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Jefferson Davis County


Source: GNIS

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Adams Cemetery 31.54140 -89.79390 Prentiss East  
Antioch Cemetery 31.59280 -89.78890 Prentiss East 05 Aug 2014
Armstrong Cemetery 31.58030 -89.97330 New Hebron  
Armstrong Cemetery 31.70470 -89.90390 Prentiss West  
Barners Cemetery 31.44030 -89.77470 Bunker Hill  
Barwick Cemetery 31.53140 -89.73390 Lake Mike Connor  
Bass Burkett Cemetery 31.485596 -89.762836 Bunker Hill 15 May 2014
Bass Cemetery 31.49860 -89.78750 Bunker Hill  
Bass Cemetery 31.49000 -89.76470 Mount Carmel  
Bass Cemetery 31.44360 -89.94080 Bunker Hill  
Bass Cemetery 31.63970 -89.84190 Oak Vale  
Bassfield Catholic Cemetery 31.47756 -89.76052 Bassfield 13 Apr 2014
Bassfield City Cemetery 31.49110 -89.74720 Bassfield 14 May 2014
Berry Cemetery 31.75920 -89.88500 Shivers  
Bethany Cemetery 31.58310 -89.88250 Prentiss 23 May 2010
Blackburn-Carter Cemetery 31.44110 -89.70670 Bassfield  
Blackwell Cemetery 31.48970 -89.90080 Oak Vale  
Blount Cemetery 31.55780 -89.79000 Prentiss East 22 Oct 2010
Bond Cemetery 312634N 894337W Bassfield  
Booth Cemetery 313137N 894220W Lake Mike Connor  
Bourne Cemetery 312932N 895637W Oak Vale 19 Jan 2015
Brady Cemetery 31.58064 -89.898312 Prentiss 19 Jan 2015
Branton Cemetery 312804N 895628W Oak Vale  
Bridges Cemetery 314059N 895026W Mount Carmel  
Brinson Cemetery 314407N 895220W Mount Carmel  
Bryant Cemetery 313959N 894900W Mount Carmel  
Buckley Cemetery 312752N 895329W Oak Vale  
Bullock Cemetery 313444N 895252W Prentiss West  
Burkett Cemetery 313238N 895452W Prentiss West  
Burkett Cemetery 313221N 895337W Prentiss West  
Burkett Cemetery 313054N 895358W Prentiss West  
Butler Cemetery 313409N 895543W Prentiss West  
Carson Cemetery 313204N 894722W Prentiss East 23 May 2010
Carter Cemetery 312728N 894704W Bunker Hill 22 Oct 2010
Chance Cemetery 313230N 893922W Lake Mike Connor  
Clear Springs Cemetery 313017N 895032W Prentiss East  
Cole Cemetery 314513N 894848W Mendenhall SE  
Cole Cemetery 313501N 895545W Prentiss West  
Cooper Cemetery 314337N 894556W Mount Carmel  
Crossroads Cemetery 312515N 895123W Bunker Hill  
Daniel L King Cemetery 31.55250 -89.70860 Lake Mike Connor 13 Apr 2014
Deen Cemetery 313314N 894034W Lake Mike Connor  
Deen Cemetery 31.55360 -89.67610 Lake Mike Connor 20 Oct 2013
Double Churches Cemetery 31.554197 -89.649141 Lake Mike Connor 13 Apr 2014
Dublin Cemetery 31.559111 -89.840776 Prentiss 15 May 2014
Durr Cemetery 313916N 895159W Mount Carmel  
Friendship Cemetery 312940N 895049W Bunker Hill 24 Aug 2011
Galilee Cemetery 314125N 895655W New Hebron  
Garner Cemetery 312638N 894922W Bunker Hill  
Gholar Cemetery 313940N 895644W New Hebron  
Graves Cemetery 313341N 894335W Lake Mike Connor  
Graves Cemetery 313354N 894323W Lake Mike Connor  
Graves Cemetery 313357N 894205W Lake Mike Connor  
Gray Cemetery 313127N 893805W Lake Mike Connor  
Green Grove Cemetery 313705N 895234W Prentiss West  
Greens Creek Cemetery 31.475323 -89.830463 Carson 13 Apr 2014
Griffith Cemetery 31.72720 -89.85470 Mount Carmel  
Griffith Cemetery 31.64000 -89.80530 Mount Carmel 29 Apr 2010
Harper Cemetery 313042N 894200W Lake Mike Connor  
Hartzog Cemetery 313838N 895257W New Hebron  
Hathorn Cemetery 31.46530 -89.77690 Lake Mike Connor 13 Apr 2014
Hathorn Cemetery 31.52690 -89.66220 Bassfield 05 Aug 2014
Hayes Cemetery 312422N 895507W Oak Vale  
Hebron Cemetery 314314N 895725W New Hebron  
Hemby Cemetery 314526N 895033W Mendenhall SE  
Hen Magee Cemetery 314557N 894849W Mendenhall SE  
Hill Cemetery 313506N 894519W Prentiss East  
Hollisday Cemetery 313213N 894753W Prentiss East 23 Jul 2012
Holloway Cemetery 313408N 894643W Prentiss East  
Holloway Cemetery 313333N 895023W Prentiss East  
Hopewell Cemetery 31.76890 -89.7778 Mendenhall 15 May 2014
Hutchens Cemetery 314331N 895542W New Hebron  
Jefferson Marion King Cemetery 31.55110 -89.65810 Lake Mike Connor 20 Oct 2013
Jordan Hill Cemetery 313101N 895223W Prentiss East  
King Cemetery 313310N 894231W Lake Mike Connor  
King Cemetery 313319N 894001W Lake Mike Connor  
Landmark Cemetery 312834N 894800W Bunker Hill 23 Jul 2013
Lee Cemetery 314159N 895303W New Hebron  
Lee Cemetery 314401N 894713W Mount Carmel  
Loflin-Applewhite Cemetery 313115N 894307W Lake Mike Connor  
Loftin Cemetery 312831N 895242W Oak Vale  
Loftin Cemetery 312826N 895236W Oak Vale  
Lott Cemetery 312640N 893837W Bassfield  
Lowland Cemetery 31.45220 -89.69470 Bassfield 13 Apr 2014
Lucas Cemetery 313642N 895755W Prentiss West  
Macedonia Cemetery 31.764395 -89.811795 Mt Olive (Jefferson Davis County) 29 Mar 2013
Magee Cemetery 313903N 895557W New Hebron  
Magee Cemetery 313804N 895226W Mount Carmel  
Magee Cemetery 314252N 894648W Mount Carmel  
Magee Cemetery 314121N 894540W Mount Carmel  
Magee Cemetery 314603N 894623W Mendenhall SE  
Magee Cemetery 313539N 895127W Prentiss East  
Magee-Sullivan Cemetery 312730N 894332W Bassfield  
McDonald Cemetery 312640N 893945W Bassfield  
McInnis Cemetery 314316N 894548W Mount Carmel  
Mcinnis Cemetery 31.714350 -89.780067 Clem 29 Mar 2013
McLeod Cemetery 312916N 894150W Bassfield  
McPhail Cemetery 313420N 894729W Prentiss East  
McWorthy Cemetery 314359N 894930W Mount Carmel  
Melba Cemetery 312641N 893848W Bassfield 22 Oct 2010
Mikell Cemetery 313713N 895628W Prentiss West  
Milloy Cemetery 31.76032 -89.803491 Mt Olive 16 Jun 2013
Mobley Cemetery 314018N 895822W New Hebron 19 Jan 2015
Mount Carmel Cemetery 314042N 894715W Mount Carmel  
Mount Carmel Cemetery 313842N 894737W Mount Carmel  
Mount Harmony Cemetery 314119N 894521W Mount Carmel  
Mount Olive Cemetery 313655N 895355W Prentiss West  
Mount Zion MBC Cemetery 31.64183 -89.83517 Mount Carmel 22 Oct 2010
Mount Zion MC Cemetery 31.63086 -89.79309 Mount Carmel 22 Oct 2010
Myers Cemetery 314413N 895602W New Hebron  
Nelson Cemetery 312657N 895358W Oak Vale  
Newton Cemetery 313855N 895116W Mount Carmel  
Nichols Cemetery 313011N 895436W Prentiss West  
North Silver Creek Cemetery 314406N 895407W New Hebron  
Oak Grove Cemetery 314404N 895122W Mount Carmel  
Oak Grove Cemetery 31.62379 -89.93287 Whitesand 15 May 2014
Oatis Cemetery 313306N 895701W Prentiss West  
Oglesby Cemetery 312545N 895453W Oak Vale  
Old Bassfield Cemetery 312839N 894540W Bunker Hill  
Old Greens Creek Cemetery 312825N 895036W Bunker Hill 22 Oct 2010
Old Melba Cemetery 312643N 893854W Bassfield 23 Jul 2012
Old Mobley Cemetery 314246N 895504W New Hebron  
Old Mount Harmony Cemetery 314054N 894539W Mount Carmel  
Old Williams Cemetery 314308N 894952W Mount Carmel  
Paine Cemetery 314139N 895449W New Hebron  
Palestine Cemetery 31.487021 -89.914446 Oak Vale 15 May 2014
Parkman Cemetery 312614N 895658W Oak Vale  
Partman Cemetery 314122N 895413W New Hebron  
Patterson-Garner-Loftin Cemetery 313557N 895505W Prentiss West  
Phalti Cemetery 31.70620 -89.78567 Mount Carmel 22 Oct 2010
Point Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery 31.73780 -89.76060 Mount Olive 19 Jan 2015
Point Pleasant Cemetery 31.73333 -89.79339 Mount Olive 05 Aug 2014
Polk Cemetery 313511N 895319W Prentiss West  
Polk Cemetery 313530N 894802W Prentiss East  
Polk Cemetery 31.62378 -89.86483 Prentiss 15 May 2014
Prentiss Cemetery 313522N 895135W Prentiss East  
Prentiss Cemetery 31.60470 -89.86670 Prentiss 19 Jan 2015
Prentiss First Missionary Bapist Cemetery 31.58932 -89.85288 Prentiss 15 May 2014
Price Cemetery 313730N 894528W Prentiss East  
Progress Cemetery 313158N 895604W Prentiss West  
Progress Cemetery 313133N 894134W Lake Mike Connor  
Reese Cemetery 31.51623 -89.71108 Lake Mike Connor 22 Oct 2010
Robbins Cemetery 312831N 894910W Bunker Hill  
Robbins Cemetery 313040N 894731W Prentiss East  
Robbins Cemetery 312733N 895017W Bunker Hill  
Rock Hill Cemetery 31.72126 -89.77654 Mount Carmel 27 Jul 2013
Ross Cemetery 314011N 895748W New Hebron  
Ross Cemetery 314006N 895827W New Hebron  
Saint Elizabeth Cemetery 313210N 894732W Prentiss East 23 Jul 2012
Saint James Catholic Cemetery 31.47756 -89.76052 Bassfield 13 Apr 2014
Saint Mary Cemetery 314519N 895626W Shivers  
Santee Cemetery 313407N 894401W Lake Mike Connor  
Santee Cemetery 313312N 894315W Lake Mike Connor  
Saulters-McRaney Cemetery 313505N 894405W Lake Mike Connor  
Shady Grove Cemetery 313423N 895820W Prentiss West  
Slater Cemetery 31.7358 -89.8856 Near Prentiss 23 May 2010
Smith Cemetery 313818N 895610W New Hebron  
Smith Cemetery 313858N 895457W New Hebron  
Society Hill Cemetery 31.40690 -89.88940 Oak Vale 4 Jun 2012
South Pleasant Hill Cemetery 31.55890 -89.92000 Prentiss West 20 Oct 2013
Speights Cemetery 312724N 894636W Bunker Hill 23 Jul 2013
Speights Cemetery 312657N 894511W Bunker Hill 23 Jul 2013
Speights Cemetery 312638N 894540W Bunker Hill 23 Jul 2013
Speights Cemetery 313018N 895525W Prentiss West 23 Jul 2013
Spring Hill Cemetery 313850N 895732W New Hebron 23 Jul 2012
Stamps Cemetery 313401N 895208W Prentiss East  
Stamps Cemetery 313337N 895330W Prentiss West  
Stater Cemetery 314410N 895308W New Hebron  
Steven Wilkes Cemetery 31.43789 -89.74798 Bassfield 02 Feb 2013
Stewart Cemetery 312059N 891914W Mount Carmel 23 May 2010
Stewart-Thompson Cemetery 312852N 894322W Bassfield  
Sutton Cemetery 313940N 895509W New Hebron  
Sweet Water Cemetery 313301N 894450W Lake Mike Connor  
Taylor Cemetery 313057N 894703W Prentiss East  
Taylor Cemetery 313026N 895703W Prentiss West  
Taylor Cemetery 313048N 895604W Prentiss West  
Terrell Cemetery 313602N 894417W Lake Mike Connor 24 Aug 2011
Thompson Cemetery 31.70440 -89.78470 Clem 22 Oct 2010
Tobias Magee Cemetery 31.59390 -89.8575 Prentiss 15 May 2014
Turnage Cemetery 313350N 894122W Lake Mike Connor  
Tyrone Cemetery 31.58360 -89.88330 Prentiss 22 Oct 2010
Victory Cemetery 313316N 893856W Lake Mike Connor  
Ward Cemetery 313836N 895012W Mount Carmel  
Ward Cemetery 313214N 894956W Prentiss East 22 Oct 2010
Weathersby Cemetery 314147N 895645W New Hebron  
Wheeler Cemetery 31.49064 -89.74632 Bassfield 22 Oct 2010
White Cemetery 313930N 894956W Mount Carmel  
White Sand Cemetery 31.68576 -89.85413 Mount Carmel 22 Oct 2010
Whitehead Cemetery 313401N 894134W Lake Mike Connor  
Wilkes Cemetery 313321N 895149W Prentiss East  
Will Gray Cemetery 31.52969 -89.82173 Prentiss East 22 Oct 2010
William Tyrone Cemetery 313532N 895135W Prentiss East 13 Apr 2014
Williams Cemetery 314158N 895205W Mount Carmel  
Williamson Cemetery 314554N 895132W Mendenhall SE  
Williamson Cemetery 312632N 893949W Bassfield  
Williamson Cemetery 312533N 895407W Oak Vale  
Wilson Cemetery 313341N 894202W Lake Mike Connor  
Wolfe Cemetery 314229N 895620W New Hebron  
Zion Hill Cemetery 313854N 895644W New Hebron  


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