Harrison County, MS
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Judge T.S. Howell

Honor to Memory of Noted Citizen


Great Concourse of People in Court Room Hear Name of Judge T. S. Howell Eulogized




Resolution Passed and Speeches Made by Judge Neville, Geo. P. Money, W. A. White, and Others - Mrs. Howell and Children Present.


Gulfport, March 18.

    In the midst of an assemblage which crowded the court room of the county court house to the doors and occupied every available space in the auditorium and gallery the distinguished members of the Harrison County Bar Association met at ten o'clock this morning and passed resolutions to give voice to their sentiments and feelings regarding their late colleague, Judge T. S. Howell.

    The interest of the general public in the purpose of the meeting was shown by the large attendance.  The audience included a large body of school children and their teachers from the Central High School, whose presence was due to the fact that Judge Howell had been president of the school board and was the leading spirit in matters educational in Gulfport.

    George P. Money, president of he Bar Association, presided, and the resolutions to Judge Howell were presented by Judge James H. Neville, who in doing so made a most eloquent address, calling attention to the many qualities of the dead lawyer.  Others speakers were Judge T. M. Evans, Attorneys M. D. Brown, W. H. Maybin, W. A. White, George P. Money, and also George P. Hewes as a member of the school board.

    Mrs. Howell and children were present and occupied seats inside the bar.

    The following resolutions were read and adopted:

    On the 11th day of February, 1910, Judge T. S. Howell, an honored and respected member of the Harrison County Bar was stricken down in death in the actual discharge of his professional duties in the court room, at the time being engaged in arguing a case.

    Resolved by the Bar Association of Harrison County, Mississippi, that in the death of Judge Howell, this Association has lost an honored, able and useful member.  Judge Howell was the soul of integrity; his whole professional life by the noblest aims and ends.  Judge Howell was a lawyer of ability; his ability consisted not only in the knowledge which he possessed of the law but in his manner of handling causes entrusted to his keeping by his clients; he was ever vigilant, active and alert to their interest and presented their causes to the courts in such a way as to command respect, confidence and esteem.  Judge Howell was always foremost in all measures having for their object the promotion of good fellowship in the profession to which he belonged and his life as a lawyer adorned his calling.

    Be it further resolved, that in the death of Judge Howell the State of Mississippi and the County of Harrison have lost a useful and exemplary citizen, one who possessed to the highest degree all the attributes of true citizenship.  Judge Howell was always to be found on the right side of every question ad his time as a citizen was freely given to the uplifting of the state and the community in which he lived.  Judge Howell was a shining exemplar in his home life; he preferred the society of his family to that of all others and when not engaged in those duties incumbent upon a good citizen was always to be found in the midst of his peaceful and happy home.  The death of such a man as Judge Howell is always deeply mourned, and while we sorrow in the great lose that has befallen his family, his profession, and the community, we shall his memory and strive to emulate his virtues.

Resolved, that as a mark of respect of this Association to the memory of our dead brother, that these resolutions be presented to the circuit court of Harrison County, Miss., by the president of the Association on a day to be hereinafter named, with the request that the same be spread upon the minutes of the court and that the clerk of the circuit court of Harrison County, Mississippi, be requested to transmit a copy of the same appropriately certified to the family of the deseased.

                                        Jas. H. Neville, W. A. White, Geo. L. Dodds, John L. Heiss, T. A. Hardy, Committee.

 The Gulfport Daily Herald, March 8, 1910