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Holmes County 1860 Mortality Schedule

Mortality Schedule of persons who died during the year beginning July 1, 1859 and ending June 30, 1860.

Mississippi Department of Archives & History, Microfilm #2730

Submitted by Debora Reese
Correction for Manning Knight submitted by gg-grandaughter Myra Perry




Place of Birth

Month of Death

Cause of Death

# of Days Ill

Alexander, Mary J. Female 5 Mississippi March Scarlet Fever 3
Anderson, Mary Ann Female 28 Georgia October Child Bed Fever  
Armstrong, James Male 2 Mississippi April Pneumonia 20
Arnold, Elizabeth Female 4 Mississippi April Spasms 2 hours
Barnes, James M. Male 1 Mississippi April Pneumonia 9
Barnes, Nancy S. Female 1 mos. Mississippi June Croup  
Beale, Elizabeth S. Female 1 Mississippi June Pneumonia 20
Boaz, Elizabeth Female 38 N. Carolina August Typhoid Fever 15
Broadway, Lucy Female 73 N. Carolina November Typhoid Fever 90
Burd, Wade H. Male 75 Mississippi June Throat Cut  
Burney, Samuel Male 70 Georgia January Unknown  
Cader, John A. Male 8 mos. Mississippi May Brain Congestion 7
Carter, James W. Male 6 mos. Mississippi May Brain Inflammation  
Carton, Josiah Male 1 Mississippi June Typhoid Fever 10
Cole, M. S. Female 26 Virginia April Consumption 10
Crawford, Ann e. Female 20 Mississippi May Measles  
Davis, Mary Ann Female 36 Mississippi December Hemorrhage 12
Donalson, George Male 26 Tennessee May Fits  
Durham, L-llen G. Female 2 Mississippi January Dropsy 90
Dyer, Clara Female 2 Mississippi August Congestive Chills  
Eakin, William J. Male 1 Mississippi September Choked  
Elmore, Robert Male 19 Mississippi October Typhoid Fever 34
Fatheree, John Thomas Male 4 Mississippi October Congestive Chills 1
Forbes, Annie Female 54 S. Carolina September Congestive Chills 3
Ford, Lusanna Female 6 Mississippi October Burnt  
Friley, Tennessee Female 24 Mississippi February Spleen Enlargement  
Gage, Matthew Male 49 Georgia April Spasms  
Gate, Semmore W. Male 58 N. Carolina September Cramp Colic  
Goss, Adel Female 7 mos. Mississippi March Brain Congestion  
Goss, Lavinia A. Female 4 Mississippi October Fits  
Goss, Lawson Male 20 Ohio March Typhoid Fever 14
Gunnels, Sarah A. Female 1 mos. Mississippi March Hives 7
Harthcock, Sarah Ann Female 35 N. Carolina January Pneumonia 8
Hellon, Robert E. Male 3 Mississippi March Scarlet Fever 21
Holmes, B. A. Female 45 S. Carolina June Typhoid Fever 20
Horton, Alfred Male N/A Mississippi N/A N/A  
Howard, Robert Male 50 Georgia October Bowel Inflammation 9
Howson, Nancy A. Female 45 Mississippi September Pneumonia 10
Hughston, William F. Male 5 Mississippi October Liver Inflammation 4
Johnson, Rufus R. Male 44 Tennessee March Dropsy  
Johnson, William P. Male 58 N. Carolina September Diarrhea  
Jones, Mary S. Female 6 Mississippi August Congestion 3
Kelly, William Male 33 Ireland July Damp Old Well  
Knight, Manning Male 53 S. Carolina April Killed by Mule  
Lankford, Elisha Male 54 Tennessee October Typhoid Fever 15
Lankford, John E. Male 18 Alabama October Pneumonia 21
Linsay, John T. Male 8 mos. Mississippi May Bronchitis  
Lipsey, Samuel Male 2 Mississippi May Scarlet Fever 21
Little, Virginia Female N/A Mississippi March Lung Congestion 2
Long, John Male 43 Tennessee November N/A  
Marlow, Florence E. Female 10 mos. Mississippi February Pneumonia 14
Marlow, Joseph Male 75 Hungary April Pneumonia 14
Miles, Emily Female 45 Tennessee May Flux 8
Miles, George W. Male 6 Mississippi September Bowel Congestion 3
Miller, Margaret Female 25 Alabama September N/A  
Montgomery, C. M. Female 28 Georgia June Peritonitis 2
Morgan, Lauri Eliza Female 3 Mississippi October Quinsey 6
Morris, James C. Male 30 Tennessee June Stabbing  
Morrow, Lidea Female 1 mos. Mississippi July Hives 3
Padrick, Ann B. Female 64 N. Carolina May Bowel Inflammation 9
Patton, Louisa Jane Female 6 Mississippi June Bowel Inflammation  
Perkins, David Male 90 Pennsylvania March Drowned  
Pickett, ---borne B. Male 66 Georgia October Cancer  
Pitchford, Alice M. Female 4 mos. Mississippi January Brain Inflammation 2
Pitchford, John H. Male 5 Mississippi August Typhoid Fever 4
Pitchford, Laura Female 10 Mississippi September Flux 15
Raynolds, Anderson Female 45 Kentucky May Cancer 12 mos.
Reagin, Jesse Male 46 S. Carolina March Typhoid Fever 5
Richardson, Elizabeth Female 78 N. Carolina February Pneumonia 10
Sargent, Sarah F. Female 27 Georgia June Pneumonia 8
Seshore, William W. Male 62 New York February Dropsy  
Shelton, James Male 29 S. Carolina N/A Gunshot Wound  
Sproles, Charlotte C. Female 4 Mississippi September Congestion 1
Sprolis, Eugene C. Male 2 Mississippi March Bowel Inflammation 14
Taylor, Lucy Female 1 Mississippi June Brain Congestion 14
Thompson, Emma Female 10 Mississippi N/A Brain Congestion  
Walker, Fanny Female 9 Kentucky May Congestive Fever 3
Walton, J. Y. Male 4 N/A October Bowel Complaint  
Wigley, Sarah Female 65 N/A January Unknown  
Williams, Isaac Male 2 mos. Mississippi August Pneumonia 5
Williams, James Male 22 Mississippi April Brain Inflammation 9
Williams, Manerve J. Female 27 Alabama June Pneumonia 8
Wilson, Andrew Male 21 Mississippi January Pneumonia  
Wilson, Edward A. Male 7 mos. Mississippi May Bowel Congestion  
Wilson, Thomas S. Male 55 S. Carolina January D--sepsia  
Winn, George Male 1 mos. Mississippi February Hives  
Winn, William B. Male 5 Mississippi September Congestive Chills  
Wood, Mary Ann Female 34 Tennessee April Inflammation 7
Wright, Luvina Female 3 Mississippi August Typhoid Fever 21


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