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Hancock County, MS

L & N Railroad Ledger 1901
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Contributed by Debora Reese

This railroad ledger was kept for feed purchases by these individuals, with the amounts and the day of purchase. The original is very old and frail, and belongs to the Hancock County Historical Society. This is just a list of the names.

Allison, Mr.
Arbo, Mr.
Ballentine, J. C.
Bandier, Jon.
Bangara, L.
Bangueard, L.
Bardier, Jon.
Bauderet, F.
Baudier, John
Baudier. Jon.
Bourgeois, L. W.
Bauslog, W. A.
Bayhi, G.
Benoit, Paul
Betz, H.
Beyer, Mrs.
Blake, Capt.
Bomgarten, Mr.
Bouslog, H.
Bouslog, W. H.
Bowers, E. J.
Bran, Mrs. E. F.
Breath, R. L.
Burg, Mrs.
Busle, W. A.
Calchot, Albert
Caldwell, R.
Cameron, A. E.
Cameron, A. F.
Campbell, I
Capdepon, L. B.
Capdepon, L. R.
Catchot, Albert
Catshot, Albert
Cazenne, J. F.
C & C Ice Co.
Chapman, L. B.
Chapman, W. J.
Choina, D.
Combel, Jos.
Delaze, W. F.
Deuse, W. F.
De Mountulien, Dr.
De Montluzin, L. A.
Dennis, Wm.
Dillman, F.
Dillmann, Frank
Duble, Mrs. E. V.
Duble, Mrs. P. V.
Duble, Mrs. P. O.
Dougherty, A.
Faber, F.
Farve, Capt. Eugene
Fayard, Alphonse
Fayard, Cas.
Fayard, Octave
Floriv, Jos. T.
Fluery, Mrs.
Gevella, Chas.
Gravewald, Thos.
Green, J. A.
Grimes, Mr.
Grunwald, Theo.
Gulf Coast Ice Co.
Hasgdon, Mrs. G. M.
Hamilton, Mrs. R. N.
Hart, C. C.
Ham, Charlie
Hecker, J. J.
Henderson, L. J.
Hodgdon (?), Mrs.
Honor’e, Mme.
Hymel, Frank
Lacoste, H. P.
Ladner, Alicde
Ladner, Alude
Ladner, C.
Lee, S. J.
Lettern, Mrs.
Linton, Mr.
Linton, Mr. S
Little, Laura
Maineri, A.
Manivik, A.
Markey, Mrs.
McDonald, W. T.
McGuinn, R. J.
McGraw, Mrs.
McGross, Mrs.
Michel, V.
Miller, George
Mitchell, W. G.
Mitchell, W. J.
Mitchell, V.
Moreau, Chas. G.
Mullen, Mrs George
Patenotte, A.
Pieinas, Baptiste
Pledger, Sidney S.
Provensal, Mrs.
Provensol, V. G.
Raushaw, John
Rivot, B.
Ross, Mrs. Beatrice
Ross, C. J.
Ross, C. L.
Ross, Mrs. E. F.
Roushon, C.
Rueginty, Henry
Sadler, C.
Saucier, E. E.
Scafidi, H.
Scheib, Mr.
Scherges, Aug.
Schifida, F.
Schewall, N.
Seal, D. B.
Sick, Conrad
Size, Adam
Sporl, Mrs. C.
Squires, Robert
St Joseph’s Academy
Taconi, F.
Toulme, F.
Turner, D.
Turner, Dr. R. J.
Tyler, B. F.
Von Gohren, Dr.
Welsh, Miss. J.
Whitney, A. O.


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