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(Extract from "History of Harrison County, Mississippi", written by John H. Lang, published by Dixie Press, 1935, page 159)

Born August 3rd, 1833. Came from Switzerland before the Civil War, and settled in Handsboro in 1856, where he became interested in the lumber business. When the war broke out, being a foreigner, he was not compelled to enter the army, so having to close down the lumber mill, he operated a grist mill which he placed in his mill house and a around corn for the surrounding country.

At the close of the war, he again operated his lumber mill and added a brick manufacturing plant, using the mill slabs for fuel. He also operated a ship yard where schooners and other crafts were built for local trades. Lumber was very high at this time and good profits could be made in its manufacture.

He acquired large tracts of timber lands and constructed teamways (sic) thru these lands to bring the logs to the mill, thus giving employment to large numbers of citizens in that community.

Mr. Linehard had many years before married Miss Henrietta Isleib and they had 4 children, Jacob, Mollie, Nina and Emma.  Emma died many years ago and Miss Mollie married Dr. J. J. Harry.

Dr. and Mrs. Harry are still living at the home place in Handsboro. Mr. Lienhard died Augues (sic) 16, 1906 and his remains lies at rest in the Handsboro Cemetery across the Bayou under a magnificient (sic) monument.



(Extract from "History of Harrison County, Mississippi", written by John H. Lang, published by Dixie Press, 1935, page 160)

Was born in Luscerne, Austria, in 1862. At the age of 14, he entered the Poland Navy yard as an apprentice, learning shipbuilding and designing. At the age of 21 he came to this country, landing in New Orleans, later, being joined by his brother Frank-settling shortly afterwards at DeLisle.

From DeLisle he went to Handsboro where he established Martinolich Shipbuilding Co., building hundreds of boats, many of which are plying the water of foreign countries as well as our own. In 1906 he entered the employ of the government, constructing dams, locks, and barges in the rivers of east Alabama and western Georgia, where he remained for 6 years. His brother, Frank, operated the ship yards at DeLisle and Handsboro during his absence.  When we entered the World War, he designed and built many of the vessels that were built at that time, two of which he built at Handsboro for J. Frank Stuard of Gulfport.

He was the first designer to introduce the Mississippi pine in the building of sea-going vessels, which was approved by the Marine Underwriters.

After the war, Mr. Martinolich established the Handsboro Ice Plant, which is at present operated by his son, A. R. Martinolich. In 1885 Mr. Martinolich married Miss Johanna Pavolini at DeLisle.  From this union there had been 11 children, 7 of whom are still living: A. R., John, J. D., A. K., Mamie, (Mrs. C. E. Campbell of Yazoo City), Clare (Mrs. E. E. Webb, Handsboro), Anna and Catherine, most of whom are residing on the Coast. Mrs. Martinolich died in 1932 and Mr. Martinalich December 23rd, 1934



(Extract from "History of Harrison County, Mississippi", written by John H. Lang, published by Dixie Press, 1935, page 163)

Was born at Ellisville, Mississippi, August 29th, 1888, son of Mrs. Mary E. McManus and the late Hugh McManus.  He was educated at Gulfport High School and graduated at Soule Business College, New Orleans.

He was a professional baseball player for five years, settled at Gulfport and married Miss Leocodia Fisse, by whom there are two children, Marina and Bob.

He was deputy clerk of Harrison County from 1913 to 1920 and was elected Chancery Clerk in 1920 and re-elected to each succeeding term.

He is a member of the Masons, Shriner, Elks, Knights of Pythias and Maccabees.

He is a solid, substantial citizen and a consistent booster for all matters concerning the prosperity of the county.



(Extract from "History of Harrison County, Mississippi", written by John H. Lang, published by Dixie Press, 1935, page 161)

Sherif (sic) of Harrison county, elected in 1933 to fill unexpired term of Cleve Huggins, re-elected to full term in 1935.

Born in Newton county, Miss., June 8, 1883, moved to Gulfport in 1912, married Miss Seltie McManus, by whom he has three children, Elizabeth, Oscar Jr., Richard Lamar.

Has led an active life as school teacher, salesman and public servant. Peace-maker as well as peace officer, he has brought sympathetic understanding to the office of sheriff and tax collector, making friends, and keeping them.



(Extract from "History of Harrison County, Mississippi", written by John H. Lang, published by Dixie Press, 1935, page 161)

Was born at Columbia, Alabama, son of Mrs Rachel Milner and the late John K. Milner. He moved to Gulfport in 1go5. He graduated from Marion Institute, later attending Washington and Lee University where he received his bachelor of law degree.

He devoted his time to business instead of law and succeeded his father in the operation of the Coast Coca Cola Bottling Co., which he has continued to the present date.

He elected is a wide awake public spirited citizen, and was Mayor in 1925, and has succeeded himself to the present time.

He was largely instrumental in obtaining the great cotton warehouses and presses, as well as the Port Commission, and other public improvements for Gulfport.  Mr. Milner has never married.



(Extract from "History of Harrison County, Mississippi", written by John H. Lang, published by Dixie Press, 1935, page 162)

The Murphy family came to the Mississippi Coast in 1858, having left Conecuh County, on their way to Texas, and stopped in Handsboro, a thriving village at that time, and settled there.

Joseph Murphy, having been born on November 26th, 1853, in Conecuh County, earned his livelihood in the mills then in operation in Handsboro and at Gainesville on Pearl River, and later moved to Pass Christian where he married Miss Harriet Lewis, on December 26th, 1877. To them were born ten children, seven of whom are now living in Harrison County, viz: Robert Lewis, Mamie E., John J., Harriet V., Joseph, Martha (Mrs. A. J. Ramsay), and George H., and one dying in infancy, and Harry E. and William E., sons, who died in later years.

Mr. Murphy was engaged in the mercantile business in Pass Christian for many years, and then moved his family to Mississippi City in 1896, and in 1903 moved to Gulfport where he died, 1909, at which time he was County Treasurer, having been elected for his second term.




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