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Register of Deaths at
Old Fort Biloxi, MS


pub. in the NGSQ, Vol. 55, No. 1, March 1967

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by K. Torp

ON AUGUST 21, 1727, Jacques de la Chaise, the French king's commissioner in Louisiana, sent a routine report to the French court. With his message, he included a list compiled on April 1, 1727 by Father Raphael de Luxembourg, Capuchin, and vicar-general in Louisiana for the bishop of Quebec, of "those who died at Old Fort Biloxi2 during the administration of M. Davion3 from August 8, 1720."
Although it records only deaths for four years, the document is of significant value to genealogists and historians working in French Louisiana, as no church records exist in present-day Biloxi for this early period. Some notations for Biloxi do appear in the ecclesiastical records of Mobile and New Orleans, but they are so meager as to be of little use.

The names appear here as spelled in the Library of Congress transcript, with the date of death following each entry.

1 The original is in the Archives des Colonies, Paris, indexed Gl 412:I-3vo. Transcript in the Library of Congress.
2 Originally called Fort Maurepas by Iberville and founded by him in 1699 — the oldest settlement in French Louisiana. The site was on the eastern shore of Biloxi Bay.
3 Possibly Father Antoine Davion, one of the Canadian priests brought to Louisiana to help establish missions.

Pierre Breval, 8
> Pierre, Demolisse, 13
Antoine Chapuy, convict, 14
Cadet, 15
> Louis Requette, 17
Michel Boutville, 19
Guillaume Pindelique, 22
Cottinot, soldier, 25
Duval, soldier, 27
> Nicolas Marchand, 30
Alain Usel, 31

Urbain Carret, 2
La Condamine, soldier, 3
Jacques Suicheg, 3
Mariane Darosee, 3
Claude le Roux, 4
Catherine Philipine, 5
Henry Philipe, 6
Francois Bergeron, soldier, 8
Jullien Gauthier, 8
Nicolas Gibers, 10
Niveaux, the wife of, 10
Guillaume Le Belle, 11
Edme de Fer, 11
La Rose, 12
Jean Morvany, 13
Pierre Louvart, 17
> J. B. Matter, 17
Jacques Bermont, convict, 17
Michel Saogt, convict, 18
Jacques Masson, soldier, 19
Adrian Joseph Corban, 20
Guillaume Guerit, convict, 20
Pierre Raymon, convict, 21
Jean Havet, 22
Thomas Forinat, 23
Francois Lermine, convict, 23
Rene Guildret, 23
Jean Duchenet, 23
Pierre Alexandre, 23
Frederica Paul Daustrice, 24

Jerome Dubois, soldier, 9
Jacques Arselle, soldier, 9
Charles Martelle Macon, 9
Salamon Diacre, 9
Antoine Aubier, 10
Antoine, Belain, 10
Jean Austrone, 11
Barre, a child of, 11
Marguerite Vachon, wife of deceased Courteau, 12
Marguerite Batement, wife of Alexandre, 12
Rene L'Anglois, 13
Chapelier, soldier, 13
Marie Couteau, wife of Lyonnois, 13
Francois Bourdy, 13
Francois Galochet, 13
Jean Culvar, 16
Marguerite Dupuys, 16
Le Vesrier, 16
Pierre Calliet, soldier, 19
Henry Thomas, soldier, 19
Jacques de Han, volunteer, 20
Nicolas Rigaulet, soldier, 20
Antoine Pilau, the wife of, 20
Cordier, the wife of, 20 [ed. note: written "la femme du Cordier"]
Pierre Laverdure, child, 21
Ollivier Daniel, convict, 24
Pierre Picart, corporal, 24
La Roche, patron de chaloupe, 24
Pierre Pinart, 24
Pierre Poissiere, 25
Voisin, 25
Francois Hubert, 25
Jacques Parisien, the wife of, 25
Jacques Martin, silk-mercer, 28

Pierre Voisin, soldier, 6
Francois La Boissiere, soldier, 6
Francois Imbert, soldier, 7
Gille Vincent, 9
Adrian Breton, 11
Hayt, Jr., the wife of, 11
Claude Metier, 13
Requiem, the wife of, 14
Charles Martin, worker, 16
Levesque, 16
Nicolas Hem, 20
Elizabeth Morn, child, 20
Antoine Grimalle, 22
Jean Dubois, 27
Jean Vaneuil, the wife of, 27
Morisseaux, 28
Francois, fille, 28
Antoine Primart, 30
Francois Gilles, soldier, 30

Marguerite Lamballe, 1
Marie Colombelle, 1
Jeanne Guerelle, 3
Trevillon, soldier in Le Blanc's company, 4
Thomas du Fresne, 6
Romennau, convict, 17
Antoine Divier, from the region of Artois, 21

Francois Bellisle, soldier, 2
Jacques Parisien, soldier, 10
Bernard Dufour, soldier, 11
Francois Dessessarts, store-keeper for the Company, 13
Jean Simonin, convict, 13
Marie Courte, 25

Marguerite, 3
Gabriel Dubuisson, fille, 16 years, 26

Jean Allain, edge-tool maker, 24
Louis Le Beau, carpenter, 25
Andre Dutillet, 22 years, 25

Charles Bernard, 21
Simon l'Epron, carpenter, 21

Angelique Arlut, 10

Anne Rougeaut, 22
Nicolas Duverger, 24

Jean Risbourg, convict, 20 years, 1
Louise Reyon, German, 4

La Lancette, soldier and frater, 11
Jean Balnon, 19
Durand, 23
Lalo, Monsieur, ensign, 24
Mathieu Braquigny, patron de chaloupe,25
Marie, 28
Pierre Sauce, 28
La Beaurepert, fille of the Convent, 30
Philipe Michel, daughter of Pierre Vernier, 30
Jean Doublain, 31

Pierre Lavalle, 3
Nicolas Vivier, 7
Pierre Barpier, 9
Marguerite La Ville, wife of Henry LaVille, soldier, 23

Izac Coudray, soldier, 33 years, 18
Jean Devin, edge-tool maker, 46 years, 18
Anne, wife of Jacques Baudac, 20
Denis Jacquotot, lawyer at the Parliament of Paris, 25
Anne Le Bar, wife of Jacques Gouy, 30 years, 26

Francois Gouane, about 15 years, 6
Marie Melanie, arrived on the Ballaine, 7
Jacques Boissimond, patron, 7
Dominique Belsaguy, 35 years, of Bayonne, 13
Valtre Querol, 4o years, from Prague,Bohemia, 22

Marie Netche, widow of Trobas, German, 4o years, 4
Noel Lainaul, Swiss, 5
Jean Jannette, wife of Jacques Savignon, 20 years, 24
Marie Pistolle, wife of Cristophe Brie, 42 years, 25
Vincent Le Clerc desaunay, officer on the Mazieres Concession, 25
Jacques Keron, sailor, 25 years, 28
Prime Hibert, German, 3o years, 28

Marie Angelique, daughter of Robert Blanquet, 2
Nicolas Jourdan, cadet in the troops, about 28 years, 13
Magdelaine, Balser, wife of Jean Balser, about 40 years, 14
Jean Catherine d'Oublant, 16
Laurent Elie, German, 20 years old, 18
Jeanne Gouron, wife of Jean Fuma, about 28 years, 20
Marie Louise, daughter of Aime Baron, 28
Jean Beranrd (Bernard?) Miol, 29

Catherine Joseph Rogue, from Douery in Flanders, 30
Cristophe Boie, about 4o years, from Orleans, 11

Pierre Villete, store-keeper for the Company, 7
Nicolas Audriot, major in the troops, 13

Jean Cariere, habitant, 35 years, 19 October
Pierre Blanpin, Jr., 9
Anne, daughter of Francois Triboulote, 11

Marie Francoise, wife of Jean Vieil, sailor, 20 years, 14
Jean Quartier, about 35 years, of Bezier, 27
Michel Fores, wet cooper from La Rochelle, about 22 years, 31

Marie Penil, wife of Henry, soldier, 33 eyars, 25

Marie Jubit, wife of Guillaume Guitton, baker, 18

Marie Joseph Javotte, 19
Louis Pierre Roy, 25

De la Combe, Sieur, officer in Le Blanc's company, 4


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