 03-02-2003, 1st Lt. US Army, WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Jones, Obie E; b. _______, d. 01-26-2012, 78 years old, US Air Force, Vietnam, (Alexander Cemetery-Bryan, Tx.)

Jones, William, b. 12-26-1920, d. 01-08-1998, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Pipkin Cemetery – off Fig Farm Road)

Josey, Andrew Jackson, b. 06-26-1917, d. 03-16-1995, (5-5-B), Sgt. US Army Air Corps WW-2, (Magnolia)

Josey, Troy Lee; b. 11-27-1934, d. 10-02-1997, 62 years old, US Army, (Sandhill)

Keller, Thomas Charles; b. 01-27-1931, d. 03-03-2011, 80 years old, h/o Betty J. (Howard) Keller, US Army, Korean Conflict, (Marvin Howard Cem.)

Kelly, Jerry Wayne, b. 03-14-1947, d. 05-21-1998, M/Sgt. US Air Force Vietnam, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Kemp, Joseph, b. 01-05-1919, d. 12-26-1976, PFC, US Army, WW-2, (Sweetwater.)

Kenington, Otha Ray; b. 08-12-1915, d. 02-10-1963, US Army Air Corp., Battery "D", 739th, Camp Davis, N.C., (Magnolia)

Kennedy, Annie (Fearn), b. 09-08-1921, d. 07-01-2003, (4-27-A), Lt./Col. US Army, Korea, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Kennedy, Marion William; b. 12-25-1935, d. 03-27-2011, 85 years old, h/o Betty Jean Kennedy, US Army Air Corps. & US Navy, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Kennedy, Michael; b. _______, d. 05-21-1971, US Army, "Killed In Action, Vietnam, Stonewall Cemetery-Stonewall, Ms.)

Keyes, Ras Oree, b. 07-09-1919, d. 12-18-1995, (2-162), US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Kinch, Emanuel C; b. 03-04-1841, d. 10-26-1934, Was in Sherman's March to the Sea, Civil War Veteran, 1-365 (Magnolia)

Kinch, Paul Bob, b. 10-16-1893, d. 06-13-1955, Sfc. 14th Aux. RMT Depot QMC, WW-1, (1-366), (Magnolia)

King, Charles Ray (Sr.), b. 12-08-1930, d. 06-03-1982, MMC, US Navy, Korea, Vietnam, (Pinewood – Benndale)

King, Clinton; b. 06-14-1919, d. 08-13-1981, funeral held 08-15-1981, 62 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Antioch Methodist)

King, Curmel Richard; b. 02-22-1918, d. 01-11-1994, Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist.)

King, David Martin; b. 09-30-1927, d. 04-29-2008, 80 years old, h/o Bobbye (Moody) King, US Army, (Crossroads Free Pentecostal)

King, Grady Estus; b. 09-12-1914, d. 11-29-1994, 80 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Hunt-Whittington Family Cemetery)

King, John M, b. 10-07-1922, d. 03-29-1959, Pvt., Btry. "B", 592nd Fld. Arty. Bn., WW-2 (Antioch Methodist -Benndale)

King, John Wesley; b. 03-02-1919, d. 06-26-1998, Pfc. US Army WW-1, (King-Cowart-O'Neal) information by Linda Ellis

Kirkpatrick, John Frank (Jr.); b. 03-09-1926, d. 09-19-2007, h/o Lanelle (Howell) Kirkpatrick, US Navy, WW-2, "Purple Heart", (Refuge)

Kittrell, Absalom; b. 09-16-1826, d. 03-07-1900, Pvt., Co. "H & B" 3rd Ms. Inf. State Troops, Civil War Veteran, (Slay Place-State Line)

Kittrell, David; b. 04-03-1836, d. 12-29-1885, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Slay-State Line)

Kittrell, James "Sack"; b. 03-28-1918, d. 08-04-1993, US Army, WW-2, (Holmes Baptist)

Kittrell, Jonathan; b. 12-05-1842, d. 10-13-1912, Pvt./Blacksmith, Co. "A" 9th Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran (Mutual Rights)

Kittrell, Terry Barkley; b. 04-04-1945, d. 02-07-2006, 60 years old, US Army, Viet Nam, (Freefield Cemetery-State Line)

Klemm, Adrian Allen; b. 06-05-1938, d. 03-12-1994, 55 years old, US Navy, (Winborn Chapel-Greene County, Mississippi)

Klein, William C, b. 05-31-1918, d. 07-08-1988, PFC US Army WW-2, (Bexley Baptist.)

Kline, David Irvin; b. 09-12-1925, d. 05-01-2013, US Army, (Mt. Pisgah Pentacostal Cemetery)

Kline, G. Troy, b. 01-26-1935, d. 03-02-1995, A1C US Air Force, (Union)

Kline, Gordon I, b. 02-21-1892, d. 01-17-1951, PFC, 30th Infantry, WW-1, Mississippi, (Movella Baptist.)

Knight, George; b. 02-04-1877, d. 01-23-1959, Co. "B" First Mississippi Volunters (Spanish American War) information from 1938 Mississippi WPA records

Knight, Glen Ray; b. 09-23-1911, d. 10-08-1975, funeral held 10-??-1975 retired US Army, (Taylor Cemetery)

Knight, Joseph W, b. 09-13-1927, d. 04-02-1987, T/Sgt. US Air Force WW-2 / Korea (Ball)

Knight, Olen Ray, b. 09-23-1911, d. 10-08-1975, M/Sgt. US Army, WW-2, Korea, (Taylor)

Knobles, L.M.R; b. 10-27-1821, d. 12-15-1905, Pvt., Co. "E" 36th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need records, (State Line-State Line)

Knox, Robert Anderson; b. 09-23-1927, d. 12-08-2003, 76 years old, h/o Helen (Bufkin) Knox, US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Kocian, Richard Rudolph "Dick"; b. 07-28-1928, d. 04-04-2011, 82 years old, h/o Donnie (Cooley) Kocian, US Army, Korean conflict, (Leaf)

Krementz, Charles Joseph; b. _______, d. 09-0-10-2009, 72 years old, h/o Mirian (Lael) Krementz, US Army Korea (cemetery not named in obit.)

Kucik, Michael; b. 10-29-1917, d. 02-22-1980, 62 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Fairley/aka/Hilltop)

Kyle, Cecil C; b. 02-02-1905, d. 03-07-1994, 1CSM, US Navy, WW-2, (Howell Baptist)

Kyle, Cecil Charles; b. 03-18-1928, d. 02-28-1999, 70 years old, h/o Eunice Carol Kyle, US Navy, WW-2, (Midway)

Kyle, Tommie A., b. 11-13-1952, d. 12-03-2001, SP5, US Army, Vietnam, (Midway)

LaFargue, Robert Andrew "Bob"; d. 06-20-2011, 67 years old, h/o Eloise LaFargue, US Army, (Magnolia)

Laird, John T, b. 05-23-1941, d. 02-03-1992, (5-6-C), AB US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Lakey, John Cameron; b. _______, d. 02-05-2011, 91 years old, h/o Lillie Lakey, US Army WW-2 (Memorial Park cemetery-Jackson County)

Lamb, Harvey Jack (Jr.); b. 09-02-1932, d. 01-__-2012, 79 years old, h/o Lillie Voncile Lamb, US Air Force, Mississippi National Guard-Lucedale & Mississippi Air National Guard-Gulfport, CWO-W2, Military Funeral (Magnolia)

Lambert, Cecil G; b. _______, d. _______, Killed in Action WW-2 (No information available)

Lambert, Doss Oliver (Sr.); b. 01-22-1893, d. 04-28-1955, 63 years old, WW-1 Veteran (Pipkins)

Lambert, William Elmer; b. 10-10-1919, d. 06-02-2001, US Army, WW-2, Co. "A" 129th Ordnance Maint. Bn., Height Finder Observer 692, Combat inf. Badge, Rifle "Expert", Rhineland, Central Europe, European African Middle Eastern Service medal with 2 Bronze stars, American defense Service medal, American Service medal, Good Conduct Medal, husband of Hazel (Dickerson) Lambert (married March 2nd, 1946, (Magnolia)

Lambert, William James; b. 05-28-1927, d. 12-06-1985, 58 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Carter)

Land, John; b. 04-19-1844, d. 11-30-1929, Enlisted 1864, 8th Ms. Co. "G" served under Col. Wilkerson & Capt. Marion Buckley. He received a Confederate pension in George County. Civil War Veteran (Garlandville Cemetery-Rose Hill, Jasper County, Ms.)

Landon, Floyd J, b. 10-11-1901, d. 12-23-1985, section A-4, Pvt. US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Landrum, Elton O'Neal; b. 03-17-1936 d. 11-19-2001, 65 years old, h/o Gloria Landrum, US Air Force, (Agricola Jesus Name Church Cemetery)

Landrum, Harold Edward; b. 09-26-1927, d. 12-29-2008, 81 years old, h/o Louise, US Coast Guard, WW-2, 1941-1946, according to birth date, he joined the Coast Guard at 14 years of age (Shady Grove)

Landrum, Louis Earl (Jr.); b. 04-02-1955, d. 12-28-2005, 50 years old, US National Guard, (Shady Grove)

Landry, Victor E, b. 11-10-1915, d. 10-20-2002, (6-43D4), US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Lane, Theodore R; b. 09-04-1893, d. 01-18-1942, 48 years old, Sgt., US Army, WW-1, honorably discharged by reason of per par 9 So #11 Hg. On 01-01-1919 (Magnolia)

Lane, William Roy; b. _______, d. 10-29-1956, 66 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (cemetery was not named in newspaper)

Langele, Fredrick F; b. 01-13-1919, d. 04-28-2007, 88 years old, h/o Rozelle Langele, US Army, WW-2, (Sweetwater)

Langley, Ollin N; b. _______, d. 12-12-1980, 53 years old, US Navy, WW-2 (Laurel Memorial Park-Laurel, Ms.)

Lankford, John A; b. 07-06-1838, d. 02-27-1892, Pvt., Co. "I" 36th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran (Fellowship Cemetery)

Larrimore, David D; b. 08-05-1890, d. 08-20-1960, Sgt. Co. "M" 48th Inf. WW-1 (Magnolia)

Lavallet, Adolphus Percy "A P"; b. 01-28-1893, d. 04-19-1966, 73 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Magnolia)

Law, Joseph Owen (Sr.); b. 12-14-1931, d. 01-04-2009, h/o Ellen I. Law, 77 years old, US Air Force, Korea, (Serene Memorial Gardens, Escatawpa, Ms.)

Lawrence, Booker T, b. 08-16-1916, d. 10-01-1986, US Army, Korea, (Mount Pleasant– Mount Pleasant Road)

Lawrence, Jack C, b. 10-07-1930, d. 11-01-1994, Pfc., US Army, Korea, (Mount Pleasant– Mount Pleasant Road)

Lawrence, Robert E, b. 09-07-1910, d. 08-25-1968, Sgt., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Pleasant– Mount Pleasant Road)

LeBlanc, Riley, b. 01-11-1920, d. 01-04-1997, Cpl. US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Ledbetter, Charles "CY" Dawson, b.09-27-1891, d.07-28-1957, Pvt. Co."I"31st INF. WW-1, (Barton Baptist.)

Ledbetter, Ralph R, b. 06-09-1932, d. 03-14-2006, Pvt. US Army, (Barton Baptist.)

Lee, James R, b. 11-06-1924, d. 04-28-1988, AM3 US Navy WW-2, (Shady Grove.)

Lee, Marvin C, (Sr.), b. 08-25-1938, d. 10-07-2004, (6-49D3), Sgt. US Air Force, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Lee, Richard Colon, b. 01-01-1944, d. 11-25-1986, M/Sgt., US Army, Vietnam (Antioch Methodist -Benndale)

Lee, Robert E; b. 04-11-1920, d. 09-05-1994, Tech4, US Army, WW-2, (Red Creek Baptist)

Lee, Ronald Dennis; b. 10-24-1946, d. 03-11-2009, 62 years old, US Air Force, Vietnam (Oak Grove)

Leggett, Reverend Curtis Howard; b. 08-03-1926, d. 04-16-2009, 82 years old, h/o Marcella (Howell) Howard, US Air Force & US Army, (Shady Grove)

Leggett, John C, b. 09-01-1914, d.07-11-1975, section F-6, Sgt. US Army Air Force WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Lennep, Jesse Lee "Brother" (Jr.); b. 10-21-1926, d. 11-29-2010, 84 years old, h/o Myrtie Mae Smith, US Army, Korea, (LeMaitre Family Cemetery, Escatawpa)

Lewis, Annie (Goff); b. 11-19-1923, d. 04-14-2009, 85 years old, w/o Walter Bradford Lewis, U.S. Women's Army Corps During 1950's, (Pipkin Cem. McLain, Ms)

Lewis, Woodie Mack, b. 12-28-1918, d. 03-23-1980, PFC, US Army, WW-2, (Refuge.)

Liepf, Robert Lee; b. 5-11-1895, d. 10-19-1918, US Army WW-1, 23 years old "Died in the Service of His Country, (Finch – New Hope Church Road)

Linder, Louis Pete, b. 04-25-1930, d. 12-02-2003, Cpl., US Army, Korea, PURPLE HEART MEDAL (Antioch Methodist -Benndale)

Lindley, A.F; b. 01-22-1911, d. 10-16-1977, 66 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Rocky Creek)

Lindsey, Jake W; b. 05-01-1921, d. 07-18-1988, 67 years old, enlisted at Lucedale, Ms into the US Army, Feb. 1940, was presented Medal Of Honor 05-21-1945 by President Harry Truman and General George C. Marshall (buried in Whitehouse Cemetery, Clara, Ms.)

Lister, Melvin (Sr.); b. 03-27-1926, d. 09-29-1999, h/o Irma (McInnis) Lister, WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, (Green Cemetery-Vernal)

Little, George Washington; b. 06-09-1844, d. 05-05-1938, Pvt., Co. "C" 44th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Mt. Zion-Sand Hill)

Littlefield, George; b. 1919, d. 05-06-1969, 50 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Cooper Cemetery-Stone County, Ms.)

Lockley, Darrell Lynn; b. _______, d. 11-19-1985, d. 06-24-2007, 21 years old, h/o Meesha (Fike) Lockley, Mississippi National Guard, (Magnolia)

Logan, John Milton (Jr.), b. 11-03-1921, d. 05-10-2001, (5-6-A), Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Long, Wiley "W.B."; b. 02-07-1930, d. 01-__-1972, US Army, (Resthaven Cemetery-Glendale, Arizona)

Longmire, Patricia Ann; b. 04-05-1937, d. 05-27-2011, 74 years old, US Air Force, Nurse, (Corinth)

Loose, Dr. Roger Ray; b. _______, d. 09-03-2011, 64 years old, h/o Janet (Thelen) Loose, US Army, Vietnam, (Biloxi National)

Lott, Curtis C. (Sr.) b. 10-08-1917, d. 06-04-1989, Pfc. US Army WW-2 (Pine Bluff Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Love, Alex (Jr.); b. 07-11-1896, d. 12-31-1981, 85 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Refuge)

Lovelace, David J; b. 11-22-1837, d. 03-24-1914, Pvt., Co. "B" 17th Al. Sharp Shooters, Civil War Veteran, (McLain Cemetery)

Lowe, Jesse O; b. 07-06-1918, d. 02-09-1995, US Army Air Corps WW-2 PurpleHeart, Prisoner of War, (Bexley Baptist.)

Lowery, E. V. (Sr.); b. 12-29-1922, d. 05-11-1988, Tec5, US Army, WW-2, (note: military plaque has date of birth as 12-29-1923), (New Hope.)

Lowery, Robert J; b. 02-01-1847, d. 03-29-1915, Pvt. Co. "E" 36th Al. Inf. Enlisted 05-12-1862, Discharged 05-26-1865, served under Capt. John Cleveland. Civil War Veteran (Rocky Creek)

Lucas, Arthur (Sr.); b. 06-29-1916, d. 01-13-1980, 63 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Jackson Memorial Gardens-Jackson, Ms.)

Lucas, Daniel Hubert; b. 03-21-1919, d. 06-08-1970, 51 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Luce, Douglas Terrill (Sr.), b. 06-17-1921, d. 05-21-1997, (5-8-C), US Army Air Corps WW-2, (Magnolia)

Ludgood, Elerie, b. 09-10-1914, d. 07-13-1943, Pvt. 829th Td. Bn., Killed in Action WW-2, (Lily Grove.)

Lyles, Billy Allen (Sr.); b. 11-29-1935, d. 03-19-2004, 68 years old, h/o Zula Lyles, Lt. Col., US Army, (Gibson)

Lyles, Edward; b. 06-03-1812, d. 05-14-1895, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need records, (Pipkins-Leakesville)

Lyles, William Ray; b. 03-11-1920, d. 07-29-1972, US Army, WW-2 (Rocky Creek)

Lynd, Carl B; b. 1918, d. 1976, US Army (Crossroads Methodist) findagrave # 31289531

Lyons, James M; b. 03-07-1892, d. 01-01-1960, "Mississippi", Pvt. MG Co., 141st Inf, WW-1 (Red Creek Union Baptist Church Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Mace, Walter, b. 09-08-1936, d. 05-18-1997, SFC US Army, Korea, Vietnam, (New Hope.)

Major, Carolyn (Rogers), b. 08-05-1960, d. 04-20-1997, SP4, US Army, 36 years old, (Mount Pleasant. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Mallet, Clem, b. 07-23-1836, d. 01-21-1913, section B-7 Co. "K" 15th Ala. Calvary, C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Mallett, Fritz A, b.04-18-1896, d. 12-28-1963, section C-7, Pvt. Co."M"2nd GP Repl. Tng.Ctr, (Rocky Creek)

Mallett, Samuel, b. 1844, d. 1888, Co. "K" 15th Ala. Cav. (Civil War Veteran), (Mallett)

Mallette, Avon Norris, b. 01-14-1945, d. 12-19-1970, (4-57-B), WO TRP-A- 7th Sq. 17th Cav. Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star Medal, Air Medal, 9 Oak Leaf Clusters, ARCOM, Purple Heart, "Killed in Action" (Magnolia) He is listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall, Panel 06W, line 132

Mallette, Charles Audra; b. 02-17-1921, d. 02-05-2002, 80 years old, US Army, WW-2, enlisted 09-28-1942 in George County, Ms., (Pine Crest Cemetery, Mobile, Al.)

Mallette, James K; b. 10-24-1887, d. 05-__-1964, US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Mallette, Louie E. (Jr.), b. 04-03-1921, d. 07-27-1988, (4-65-C), US Army Air Corps, WW-2, (Military plaque has date of birth as 04-04-1921, date of death as 06-27-1988), (Magnolia)

Mallette, Malcolm Troy; b. 10-04-1928, d. 09-12-2008, 79 years old, s/o Vaudy & Gertrude Mallette, US Air Force (Magnolia cemetery)

Mallette, Thomas W, b. 09-19-1926, d. 04-10-1973, (4-69-D), Coxswain, US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Mallette, Vaudy Peer; b. 05-02-1904, d. 03-06-1961, US Navy, (Magnolia)

Mallette, William Lewis, b.10-25-1838, d.11-15-1863, Co. "L" 27th Miss. Inf. (Civil War Veteran), (Mallette)

Malone, Atlas Pool, b.08-19-1905, d.09-12-1968, section D-3, S/Sgt. Base Air Depot 4AAF, (Rocky Creek)

Malone, Carroll Darwin; b. 07-24-1920, d. 07-04-2004, 1st Lt., WW-2, Korea, (Highland Cemetery, Hattiesburg, Ms.)

Malone, Maurice L. (Sr.), b. 05-24-1919, d. 08-09-2004, (5-18-C), S/Sgt. US Army Air Forces, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Malone, Odie, b. 12-3-1912, d. 06-09-1992, Cdr. US Navy WW-2 Korea, (Barton Baptist.)

Malone, Ollin; b. 08-25-1914, d. 09-19-2002, Sgt., (Rocky Creek)

Malone, Tallie, b. 03-18-1910, d. 04-24-1982, Cpl. US Army WW-2, (Oak Grove.)

Maniscalco, Peter Joseph; b. 02-07-1921, d. 02-21-2008, 87 years old, US Navy "SeaBees", WW-2, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Manning, Robert "Bob"; b. 1838, d. 07-05-1912, Civil War Veteran, C.S.A., Co. "A" 46th Miss. (Red Creek Union Baptist Church cemetery) Information by Linda Ellis

Maples, Abner C; b. 1837, d. after 09-04-1916, Cpl., Capt. Turner's Company, Ms. Lt. Artillery, Civil War Veteran (Mt. Pisgah)

Maples, Alonzo "Lon"; b. 05-09-1895, d. 07-28-1980, funeral held 07-30-1980, 85 years old, WW-1 Veteran (Howell)

Maples, Thomas; b. 07-1701838, d. 12-01-1918, Pvt., Captain Turner's Lt. Artillery Civil War Veteran, (Maples cemetery-Greene)

Marshall, Dalton Ray (Sr.), b.05-14-1912, d.03-04-1990, PFC US Army WW-2, (Oak- Grove)

Martin, Ernest Tucker; b. 06-04-1896, d. 08-31-1969, 73 years old, US Army, WW-1 (Agricola)

Martin, Gene Davison; b. 09-08-1932, d. 01-25-2004, US Marine Corps, Korea & Vietnam,

"3 Purple Hearts", (Magnolia)

Martin, Jewel (Odom), b. 06-15-1928, d. 11-26-1975, section F-3, Cpl. US Army, Korea, (Rocky Creek)

Martin, Johnnie L; b. 11-29-1929, d. 02-19-1996, (name taken from City Cemetery list of veterans) (Magnolia)

Martin, Robert Ernest; b. 10-07-1943, d. 10-12-2012, h/o Kitty (Byrd) Martin, PFC USMC, (Serenity Gardens-Mobile)

Martin, Robert L. (Sr.), b. 02-23-1925, d. 08-18-1992, (4-99-A), US Army WW-2, PURPLE HEART, (Pop-Paw-Paw), (Magnolia)

Martin, Wayne Alliston; b. ______, d. 01-28-2012, 88 years old, h/o Jane Martin, Veteran of the US Armed Forces, (Agricola Cemetery)

Martin, William E. (Jr.), b. 10-09-1928, d. 01-12-1996, (2-24), Sgt. US Marines WW-2, (Magnolia)

Mason, Allen; b. 09-16-1846, d. 07-11-1921, Pvt., Co. "E" 36th Al. Inf. Civil War Veteran-need records, (Mt. Pisgah)

Mason, Clinton, b. 09-16-1916, d. 11-27-1970, (Macedonia)

Mason, Ellis Jr., b. 08-17-1904, d. 10-13-1988, Pvt. US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Mason, George Marvin (Jr.); b. 06-11-1943, d. 06-20-2008, 1st Sgt., 65 years old, (Rocky Creek)

Mason, Grady, b. 1-21-1919, d. 11-26-1987, PFC US Army Air Corps, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Mason, Harold R. "Teddy Bear"; b. 05-14-1939, d. 02-26-2013, h/o Ruby Lee (Brewer) Mason, US Army, (Bethel Baptist Cemetery, Citronelle, Al.)

Mason, Jesse; b. 09-12-1822, d. 1899, Pvt. Co. "E" 36th Alabama Inf. Civil War Veteran (Mt Pisgah)

Mason, John, b. 09-12-1822, d. 04-15-1908, Co. "G" 4th Ala. Res., (Civil War Veteran), (Macedonia)

Mason, Luther, b. 08-03-1916, d. 04-27-1992, US Army WW-2, (Woodard.)

Mason, Lyman Perry, b. 07-11-1934, d. 11-15-2004, (4-21-B), S-Sgt. US Air Force, Korea, (Magnolia)

Mason, Melvin (Sr.); b. 10-13-1914, d. 12-13-1982, 68 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Rosedale Cemetery-Jackson, Ms.)

Mason, Powell, b. 10-__-1826, d 1905, Co. "E" 36th Ala. Inf., (Civil War Veteran), (Macedonia)

Mason, Scott, b.01-26-1892, d.06-18-1940, section E-7, Pvt.5th GP Mtd. Mg Tng. Gen. WW-1, (Rocky Creek)

Mason, Thomas; b. 03-14-1895, d. 11-16-1954, WW-1, Private first class, served in France and Germany, discharged 11-12-1919 (information from 1938 WPA records)

Mason, Wiley, b. 03-08-1920, d. 02-14-2007, US Army WW-2, (Macedonia)

Mason, Willie, b. 2-14-1922, d. 10-06-1992, Tech. 4 US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Mathis, John L, b. 11-17-1922, d. 08-08-1987, section A-9, US Army, (Rocky Creek)

May, Frank M; b. 03-02-1888, d. 12-09-1955, Pfc. Medical Detachment, 48th Artillery CAC, WW-1 (Biloxi National Cemetery)

May, Phillip F, b. 09-04-1919, d. 12-19-1995, TM3, US Navy, WW-2, (Carter)

Mayo, Charles Allen; b. 08-15-1906, d. 01-05-1968, WW-1 Veteran (Magnolia)

Mayo, Lucious; b. _______, d. _______, Private Co. "D" 540th engineers, discharged 06-16-1919, (information from 1938 WPA records)

McAdory, Guy, b. 11-20-1920, d. 06-26-1986, (5-16-B), 1st Lt. US Army Air Corps, WW-2, (Magnolia)

McBay, Luther Ray, b. 01-11-1892, d. 11-10-1936, (2-37), Corp., QM. Corps, WW-1, (Magnolia)

McBay, William Shelby; b. 07-29-1894, d. 06-17-1938, 43 years old, US Military Veteran, #1584407, Sergeant Detachment Q.M.C. discharged 02-26-1919 (Magnolia)

McBride, Ralph C (Sr.), b. 09-15-1918, d. 12-15-1991, Tech. 5 US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove.)

McCardle, Woodrow W, b. 11-11-1918, d. 02-21-1989, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Oak Grove.)

McCelland, Joseph A, b. 08-17-1925, d. 08-10-2000, section F-10, PFC US Army, (Rocky Creek)

McClain, Grove L; b. 06-24-1918, d. 01-20-2001, US Army, WW-2 (Pierce)

McClain, William; (Killed in Action-WW-2)

McClendon, John, b. 1790, d. 12-01-1869, Pvt., Mississippi Militia, War of 1812, (Salem Cemetery. – Avent)

McClure, Otis Grey; b. _______, d. 06-22-2013, 92 years old, h/o (1) Retha (Vice) (McClure), Kirkland (2) Myrtle Lee McClure, US Navy, (Lee Cemetery)

McCormick, Mark Ray, b. 09-18-1910, d. 08-07-1991, (5-10-B), Capt. US Navy, (Magnolia)

McCoy, Joseph Bert; b. 04-16-1915, d. 03-21-1985, 69 years old, US Army, WW-2 (McLain Cemetery-McLain, Mississippi)

McDaniel, Joseph Daniel "Joe" (Jr.); b. 08-19-1927, d. 03-09-2008Pfc., US Army, Korea, (Northside Baptist)

McDaniel, Joseph Daniel (Sr.); b. 09-04-1896, d. 03-31-1955, Cpl. Quartermaster Corp. WW-1 (Old Howell's Ferry)

McDaniel, Linsey Augusta; b. _______, d. 08-__-1979, Korean War Veteran, (Robertville Cemetery-Robertville, S.C.)

McDerment, Walter "Boots"; b. 04-16-1924, d. 11-02-2007, 83 years old, h/o Lavelle McDerment, US Navy, WW-2, USS Enterprise, (Hickory Grove Cemetery, Moscow, Tenn.)

McDonald, Albert G, b. 01-14-1913, d. 12-02-1993, (1-307), Pfc. US Army WW-2 "PURPLE HEART", (Magnolia)

McDonald, Dennis Julian (Sr.), b. 07-09-1936, d. 07-01-1999, United States Navy, (Movella Baptist.)

McDonald, Donald Wayne; b. 10-13-1938, d. 03-10-2011, 72 years old, US Army National Guard, (Barton Baptist)

McDonald, Frances G, b.02-13-1897, d.02-26-1979, "Nurse", Army Nurse Corps WW-1 (Refuge.)

McDonald John; b. 07-16-1827, d. 06-08-1883, Pvt., Co. "H& A" 3rd Ms. Inf. State Troops, Civil War Veteran, (McLain & Wade cemetery-near Richton, Ms.)

McDonald, John N, b. 06-24-1896, d. 12-01-1987, US Army, WW-1, (Refuge.)

McDonald, Jessie C. (Jr.), b. 03-08-1925, d. 03-25-1971, Pvt., Infantry, WW-2, Miss., (Movella Baptist.)

McDonald, John Paul, b. 10-02-1931, d. 11-11-1992, Sgt. US Army Korea, (Barton Baptist)

McDonald, Joseph T, b. 04-05-1908, d. 09-18-2001, (1-307), Tec4 US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

McDonald, Oral C, b. 12-07-1928, d. 09-26-1979, US Army, (New Hope.)

McDonald, Travis J; b. _______, d. 05-01-1983, 56 years old, US Navy, (Vallha Mem. Garden-Mobile, Al.)

McDonald, Von Ray (Sr.); b. 1932, d. 12-19-1984, SR, US Navy, Korea, (Movella Baptist)

McEachern, Alexander Lane; b. 09-16-1846, d. 01-29-1924, Pvt. Co. "E" 1st Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, 1-393 (Magnolia)

McEachern, Alexander N, b. 02-22-1915, d. 08-02-1991, (4-78-A), Sgt. US Army Air Forces, WW-2, (Magnolia)

McEachern, David Alexander; b. 06-25-1941, d. 11-05-2008, 67 years old, h/o Dorothy A. McEachern, US Army, (Magnolia)

McEachern, Slater Earl, b.10-03-1911, d 05-18-1978, (4-20-A), Tech. 4 US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

McInnis, Christopher C; b. 11-23-1804, d. 07-09-1879, Cpl. Co. "A", 24th Ms. Inf., enlisted 03-08-1861, discharged 04-26-1865(Clark Chapel-State Line) Civil War Veteran

McInnis, Colin L; b. 08-29-1829, d. 06-10-1878, Sgt. Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Enlisted 08-02-1861, discharged 04-26-1865 Civil War Veteran (McInnis-Vernal)

McInnis, Duncan L, b. 06-14-1882, d. 06-09-1933, PVT Co. "B" 6th Inf., enlisted 07-25-1903, discharged 12-15-1907, cause of death was T.B. of the throat (Woodard.)

McInnis, Dunward, b. 03-24-1916, d. 02-25-1987, S1 US Navy WW-2, (Woodard.)

McInnis, Jack, b. 10-11-1932, d. 04-07-1964, SA US Navy Korea, (Woodard.)

McInnis, John; b. 08-12-1816, d. 08-03-1899, Pvt. Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Enlisted 04-08-1861, discharged 04-26-1865, McInnis –Vernal) Civil War Veteran

McKinnis, Kevy James; b. 1937, d. unknown funeral held 05-31-1978, Korean War Veteran, (St. Luke Cemetery, Barbara, Perry County, Ms.)

McInnis, Leo Everett; b. 08-26-1917, d. 09-09-1956, M/Sgt., US Marine Corps (McInnis Family Cemetery-Vernal)

McInnis, Mack; b. _______, d. 03-31-2013, 79 years old, h/o Kay (Williams) McInnis, US Army, Korea (McInnis Cemetery-Greene County)

McInnis, Murdock, b. 1834, d. 12-28-1913, Capt. C.S.A. (Civil War Veteran), (Merrill)

McInnis, Murdock Clyde; b. 05-06-1874, d. 04-08-1930, Spanish American War, Co. "C" 2nd Alabama Infantry (Naomi Cain Cemetery)

McInnis, Neil M; b. 05-03-1894, d. 05-12-1961, Pfc. 141st Field Artillery, WW-1 (Woodard)

McInnis, Randall; b. 12-13-1837, d. 02-24-1907, Pvt. Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (McInnis-Vernal)

McInnis, Richmond; b. 04-09-1889, d. 11-26-1972, WW-1, Private served in France and England, discharged 04-24-1919 (information from 1938 WPA Record)

McInnis, Willie Pat; b. 08-03-1922, d. 12-20-2003, 81 years old, US Marine Corps (Mcinnis Cemetery-Vernal)

McIntosh, J.R.B; b. 04-05-1819, d. 05-10-1901, Pvt. Co. "E" 21st Al. Inf. Enlisted 06-08-1861, discharged 04-26-1865 (McIntosch Family-Vernal)

McKay, Milton L; b. 1847, d. 1892, h/o Evelyn Ellen (Reeves) McKay, Pvt. Co. "A" 4th Regiment Ms. Calvary, enlisted 07-26-1864, discharged (Parolled as Prisoner of War) 05-12-1865, (William Reeves Cemetery) Civil War Veteran

McKay, Richmond; b. 01-29-1908, d. 11-22-1989, (name taken from City Cemetery list of Veterans) (Magnolia)

McKinney, John N; b. 1928, d. 1987, (2-281), Tech 5 US Army, WW-2, (Magnolia)

McLain, Anguish; b. 04-0-4-1844, d. 09-25-1907, Pvt., Co. "E" 36th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran (Dantzler-McLain)

McLain, William B; b. _______, d. _______, Killed in Action WW-2 SSgt., (No more information available at this time)

McLean, John; b. 03-__-1843, d. 1894, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran (Red Hill-Piave, Ms.)

McLellan, John Patrick (Sr.), b. 01-11-1923, d. 09-10-1997, section A-10, PFC US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

McLemore, Lionel T; b. _______, d. _______, Killed In Action WW-2 (no information available)

McLendon, Elvin O'Guine (Sr.); b. _______, d. 06-08-2012, 86 years old, h/o Chappell McLendon, US Army, (New Life Cemetery)

McLendon, James M; b. 10-11-1922, d. 10-25-2008, 86 years old, h/o Mary McLendon, US Army Air Corp., WW-2

McLendon, Lindsey W; b. 01-09-1922, d. 06-27-2002, Cpl., US Army, WW-2, 1942-1946, (Magnolia)

McLendon, Malcolm; b. 1839, d. 02-27-1915, Co. "A" 9th Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran, (Leaf-Leaf, Ms.)

McLendon, Malcolm Virgil; b. 04-10-1895, d. 01-07-1964, 68 years old, WW-1 Mississippi Pvt. Co. "B" 168th Infintry (Leaf)

McLeod, Allen; b. 03-06-1846, d. 09-18-1896, Pvt. Co. "H" 3rd Battalion, Ms. Infintry State Troops, Civil War Veteran (McLeod Family)

McLeod, Clyde; b. _______, d. _______, Private first class, Medical department, discharged 06-13-1919, (Rocky Creek) Information from 1938 WPA records)

McLeod, Dan; b. 04-11-1838, d. 09-08-1919, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need records, (cemetery not named)

McLeod, David Allen; b. 12-21-1945, d. 01-27-2011, 65 years old, h/o Vallinda McLeod, US Navy, Vietnam, (cemetery not named in obit. George County Funeral Home)

McLeod, Elliott Hale; b. 10-28-1920, d. 10-02-1964, 42 years old, US Marine Corp. WW-2 (Winborn Chapel-Greene County)

McLeod, Elmer "Doots"; b. 11-02-1923, d. 11-18-1998, 75 years old, h/o Verma McLeod, WW-2 Veteran, (Winborn Chapel-Greene County, Mississippi)

McLeod, George Cecil (Jr.); b. _______, d. 09-05-2011, 84 years old, h/o Elaine McLeod, WW-2 Veteran, (George Keahey Family Cem. Leakesville)

McLeod, Irving M; b. 04-02-1918, d. 11-13-1994, MM1C, US Coast Guard, WW-2, (Union)

McLeod, James B, b. 05-23-1936, d. 11-20-1956, section F-6, Sgt. Btry. "C" 63rd Fa. Bn., (Rocky Creek)

McLeod, John; b. 01-14-1843, d. 11-20-1926, Pvt. Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran (McLeod Family)

McLeod, John Earl (Sr.); b. 04-12-1927, d. 05-26-1977, 50 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Rocky Creek)

McLeod, John J; b. 05-01-1846, d. 02-25-1932, Sgt., Co. "F" 7th Battalion Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Scotland cemetery)

McLeod, Kenneth Oscar; b. 02-16-1921, d. 11-22-2005, 84 years old, US Army, WW-2, (Scotland Cemetery-Greene County, Mississippi)

McLeod, Marion "Arnold" Sr.; b. 04-08-1922, d. 10-12-2009, 87 years old, h/o Olgia (Flurry) McLeod, US Air Force, WW-2, (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery)

McLeod, Marshall Henderson "Reverend"; b. 12-14-1926, d. 05-18-2006, 79 years old, h/o Audie Mae McLeod, US Army, WW-2, (Scotland Cemetery-Greene County, Misssissippi)

McLeod, Norman L; b. 02-24-1891, d. 11-25-1979, 88 years old, US Army, WW-1, (McLeod Family)

McLeod, Pete H; b. _______, d. 03-25-2012, 78 years old, h/o Ina Mae McLeod, US Army, (Highland Cemetery-Hattiesburg)

McLeod, Rufus; b. 10-12-1915, d. 03-06-1977, Pfc., Prisoner of War, (Rocky Creek)

McLeod, Samuel Roderick; b. 10-04-1936, d. 11-21-2008, 72 years old, US Air Force, h/o Molly (Aurora Cemetery, Wasilla, Alaska)

McLeod, Sweyn; b. 09-04-1832, d. 12-03-1908, Pvt., Co. "A" 7th Battalion Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Magnolia-Leakesville)

McLeod, Thomas M. "Tommy"; b. _______, d. 03-22-2013, 70 years old h/o #1 Darnell (Mizell) McLeod, h/o #2 Peggy (Wilz) McLeod, US Army (Rocky Creek Cemetery)

McLeod, William "Bill" T; b. 12-27-1888, d. 06-26-1957, 68 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Maples McLeod/aka/ Scotland Cemetery-Greene County, Ms.)

Mcleod, Willie Gavin; b. 01-12-1924, d. 03-10-2006, 82 years old, h/o Margie McLeod, US Army, WW-2, (Mt. Pisgah-Greene County, Mississippi)

McLeod, William Rodrick "Jack"; b. 07-08-1911, d. 07-16-1989, 78 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Woodard)

McLure, Q.P. (Jr.); b. 10-15-1919, d. 09-27-1999, US Merchant Marines WW-2, (Crossroads Free Pentecostal)

McMahan, Jim Warren, b. 05-29-1920, d. 02-24-1982, (4-74-D), Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

McMillan, Robert Lewis; b. 09-28-1916, d. 10-27-1989, 74 years old, US Army, WW-2, (Shady Grove)

McMurphy, Dewey W; b. 08-11-1928, d. 02-12-1992, 63 years old, US Army, Korea, (Hollywood Mausoleum-McComb, Mississippi)

McNeill, George F, b. 03-03-1933, d. 12-21-1993, (5-28-B), SP3 US Army, Korea, (Magnolia)

McRae, A.D.; b. 04-09-1926, d. 01-24-2004, US Navy, WW-2 (New Antioch) information from set up at Wal Mart 09-25-2012

McRae, Murdock L; b. 09-15-1840, d. 04-20-1915, Pvt., Co. "B" 13th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Magnolia-Greene)

McRaney, Gale Leonard "Coach"; b. 08-15-1938, d. 06-23-2008, Mississippi Air National Guard 1983-1994, (Holliman Cemetery-Pearl River County)

McSwain, M.W; b. 10-21-1844, d. 04-29-1930, Pvt., Co. "D" 9th Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran, (McLain Cemetery-McLain)

McVay, Luke; b. _______, d. _______, (this name was taken from the City Cemetery List of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Mergenschroer, Clarence, b. _______, d. 08-28-2003 US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia), and information provided by Edward Tigett, was not marked as a veteran

Mergenschroer, Theodore Henry, b.11-04-1896, d.07-16-1981, (3-326), US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Merritt, Anguish L; b. 12-27-1846, d. 04-07-1921, Pvt., Captain John Willis "Home Guards", Civil War Veteran-need records (Merritte-near Leakesville)

Merritt, J. T, b. 02-21-1922, d. 12-23-1983, PFC US Army WW-2, (Pipkin Cemetery, off Fig Farm Road)

Merritt, Jefferson Delano; b. _______, d. 04-18-2012, 76 years old, US Army, (Daughdrill Cemetery)

Merritt, Overton F, b. 03-10-1893, d. 11-26-1975, Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Corinth)

Merritt, Quinton D, b. 10-20-1923, d. 11-09-1987, PFC US Army WW-2, (Pipkin Cemetery – off Fig Farm Road)

Merritt, Ray Elwood, b. 11-24-1925, d. 03-15-1982, Pvt. US Army Korea, (Corinth)

Merritt, Simon K, b. 02-16-1936, d. 12-14-1995, SN US Navy, (Corinth)

Miles, Joseph B, b. 07-06-1916, d. 05-__-1984, PFC, US Army, WW-2, (Saint James.)

Miles, Willie, b. 09-28-1922, d. 05-05-1977, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Sinai)

Miller, Burnice; b. 06-05-1921, d. 10-26-1989, 68 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Shady Grove)

Miller, Charlie S; b. 06-22-1896, d. 02-22-1978, US Army, WW-1, (Magnolia)

Miller, Chiney; b. _______, d. _______, Co. "D" First Mississippi Volunteers (Spanish American War) information from 1938 Mississippi WPA records)

Miller, Christopher C (Jr.); b. 10-07-1942, d. 01-18-2009, 66 years old, US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Miller, Eli M; b. 03-08-1841, d. 12-09-1911, Pvt., Co. "A" 17th Battalion Ms. Cav., Co. "A" 9th Ms. Cav., Co. "A" 3rd Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Williamson Family Cemetery-Mclain)

Miller, James, b. 1898, d. 1981, Pvt., US Army, WW-1 (Antioch Baptist -Merrill Road)

Miller, James Dawson (Sr.); b. _______, d. 09-17-2009, 83 years old, h/o Ann B. Miller, US Navy, WW-2 (Wiggins Cemetery, Wiggins, Ms.)

Miller, John E (Jr.), b. 04-23-1939, d. 04-10-2004, S/SGT US Army 82nd Air Borne, (Shady Grove.)

Miller, John Madison; b. 08-24-1840, d. 10-08-1920, h/o Mary Miller, Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., enlisted in 1861, he was captured before the surrender Prisoner of War, Civil War Veteran (Miller Family-Leakesville)

Miller, Johnny Ford, b. 12-31-1921, d. 09-08-1996, section G-2, Tech. 4 US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Miller, Luther; b. 12-27-1924, d. 11-20-2012, 87 years old, h/o Nerene Miller, preceded in death by his first wife Ernestine (Denmark) Miller, US Navy & US Army (Mt. Pisgah Cemetery)

Miller, Lyman; b. _______, d. _______, Killed in Action WW-2 Pfc., (no more information available at this time)

Miller, Maher T, b. 01-02-1842, d. 02-12-1863, section B-7, Co. "E" 36th Ala. Regt. C.S.A. Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Miller, Shelton; b. 10-26-1918, d. 02-20-2000, Pfc., (Shady Grove)

Miller, Walter "B"; b. 06-12-1916, d. 09-14-2004, 88 years old, US Army, WW-2, (Refuge)

Miller, Warren, b.03-11-1921, d.12-31-1970, PFC Co. "K", 354th Inf., WW-2, (Refuge.)

Miller, Warren "Bo" (Jr.); b. 09-10-1950, d. 11-29-2008, US Coast Guard, served in Vietnam (Barton)

Mills, Jerd Wirt; b. _______, d. _______, Private, Medical department discharged 1202601918, (information from 1938 WPA records)

Mills, Henry G; b. 09-25-1820, d. 10-01-1904, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Mt. Pisgah)

Mills, Johnny M, b. 10-19-1922, d. 05-28-1995, US Navy, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Mills, Pleasant S; b. 03-12-1848, d. 09-08-1927, Pvt., Co. "C" 37th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need records, (Red Hill-Piave)

Mills, Washington W; b. 10-02-1841, d. 03-18-1908, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (State Line cemetery)

Mills, William C; b. 11-05-1928, d. 02-05-1996, US Navy, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Mills, William T. (Jr.), b. 03-07-1922, d. 10-26-1975, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (New Hope.)

Mills, William W; b. 07-09-1848, d. 03-18-1908, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need records, (Mt. Pisgah)

Mills, William Wesley; b. 04-02-1891, d. 09-05-1974, 83 years old, US Army, WW-1, (Rocky Creek)

Mims, Jack Kelly, b. 12-05-1918, d. 01-31-1974, (4-70-D), Captain, US Army Air Corps WW-2, (Magnolia)

Mingee, William Malcolm (Jr.), b. 05-06-1922, d. 09-30-1996, (1-367), 2nd Lt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Mitchell, Barton Albert, b. 07-15-1916, d. 06-15-1998, PFC US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Mitchell, Benjamin A, b. 1876, d. 10-13-1929, US Military Veteran (Macedonia)

Mitchell, Bennie, b. 09-17-1923, d. 11-08-1988, S1C US Navy, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Mitchell, Charlie Wilbur, b. 08-16-1927, d. 03-21-1987, Seaman 1 Class, US Navy, awards: Victory Medal, American Theatre Medal, Asiatic Pacific Medal, (Macedonia)

Mitchell, Gilbert Steele, b. 02-17-1929, d. 02-04-1997, PFC, US Army, Korea, (Refuge.)

Mitchell, Luther Burl; b. 04-18-1914, d. 01-25-1968, 53 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Shady Grove)

Mixon, James A. (Sr.); b. 02-26-1890, d. 03-13-1959, US Army, WW-1, (Antioch Methodist, Benndale)

Mixon, James A; b. 01-13-1933, d. 06-11-2000, Pfc., US Army, Korea, (Antioch Methodist, Benndale)

Mizell, Cleveland A; b. 1917, d. 12-22-2011, 94 years old, h/o Nettie (Hansen) Mizell & Melonee (Davis) Mizell US Army, WW-2, (Serene Memorial Gardens, Moss Point)

Mizell, David Sire; b. 1834, d. 11-09-1913, Civil War Veteran, 5th Ala. Inf., "Mobile", (Information Provided by Roy Mizell), (Crossroads Methodist)

Mizell, David W "Monkey", b. 03-05-1928, d. 04-23-2004, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove.)

Mizell, Jessie; b. 02-16-1963, d. 03-02-2011, 48 years old, US Army, (Green Lodge Cem., Greene Cty., Ms.)

Mizelle, John Luke; b. 03-08-1922, d. 08-09-1985, 63 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Pipkins)

Mizell, Luke; b. 1843, d. 1865, h/o Nancy Mizell (Cooley-she remarried), Enlisted in 1863, 2nd Al. Artillery, Co. "A" served under Capt. John B. Haney. He served about 3 years and Killed in Action in Vicksburg before the surrender. Civil War Veteran (Tuskegee City Cemetery, Tuskegee, and Macon County, Alabama) 1938 WPA records show him deceased before the surrender in 1865)

Mizell, Thomas J; b. 08-22-1892, d. 09-13-1986, private Co. "A" 327th Infantry, discharged 05-29-1919, (information from 1938 WPA records)

Mizell, Watson J; b. 08-02-1893, d. 01-22-1970, #1547142, Mechanic Q.M.C., served in France. US Army, WW-1, (Crossroads Methodist), information provided by Roy Mizell

Mizell, Waymond, b. 12-01-1918, d. 10-10-1962, PFC Co. "F" 394th Inf. WW-2 Purple Heart, Oak Leaf Cluster, Bronze Star (Sand Hill.)

Mizelle, Clifton W, b. 12-01-1910, d. 10-16-1984, section E-6, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Mizelle, Houston J, b. 09-13-1914, d. 04-04-1945, Pfc. 20th Armed Inf. Bn., WW-2,

"Killed IN Action" (Antioch Methodist -Benndale)

Mizelle, John Austin, b. 08-16-1949, d. 03-29-2001, S/Sgt., US Army, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Mizelle, John Luke, b. 03-08-1922, d. 08-09-1986, Tec5, US Army, WW-2, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Moffett, Charles D, b. 09-23-1919, d. 11-20-1992, Cpl. US Army WW-2, (Moffett)

Moffett, Julian Eli; b. 12-23-1893, d. 04-04-1971, 78 years old, US Army, WW-1, (Rocky Creek)

Moffett Wilbun E; b. _______,, d. 04-03-2012, 85 years old, h/o Bobbie J. Moffett, US Navy, WW-2, (Rocky Creeek)

Moody, Dwight L "Dee", b. 04-15-1924, d. 07-30-2003, Lt. Col., US Army, h/o Clara J., (New Hope.)

Moody, Leroy (Jr.), b. 02-27-1938, d. 06-10-1995, Sgt., US Air Force, Korea, (Lily Grove.)

Moody, Martin V; b. 08-14-1846, d. 07-09-1906, Pvt., Co. "A" Steede's Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran-need records, (Washington-Neely)

Moody, Robert Ford; b. 03-11-1932, d. 05-03-2006, 74 years old, h/o Beulah Moody, US Army, Korea, (Davis-Moody Cemetery)

Moody, Robert Lee, b. 05-03-1936, d. 03-20-1993, US Air Force, Korea, (Lily Grove.)

Moody, Thomas Ford; b. 04-29-1919, d. 05-27-1994, 75 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Moody, Wiley E, b. 09-18-1906, d. 01-24-1971, section B-8, PFC US Army, WW-2 (Miss), (Rocky Creek)

Moody, William F; b. 07-04-1842, d. 07-12-1906, Pvt. Co. "A" 17th Batt'n. Ms. Cav. Civil War Veteran (Cowart)

Moody, William M; b. 07-15-1831, d. 04-05-1920, Co. "F" 46th Ms. Regt. He was discharged before the surrender because of sickness. Civil War Veteran (Magnolia-2-268)

Moody, Willie Dalton, "Dunk"; b. 04-23-1930, d. 10-17-1987, US Army, Korea (Crossroads Methodist)

Moore, Charlie Edward, b. 06-20-1914,d 01-09-1983, Sgt., US Air Force, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Moore, Evon Lamar "Dr."; b. 12-23-1914, d. 12-15-1979, S/Sgt. US Army WW-2 (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Moore, James Archer, b. 05-14-1917, d. 01-02-1944, PFC, Killed in Action WW-2, US Marine Corps (Refuge.)

Moore, Wiley Thecolyon; b. 04-29-1893, d. 03-05-1977, Pvt. US Army, WW-1 Veteran, (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Moore, William Grady, b. 11-05-1923, d. 09-27-1944, PFC, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Div., Killed in Action WW-2, (Refuge.)

Morgan, Hubert Edward; b. 12-09-1915, d. 05-20-1977, 61 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Movella Baptist)

Morgan, James Parnell "Jimmy"; b. 02-15-1920, d. 08-09-2005, 85 years old, h/o Corinne (Tanner) Morgan, US Army Staff Sgt., Silver Star, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, (Agricola)

Morris, Joseph Wilton; b. 11-09-1909, d. 11-05-1979, 69 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Wolfridge Cem. Mobile, Al.)

Morris, Rudolph Rudy, b. 08-02-1928, d. 10-30-1990, Cpl. US Army, Korea, (Macedonia)

Mosley, Curtis Eugene; b. 01-11-1935, d. 08-12-1988, (#2), Pvt., US Army, (Mount Olive Cemetery #2)

Moss, Julius Madison; b. 10-01-1890, d. 11-05-1940, Lt. US Navy retired, WW-1 (Arlington National Cemetery)

Motes, Coleman, b. 12-23-1931, d. 07-13-1954, SGT US Marine Corps (California), (Union)

Motes, Connie Coyle; b. 08-29-1926, d. 06-05-2006, h/o Bettye Motes, US Air Force, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Moye, Lawrence, b. 02-15-1926, d. 09-__-1982, Pfc., US Army, WW-2 (Antioch Baptist -Merrill Road)

Moye, Lucious, b. 10-13-1892, d. 06-17-1950, Pvt., 540th Engineers, WW-1 (Antioch Baptist -Merrill Road)

Murphy, Cluest Fred, b. 11-25-1925, d. 11-19-1998, US Navy, (Mount Pleasant– Barton)

Murphy, James Loyal; b. 09-04-1944, d. 01-31-2010, 65 years old, US Army, Vietnam Veteran, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, (Magnolia)

Murrah, A. T., b. 11-08-1834, d. 06-09-1929, inscription on headstone, "An Old Soldier" Pvt., Co. "C" 53rd Al. Inf. (Civil War Veteran) (information for 1938 WPA records- he was wounded on 03-24-1865 in left shoulder, head and leg (Merrill)

Murrah, Carrol J, b. 01-08-1922, d. 09-11-1965, Pfc. Co. "E" 322nd Inf. WW-2 Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Murrah, J.D, b. 04-15-1919, d. 06-06-1944, Pvt., Infantry, WW-2 Mississippi, PURPLE HEART Medal, (Byrd/Helveston)

Murray, Church; b. 09-07-1824, d. 09-30-1884, Pvt., Co. "F " 8th (Wade's) Confederate Cav. Civil War Veteran, (Slay-State Line)

Musgrove, Arthur, b. 05-06-1931, d. 09-10-1971, US Navy/US Army Sgt. Korea, (Shady Grove.)

Musgrove, Oscar, b. 05-06-1931, d. 01-11-2001, US Navy/US Army Cpl. Korea (Purple Heart), (Shady Grove.)

Musgrove, Vinson Franklin, b. 07-30-1917, d. 09-12-1994, S/Sgt. US Army WW-2 Purple Heart, (Rhymes Baptist.)

Myers, Jesse Lee; b. 04-01-1926, d. 05-21-2004, US Navy Veteran (Lily Grove) information provided by his daughter Shirley Kennedy

Myers, Robert L, b. 05-26-1931, d. 12-18-2002, SFC US Army Korea, (Holmes Baptist)

Myrick, Jesse Clyde; b. 09-22-1931, d. 04-09-1988, 56 years old, US Army, Korea (Serene Gardens-Jackson County, Mississippi)

Neel, Tommy E, b. 11-11-1942, d. 05-27-1979, (1-383), Capt. US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Neel, William; b. 07-09-1830, d. 07-12-1908, Pvt., Co. "I" 36th Al. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Fellowship, State Line)

Nelson, Lorie (Robinson) "L.R."; b. 04-05-1926, d. 01-15-2006, 79 years old, h/o Irma Lois (Odom) Nelson, US Navy, WW-2, USS McCalla, (Agricola)

Newberry, Dennis Arthur, b. 10-02-1938, d. 05-16-2007, US Air Force, Vietnam, (Macedonia)

Newbill, Charles B. "Burt"; b. 02-05-1935, d. 07-16-1981, h/o Sharon, US Army (Macedonia)

Newbill, Kenneth E, b. 08-05-1935, d. 04-22-1987, section F-5, PFC US Army, Korea, (Rocky Creek)

Nichols, Earl Wayne, Sr.; b. 04-29-1936, d. 05-10-2009, 73 years old, US Army, (Sims Chapel Cemetery, Alabama)

Nicholson, Carl, b. 11-07-1918, d. 01-10-1966, section F-4, Pfc. 1137th Engr. "C" Gp. WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Nicholson, Charles David; b. 08-28-1939, d. 12-21-2011, 72 years old, h/o Debbie Nicholson, US Army, VietNam, (New Agusta Cemetery)

Nixon, Darren J; b. 11-08-1965, d. 09-02-1986, "Beloved Son" SP4, US Army, Airborne Div., Airborne Ranger, (Hilltop)

Nixon, Eugene (Jr.); b. 12-28-1924, d. 01-11-2012, 87 years old, h/o Sharon Nixon, US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Nixon, Eugene (Sr.), b. 07-19-1895, d. 03-27-1971, (1-374), Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Nobles, Charles Walter, b. 12-11-1925, d. 12-13-1982, SF3, US Navy, WW-2, h/o Eva, (Movella Baptist.)

Norris, Becky (Stout); b. 02-09-1933, d. 08-30-2007, Sgt. US Marine corp. Korea (Magnolia)

Nunnally, James Hubert, b. 07-19-1897, d. 02-17-1967, (1-409), SP5 Btry. "C" 1st Fld. Arty. WW-1, (Magnolia)

Nygaard, Hans D, b. 10-29-1893, d. 06-29-1961, (1-399), Pfc. Co. "B" 148th MG Bn. 41st Div, WW-1, (Magnolia)

Nyman, Donis D, b. 07-05-1916, d. 05-12-1984, Tech. 5, US Army, WW-2, (Gibson)

Nyman, Jackie A. (Jr.); b. 11-19-1927, d. 01-30-1975, Pfc., US Army, Korea, (Hilltop)

Nyman, John, b. 11-11-1878, d. 03-24-1967, Pvt., Co. "D", 1st Regt. Mississippi Inf., Spanish American War, (Gibson)

Odom, I.C; b. 04-18-1828, d. 07-02-1907, Pvt., Co. "C" 36th Al. Inf. Civil War Veteran-need records, (State Line-State Line)

Odom, Jack; b. 03-08-1828, d. 04-07-2903, Pvt., Co. "B" 9th Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran-need records, (Platt-State Line)

Odom, Lawrence P; b. 08-09-1902, d. 03-23-1978, US Coast Guard & US Marine Corps. (Rocky Creek)

O'Neal, Elijah J; b. 02-20-1845, d. 01-18-1927, Civil War Veteran, C.S.A. (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery) Information by Linda Ellis

O'Neal, Harold (Sr.); b. 12-02-1928, d. 04-01-2011, h/o Maxine O'Neal (deceased) & Helma O'Neal, National Guard, Korean Conflict, (O'Neal Cemetery-Benndale)

O'Neal, Thurman, "Shorty" Lenzro; b. 07-25-1928, d. 01-20-2006, h/o Madene O'Neal, "Purple Heart", (Merritt Cemetery-Greene County, Mississippi)

Orrell, Keith Eugene, b. 08-16-1890, d. 09-16-1970, PFC, US Army, WW-1, Mississippi, (Movella Baptist.)

Ott, Cecil; b. 04-13-1923, d. 02-28-2005, US Navy, WW-2, Purple Heart, (Magnolia)

Ott, Leonard G, b. 09-28-1919, d. 08-23-1999, (2-237), Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Ott, Leonard L. (Jr.); b. 04-06-1925, d. 08-02-1985, S1 US Navy, WW-2 h/o Doris Ott (Ott Family Cemetery)

Overby, Dana; b. _______, d. _______, (this name was taken from the City Cemetery list of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Overby, Dwain Dewitt; b. ________, d. 03-27-2013, 40 years olf, US Navy, (Finch Cemetery-Agricola)

Overstreet, Charlie Samuel; b. 07-27-1933, d. 08-12-2010, 77 years old, h/o Nancy Overstreet, US Navy, Korean War, (Barton Baptist Cemetery)

Overstreet, Henry F, b. 11-20-1886, d. 02-23-1968, Pvt. Co. "E" 322nd Inf. WW-1, (Barton Baptist.)

Overstreet, Hugh H, b. 08-29-1929, d. 01-26-2001, PFC US Army, (Barton Baptist.)

Overstreet, James J. "Jim", b. 02-11-1933, d. 05-07-2005, CPL US Army Korea, (Barton Baptist.)

Overstreet, Sam, b. 03-11-1895, d. 12-16-1944, Pvt. 1 Class 322nd Inf. 81st Div., (Barton Baptist.)

Pankratz, William, b.02-01-1933, d.06-30-1989 (5-21-D), Sgt. US Marine Corps Korea, (Magnolia)

Parker, Albert; b. 07-29-1912, d. 02-21-1988, Tech 5, US Army, WW-2, (Louis Flurry) information by Linda Ellis

Parker, Billy Jack; b. 10-30-1936, d. 03-25-2013, 76 years old, US Army (Red Creek Union Baptist Cemetery)

Parker, Boon Barton "Bart"; b. 11-03-1922, d. 10-19-1992, S1 US Navy, WW-2 (Red Creek Union Baptist Church cemetery) Information by Linda Ellis

Parker, Charlie M, b. 03-19-1922, d. 08-13-1988, PFC US Army WW-2 PURPLE HEART, (Barton Baptist.)

Parker, Dallis Franklin; b. 07-19-1888, d. 03-24-1947, WW-1 Veteran (New Hope)

Parker, Donnie D, b. 05-19-1928, d. 04-15-2003, Senior M/Sgt. US Air Force, Korea, Vietnam, Bronze Star Medal, (Barton Baptist.)

Parker, Drayden A, b. 05-04-1925, d. 12-09-1960, S/Sgt., US Air Force, WW-2, (New Hope.)

Parker, Elton; b. 12-24-1935, d. 04-06-1980, US Army (Agricola) findagrave # 30960188

Parker, George Lewis; b. _______, d. 10-12-2012, 82 years old, h/o Ora (Dean) Parker, US Army (Daisy Vestry Cemetery)

Parker, George Ralph: b. _______, d. 05-29-2012, 81 years old, h/o Hannelore Ann Parker, US Army Medic, (Red Creek Union Baptist Church Cemetery)

Parker, Herman L; b. 06-09-1921, d. 07-27-1971, 56 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Agricola)

Parker, Hubbard, b. 1843, d. 1929, Pvt. Co. "L" 27th Miss. Inf. He served 4 years, Prisoner of War, was in prison 8 months at Camp Chase, Ohio. Civil War Veteran (Parker– Parker Cemetery Road – Benndale)

Parker, Jessie; b. 01-18-1846, d. 11-11-1926, Civil War Veteran, C.S.A., 2nd Lt., Co. "M" 1st Miss Calvary (Gibson) information from Dan McCaskill's web site

Parker, John; b. 03-20-1844, d. 08-06-1922, Civil War Veteran, C.S.A., Pvt. Co. "C" 15th Miss Inf. (Whittington Cemetery) information from Dan McCaskill's web site

Parker, John A; b. 04-29-1911, d. 06-05-1965, 52 years old, WW-2 veteran, (Antioch Methodist)

Parker, L.D; b. 12-25-1925, d. 11-07-1972, Korean War Veteran (Agricola)

Parker, Luther Lee; b. 08-19-1934, d. 12-22-2008, 74 years old, US Army Veteran (Red Creek Union Baptist Church cemetery)

Parker, Melton E; b. 12-07-1893, d. 12-29-1918, WW-1 died from wounds received in battle, (Killed In Action) (name taken from City Cemetery list of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Parker, Noel, b. 10-30-1907, d. 07-30-1947, Pvt., US Marine Corps. Mississippi, (New Hope)

Parker, Robert C; b. unknown, d. 07-06-2012, 89 years old, h/o Betty R. Parker, US Army, WW-2, (memorial service at Sigler Funeral Home- no cemetery named in obituary)

Parker, Rufus B; b. 10-09-1845, d. 04-03-1900, Civil War Veteran, C.S.A., Pvt. Co. "A" 17th Batt'n. Miss Cav. (Parker Family) information from Dan McCaskill's web site

Parker, Sam R. (Jr.), b. 10-26-1926, d. 07-12-1994, (4-13-B), Sgt. US Army WW-2, Korea, (Magnolia)

Parker, Vallie, b. 04-15-1898, d. 03-21-1967, Sgt. QM CorpsWW-1, (1-364), (Magnolia)

Parker, Valton Fred; b. 07-20-1924, d. 03-17-1946, 21 years old, US Army, "Killed In Action", (Tanner)

Parker, Wallace N; b. 02-20-1934, d. 03-28-2011, h/o Shirley Ann Parker, US Army, (Red Creek Church Cemetery)

Parker, Willie H; b. 05-08-1926, d. 07-15-2001, Tech5, 75 years old, (Magnolia Memorial Gardens, Mobile, Al.)

Parnell, Alford Thomas; b. 10-02-1931, d. 07-26-1974, 42 years old, Korean War Veteran, (Sweetwater-Greene County)

Parnell, Charles A; b. 10-12-1927, d. 04-29-2011, US Navy & US Marine Corps. (Plesant Hill) information from set up at Wal Mart 09-25-2012

Parnell, Charlie E. b. 03-19-1914, d. 06-24-1987, CPO., US Navy, WW-2, Korea, (Magnolia)

Parnell, Dennis Ray; b. _______, d. 09-08-2011, 62 years old, US Army, (No Cemetery Named in Obituary)

Parnell, John D. (Jr.), b. 06-07-1918, d. 05-10-1986, WW-2 Veteran, (Holmes Baptist)

Parnell, Juston M, b. 10-16-1925, d. 04-03-2006, S1, US Navy, WW-2, (Gibson)

Paschal, William Gibbs; b. 04-13-1915, d. 07-02-2010, 95 years old, h/o Winifred Ruth (Grimes) Paschal, US Army (Owensboro Memorial Gardens Crematory, Owensboro, Ky.)

Passon, Bobby M; b. 07-29-1929, d. 09-23-2001, Cpl.; US Army, Korea, (Union)

Passon, William T, b. 08-01-1925, d. 10-19-1996, US Navy WW-2 Korea, (Union)

Patrick, Morgan; b. 11-01-1906, d. 08-06-1968, Pvt., Co. "D" 11th Inf., (Rocky Creek)

Patrick, Ruben; b. 04-21-1927, d. 08-09-1993, 66 years old, US Army Retired, 28 years of service, WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, 2 Bronze Stars, Purple Heart, (Greenlawn Park, Columbia, S.C.)

Patrick, Troy, b. 10-29-1925, d. 08-05-1994, CSM US Army WW-2 Korea Vietnam, (Oak Grove.)

Patterson, Wm C. "Pat"; b. 04-02-1911, d. 02-16-1980, Tec5, US Army, WW-2, (Hilltop)

Payne, William D. (Dr.); b. 09-18-1835, d. 03-08-1875, Sgt., Co. "D" 15th Al. Partisan Rangers, Co. "D" 56th Al. Partisan Rangers, Civil War Veteran, (State Line-State Line)

Pearman, J. L, b. 04-27-1928, d. 02-20-1972, T/Sgt. US Air Force WW-2/Korea/Vietnam, (Oak Grove.)

Peaster, Lem C; b. 09-14-1840, d. 06-08-1910, 2nd Lt., Co. "I" Ms. Lt. Artillery, Civil War Veteran, (State Line-State Line)

Pendarvis, Walter; b. _______, d. _______, Private Casual Co. #43, discharged 04-04-1919, WW-1, (information from 1938 WPA records)

Pennebaker, James D, b. 06-18-1919, d. 10-01-1993, (5-24-A), Capt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Perine, Chester Arthur; b. 09-14-1919, d. 10-08-2003, h/o Olar Lee Perine, US Army, (Mt. Sinai Cemetery)

Perine, Henry J. (Sr.), b. 08-13-1913, d. 12-14-1997, United States Army, (Mount Sinai)

Perine, Joe Nathan, b. 06-10-1916, d. 01-29-2005, Sgt., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Sinai)

Perkins, Donald L. "Duck"; b. 09-19-1945, d. 04-04-2009, 63 years old, 8 years in National Guard, (L.F. Rogers Family Cemetery)

Perkins, Phillip A, b. 07-25-1909, d. 05-02-1967, Cpl., US Army, WW-2, Indiana, (Movella Assembly of God.)

Perryman, John Newton; b. 01-02-1923, d. 07-23-1978, funeral held 07-24-1978, 55 years old, US Navy & US Army, WW-2 (Palestine-Wilmer, Al.)

Persons, James Russell, b. 05-13-1937, d. 11-13-1985, (5-12-B), "Bud", US Marine Corps. (Magnolia)

Peters, John W. (Jr.), b. 11-22-1921, d. 10-03-1989, (5-22-C), Capt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Pettis, Thomas Edwin Dickerson, b. 10-31-1941, d. 05-23-1967, section E-7, Lt. Junior Grade US Navy, (Rocky Creek)

Petty, Denzil Morris; b. _______, d. 07-04-2011, 88 years old, h/o Vivian (Mizelle) Petty, US Navy, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Phegley, Robin Roper; b. _______, d. 12-07-2007, 47 years old, US Air Force 12 years of service, (Need name of cemetery)

Phillips, David "Dave" A; b. 06-21-1905, d. 10-28-1999, 94 years old, h/o Azell (Nicholson) Phillips, WW-2, (Moffetville Cemetery-Wilmer, Alabama)

Phillips, James Corneluis; b. 08-01-1909, d. 10-08-1978, 68 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Moffetville Cemetery)

Pierce, Carlie (Sr.), b. 05-21-1911, d. 02-26-1988, (1-376), Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Pierce, Faulk; b. 11-10-1926, d. 05-13-1994, 67 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Pierce, Lafayette; b. 09-__-1839, d. 04-04-1912, Enlisted in 1861, 21st Al. served under Col. Buck & Capt. Nettles, he received a Confederate Pension in George County. He was wounded in action near Hope, Georgia. Civil War Veteran (Palestine Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery-Wilmer, Al.)

Pierce, Larkin; b. 1831, d. 10-28-1892, h/o Martha, CSA, Ms Calvary, 17th Battn. Co. "B" Steedes calvary, enlisted March 27, 1862,Civil War Veteran (Palestine Cemetery)

Pierce, Lloyd Abbett, b. 08-01-1922, d. 04-28-1996, US Army WW-2, (Howell Baptist)

Pierce, Lonnie, b. 04-22-1898, d. 12-25-1974, section F-2, Pvt. US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Pierce, Loyd B. "Bo"; b. 02-02-1921, d. 11-08-2004, 83 years old, US Navy, 23 years of service, (Rocky Creek)

Pierce, Oscar Lee; b. 06-27-1920, d. 04-16-1963, 42 years old, US Navy, WW-2 (Palestine-Mobile Al.)

Pierce, Ronald P, b. 09-03-1958, d. 08-24-1984, MMFN, US Navy, (Oak Grove.)

Pierce, Shelby Hulet, b. 07-19-1922, d. 04-29-1995, S1 US Navy WW-2, (Pineview)

Pierce, Talley, b. 09-20-1916, d. 03-15-1993, PFC US Army WW-2, Purple Heart, (Union)

Pierce, Troy, b. 08-01-1919, d. 03-08-1998, PFC, US Army, WW-2, (Movella Baptist.)

Pierce, William R. "Billy"; b. 12-08-1930, d. 03-01-2008, 77 years old, h/o Jean (Chisolm) Pierce, US Army, Korea, (Agricola)

Pipkin, Absalome, b. 10-16-1842, d. 06-15-1924, Co. "A", 24th Miss. Regt. C.S.A., "Civil War Veteran", (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent) (1938 WPA records show he was wounded and at home at the time of the surrender) (Pipkins Cemetery-Leaf)

Pipkin, Arthur T, b.12-23-1946, d. 08-05-1987, PFC, US Army, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Pipkin, George M.D; b. 02-23-1845, d. 12-05-1918, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Pipkins-Leaf)

Pipkins, Charles; b. 05-16-1847, d. 02-17-1930, Civil War Veteran, C.S.A., Pvt. Co. "H" 3rd Miss Inf. (Pipkins-Avent) information from Dan McCaskill's web site (headstone has D.O.B. as 03-17-1847, also he is buried in the Pipkins cemetery on Cemetery road in the Fig Farm Community not Avent)

Pipkins, Daniel E; b. 06-18-1933, d. 10-12-2006, SP3, US Army, Korea, 1954-1956, (Pine Grove-Vernal)

Pipkins, James; b. 04-16-1840, d. 07-09-1887, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need records, (Pipkins-Leakesville)

Pipkins, Jessie Daniel (Sr.); b. 01-22-1915, d. 10-31-1985, 70 years old, US Air Force, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Pipkins, John Henry, b. 09-12-1929, d. 07-05-2006, PFC US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Pipkins, John Quitman (Jr.), b. 10-03-1932, d. 02-27-2006, Sgt. 1cl, US Army, Germany, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Pipkins, Troy D, b. 06-21-1927, d. 03-31-1985, Major, US Army, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Pipkins, William W; b. 10-25-1893, d. 03-25-1978, US Army, WW-1, (Pine Grove-Bexley) information from set up at Wal Mart 09-25-2012

Pipkins, Willie Clyde, b. 10-25-1895, d. 09-14-1973, SC1, US Navy, WW-1, (Miss.), (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Pitts, M.H. "Curley"; b. 10-06-1929, d. 01-26-2007, Sgt., US Army, Tank Bn., Korea, (Magnolia)

Pitts, Henry E; b. 08-30-1939, d. 03-21-1981, funeral held 03-23-1981, 41 years old, US Navy (Tiger Creek Cem. Jones County, Ms.)

Pitts, Henry "Pete" (Jr.); b. 12-01-1929, d. 08-30-1999, 75 years old, h/o Opal Pitts, Korea, (Union)

Pitts, Henry (Sr.), b. 09-20-1893, d. 03-01-1985, Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Union)

Platt, Theodore (Sr.); b. _______, d. _______, Sgt. Co. "I" 1st Ms. Cav. Reserves, Civil War Veteran, (Platt-State Line)

Plummer, Clint M, b. 04-09-1886, d. 01-24-1940, SGT 1CL Q.M. (Quartermaster Corps., WW-1 (Woodard.)

Poke, Earl Baker (Sr.); b. 09-15-1900,d. 02-18-1984, 83 years old, US Army, WW-1 (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Polk, James E, b. 12-18-1920, d. 06-07-1987, (2-13), Pvt. US Army WW-2 (his military plaque has the birth year listed as 1918), (Magnolia)

Polk, Ollie G, b. 12-20-1937, d. 04-23-1996, Pvt., US Army, (Mount Sinai)

Poole, Henry Clayton, b. 05-05-1919, d. 03-19-2004, SFC US Army, WW-2, (Carter)

Poore, William A, b. 03-28-1929, d. 11-10-1995, T/Sgt. US Air Force, Korea, Vietnam, (Movella Baptist.)

Pope, Daniel Kenneth; b. 11-08-1938, d. 06-01-2003, 64 years old, h/o Lula Bernice Pope, US Navy, (McLeod-Magnolia-Greene County, Mississippi)

Pope, Walter E, b. 03-17-1898, d. 10-09-1984, US Army WW-1 (Agricola)

Pope, William J, b. 04-25-1914, d. 11-21-1993, (5-18-B) CWO2 US Army, WW-2, Korea, (military plaque has date of birth as 09-22-1917), (Magnolia)

Porter, Johnny Lee; b. _______, d. 06-11-2011, 64 years old, h/o Lula Porter, US Army (No Cemetery Named in Obituary)

Potter, Auby F. (Jr.); b. 08-22-1933, d. 12-01-1977, US Air Force, Korea, Vietnam, (Red Creek Union Baptist Church Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Pouncey, John Peter; b. 12-05-1920, d. 10-02-2009, 88 years old, former George county Teacher, US Army Air Corp. WW-2 (Pinecrest-Gautier)

Powe, Willie T; b. _______, d. _______, funeral 08-13-1963, 69 years old, US Army, WW-1 (Newton Cemetery-Newton, Ms.)

Powell, Andy Franklin; b. 05-16-1909, d. 12-07-2012, 103 years old, h/o Myrtie Ethel (Burge) Powell, US Army WW-2 Italy & France (Magnolia)

Powell, Arthur J, b. 06-30-1909, d. 09-11-1993, (4-105-A), World War II, Veteran, (Magnolia)

Powell, Henderson, b. 06-18-1897, d. 04-17-1985, Pvt., US Army, WW-1, (Mount Pleasant. – Mount Pleasant Road.)

Powell, Riley (Biley); b. 03-07-1821, d. 02-27-1885, Pvt., Co. "E" 42nd Al. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Mt. Pisgah)

Praytor, Henry Grady; b. 11-13-1936, d. 09-02-2007, 70 years old, h/o Jacqueline A. Praytor, US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Praytor, Hershel Swep; b. 12-24-1938, d. 11-05-2003, US Army, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Preece, David Ralph; b. 02-12-1942, d. 06-20-1995, 53 years old, US Navy, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Prentiss, James; b. 04-16-1844, d. 07-03-1879, Pvt., Co. "A", 3rd Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Williams cemetery-Leakesville)

Prescott, Walter F.E. "Red"; b. _______, d. 01-13-2011, 79 years old, h/o Frances Faye (Dickerson) Prescott, US Navy, (Northside Baptist Cemetery-Lucedale)

Prine, Julius Devan (Jr.); b. 01-06-1926, d. 03-05-2008,Cpl., 66th Black Panther Div., 42nd Rainbow Div., (Barton)

Prine, Linnie; b. 09-14-1838, d. 05-06-1905, Pvt., Co. "E" 17th Battalion Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran, (Simpson Cemetery-State Line)

Pruitt, Cleveland L; b. 12-02-1925, d. 10-__-1986, PFC US Army WW-2, (Bethlehem)

Pryor, Isiah; b. _______, d. 11-20-1938, Pvt., 65th Pioneer Inf., (Sweetwater.)

Pugh, Lawrence Leroy; b. 09-05-1933, d. 12-30-2010, 77 years old, h/o Rita Faye Pugh, US Army & National Guard, (New Life-Leaf, Ms.)

Pugh, Robbie Beckham "R.B."; b. 09-03-1895, d. 11-07-1972, 77 years old, US Army, WW-1, (Magnolia)

Purvis, Grover E; b. 02-04-1913, d. 12-17-1991, 78 years old, US Air Force, (Agricola)

Purvis, Harvey Henry; b. 08-14-1920, d. 02-04-2008, US Navy Gunner, WW-2, (Shady Grove)

Purvis, Otis O, b. 12-29-1927, d. 07-13-1976, PFC US Army WW-2, (Union)

Purvis, Sidney E, b. 06-07-1917, d. 04-29-1994, Tech. 5 US Army WW-2 (Agricola)

Quinnelly, Homer "Skipper"; b. 1909, d. 1965 h/o Irma "Gene" Tharis (Simmons), US Army, WW-2, (4-7-C Magnolia)

Raby, J.M; b. 07-08-1833, d. 12-12-1909, Pvt. Orleans Lt. Arty., Capt. of Coast Defense, Enlisted in 1861, Discharged 05-09-1865. He received a Confederate pension in George County. Civil War Veteran (Beauvior, Biloxi, Ms.)

Ramsey, Alfred Hearn; b. _______, d. 09-16-1862, Co. "B" Stockdale's Battalion Mississippi Cav. Killed in Action, Civil War Veteran, (cemetery not named)

Ramsey, Harvey L, b. 10-16-1895, d. 01-__-1977, (not on the maps), US Navy WW-1, (Magnolia)

Ranager, J. Wilroy; b. 11-05-1931, d. 11-14-1959, Sgt., US Army, Korea, 1949-1952, (Shady Grove)

Ranager, Leonard D; b. 02-02-1929, d. 01-06-1977, 47 years old, served over 20 years, Korea, Vietnam, (Garden of Faith Cemetery-Lumberton, Ms.)

Randall, Doyle Wesley; b. 09-25-1906, d. 10-08-1986, 80 years old, US Navy, (Magnolia)

Rankin, Joe Stephen, b. 11-19-1950, d. 08-08-2006, SP5 US Army, (Shady Grove.)

Rath, Thomas C. (Sr.); b. 10-23-1909, d. 01-__-1981, funeral held 01-__1981, 71 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Perkinston Cem. Perkinston, Ms.)

Ratliff, Robert Ford "Mike" (Jr.); b. 08-30-1910, d. 02-02-1987, 77 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Ray, Charles E, b. 11-27-1937, d. 01-23-2004, United States Air Force, (Sweet Pilgrim. - Benndale

Ray, Nathan Arnold, b. 02-28-1942, d. 10-18-2001, (6-66C3), Sgt. US Air Force, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Ray, Robert A; b. 06-01-1897, d. 03-14-1989, 91 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Oak Grove)

Rayborn, L.L; b. 11-14-1925, d. 08-10-1964, funeral 08-12-1964, WW-2 Veteran, AOM 3, US Navy (Caney Cemetery-Baxterville, Ms.)

Read, Burkitt Glenn; b. 04-02-1915, d. 03-20-2008, 92 years old, WW-2, Prisoner of War, h/o Ruby (Broome) Read, (Magnolia)

Read, Hillman Robert; b. 10-18-1917, d. 04-28-1975, US Army, WW-2 (Read Chapel Cem. Bay Springs, Ms.)

Ready, Edward C, b. 02-28-1915, d. 03-07-1975, (3-98), CS1 US Coast Guard, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Ready, James W, b. 03-16-1914, d. 07-13-1983, US Army, WW-2, (Marvin Howard Family Cemetery)

Reasoner, Orville Eugene; b. 01-23-1926, d. 01-05-2006, 79 years old, h/o Georgia Lee Reasoner, US Navy-WW-2 & US Army-Korea, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Red, Willis Clayton, b. 02-14-1932, d. 05-08-1990, (2-294), US Army Korea, (Magnolia)

Reed, Gene Norwood; b. 12-22-1969, d. 09-11-1985, 55 years old, Korean War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Reeves, Autry Mack, b. 10-14-1922, d. 11-08-1961, S2 US Navy WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Reeves, Benjamin; b. 09-12-1810, d. 03-15-1890, h/o Nancy (Havard) Reeves, Pvt. Co. "E" 9th Ms. Cav, served under Capt. Murdock and Col. Hares Civil War Veteran served 3 years enlisted in 04-1862, discharged in April 1864 on account of disability, (unknown cemetery-Buzzard Roost)

Reeves, Billie; b. _______, d. 06-27-2012, 84 years old, h/o Grace Reeves, US Army, (Shady Grove)

Reeves, Bobby Jack; b. 01-07-1936, d. 09-12-2007, 71 years old, h/o Wilda Mae Reeves, US Navy, (Shady Grove)

Reeves, David A; b. 04-24-1892, d. 03-14-1925, WW-1, Private Infantry Co. "Q" 39th infantry, discharged 08-15-1919, Served in France during the war, (Pine Grove-Jackson Cty) information from 1938 WPA records)

Reeves, Ervin P; b. 06-14-1908, d. 12-11-1977, Tech. 5, US Army, WW-2 (Antioch Methodist -Benndale)

Reeves George J. (Sr.); b. 12-24-1894, d. 05-08-1976, # 1608352, Sargeant, Q.M.C. discharged 03-25-1919 WW-1, (Magnolia 1-374) (information from 1938 WPA records)

Reeves, George N; b. 04-04-1899, d. 06-27-1981, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Reeves, George S; b. 02-13-1894, d. 02-07-1984, Private company 17 recruit depot, discharged 11-30-1918, (information from 1938 WPA records)

Reeves, Hub; b. 10-12-1906, d. 06-15-1984, Tech. 5, US Army, WW-2, (New Antioch - Twin Creek Road)

Reeves, Ira J; b. 08-10-1920, d. 05-12-1944, Pvt. 339 INF 85 INF DIV WW-2, Killed in Action (Corinth)

Reeves, James; b. 08-02-1830, d. 03-04-1926, Pvt. Maxey's Co. Ms. Inf, Mounted State Troops, Civil War Veteran, (Crossroads Methodist)

Reeves, James L; b. 11-07-1923, d. 09-12-1999, 3rd Ranger Bn., Prisoner of War from 1-1944, to 5-1945, (Magnolia)

Reeves, Joe Kenneth; b. 09-06-1918, d. 04-26-1953, COX US Navy WW-2, Mississippi, (Corinth)

Reeves, John (Sr.); b. 05-16-1928, d. 12-21-1919, Cpl. Co. "A" 9th Ms. Cav, Civil War Veteran, (Reeves Family)

Reeves, John Brunner; b. 02-07-1893, d. 01-10-1981, funeral held 01-21-1981, 89 years old, US Army, WW-1, (Crossroads cemetery)

Reeves, Lemuel Jarvis; b. 06-15-1937, d. 07-09-2012, 75 years old, h/o Peggy Reeves, (murdered by his son Edmond Reeves 34 years of age, US Air Force, (Corinth)

Reeves, Maurice "M.L."; b. 07-15-1939, d. 5-15-2011, 71 years old, h/o Annie Maxine Reeves, US Army National Guard, (Carter Cemetery)

Reeves, Peter; b. 01-16-1896, d. 03-09-1969, "Mississippi", Pvt. Co. "M" 18th Inf., WW-1 (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Reeves, Richard, b. 09-06-1919, d. 10-10-1970, PFC 107th CML Processing Co. WW-2, (Shady Grove.)

Reeves, Travis, b. 08-02-1934, d. 02-05-2006, US Air Force, (Lily Grove.)

Reeves, Verba D, b. 01-08-1918, d. 01-03-1978, Tec5, US Army, WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist)

Reeves, Welthy; b. _______, d. _______, Private, Infantry 325th Infantry, discharged 05-25-1919, information from 1938 WPA records)

Reeves, William Peter; b. 01-16-1896, d. 03-09-1969, funeral 03-10-1969, 73 years old, WW-1 Miss Pvt., Co. "M" 18th Inf. (Hunt-Whittington Cemetery)

Reeves, Woodrow W; b. 02-14-1915, d. 12-18-1944, S/Sgt. "Killed in Action", died in the Battle of the Bulge, (Old Whittington cemetery)

Reeves, W. Spream, b. 04-14-1889, d. 05-12-1979, US Army, WW-1 (Antioch Methodist -Benndale)

Regions, Henry Dennis; b. 05-11-1958, d. 02-01-1978, 19 years old, US Air Force (Magnolia)

Reppond, Luther M. (Jr.), b. 06-27-1941, d. 07-21-1987, section A-10, US Marine Corps (Rocky Creek)

Reynolds, Martin V; b. 05-14-1841, d. 07-15-1915, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (State Line-State Line)

Rich, Henry Ray; b. 05-20-1949, d. 03-05-2009, 59 years old, h/o Patricia, US Army, Vietnam, (Hilltop)

Richardson, Geraldine; b. 06-30-1921, d. 07-03-2007, T/Sgt., US Army, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Richardson, James, b. 06-18-1914, d. 11-03-1951, (2-282), Sgt. 120th General Hospital WW-2, (Magnolia)

Richardson, Norton E, b. 02-02-1913, d. 07-21-1982, PVT US Army WW-2, (Finch Cemetery – Willie Finch Road)

Richburg, T. Weber, b. 09-10-1936, d. 03-14-1959, FA US Navy (Alabama), (Union)

Rigsby, Leon J, b. 01-26-1918, d. 12-31-1980, Cpl. US Army WW-2 (Agricola)

Rimes, John Lemuel; b. 04-12-1912, d. 05-14-1980, 68 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Magnolia-Lucedale)

Ritrovato, Salvatore J; b. 11-22-1921, d. 12-26-1997, US Navy WW-2 (Magnolia)

Roberts, A; b. 07-08-1825, d. 01-09-1908, Pvt., Co. "H" 3rd Batt., Ms. Inf. State Troops, Civil War Veteran, (Mutual Rights)

Roberts, Council, b. 04-05-1908, d. 02-13-1952, Pvt., 264th Medical Bn., WW-2, (New Hope.)

Roberts, Daniel H, b. 10-29-1946, d. 07-09-1980, US Air Force, (Woodard)

Roberts, Dwight; b. _______, d. 03-22-2013, 64 years old, US Army, Vietnam, (Northside Baptist Church Cemetery)

Roberts, Henry; b. 08-15-1822, d. 05-17-1880, Captain, Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran (Buffalo cemetery)

Roberts, Herman, b. 04-11-1910, d. 09-12-1973, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Holmes Baptist)

Roberts, Ira Ernest, b. 11-11-1920, d. 06-16-1991, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Northside Baptist)

Roberts, James; b. 07-09-1822, d. 04-18-1901, Pvt., Co. "F" 17th Ms. Cav., Co. "D" 9th Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran (Mutual Rights)

Roberts, James Everett; b. 11-23-1944, d. 04-01-2013, 68 years old, US Navy, (McLain Cemetery)

Roberts, James Samuel; b. 03-13-1920, d. 08-20-1993, M/Sgt. US Air Force, WW-2 & Vietnam (Red Creek Union Baptist Church cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Roberts, John L, b. 10-08-1914, d. 07-29-1996, Pvt. US Army WW-2, (Northside Baptist)

Roberts, Leonard C, b. 03-06-1920, d. 12-16-1943, Sgt., 179th Inf., 45th Inf. Div., WW-2, Killed in Action (New Hope.)

Roberts, Leonard H; b. 07-19-1884, d. 02-23-1978, 93 years old, US Army, WW-1, (Mt. Pisgah-Greene County, Ms.)

Roberts, Samuel Augustus; b. 05-20-1896, d. 11-29-1980, 84 years old, US Army, WW-1 (Barton)

Robertson, Dale W, b. 11-17-1919, d. 10-23-1996, US Army, WW-2, (Movella Baptist.)

Robertson, Ransom; b. 08-12-1833, d. 03-08-1865, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Slay-State Line)

Robertson, William; b. 07-10-1828, d. 02-09-1865, Pvt. Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran (Slay-State Line)

Robinson, J.T; b. 05-13-1848, d. 06-02-1935, Pvt., Co. "B" 5th Al. Cav., (State Line-State Line) Civil War Veteran-need records

Rogers, George A, b. 09-30-1931, d. 02-28-1975, Sgt. US Army, Korea, Vietnam, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Rodgers, George W, b. _______, d. 08-07-1934, Pvt.1cl., 114th Am. Tn., 39th Div. (Antioch Methodist -Benndale)

Rogers, Herman S, b. 10-22-1928, d. 06-26-1970, CS3 US Coast Guard Korea (Agricola)

Rogers, Hillman Buddy, b. 04-09-1928, d. 07-28-2006, Cpl., US Army, WW-2, Korea, (Pipkins Cemetery. – Avent)

Rogers, Isaac J, b. _______, d. 12-02-1926, section C-6, Pvt. 162nd Depot Brig., (Rocky Creek)

Rogers, Joseph Griffin, b. 05-08-1842, d. 03-01-1925, Co. "A" 3rd Miss. Inf. (Civil War Veteran), (Finch Cemetery – New Hope Church Road)

Rogers, John Thomas; b. 11-15-1848, d. 08-20-1922, Co. "B" 4th Miss. Calvary, C.S.A. (Civil War Veteran), (New Hope.)

Rogers, Leonard Franklin (Sr.); b. 05-13-1917, d. 01-01-2007, 89 years old, h/o Esther Rogers, US Navy, (Rogers Cemetery)

Rogers, Shelton Charles; b. ________d. 05-01-1960, 63 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Hickory Grove Cemetery-Laurel, Ms.)

Rogers, Thomas A, b. 04-19-1925, d. 07-27-1947, section E-4 PFC Co. "K" 39th Inf. 8th Regt. WW-2 (Mississippi), (Rocky Creek)

Rogers, Thomas Verlon; b. 11-05-1921, d. 04-21-1990, 68 years old, WW-2 Veteran (New Hope)

Rogers, William H, b. 06-14-1929, d. 10-11-1981, SFC US Army Korea Vietnam, (Union)

Roper, Mark W. (Jr.), b. 02-06-1939, d. 03-03-1993, section B-6, CM Sgt. US Air Force, Vietnam, (Rocky Creek)

Rose, Kenneth Riley; b. 09-16-1935, d. 10-03-2005, 70 years old, h/o Margaret Lurline (Deese) Rose, US Air Force, (Crossroads United Methodist)

Rose, William H; b. 06-03-1838, d. 06-17-1916, Pvt., Co. "G" 7th Ms. Cav. Civil War Veteran, (Sweetwater-Greene)

Rounsaville, Elias; b. 02-09-1845, d. 01-14-1902, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Mt. Pisgah)

Rounsaville, Lawrence; b. 09-09-1902, d. 12-22-1971, M/Sgt., US Army, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Rouse, Andren Clifton, b. 03-16-1933, d. 03-14-1980, Veteran-no information available, (Shady Grove.)

Rouse, B. Snow; b. 04-11-1839, d. 05-12-1928, Pvt. Co. "A" 9th Ms. Cav (Steede's Batt'n.), Civil War Veteran, (Crossroads Methodist)

Rouse, Donald Elmore; b. 11-11-1943, d. 11-05-2012, 69 years old, Mississippi National Guardsman, (Corinth)

Rouse, Edna, b. 12-14-1913, d. 01-06-1983, (3-98), Cpl. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Rouse, E.G. "Runt" (Jr.); b. 10-03-1894, d. 01-01-1967, Sgt., AVN. TW. US Marine Corp., Pacific, 1942-1945, (Union)

Rouse, Grady Ira, b. 02-23-1920, d. 12-20-1972, Pvt. US Army WW-2 (Mississippi), (Union)

Rouse, Herman Louis, b. 10-10-1914, d. 01-05-1990, Major US Army WW-2 / Korea, (Shady Grove.)

Rouse, Hubert, b. 04-24-1915, d. 08-04-1977, Tech. 5 US Army WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Rouse, Jimmy B. "Jim"; b. 10-18-1928, d. 01-23-1985, US Military Veteran, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Rouse, Lonnie William; b. 12-06-1906, d. 09-11-1967, funeral 09-14-1967, US Navy, (Union)

Rouse, Luther, b. 03-21-1915, d. 08-31-1991, Tech. 5, US Army, WW-2, Reeves/Carter.)

Rouse, Luther Donald; b. 10-12-1949, d. 11-24-2008, US Marine Corp., Vietnam (Reeves/Carter Cem. Benndale)

Rouse, Nevin Dean; b. _______, d. 12-05-2010, 84 years old, h/o Willie Eloise Rouse, US Army, WW-2, (Shady Grove)

Rouse, Norman Will, b. 03-16-1922, d. 03-13-1967, MM3 US Navy WW-2, (Shady Grove.)

Rouse, Norris; b. 12-15-1925, d. 03-20-2009, 83 years old, h/o Helen (Raney) Rouse, WW-2 (Union Cemetery)

Rouse, Norris Kent; b. 12-18-1944, d. 11-17-2009, 64 years old, National Guard Veteran, (Moffett Cemetery)

Rouse, Pat K, b. 08-28-1916, d. 02-23-1970, Pfc. US Army WW-2, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Rouse, Robert H, b. 01-19-1915, d. 12-05-1983, PFC, US Army, WW-2, (Midway)

Rouse, Travis E; b. 11-17-1918, d. 01-22-1957, CPO, US Navy, WW-2 (Shady Grove)

Rouse, Troy L, b. 08-03-1913, d. 07-25-1983, (4-62-D), US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Rouse, Wallis P; b. _______, d. 10-21-1940, Mech. 142nd M.G. Bn. Mississippi, (Crossroads Methodist)

Rouse, Willie Alva, b. 01-15-1917, d. 06-18-1988, Major US Army WW-2, (Shady Grove.)

Rowell, Leslie E, b. 05-17-1934, d. 12-29-1992, United States Marine Corps (New Hope.)

Rush, James L, b. 10-03-1904, d. 01-23-1960, PVT. US Army WW-2 (Agricola)

Rustin, Daniel McKennis, b. 07-26-1907, d. 08-07-1984, section G-4, US Navy, (Rocky Creek)

Rutherford, Clyde Bernard, b. 08-22-1919, d. 10-14-2000, section F-5, M/Sgt. US Army Air Force WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Rutherford, Kenneth L; b. 05-17-1917, d. 04-03-2002, CWO, WW-2, (buried in Seattle, Washington)

Sanders, Erasmus J; b. 10-10-1841, d. 11-14-1924, Cpl., Co. "A" 1st Mounted Rifles, Arkansas, Civil War Veteran, (Mt. Zion-Sand Hill)

Sanderson, Henry Haywood; b. 07-25-1909 d. 03-27-2001, 91 years old, US Navy, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Sands, Oliver Ray (Jr.); b. 12-06-1940, d. 03-11-1991, 50 years old, MSgt. US Air Force retired, Viet Nam, 20 years of service, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Sargent, Willie Allen, b. 06-28-1928, d. 09-__-1975, Cpl., US Army, Korea, (Lily Grove.)

Saunders, Eddie; b. _______, d. _______, Private Co. "A" 565th Engineer service, WW-1, discharged 12-10-1918 (information from 1938 WPA records)

Scarbrough, Arthur B, b. 11-26-1946, d. 08-26-1966, LCPL US Marine Corps Vietnam (Purple Heart) KILLED IN ACTION, (Union)

Scarborough, A.D; b. _______, d. 05-24-1960, 50 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (ByrdTown Baptist cemetery-Picayune, Ms.)

Scott, Edward Everett, b. 02-08-1921, d. 08-25-1992, Pvt. US Marine Corps WW-2, (Refuge.)

Scott, Floyd Earl (Sr.), b. 01-17-1895, d. 01-02-1967, US Navy WW-1, h/o Alice, (Refuge.)

Scott, Francis Keith; b. 08-08-1930, d. 03-23-2008, h/o Laverne (Howell) Scott, US Navy, Korea, (Refuge)

Scott, J.H. "Jim"; b. 10-16-1895, d. 10-09-1985, 89 years old, US Army, WW-1, (Cedar Lawn-Philadelphia, Mississippi)

Scott, Porter B; b. 11-21-1924, d. 11-19-1977, 20 years of service US Navy, (Winburn Chapel-Greene County, Ms.)

Seabrook, D.O; b. 07-21-1837, d. 03-18-1907, Pvt., Co. "C & D" 21st Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (State Line-State Line)

Seabrook, J.P; b. _______, d. 01-13-1928, 2nd Lt., Co. "I" 38th Al. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (State Line)

Seabrook, John P; b. 12-11-1842, d. 12-31-1927, Pvt., Co. "G & I" 38th Al. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (State Line)

Seals, Clarence Percell; b. 02-11-1919, d. 08-28-1978, funeral 08-30-1978, 59 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Bonds Cemetery-Stone County, Ms.)

Seals, James, b. 07-12-1940, d. 08-16-1995, SP4 US Army, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Sharples, Bruce V; b. 12-11-1922, d. 12-15-2012, h/o Juanita (Dickerson) & Catherine (Dick) Sharples, WW-2 Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Shattles, Lorenzo Monroe; b. 12-13-1891, d. 02-14-1963, 71 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Magnolia)

Shaw, Harlan Samuel; b. 06-16-1921, d. 08-28-2001, 80 years old, h/o Bernice Shaw, US Army, WW-2, (New Hope)

Shell, Robert Henry (Jr.); b. 02-02-1931, d. 08-15-2008, 77 years old, h/o Jennifer Shell, US Army, Korea, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Shepard, William Cortell, "Coyt"; b. 12-16-1920, d. 02-01-1972, funeral 02-03-1972, US Army, WW-2 (Rocky Creek)

Shepherd, Littleton Jessie; b. 1832, d. 1906, Pvt. Co. "E" 36th Al. Inf. Civil War Veteran (Macedonia)

Shepheard, Locklin; b. 09-27-1932, d. 01-05-2005, 72 years old, US Air Force, Korea, (Dickerson-Davis Cemetery)

Shepheard, Riley Edward; b. 10-01-1939, d. 03-21-2007, 67 years old, Vietnam veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Shepherd, Boss Franklin; b. 10-21-1931, d. 08-03-1988, 56 years old, Korea, Vietnam, Air Force Sergeants Association (Northside Baptist)

Shepherd, John W, b. 02-27-1894, d. 07-08-1948, US Army, WW-1 Germany, (Macedonia)

Shepherd, Claude Albert; b. 08-28-1943, d. 04-28-2008, 64 years old, h/o Carol Shepherd, US Army, Vietnam, (Northside Baptist)

Sheppard, Jacob M, b.12-28-1919, d.06-12-1963, section C-8, SC3 US Naval Reserve WW2, (Rocky Creek)

Shepperd, John H; b. 09-23-1820, d. 09-05-1895, Pvt. Co. "F" 36th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran (Pipkins-Avent)

Sherman, James Edward; b. 05-06-1922, d. 12-11-2007, 85 years old, h/o Dorthy Mae Sherman, US Army & Retiree of Civil Service (Carter)

Sherman, John Clayton, b. 05-22-1894, d. 03-07-1920, WW-1 (Killed in Action) Magnolia 1-317, (information from 1938 WPA records)

Shoemaker, Singleton; b. 05-29-1916, d. 03-06-1982, Cpl. US Army Air Corp. WW-2 (Pine Grove Methodist cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Shotts, Stennis, b. 07-07-1918, d. 04-11-2006, Cpl. US Army Air Corp., WW-2, (Macedonia)

Shurley, Tom Clayton, b. 10-28-1909, d. 04-22-1986, (2-51), RM US Navy WW-2, (Magnolia)

Siddon, Eddie Milton; b. _______, d. 09-12-2012, 81 years old, h/o Melva Elizabeth Siddon, US Army, Korea, (Magnolia)

Simmons, James Carlton "J.C."; b. 04-11-1920, d. 10-31-1996, US Army Inf. Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, American Defense Medal, European – African – Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with Bronze star, Asiatic – Pacific Campaign Medal with Battle Stars, American Campaign Medal, WW-2 Victory Medal, (buried in Talahassee, Florida)

Simmons, Troy W, b. 01-11-1918, d. 03-09-2003, section C-4, Sgt. US Army Air Force WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Sims, Arthur Henry; b. 12-03-1947, d. 12-08-2006, (#2), S/Fcl., US Army, (Mount Olive Cemetery #2)

Sims, Reverend Buford Niles; b. 08-02-1929, d. 11-29-2008, US Army Neteran, (Magnolia)

Sistrunk, P.H; b. 08-11-1921, d. 05-27-1990, Pvt. US Army WW-2 (Gibson)

Skinner, Raphael Seemes, b. 03-31-1900, d. 11-28-1986, Major, US Army Reserve #0205757, "Jack" (Magnolia)

Slaton, James William (Sr.); b. 09-27-1929, d. 04-28-2000, 70 years old, h/o Betty Jane (Hull) Slaton, US Air Force, (Slaton Family Cemetery)

Slay, Bernise; b. 09-20-1897, d. 04-03-1969, Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Refuge)

Slay, Charles B; b. 08-12-1922, d. 09-07-1986, 64 years old, US Navy, WW-2 (Slay Family Cemetery)

Slay, James; b. 07-03-1848, d. 07-10-1925, Pvt., Co. "I" 36th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need records, (Clarks Chapel-State Line)

Slay, James C; b. 10-26-1924, d. 07-13-1944, Pvt. US Army Killed in Action WW-2 (Refuge)

Smith, Alford; b. 08-06-1823, d. 12-10-1889, Gunner, Co. "I" 4th Al. Lt. Arty. Civil War Veteran, (Crossroads Methodist)

Smith, Amon K; b. 01-15-1930, d. 01-28-1952, Pvt., 31st Inf. 7th Inf. Div., Korea, "Killed in Action", Purple Heart, (Macedonia)

Smith, Bernell B; b. 09-15-1917, d. 12-23-1981, Sgt US Marine Corps WW-2 (Magnolia)

Smith, Britton L; b. 09-18-1896, d. 10-29-1967, Pvt CAS Co. 17 Recuit Depot, WW-1, (Macedonia)

Smith, Bruce Carson; b. _______, d. 07-21-12, 62 years old, US Army, (Reeves-Smith Cem.)

Smith, Charles Edward; b. 11-16-1931, d. 02-25-2011, 79 years old, h/o Patricia Ruth Smith, US Army, (Barton Baptist)

Smith, C.N.S; b. _______, d. _______, Enlisted in 1863, 13th Ms. Co. "L", served under Col. Ashcraft - Capt. Hutton, he received a Confederate pension in George County. (Wounded in Action) Civil War Veteran (Cemetery was not named)

Smith, Elby W. "Bill"; b. 11-10-1929, d. 05-29-2004, 74 years old, US Army, WW-2, Korea, (New Antioch)

Smith, Enoch Hunt; b. 04-18-1823, d. 11-10-1896, Pvt., Co. "E" 32nd Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (State Line)

Smith, G.A; b. 11-08-1896, d. 09-11-1960, US Navy (Sand Hill)

Smith, George W; b.__12-1847, d. 09-04-1916, Pvt. Co. "A" 9th Ms. Cav. Civil War Veteran, (Mutual Rights)

Smith, George W; b. 06-25-1842, d. 10-25-1916, Pvt. Co. "A" 9th Ms. Calvary, Section C-5 Civil War Veteran (Rocky Creek)

Smith, Ira Walter; b. 11-02-1916, d. 04-14-1968, Pvt. Co. "C" 218th Inf. Tng/Bn. WW-2 (Antioch Methodist)

Smith, Issac; b. 10-22-1841, d. 01-01-1918, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Henderson Cemetery-Piave, Ms.)

Smith, James Penn; b. _______, d. _______, Pvt. US Army (Midway)

Smith, John A; b. 08-10-1893, d. 11-05-1970, US Navy WW-1 (Oak Grove)

Smith, J. Andrew; b. 06-13-1847, d. 03-15-1910, Pvt., Co. "C" 9th Ms. Cav., Co. "D & E" 17th Ms. Cav. Civil War Veteran, (Mutual Rights)

Smith, John R; b. 05-13-1938, d. 06-04-1993, AN US Navy (Rhymes)

Smith, John S; b. 05-03-1822, d. 04-15-1865 Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Died in Service, Civil War Veteran (Mutual Rights)

Smith, John W; b. 1870, d. 1951 (name taken from City Cemetery list of Veterans)

Smith, Joseph Cleo; b. 10-03-1928, d. 12-06-1958, A1C, 338th Tech. Tng. Gp. Af. "Miss" (Antioch Methodist)

Smith, Joshua; b. _______, d. 04-01-2012, 84 years old, US Air Force, (Barton Baptist)

Smith, Ransom D; b. 03-17-1845, d. 03-03-1929, Pvt., Co. "H" 1st Ms. Cav. Reserves, Civil War Veteran, (Mutual Rights)

Smith, Samuel or Sherrod; b. 03-04-1843, d. 09-21-1872, Pvt., Co. "I" 36th Al Inf., Civil War Veteran, Prisoner of War Camp Chase, Ohio, (Henderson-Piave)

Smith, Samuel J; b. 11-23-1817, d. 09-06-1900, Pvt., Co. "H" 1st Ms. Cav. Reserves, Civil War Veteran, (Mutual Rights)

Smith, Shelby Lawrance (Jr.); b. _______, d. 10-16-2012, 75 years old, h/o Sophia Violeta Smith, US Army (Magnolia)

Smith Lee Andrew; b. 06-06-1911, d. 09-10-1988, 77 years old, Retired Merchant Marine, (Barton)

Smith, Loney; b. 09-14-1895, d. 10-18-1957, Private, discharged 03-22-1919, (Machpelah Cem-Jackson cty (information from 1938 WPA records)

Smith, Oscar Zellon; b. 09-23-1895, d. 07-19-1961, 65 years old, US Army, WW-1 (Magnolia)

Smith, Otis L. (Jr.); b. 10-14-1943, d. 10-27-1984, SA, US Navy (Rocky Creek)

Smith, Otis Leroy (Sr.); b. 04-07-1921, d. 01-__-1969, 47 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Joiner Cemetery-Tanner Williams)

Smith, Robert Lee; b. 09-08-1924, d. 04-28-1980, Cpl. US Army WW-2 (Oak Grove)

Smith, Robert Lloyd V; b. 12-29-1939, d. 02-21-1972, 33 years old, US Navy, (Magnolia)

Smith, Roy; b. _______, d. _______, Sargeant, Co. "D" First Mississippi Volunteers (Spanish American War) information from 1938 Mississippi WPA records

Smith, Roy L; b. 01-01-1941, d. 08-27-1984, SP5, US Army, Vietnam, (Barton)

Smith, Samuel I; b. 03-15-1909, d. 06-28-1995, CM1, US Navy WW-2 (Magnolia)

Smith, Stanley T; b. _______, d. _______, Casual Company 17 recruit depot, discharged 12-07-1918, (information from 1938 WPA records)

Smith, Tommy L; b. 12-07-1950, d. 11-30-1994, Sgt. US Army Vietnam, (Finch – Harmon Pope Rd.)

Smith, Warren Edwin; b. 03-21-1893, d. 04-13-1973, 80 years old, US Army, WW-1, (Neely Cemetery Greene Cty., Ms.)

Smith, W.H; (this name was taken from the City Cemetery list of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Smith, William J; b. 06-24-1926, d. 02-12-1989, US Navy & Cpl. US Army, WW-2 & Korea, (Macedonia)

Smith, William M; b. _______, d. _______, Killed in Action Ww-2 Pfc., (no information available)

Smith, Willie Benjamin; b. 11-27-1929, d. 05-30-1979, 49 years old, US Army, Korea, (Magnolia)

Smith, Willie Marvin; b. 01-06-1928, d. 02-03-2006, US Army, (Lily Grove)

Smith, W. J; b. 01-06-1844, d. 09-12-1907, Pvt., Co. "A", 9th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need records (State Line-State Line)

Snelgrove, Ernest Alfred; b. 04-16-1927, d. 07-26-2008, 82 years old, h/o Clara (Rouse) Snelgrove, US Army, WW-2, (Calvary Baptist Cemetery)

Soloman, Henry Keyes; b. 08-03-1925, d. 10-06-1995, GM3, US Navy WW-2 (Magnolia)

Soloman, Manuel Dorsett "M.D." (Sr.); b. 08-07-1902, d. 06-19-1977, 75 years old, US Navy, WW-1 (Magnolia)

Solomon, Henry L; b. _______, d. _______, Enlisted in 1861, 9th Al. Co. "L", he received a Confederate pension in George county. Civil War Veteran (Cemetery was not named)

Solomon, M.D. (Jr.); b. 07-30-1927, d. 03-15-1993, S1C, US Navy WW-2 (Magnolia)

Solomon, Ruble J; b. 04-17-1913, d. 08-22-1944, CM3, US Navy Reserve WW-2,

Killed in Action (Magnolia)

Solomon, W.C; b. _______, d. _______, (name taken from City cemetery List of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Sossaman, William H; b. 12-08-1929, d. 09-13-1994, PFC. US Army, Korea, (Hillcrest)

Sowell, Arthur L. "Teeny"; b. 03-11-1921, d. 12-30-2007, h/o Rachel N. Sowell, US Army, WW-2 (New Providence-Greene County)

Sowell, Houston V; b. 11-12-1919, d. 07-31-1994, US Navy, WW-2 (Oak Grove)

Sowell, James Monroe; b. 06-08-1829, d. 06-26-1911, Pvt. Confederate Citizen Civil War Veteran-need records, Sowell Family Cemetery-Greene)

Speer, William H; b. 1888, d. 01-19-1941, Pvt.1st Class, US Marine Corps. "Georgia" (Magnolia)

Spiceland, Evan C; b. 10-15-1915, d. 05-26-2002, (name taken from City Cemetery list of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Spikes, Daniel; b. _______, d. _______, Enlisted in 1861, 3rd Ms. Served under Captain's H. Green & John Saucier. Enlisted April 1861 and served 5 years being discharged at Vicksburg, Ms., He received a Confederate pension in George County. Civil War Veteran (Cemetery was not named)

Spivery, Carl Douglas; b. 07-27-1922, d. 11-__-1978, PFC., US Army, WW-2, (Mount Olive #1 Cem)

Spivery, Isiah, b. 07-27-1947, d. 02-07-1992, PFC, US Marine Corps Vietnam, (Mount Olive #2 Cem.)

Stanford, Gerald A; b. 04-06-1926, d. 06-24-2004, 78 years old, h/o Dorothy Stanford, US Navy, (Winborn Chapel- Greene County, Mississippi)

Stanley, John B; b. _______, d. 01-20-2012, 79 years old, h/o Myrna Stanley, US Army, Korea, (Benndale Church of God Cemetery)

Steede, "Col.", Abner Clayton; b. 04-15-1828, d. 10-17-1901, Col. in the C.S.A (Civil War Veteran) (Steede Cemetery-Jackson County, Mississippi)

Steede, Abner Tolar "Junior" (Jr.); b. 09-02-1925, d. 09-15-2001, 76 years old, h/o Lenora Steede, US Marine Corps, WW-2 (Carter)

Steede, Abner Tolar; b. 10-21-1894, d. 01-01-1987, 92 years old, WW-1 Veteran (Carter)

Stegall, B.W; b. _______, d. 10-14-1964, 69 years old, WW-1 Veteran (Mt. Olive cemetery-Morton, Ms.)

Stevens, Charles Henry "T.D."; b. 07-09-1932, d. 5-20-2010, 77 years old, US Army, Korean War Veteran, h/o Ethel (Rouse) Stevens (Northside Baptist)

Stevens, James; b. 08-31-1928, d. 02-02-1995, Pvt. US Army, (Northside Baptist)

Stevens, Jeff; b. 05-16-1890, d. 01-27-1970, 79 years old, US Army, WW-1 Miss Pvt. Co. "F" 103rd Infantry, (Salem Methodist Cemetery-Wayne County, Ms.)

Stevens, Sim; b. 02-22-1895, d. 07-30-1985, Pvt. US Army, WW-1 (Rocky Creek)

Stevison, Robert Lee; b. 03-10-1926, d. 12-30-2005, 79 years old, US Navy, WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Stinson, Thomas J; b. 01-18-1911, d. 02-17-1983, Pvt. US Army, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Stokes, Robert Sidney "Bob"; b. _______, d. 02-21-2012, 87 years old, h/o Mary Stokes, US Army, WW-2, (Magnolia Cemetery)

Stone, William James II; b. 09-03-1931, d. 01-09-2002, 70 years old, US Air Force, Korea, (cemetery was not named in newspaper)

Stonecypher, Albert Earl; b. 09-25-1918, d. 05-15-1995, 76 years old, US Coast Guard, WW-2 (Howell)

Stonecypher, Roy Wilmer; b. 06-25-1915, d. 12-25-1981, 65 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Howell)

Stradtner, Charles Edward; b. 06-21-1929, d. 12-25-2010, 81 years old, h/o Mary E. Stradtner, US Army & US Air Force-retired- (Jackson County Memorial Cemetery)

Strahan, Joel Edward "Joe"; b. 04-04-1947, d. 12-14-2012, US Army 82nd Airborne (Shady Grove)

Strahan, Larry Alton "Wolfman"; b. 11-23-1940, d. 06-25-2004, 63 years old, h/o Sonya Strahan, US Marine Corps (Northside Baptist)

Strand, Alfred Ross; b. 02-11-1949, d. 08-10-2007, 58 years old, US Navy, Vietnam, (New Life – Leaf)

Street, Willie; b. 07-13-1909, d. 05-16-1963, Cpl. 3543rd Base Unit, Army Air Force, WW-2 (Mt. Pleasant – Basin)

Strickland, Chester C; b. 09-10-1896, d. 12-21-1958, discharged because of deformed left ankle (Macedonia) (information from 1938 WPA records)

Strickland, Rayon Herold "Buck"; b. 05-14-1927, d. 08-12-1987, 60 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Strickland, Rodney V; b. 04-10-1928 d. 10-05-2008, 80 years old, CPO, US Navy, (Magnolia)

Stringer, Dannie Lee; b. 01-13-1929, d. 03-15-1992, FN US Navy, (Union)

Stringer, Harlen Gayle; b. 09-20-1948, d. 11-21-2008, 60 years old, US Navy, Vietnam, (Union)

Stringer, Harold Dees; b. 08-03-1922, d. 03-01-1989, BM2, US Navy, WW-2 (New Antioch)

Stringer, John E; b. 06-27-1928, d. 04-05-1985, SN, US Navy, WW-2, Korea (Magnolia)

Stringer, Johnnie Louie; b. 10-12-1920, d. 12-08-1999, Tec5 US Army WW-2 (Union)

Stringer, Otis A; b. 11-03-1889, d. 01-28-1976, S2C, US Navy, WW-1, (Magnolia)

Stringer, Randolph C. (Jr.); b. 12-18-1916, d. 10-25-1985, 68 years old, US Marine Corps, 21 years of service, "Survivor of Iwo Jima" (LebanonCemetery-Covington County, Mississippi)

Stringfellow, Carney Otis; b. 09-04-1894, d. 06-09-1950, 55 years old, US Navy, WW-1 (Holmes)

Stringfellow, Charlie James; b. 02-08-1921, d. 03-31-1994, 73 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Holmes)

Stringfellow, Eddie Goode; b. 03-25-1893, d. 11-17-1967, Cpl., Co. "E" 18th Inf., WW-1 (Holmes)

Stringfellow, Ernest Wesley, "E.W."; b. 03-02-1942, d. 06-30-2005, h/o Tonia Stringfellow, US Army, (Tanner Cemetery)

Stringfellow, Harold Mallory; b. 11-03-1927, d. 02-28-2007, 79 years old, h/o Bonnie L. Stringfellow, US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Stringfellow, Herman E; b. 01-22-1915, d. 05-19-1971, Tec4 US Army, WW-2 (Holmes)

Stringfellow, Hubert Henry; b. 08-17-1918, d. 07-23-2002, 83 years old, h/o Annette (Reeves) Stringfellow, US Army, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Stringfellow, Ira Ford; b. 06-05-1921, d. 01-09-1999, 77 years old, h/o Ester Stringfellow, US Army, 355th Inf. Co. "E", (Tanner)

Stringfellow, Kirby; b. 09-10-1912, d. 05-25-1959, T. Sgt. 247th Base Unit., Army Air Force, WW-2 "Mississippi" (Rocky Creek)

Stringfellow, Leroy D; b. 06-30-1890, d. 12-18-1967, WT, US Navy WW-1, (Holmes)

Stringfellow, William A; b. 05-08-1927, d. 05-04-1999, Col. US Air Force Korea, Ohio (A.N.G.) Air National Guard (Macedonia)

Strong, Fate; b. 07-05-1901, d. 12-13-1974, M/Sgt. US Air Force (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Sullivan, Alexander Oree; b. 11-30-1925, d. 09-10-2007, US Merchant Marines WW-2 (Southside Baptist)

Sullivan, Barney Joseph; b. 07-12-1932, d. 02-25-1999, US Army (Crossroads Methodist)

Summerour, Agustus Rogers; b. 03-24-1907, d. 12-17-1982, Purple Heart, US Navy, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Summerour, Kenneth H; b. 05-03-1920, d. 07-07-1996, Sgt US Army Air Corps WW-2, (Magnolia)

Summerour, M.H; b. 03-13-1899, d. 03-18-1981, 82 years old, WW-1 & WW-2 Veteran (Woodlawn Cem. Jonesboro, Ark.)

Sumrall, Bobby; b. 10-19-1941, d. 01-17-1972, SP4, US Army "Mississippi", (Magnolia)

Sumrall, Jubal Eugene; b. _______, d. 01-30-2010, 52 years old, US Navy, (Pinewood Cemetery, Benndale)

Surratt, Ralph Lawrence (Sr.); b. 01-27-1920, d. 12-23-2008, US Air Force, (Barton)

Swenson, Amos G; b. 04-17-1914, d. 11-09-1954, Sgt. Quartermaster Corp. WW-2, (Barton)

Swinsom, Goodman; b. 1870, d. 1945, h/o Mary Ellen (Condom) Swinsom, WW-1 Merchant Marines (Taylor)

Swinson, Lula; b. 07-31-1903, d. 01-01-1998, Capt., US Army, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Sykes, Sidney "Sid"; b. 04-30-1933, d. 05-28-2011, 78 years old, h/o Norma Grace (Cook) Sykes, US Army, (New Hope)

Sykes, Thomas Jefferson; b. 08-30-1950, d. 11-11-2010, 60 years old, US Marine Corps., Vietnam, (Rocky Creek)

Sylvester, John Quincy; b. 02-04-1849, d. 03-08-1933, Pvt., Co. "C" Steede's Ms. Cav, Civil War Veteran-need records, (Sylvester Family-McLain)

Talbert, Willie; b. 06-16-1918, d. 06-11-1981, 62 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Mt. Olive #2)

Tanner, David Talmage; b. 03-30-1894, d. 02-08-1977, 83 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Tanner's)

Tanner, Elmer C; b. 12-22-1919, d. 06-14-1977, funeral held 06-16-1977, 57 years old, US Navy, WW-2 (Movella Baptist)

Tanner, Elwood Eugene "Pete"; b. 07-23-1935, d. 02-13-2004, 68 years old, h/o Gladys (Crowson) Tanner, US Marine Corps (Howell)

Tanner, Grover Cleveland; b. 02-15-1894, d. 09-13-1968, 74 years old, WW-1 Veteran, served overseas from 09-01-1918 to 01-16-1919, (Movella Baptist)

Tanner, Harold D; b. 05-20-1933, d. 09-29-2001, Pfc., US Army, Korea, (Magnolia)

Tanner, Henry Ford; b. 04-07-1922, d. 12-03-1988, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (Howell Baptist)

Tanner, Homer Denson; b. 04-20-1922, d. 10-19-1986, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (Movella Baptist)

Tanner, Howard (Sr.); b. 09-04-1929, d. 10-30-1980, US Navy, Korea, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Tanner, John Dawson (Sr.); b. 02-19-1924, d. 09-18-2009, 85 years old, h/o Lillie Mae Tanner, US Navy, WW-2 (Howell)

Tanner, James Dewey; b. 04-19-1901, d. 09-14-1980, 79 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Tanner's Chapel-Jackson County, Ms.)

Tanner, Leonard Tommy; b. 02-07-1920, d. 02-07-1992, MOMM2, US Navy, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Tanner, Porter R; b. 11-15-1896, d. 12-29-1967, #1558190, Private Co. "A" 138th Machine Gun Bn. Discharged 12-28-1933, funeral 12-31-1967, 74 years old, US Army, WW-1, (Movella Baptist)

Tanner, Raymon (Sr.); b. 06-17-1935, d. 08-24-1977, US Navy, Korea, (Magnolia)

Tanner, Raymond Harrison; b. 06-25-1922, d. 06-29-1968, 46 years old, US Navy, WW-2, (Movella Baptist)

Tanner, Roy; b. 08-02-1892, d. 09-21-1951, 59 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Tanner's Chapel-Jackson County, Ms.)

Tanner, Russey Dean; b. 07-22-1947, d. 11-29-1968, SP5, US Army, Vietnam, (Movella Baptist)

Tanner, Vaudie Monroe; b. 05-21-1903, d. 02-09-1969, 55 years old, Miss. Pvt. CAS Det. Sta. Com, WW-2 Veteran (Tanner's Cemetery)

Taylor, Clyde Adrian; b. 01-08-1926, d. 06-17-2007, (funeral was held 06-20-2007) 81 years old, h/o Hazel (Buckhalter) Taylor, United States Military Veteran, (New Hope)

Taylor, James Alfred "Dick"; b. 04-05-1923 d. 09-28-2006, 83 years old, h/o Audrey Nell Taylor, US Navy, (Magnolia)

Taylor, Marvin M; b. 04-26-1912, d. 05-17-1966, PC3, US Navy, WW-2, Korea, (Magnolia)

Taylor, Robert Lee; b. 01-09-1913, d. 03-20-1981, Pvt., US Army, WW-2, (Antioch)

Taylor, Walter G; b. 06-05-1897, d. 02-26-1980, Sgt., US Army, WW-1, WW-2, (Merrill)

Taylor, William Ledger; b. _______, d. _______, enlisted in 1861, died in prison at Camp Chase, Ohio, (this information from 1938 WPA records) Prisoner of War, Civil War Veteran

Taylor, William P; b. 1835, d. 1913, 1st Sgt., Co. "H", 17th Regt., Miss. Inf., section C-8 Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Temple, James Woodrow; b. 05-27-1917, d. 01-20-1957, 39 years old, WW-2 (Magnolia) (3-175)

Tew, Edgar (Jr.); b. 02-16-1924, d. 11-17-2003, Cpl., US Army, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Thomas, William E; b. 10-06-1841, d. 10-19-1883, Captain, Co. "D" 3rd Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Thomas Family Cemetery-Leakesville)

Thomas, William Howard; b. 01-06-1929, d. 12-17-1992, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (Finch-Harmon Pope Rd.)

Thomley, Joseph Walter; b. 07-03-1923, d. 08-29-1970, Coxswain, US Navy, WW-2 (Rocky Creek)

Thomley, Talmedge Jasper; b. 08-31-1927, d. 11-18-2012, 85 years old, h/o Marie Thomley, US Army & US Air Force Korean War 1945-1952, (Rocky Creek)

Thompson, Harold R; b. 02-15-1932, d. 03-18-1991, US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Thompson, Ira Wayne; b. 07-13-1933, d. 12-02-2003 US Army, (Magnolia) information from set up at Wal Mart 09-25-2012

Thompson, L.J; b. 12-31-1837, d. 10-25-1919, Pvt., Co. "B" 3rd Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran-need records, (State Line-State Line)

Thompson, Samuel Wilkins "Sam"; b. 12-25-1931, d. 10-23-1985, US Air Force, Korea, (Magnolia)

Thompson, Tommy Leigh; b. 08-18-1958, d. 09-19-2007, Pfc. US Army (Magnolia)

Thompson, Warner Roderick, "W.R." (Sr.); b. 04-26-1924, d. 08-06-2005, 82 years old, h/o Margie Lee Thompson, US Army, (Magnolia)

Thompson, William W; b. 03-15-1838, d. 10-01-1900, Captain, Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Leaf-Leaf)

Thomsen, Ralph Dexter; b. 01-26-1889, d. 10-05-1956, 67 years old, Illinois PFC., Btry. "A" 339th Field Arty. WW-1 Veteran, (Kewanee Cemetery-Kewanee, Ms.)

Thornton, Jack "Honey", b. 12-26-1922, d. 03-27-1991, GM2 US Navy WW-2, (Barton Baptist)

Thornton, Vernell M, b. 06-01-1921, d. 03-16-1970, S/Sgt. Btry. "A" 194th Fld. Arty. Bn., (Barton Baptist.)

Thrower, Albert Thompson; b. _______, d. 11-19-2012, 82 years old, h/o Wilma (Greene) Thrower, US Air Force Korean War, 1948-1952, (Rocky Creek)

Thurston, Horace Aubrey; b. 01-24-1939, d. 12-23-2002, 63 years old, h/o Dolly Thurston, US Army, WW-2 (Antioch Methodist)

Tilley, A.D, b. 12-18-1919, d. 07-15-2005, S/Sgt. US Army Air Force WW-2 (Agricola)

Tillman, Harold, "Simon Earl"; b. _______, d. 12-25-2010, 80 years old, h/oMagdalene Tillman, US Army, Korean Conflict (Rocky Creek)

Tipton, Raymond E, b. 12-28-1926, d. 01-11-2000, (5-25-C), Sgt. US Army Air Forces, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Tisdale, George T; b. 1921, d. 09-15-2011, 90 years old, h/o Anita (Reeves) Tisdale, US Navy, WW-2, (Shady Grove)

Todd, Terrell Bennett; b. 08-07-1936, d. 05-09-2009, 72 years old, h/o Inez (Brannon) Todd, US Navy, Korea, (Leakesville Church of God Cemetery, Greene Cty., Ms.)

Tolbert, James Edward (Sr.); b. 12-03-1912, d. 03-31-1997, 84 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Collins Cemetery, Collins, Mississippi)

Tolbert, Jerry Cooper; b. 12-12-1935, d. 01-28-2004, 68 years old, h/o Phyllis Tolbert, US Marine Corps., (Dickerson-Davis Cemetery)

Tompkins, Dorthey D, b. 03-01-1920, d. 03-19-1973, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, Mississippi, (Movella Assembly of God.)

Tompkins, Ernest W, b. 03-15-1926, d. 11-05-1991, Coxswain, US Navy, WW-2, (Movella Baptist.)

Tootle, Aulton Guy; b. 09-06-1911, d. 04-07-1993, Sgt. US Army WW-2 (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Toups, Halpher C, b. 10-19-1926, d. 07-24-2002, "Toby", Cpl. US Army Korea, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Travis, Mitchell Lee; b. 04-21-1942, d. 02-05-2009, EN3 US Navy (Magnolia)

Tritle, Keith A. (Sr.); b. 06-23-1929, d. 08-05-2009, h/o Vallie Marie (Breland) Tritle, US Air Force, (Magnolia)

Trotter, Benjamin Inman; b. 03-25-1894, d. 12-__-1976, funeral held 12-09-1976, US Navy, WW-1, (Lakewood Memorial Park Cemetery-Jackson, Ms.)

Trowbridge, Clifford J, b. 08-13-1882, d. 11-22-1933, (2-77), 1st Lt. QM Corps WW-1, discharged Camp Beauregard, La., 12-06-1918 (Magnolia)

Truesdale, Wayne Addison; b. _______, d. 01-26-2013, 74 years old, h/o Miriam (McEachern) Truesdale, US Army Reserves, (Sigler Funeral Home in charge of arrangements-no cemetery named)

Trussell, Herbert Wilson, "Jack"; b. 09-04-1909, d. 03-22-1981, h/o Ruth (Jarmon) Trussell, RM 2, US Navy, WW-2, (Macedonia) This listing of our George County Veterans was researched and compiled by Jimmy Trussell the son of this veteran along with help from many others in the community, one in particular is Mrs. Betty Radcliff Marshall

Trussell, James Richard "Jimmy"; 09-26-1945, d. ____________, h/o Shirley Mae (Lubbock) Trussell, Rm2, US Navy, Vietnam (death date to be added by my daughter at the time of my death)

Tucker, Derrel Quinn; b. 05-01-1972, d. 06-17-2007, (funeral was held 06-20-2007), United States Military Veteran, (Shady Grove)

Tucker, Julian C, b. 11-19-1922, d. 01-04-1984, US Coast Guard WW-2, (Shady Grove.)

Tucker, Thomas Edwin; b. 01-29-1942, d. 11-15-1965, 23 years old, SP4 US Army, Purple Heart, "Killed In Action" Vietnam (Richton-no cemetery named)

Turner, Calvin Coolidge; b. 08-06-1924, d. 02-16-2013, 88 years old, h/o Ruth Joan Turner, US Marine, WW-2, (Sand Hill Cemetery-buried with full military honors)

Turner, Carol B; b. 11-02-1926, d. 09-07-2003, SFC, 631st Fld. Art., (Magnolia)

Turner, Franklin Delano, b. 03-07-1933, d. 01-15-2008, US Army (Macedonia)

Turner, George Henry; b. 05-30-1930, d. 09-25-2005, 75 years old, h/o Joyce Helen (Brown) Turner, US Air Force, (Sweetwater)

Turner, George W; b. 04-28-1834, d. 11-20-1902, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Sweetwater)

Turner, H.T; b. _______, d. _______, (this name was taken from the City Cemetery List of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Turner, James R; b. 08-06-1827, d. 05-07-1906, Pvt., Co. "F" 17th Ms. Cav., Co. "D" 9th Ms. Cav, Civil War Veteran, (Sweetwater)

Turner, Louis; b. 02-21-1820, d. 01-21-1904, Pvt., Co. "A" 9th Ms. Cav, Civil War Veteran-need records, (Sweetwater)

Turner, Louis William (Jr.); b. 03-16-1926, d. 08-17-2009, 83 years old, h/o Claudine Turner, CPO, US Navy (served 28 years), (Macedonia)

Turner, Means B, b. 05-09-1922, d. 07-12-2000, US Army (Macedonia)

Turner, William; b. 11-13-1822, d. 04-22-1912, Pvt., Co. "F" 17th Ms. Cav., Co. "D" 9th Ms. Cav, Civil War Veteran, (Sweetwater)

Tyree, Isic; b. 11-21-1909, d. 01-20-1995, 85 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Crossroads United Methodist)

Underwood, Coach P.W. "Bear"; b. 10-16-1931, d. 02-04-2013, 81 years old, h/o Deedy (Sellers) Underwood, US Army (Magnolia)

Underwood, J. P, b. 05-27-1926, d. 02-18-1995, US Marine Corps, WW-2, (Saint James.)

Upshaw, Drury; b. 03-22-1829, d. 04-04-1907, Pvt. & Cpl., Co. "A" 46th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Mulberry-Greene)

Valentine, Hillman, b. 01-17-1924, d. 04-26-1988, Pfc., US Army, WW-2, (New Hope.)

Valentine, Ulysses L, b. 09-03-1928, d. 03-13-1965, Sgt., 5th Armored Div., WW-2, Korea, (New Hope.)

Vance, Gale Allen; b. 09-07-1915, d. 12-25-1984, US Army, WW-2 (Oak Grove)

Vanosdol, John W; b. 08-25-1841, d. 12-27-1905, Ind. Inf. Civil War Veteran (this name was taken from the City Cemetery List of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Vaughn, Clayton P, b. 08-04-1926, d. 01-25-1983, US Army Korea, (Carter)

Vickers, Houston Maxwell; b. 10-12-1912, d. 09-18-1953, 40 years old, US Air Force, WW-2 (2-232), (Magnolia)

Vise, Hardy Devoe (Sr.), b. 05-03-1894, d. 03-02-1986, Sgt. US Army WW-1 (Agricola)

Vise, Louis Lee (Sr.); b. 12-31-1887, b. 04-14-1962, 74 years old, WW-1 Veteran, (Magnolia)

Vise, Louis Lee (Jr.); b. 09-16-1928, d. 03-19-1983, 54 years old, Korean War Veteran, (Memory Hill Cem. Dothan, Al.)

Wade, Earl, b. 07-26-1918, d. 09-02-1970, S1, US Navy, WW-2, Korea, Mississippi (Antioch Methodist -Benndale)

Wade, James Baston, "J.B."; b. 04-20-1942, d. 08-23-2003, 61 years old, h/o Doreen C. Wade, US Army & Mississippi National Guard (Shady Grove)

Wade, Samuel T; b. 07-04-1827, d. 08-16-1890, Pvt., Co. "C" Steede's Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran-need records, (McLain & Wade Cemetery near Richton)

Waites, William R, b. 06-25-1922, d. 06-25-1987, T/Sgt. US Air Force WW-2 Korea, (Oak Grove.)

Walker, Curtis Loyed, b. 05-10-1921, d. 10-12-1991, section A-6, US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Walker, Exro Earl, "Reverend"; b. 02-01-1922, d. 08-10-2009, 87 years old, h/o Wilma (Breland) Walker, US Army WW-2, (Holmes)

Walker, John Lewis; b. 05-02-1932, d. 05-12-1976, 44 years old, US Army & National Guard, (Mt. Zion Cemetery- Jones County, Ms.)

Walker, Lawrence Marion; b. 08-12-1891, d. 07-23-1968, 76 years old, US Army, WW-1 (Cooper)

Walker, Rupert D; b. 04-18-1936, d. 06-01-2008, US Army Veteran, (Red Creek Union Baptist Church Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Walker, Travis E, b. 04-05-1902, d. 02-03-1983, (4-47-C), Sgt. US Army, (Magnolia)

Wall, Benjamin Harrison, b. 01-07-1919, d. 11-28-1997 US Army Private, WW-2, (Magnolia), information provided by his daughter Mrs. Paula W. McClure, was not marked as a veteran.

Wallace, William O, b. 01-15-1922, d. 04-21-2002, PFC, US Army, WW-2, Bronze Service Medal (Movella Baptist.)

Walley, George W; b. 02-22-1841, d. 12-26-1905, Pvt. Co. "A" 46th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Henderson-Piave)

Walley, Herbert Wilson; b. 06-09-1923, d. 12-24-1999, h/o Irean, Tec 4, US Army, WW-2, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Walley, James A; b. 10-07-1926, d. 09-23-1988, US Navy, WW-2, (Corinth)

Walley, J.M; b. 05-09-1822, d. 09-07-1908, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf., Co. "F" 17th Ms. Cav, Civil War Veteran, (Pilgrims Rest-Greene)

Walley, Joe Aubrey, b. 10-14-1917, d. 05-13-1986, section A-2, US Army WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Walley, Lloyd Woodrow; b. 10-24-1915, d. 01-28-1966, 50 years old, US Navy & M/Sgt. US Army, Korea & Germany, (Mt. Pisgah-Greene County, Ms.)

Walley, Murdock P; b. 02-27-1925, d. 10-09-2004, section A-6, SF3 US Navy WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Walley, Partrick, b. 01-09-1895, d. 04-24-1979, (4-3-C), Pvt. US Army, WW-1, (Magnolia)

Walley, Richard H. (Sr.); b. 03-30-1829, d. 11-23-1910, Pvt., Co. "F" 17th Ms. Cav. Civil War Veteran, (Henderson-Piave)

Walley, Thomas, b. 08-23-1921, d. 12-06-1999, (4-21-A), CW3 US Army WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Walley, Thomas Jerome; b. 01-16-1948, d. 09-25-2009, 61 years old, h/o Louise Walley, brother of Jack (Loquitta) Walley of Brushy Creek community, US Army, Vietnam, (Bullhead City, Arizona)

Walley, William M; b. 01-25-1826, d. 04-06-1907, Pvt., Co. "E & F" 17th Ms. Cav, Co. "D", 9th Ms. Cav, Civil War Veteran, (Lazures Walley Cemetery-Greene)

Walls, Benny H; b. _______, d. _______, (this name was taken from the City Cemetery List of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Walters, Allen Ross, b. 02-03-1922, d. 08-02-2004, (4-10-A), US Army Air Forces, WW-2, (Magnolia)

Walters, Dawson; b. 07-22-1830, d. 03-01-1914, Sgt. Co. "C" 9th Ms. Cav. Civil War Veteran (Walters Family)

Walters, Everett C; b. 03-10-1926, d. 12-24-1960, US Navy, WW-2, information provided by his brother Elvin Walters, (he was not marked as a veteran) (New Hope)

Walters, Ranson Littleton "Chuck"; b. 02-27-1919, d. 12-13-1985, 66 years old, US Army Air Corp, WW-2 (Magnolia)

Waltman, Eldon Leonard; b. _______, d. 02-20-2013, 84 years old, h/o Mary Evelyn (Parker) Waltman, (Parker Family Cemetery)

Waltman, Joseph Edward; b. _______, d. 05-25-2013, 24 years old, h/o Kayve (Lieghann) (Peters) Waltman, US Army, Afghanistan War (Shady Grove)

Ward, Ellis Fairbanks; b. 11-18-1889, d. 10-13-1958, 69 years old, Sgt. MD Base Hospital 24, WW-1 Veteran, (Ward Cemetery)

Ward, Ernest B; b. 01-16-1895, d. 10-__-1964, US Navy, WW-1, (Magnolia)

Ward, Fred M; Sergeant, Q.M. Field remount squadron 50, discharged 05-14-1919, (information from 1938 WPA records)

Ward, Hollis Lee, b. 10-04-1895, d. 09-11-1957, (1-371), # 1608413, Sgt. 348th Fld. RMT. SQ. OMC, WW-1 (military marker shows a birth date of 10-05-1895), (Magnolia)

Ward, Loren Small "Pa"; b. 10-17-1925, d. 07-04-2009, Cpl. US Marine Corps., WW-2, h/o Betty Jo Ward, (Magnolia)

Ward, Max; b. 03-22-1894, d. 01-15-1959, Pvt. Quartermaster Corp. WW-1 (C.F. Ward)

Ward, Raymond Wesley; b. 10-11-1926, d. 5-13-2010, 83 years old, 1st Calvary Division Medical Squadron, US Army, h/o Wilma Glenn (Turner) Ward, (Magnolia)

Ward, Richard, b. 04-29-1841, d. 12-29-1917, Co. "A" 3rd NC Inf. CIVIL WAR VETERAN, (Crossroads Methodist.)

Ware, Reid C; b. 08-06-1925, d. 07-16-1974, 48 years old, WW-2 Veteran (Neely Cemetery-Greene County)

Wachsman, Mendel Herman; b. 01-18-1933, d. 01-08-2011, 77 years old, h/o Bessie Nell (Jones) Wachsman, US Marine Corp., Korean conflict. (Magnolia)

Washam, Douglas Leguin, b. 05-03-1944, d. 10-12-2003, SP5 US Army Vietnam, (Ball)

Washam, Vernon Howard "Buddy"; b. 12-06-1946, d. 10-04-2004, 57 years old, h/o Kathy Washam, US Army, (Ball)

Watters, William A, b. 06-09-1931, d. 02-21-1987, Cpl US Marine Corps Korea, (Crossroads Free Pentecostal)

Weaver, David A; b. 08-23-1919, d. 03-25-2006, Sgt., 3rd Bn., Hq., 152nd Inf., 38th Div, (Shady Grove)

Weaver, Herman G, b. 09-09-1913, d. 03-22-1970, Cpl. US Army WW-2, (1-366), (Magnolia)

Weaver, Milford Ambrose "Mil"; b. 12-13-1923, d. 01-31-2012, h/o Jo Ann (McBay) Weaver, US Navy, Korea, (Magnolia)

Wedgeworth, D.C; b. _______, d. _______, Enlisted in 1861, 20th Ms. Served under Col. Russell & Capt. Blockwell He received a Confederate pension in George County. Civil War Veteran Cemetery was not named

Weir, J. C; b. 04-18-1932, d. 02-10-1962, Cpl. US Army Korea, (Davis Cemetery on Howell Road behind Mexican Restaurant) information provided by Diona (Parker) Dickerson

Welch, Willis Owen; b. 05-15-1921, d. 10-02-2005, 84 years old, h/o Retha L. Welch, US Army, (Movella Assembly of God)

Weldy, Henry M, b. 05-24-1893, d. 1975, (4-82-D), US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Welford, Douglas Edward; b. 09-08-1951, d. 10-08-2008, 58 years old, h/o Nita Welford, US Army Veteran (Welford Family Cemetery)

Welford, Garry Marshall; b. 11-22-1946, d. 07-21-2010, 63 years old, h/o Debbie Welford, US Navy, Viet Nam Conflict, "He was the George County Sheriff at the time of his death, Killed by a truck driven by Brandy Williams & Christopher Baxter as they tried to run a road block. (Shady Grove Cemetery)

Welford, Guy Edward, b. 11-22-1914, d. 08-23-1988, (1-385), Cpl. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Welford, Henry, b. 04-06-1841, d. 06-08-1925, Co. "E" 36th Ala. Inf. C.S.A. (Civil War Veteran) wounded in both legs 09-19-1863 at Chickmoga, Tenn., one a flesh wound the other a fracture, (Macedonia)

Welford, Horace Leon "Jerry"; b. 08-28-1941, d. 06-052011, 69 years old, h/o Jan Welford, Mississippi National Guard, (Rocky Creek)

Welford, James W, b. 03-13-1896, d. 12-21-1969, section D-8, Sgt. Co. "L" 59th Inf 4th Div, (Rocky Creek)

Welford, Johnie; b. 1918, d. 06-25-1989, 70 years old, PFC, US Army, WW-2 (Rocky Creek)

Welford, Jowel Vander, b. 04-23-1843, d. 07-24-1938, Co. 4 36th Ala. Regt. C.S.A. (Civil War Veteran), (Macedonia)

Welford, Morris, b. 08-17-1914, d. 01-09-1958, section E-5, S/Sgt. 2117th Base Unit Army Air Force WW-2, AM & 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, (Rocky Creek)

Welford, Ollin Warren; b. 11-21-1920, d. 03-16-2005, US Army, WW-2, Pvt. 1st Class (information provided by his son Charlie Welford) (Magnolia Cemetery)

Welford, William D; b. 07-01-1930, d. 10-07-1987, Pvt., US Marine Corp.(Rocky Creek)

Welford, William M, b. 03-16-1839, d. 05-27-1906, section B-5, Pvt. Co. "E" 36th Ala. Inf. (Wounded in Action) (Prisoner of War), Civil War Veteran, (Rocky Creek)

Wells, Leonard Aubrey, b. 07-12-1915, d. 04-24-1999, (6-57B2), PHM Mate US Merchant Marine, WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Wells, Leroy, b. 12-20-1943, d. 04-25-2005, SP4, US Army, Vietnam, (Refuge.)

West, Gene T, b. 01-10-1942, d. 05-21-2003, (4-6-D), National Guard, (Magnolia)

West, Harlond "Gavin"; b. 03-03-1921, d. 08-14-1972, 51 years old, WW-2 "Iwo Jima Survivor", (Magnolia)

West, John Ambrous; b. 1910, d. 08-11-1965, 55 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Magnolia)

West, John W; b. 06-02-1843, d. 02-15-1905, Pvt., Co. "A & H" 24th Ms. Inf., Co. "E" 17th Ms. Cav, Civil War Veteran, (Mutual Rights)

West, Robert D. (Jr); b. 03-31-1882, d. 02-__-1967, GM3, US Navy, (Magnolia)

West, Robert Earl, b. 06-16-1920, d. 06-05-1986, (4-80-A), US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

West, Tony B, b. _______, d. _______, Pvt., 840th Trans. Corps., (Mount Sinai)

Whatley, J G, no dates, Co. "F" 4th Miss Cav. (Civil War Veteran) (Macedonia)

Whatley, Jack, b. 07-01-1904, d. 09-09-1981, M/Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Macedonia)

Whatley, John, b. 1844, d. 10-17-1911, Co. "F" 2nd Miss Cav., Prisoner of War (Civil War Veteran), (Macedonia)

Whatley, Lorenzo, b. 05-17-1909, d. 06-19-1943, Mississippi, Pvt. 738th Military Police Bn., WW-2, (Macedonia)

Whatley, Terrill; b. 05-17-1838, d. after 09-04-1916, Pvt., Co. "E" 17th Ms. Cav., Co. "C" 9th Ms. Cav, Civil War Veteran, (Sweetwater)

Wheeler, Charles Otis, b. 03-14-1931, d. 10-15-1989, (1-389), CS2 US Navy, Korea, Vietnam, (Magnolia)

Whiles, Lewis Allen, b. 09-21-1917, d. 05-15-1993, (5-18-A), WW-2, (military plaque has date of birth as 09-22-1917), (Magnolia)

Whitcomb, William Joseph; b. 07-02-1934, d. 03-05-2007, 72 years old, h/o Opree Jane Whitcomb, US Army, (Magnolia)

White, Andrew, b. 02-24-1893, d. 05-12-1975, US Military Veteran WW-1 (Macedonia)

White, Charley, b. 03-04-1893, d. 08-29-1973, Pvt., Wagon Company Q.M.C. US Army, WW-1, discharged 02-14-1919 (Lily Grove.)

White, Oscar M, b. 01-10-1925, d. 01-30-2001, PFC, US Army, WW-2 (Saint James.)

White, Thomas W; b. 04-06-1844, d. 03-09-1924, Pvt., Co. "I" 36th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran-Need records, (Griffin-State Line)

Whitehead, Samuel Lester, b 06-03-1924, d.09-06-1998, (1-308), Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Whiting, Harvey E (Sr.), b. 08-09-1924, d. 01-20-1986, MM1 US Navy WW-2, (Sand Hill.)

Whitten, Grady W, b. 03-18-1891, d. 04-23-1978, (4-80-B), WAGR US Army, WW-1, (Magnolia)

Wiggins, W. Morris, b. 03-28-1913, d. 02-01-1977, section D-4, Pvt. US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Wilburn, Edward Turner; b. _______, d. 11-14-1967, 53 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Mt. Pisgah-Greene county, Ms.)

Wilburn, Fallon Dale; b. 01-03-1964, d. 11-02-2001, (name taken from City Cemetery list of Veterans) (Magnolia)

Wilburn, Mally Frank; b. 11-01-1912, d. 10-23-1979, 66 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Agricola)

Wiley, Hinton; b. 05-15-1909, d. 12-03-1978, 69 years old, US Merchant Marine Seaman, (Tanner)

Wilkerson Carl C; b. 04-19-1894, d. 11-21-1923, "Mississippi", Pvt. 125th Engrs. WW-1 (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Wilkerson, Cecil D; b. 09-13-1901, d. 06-29-1964, "Mississippi", Pvt. US Army WW-1 US Air force WW-2 (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Wilkerson, Henry Lee; b. 05-05-1923, d. 12-09-2002, WW-2 "Glider Troops", China-Burma-India, (Wilkerson Cemetery)

Wilkerson, Wilburn Franklin; b.08-13-1890 d. 06-24-1984, 93 years old, US Navy & US Army Veteran WW-1 (Pine Grove Cemetery- Benndale)

Wilkerson, William W; b. 12-12-1887, d. 09-16-1965, "Mississippi", Pvt. Co. 153rd Depot Brig. WW-1 (Pine Grove Methodist Cemetery) information by Linda Ellis

Wilkins, Caldwell Ray, b. 08-13-1952, d. 02-08-1982, PFC US Army, (Shady Grove.)

Williams, Andrew Jackson; b. 03-29-1845, d. 10-13-1873, Pvt., Co. "E" 36th Al. Inf., Civil War Veteran, (Platt-State Line)

Williams, Axom; b. 03-02-1832, d. 08-31-1912, Pvt. Co. "D" 9th Ms. Cav., enlisted 04-08-1862, discharged 04-25-1865 Civil War Veteran (Williams-Greene)

Williams, Bill; b. 03-01-1888, d. 01-26-1957, Private Co. "F" 65th Pioneer, discharged 12-10-1918, (Sandy Branch) information from 1938 WPA records)

Williams, Carl S, b. 11-27-1918, d. 09-02-1969, PFC HQ. Co. 3 BN 167 Inf. WW-2 (Ball)

Williams, Curtis E; b. 08-10-21, d. 12-27-1981, M/Sgt., US Army, WW-2, 1942-1946, (Refuge)

Williams, David; b. 05-21-1833, d. 09-16-1899, Pvt., Co. "F" 17th Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran, (Washington-Neely)

Williams, Delmar W; b. 08-29-1909, d. _______, funeral 08-14-1963, 54 years old, WW-2 Veteran, (Magnolia)

Williams, Edd, b. 03-04-1890, d. 10-31-1963, Pfc., Co. "H", 816th Pioneer Inf. WW-1, (Mount Pleasant– Mount Pleasant Road)

Williams, Eddie L, b. 10-22-1922, d. 07-22-1996, S/Sgt. US Army, (Mount Pleasant– Barton)

Williams, George Owen, b. 03-05-1922, d. 01-28-1991, section G-2, PFC US Army, (Rocky Creek)

Williams, Harold Scott (Sr.), b. 03-22-1917, d.01-02-1995, (2-85) Tech. 5 US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Williams, Ira; b. 03-12-1837, d. 09-03-1900, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Williams-Greene)

Williams, James; b. 03-09-1838, d. 09-21-1894, Pvt. Co. "I" 27th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran (Ward Family)

Williams, James, b. 12-12-1895, d. 03-29-1962, Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Bethlehem)

Williams, James P; b. 05-09-1839, d. 09-04-1905, Pvt., Co. "A & F" 17th Ms. Cav, Co. "D" 9th Ms. Cav, Civil War Veteran, (Sweetwater)

Williams, John O, b. 12-14-1926, d. 01-16-2001, (4-51-D), Pvt. US Army, WW-2, (Military Plaque has date of death as 01-15-2001), (Magnolia)

Williams L.D; b. 07-19-1844, d. 03-06-1925, Pvt., Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (Cooley-Vernal)

Williams, Leslie M; b. 11-17-1921, d. 09-29-2005, US Army Infantry, 1942-1945, (Agricola)

Williams, Louie Benjamin; b. 08-17-1925, d. 01-29-2008, 82 years old, h/o Barbara R. Williams, US Navy, 20 year veteran, "Only had a memorial service in George County, not buried here"

Williams, Lowell H, b. 06-20-1932, d. 03-17-2003, S/Sgt. US Air Force Korea Vietnam, (Oak Grove.)

Williams, Robert Arthur; b. 01-27-1934, d. 05-19-2010, 76 years old, US Marine Corps. Korean Conflict, h/o Vermell (Howell) Williams (Shady Grove)

Williams, Roderick, b. 12-08-1926, d.11-10-2001, Cpl., US Air Force, WW-2 (New Hope.)

Williams, Semes Leslie, b. 04-21-1897, d. 07-29-1989, (4-60-B), Pvt. US Army WW-1, (Magnolia)

Williams, W.W; b. 07-09-1836, d. 03-08-1909, Pvt., Co. "A & F" 17th Ms. Cav., Co. "A" 9th Ms. Cav., Civil War Veteran, (Cooley-Vernal)

Williamson, Sanford Lawrence, b. 07-14-1922, d. 11-08-1995, section F-10, GM2 US Navy, (Rocky Creek)

Williamson, Victor Hand; b. 04-16-1920, d. 03-09-2011, 90 years old, h/o Lozelle (Hubbard) Williamson, US Army, WW-2, (Serene Memorial Gardens Cemetery)

Wilson, John W, b. 05-14-1909, d. 01-17-1986, (4-88-A), Sgt. US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Wilson, King, b. 08-25-1890, d. 10-26-1959, Pfc., Co. "C", 340th Svc. Bn. QMC. (Mount Sinai)

Wilson, Robert H, b. 10-09-1922, d. 02-07-1990, M/Sgt., US Army, WW-2, (New Antioch. – Twin Creek Road)

Wilson, William W, b. 1911, d. 1988, Pvt., US Army, (Mount Pleasant. – Mount Pleasant Road)

Wilson, Xerxes Alexander (Sr.), b. 06-01-1929, d. 03-20-2004, h/o Florence (Howard) Wilson, PFC, Paratrooper, Japan Occupation medal, Korean Service medal, 4 Bronze stars, 1 Bronze Arrowhead, Combat Infantry Badge, Sharpshooter Medal, 2 Purple Hearts, (Macedonia)

Winburn, Monteville H; b. 05-18-1820, d. 09-06-1880, 1st Lt. Co. "A" 24th Ms. Inf.Civil War Veteran (McInnis-Vernal)

Wolfe, Benjamin H, b. 09-02-1934, d. 02-20-1964, section E-5, S/Sgt. Co. "B" 63rd Armor, (Rocky Creek)

Woodard, Andrew William (Sr.); b. 05-06-1906, d. 12-24-1989, 83 years old, US Army veteran (Magnolia)

Woodard, Arthur Lowell (Sr.) b. _______, d. 09-22-1987, 62 years old, US Army, WW-2 (Serene Gardens-Jackson County, Mississippi)

Woodard, George Elton; b. 06-14-1936, d. 05-22-2009, 72 years old, US National Guard Artillery Department from 1961 – 1967, h/o Frances (Thompson) Woodard, (Woodard Cemetery)

Woodard, Hilton Clyde, b. 09-29-1925, d. 12-12-1989, CPL US Army Korea, (Woodard.)

Woodard, James Harris; b. 04-28-1911 d. 03-10-2005, 93 years old, h/o Amy Ann Woodard, US Marine Corps., WW-2 (Woodard)

Woodard, James Roscoe, b. 08-10-1933, d. 03-26-1953, PFC 5th Marines 1st Marine div. Korea (Purple Heart & Gold Star, Killed in Action (Woodard.)

Woodard, John Duval (Sr.); b. 07-15-1927, d. 12-17-2009, 82 years old, U.S. Army, (Woodard Cemetery)

Woodard, Marion Trenton "Reverand"; b. _______, d. 11-10-2010, 78 years old, h/o Mary Woodard, US Air Force, (Movella Baptist)

Woodard, Thomas Earl, b. 09-18-1940, d. 03-19-1966, Pvt. US Army, (New Hope)

Woodard, William Carl (Jr.), b. 04-22-1929, d. 06-23-1997, SN US Navy Korea, (Woodard.)

Wooley, William Otis; b. 08-26-1939, d. 11-14-1999, A2C US Air Force (Howell Baptist cemetery) cousin of Betty Radcliff Marshall

Woulard, Benjamin F; b. 09-23-1841, d. 07-14-1919, Sgt., Co. "I" 36th Al. Inf. Civil War Veteran, (State Line-State Line)

Woulard, James; b. 03-18-1837, d. 09-04-1909, Pvt., Co. "I" 36th Ms. Inf, Civil War Veteran-need records (State Line-State Line)

Wozencraft, John L. b. 12-26-1923, d. 10-20-2005, WW-2, Korea, Vietnam, Merchant Marines, (Biloxi National Cemetery, Biloxi, Ms.)

Wozencraft, Thomas D, b. 07-27-1945, d. 09-19-2001, Major US Army Vietnam Bronze Star & 2 Purple Hearts, (Ball)

Wozencraft, Warren Lynn, b. 09-10-1943, d. 05-20-1970, 26 years of age, Capt. US Army, Vietnam, "Killed in Action" section D-6 (Rocky Creek) He is listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall on panel 10W, line 073

Wright, James Carroll (Sr.); b. _______, d. 06-12-2011, 84 years old, h/o Frances Wright, US Army, WW-2, Italy & Pacific Theater, retired from US Air Force in 1966 as Senior Master Sargent from the Strategic Air Command, (Magnolia)

Wright, John Henry (Jr.); b. 08-09-1925, d. 11-16-2012, 87 years old, h/o Vera (Duke) Wright, US Marines, (Biloxi National Cemetery)

Wright, Vince Lee, b. 10-12-1943, d. 08-30-1979, Pvt., US Army, Vietnam, (Mount Sinai)

Yates, Leo, b. 02-14-1911, d. 04-01-1971, (Macedonia)

Yeager, Lloyd M, b. 07-18-1926, d. 10-09-1986, (5-13-D), Tech. 5 US Army WW-2, (Magnolia)

Yonge, Lloyd E (Sr.), b. 06-18-1918, d. 06-07-1985,Chief Petty Officer, US Navy, WW-2, (Macedonia)

Young, David; b. 11-26-1832, d. 05-21-1905, Pvt., Co. "A" 9th Ms. Cav. Civil War Veteran, Hillman-Leakesville)

Young, George W, b. _______, d. _______, Co. "A" 9th Miss. Cav. (Civil War Veteran), (Ball)

Young, Robert; b. 09-15-1912, d. 09-01-1986, US Navy, WW-2 (C.F. Ward)

Young, Robert L; b. 09-21-1911, d. 03-19-1930, US Coast Guard, was crushed between two boats on March 18th in New York Harbor and died the next day. He enlisted in the Navy in Novemebr 1929. He was stationed onboard the USS Legare at the time of his death. (Magnolia)

Yrabedra, Frank (Jr.), b. 06-17-1920, d. 01-31-2003, section B-9, Sgt. US Army Air Force, 9th Air Force, WW-2, (Rocky Creek)

Zimmerman, Barney Lee, b. 02-21-1958, d. 09-02-1993, Pfc., US Army (Lily Grove)

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