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Dr. Silas Brown
In this vicinity Monday evening last, Dr. Silas Brown, treasurer of the state of Mississippi, and one of our most intelligent and respected citizens, In our next we will endeavor to furnish a suitable obituary notice of the deceased. We regret that our limits will not allow us to do so now.
[The Natchez Daily Courier, (Natchez, MS) [Sunday], June 02, 1839; Issue 205 - Submitted by Janice Rice]

Philip Dixon
DIED, at his residence near the Mississippi Springs, in this county, on the 25th May, Col. PHILIP DIXON, formerly of Jefferson county, aged about 45 years. (more info in obit)
[The Natchez Daily Courier, (Natchez, MS) [Sunday], June 02, 1839; Issue 205 - Submitted by Janice Rice]

Gibson, David, Jr.
Gibson, David, Jr., Jefferson Co., Miss., Dec. 12, te. 97. He was born in (the now) Marion District, S. C., and remembered well the firing of cannon and ringing of bells when the declaration of July, 1776, was promulgated in the district ; also many incidents connected with the early struggle that followed, in his native state, in which his family, father, brothers, and uncles participated. After the fall of Charlestown, they removed to East T^pnessee, and spent a year. His descendants and connections are very numerous from South Carolina to California, and are, and have been, among our most useful citizens, comprising men of all honorable callings, preachers, teachers, learned professions, legislators, planters, and merchants. He was remarkable for the urbanity and dignity of his manners ; the perfect integrity and uprightness of his daily walk and conversation; for the preservation and active use of his phvsical strength and mental faculties to within a few days of his death; but more than all was he remarkable for being a living exemplification of that fiiith on which the hope of a happy immortality beyond the grave is founded.

[(Source: Annual obituary notices of eminent people of the United States in 1858)
Submitted by Linda Blue Dietz]

Benjamin Quitman Hudley
In this city on Monday last, Benjamin Quitman, son of Col. T B J Hudley , in the third year of his age.
[The Natchez Daily Courier, (Natchez, MS) [Sunday], June 02, 1839; Issue 205 - Submitted by Janice Rice]

Matthew McNulty
Died: At his residence near Natchez, at three O'clock on the 17th instant, Mr. MATTHEW McNULTY, of long continued and severe illness.
[Mississippi Free Trader and Natchez Gazette, (Natchez, MS) Saturday, June 19, 1847; Issue 72 - Submitted by Janice Rice]

Dr. Edward G. Rawlings
Died, in this city, on Thursday the 23d May, in the 34th year of his age, Dr. EDWARD G. RAWLINGS, formerly a resident of Summer county, in this state, and lately of Jefferson county, Mississippi (more info long article)
[Natchez Courier and Adams, Jefferson and Franklin Advertiser, (Natchez, MS) Friday, June 14, 1833; Issue 24 - Submitted by Janice Rice]

John L Stampley
Died at his residence, six miles south of this place, on Monday morning, Mr. John L Stampley resident of this county, and well known to most of the citizens. Mr. Stampley was a member of the Thomas Hinds Lodge No. 58,; and has left a numerous band of Brethen to deplore his fall Surrounded by an extensive circle of relations and friends, he died at a good old age; as neighbor, Brother, father, Friend we know of few men who would be missed more than he will be . Fayette Watch Tower, 9th inst.
[Mississippi Free Trader and Natchez Gazette, (Natchez, MS) Tuesday, December 15, 1846; Issue 151 - - Submitted by Janice Rice]

T. H. Torrey
Hon. T. H. Torrey, son of George Torrey of Jefferson County, died at Johnsonville of apoplexy on the 14th inst. [Brookhaven Ledger, Brookhaven, Mississippi, Published on April 21 1881 - Submitted by Debora Reese]

Martha T Tullis
Died On Sat, 26 of January 1850, at the residence of her brother, James M Watson, near Oakland College, Mrs Martha T Tullis, wife of E. J Tullis, of Hinds County, and daughter of the late James H Watson, of this county, She will be much beloved by all who knew her. She will be long lamented by a large circle of relations and friends, in this state and Louisiana. She was in her 34th year. Fayette Watchtower
[The Hinds County Gazette, (Raymond, MS) Friday, February 22, 1850; Issue 36; Submitted by Janice Rice]


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