Cemeteries of Hinds County

Cemetery Name



General Location

Auburn Cemetery 321258N 0903514W Learned
Bailey Cemetery 321627N 0901156W Jackson
Bedwell Cemetery 321330N 0902701W Terry NW
Belmont Cemetery 321240N 0904204W Cayuga
Benevolent Society Cemetery 320623N 0901803W Terry
Beth Israel Cemetery 321904N 0901048W Jackson
Big Creek Cemetery 321239N 0901833W New Byram
Birdsong Cemetery 322607N 0903205W Queens Hill Lake
Bolton Cemetery 322128N 0902633W Raymond
Breeden Cemetery 320540N 0904016W Utica West
Carter Cemetery 321440N 0902558W Terry NW
Cedar Lawn Cemetery 321907N 0901301W Jackson
Chatham Cemetery 320742N 0904243W Cayuga
Clinton Cemetery 322010N 0901912W Clinton
Cook Cemetery 321241N 0903938W Cayuga
Cowles Meade Cemetery 322103N 0902029W Clinton
Cox Cemetery 323103N 0902905W Coxs Ferry
Dawson Cemetery 323104N 0902901W Coxs Ferry
Edwards Cemetery 322003N 0903508W Edwards
Elmwood Cemetery 321914N 0901203W Jackson
Fatherree Cemetery 320622N 0903816W Utica West
Friendship Cemetery 321851N 0903656W Edwards
Garden Memorial Park 322322N 0901617W Pocahontas
Green Cemetery 322627N 0901453W Ridgeland
Greenwood Cemetery 321830N 0901102W Jackson
Griffin Cemetery 320712N 0904101W Utica West
Hart Cemetery 320842N 0903924W Cayuga
Henry Cemetery 321514N 0904015W Bovina
Holliday-Davis Cemetery     Learned
Hope Spring Cemetery 322213N 0901334W Jackson
Jackson Memorial Gardens 321432N 0901432W Florence
Johnson Cemetery 322350N 0900649W Madison
Lake Cemetery 322212N 0901337W Jackson
Lakewood Memorial Park 322017N 0901732W Clinton
Lemon Cemetery 320420N 0904216W Utica West
Lincoln Cemetery 321734N 0901240W Jackson
Lula Cemetery 322917N 0902246W Brownsville
McClellan Cemetery 320618N 0904141W Utica West
McElwee Cemetery 321116N 0904105W Cayuga
McGowen Cemetery 321226N 0901414W Florence
Montgomery Cemetery 321502N 0903936W Bovina
Morrison Cemetery 321126N 0903401W Learned
Mount Olive Cemetery 321748N 0901212W Jackson
Nalley Cemetery 321108N 0903604W Learned
Nutt Cemetery 320602N 0904206W Utica West
Oak Grove Cemetery 321130N 0903108W Learned
Odd Fellows Cemetery 322006N 0901905W Clinton
Pocahontas Cemetery 322828N 0901708W Pocahontas
Ritchey Cemetery 320453N 0904247W Utica West
Roberts Cemetery 322448N 0902229W Pocahontas
Salem Cemetery 321010N 0903222W Learned
Salmon Cemetery 321310N 0902749W Terry NW
Seven Star Cemetery 320622N 0904143W Utica West
Spring Ridge Cemetery 321224N 0902051W New Byram
Terry Cemetery
(Burials Listed by Surname)
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320610N 0901756W Terry
Tinnin Cemetery 322616N 0902049W Pocahontas
Tougaloo Garden Memorial Park 322404N 0900928W Ridgeland
Turner Cemetery 320959N 0904309W Cayuga
Underhill Cemetery 322505N 0903005W Queens Hill Lake
Utica Cemetery 32.108N -90.621W Town of Utica
Willow Park Cemetery 321729N 0901311W Jackson
Wilson Cemetery 322255N 0901538W Pocahontas

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