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Lauderdale County, Mississippi 1860 Mortality Schedule

Submitted by Debora Reese

Name Sex Age Place of Month of Cause of # of Days
Birth Death Death Ill
J. W. Kidd M 20 Mississippi January Injury 8
William W. Lewis M 15 Alabama September Bilious Fever 6
G. G. Wilkinson M 13 Alabama February Fall from Horse Sudden
N. J. Wilkinson F 3 Mississippi October Congestive Chill 4
Jane Haywood F 1 mon. Mississippi July Unknown Sudden
M. P. Ethridge F 3 Alabama August Unknown 8
James Robinson M 22 Canada October Kidney Infection 20
Martha Trussell f 88 S. Carolina January Old Age 2
Frances Alford F 2 Mississippi May Flux 22
Ida Alford F 1 Mississippi May Flux 3
Martha Meador F 6 Alabama August Croup 3
E. Satcher F 1 mon. Mississippi January Hives Sudden
Charles Mahan M 1 mon. Mississippi January Premature Birth Sudden
C. W. Higgins M 4 mos. Mississippi July Apoplexy 3
Rhoda Pace F 64 N. Carolina May Typhoid Fever 16
W. H. Bozeman M 11 Mississippi October Unknown Sudden
Sarah Godwin F 2 Mississippi August Measles 30
Peter Estis M 6 mos. Mississippi May Spinal Infection 90
G. W. Satcher M 4 mos. Mississippi May Thrash 6
G. T. Welch M 3 Mississippi October Suffocation Sudden
Mary Sullivan F 64 Georgia December Pneumonia 10
Sarah Young F 21 Alabama June Pneumonia 3
W. Weaver M 23 Alabama March Pneumonia 15
Hesley Jolly M 2 Mississippi September Unknown Sudden
J. T. Davis M 7 Mississippi June Pneumonia 16
Elizabeth Knox F 73 S. Carolina April Congestive Chill 1
A. Smithwick M 9 mos. Mississippi September Ulcer 30
W. H. Blanks M 60 Georgia September Consumption 90
B. Stanton M 2 Mississippi March Flux 4
S. W. Wolf M 3 Mississippi July Unknown 2
John B. Smith M 60 S. Carolina April Consumption 2 yrs.
T. H. Shamberger M 5 Mississippi March Pneumonia 7
T. A. Williams M 14 N. Carolina April Unknown 120
K. Kendall F 5 Maine May Flux 14
William MCMillan M 45 Alabama March Pneumonia 6
Sally Creel F 39 Alabama April Lung Disease 5 mos
M. J. Holliday F 1 Mississippi September Measles 10
S. J. Burke F 3 Alabama March Dropsy 15
T. J. Hatcher M 1 Mississippi June Bilious Fever 3
G. R. Clayton M 1 Mississippi May Inflamation of Brain 9
M. Dodd M 2 Mississippi June Flux 14
M. Shackleford F 26 Mississippi July Consumption 1 yr
M. R. Smith F 33 S. Carolina February Heart Disease 1
C. C. Haynesworth M 1 Alabama February Teething 21
J. H. Watson M 21 Georgia July Liver Disease 14
E. H. Bancroft M 7 Alabama August Tetany 3
A. M. Prince M 44 S. Carolina April Inflamation of Stomach 5
S. F. McDonald F 1 Mississippi July Unknown Sudden
John Tay(?) M 28 Georgia April Typhoid Fever 21
L. Robinson M 5 Mississippi October White Swelling 30
J. P. Hunt M 45 S. Carolina March Unknown Sudden
William Hunt M 72 S. Carolina November Typhoid Fever 40
Daniel Cameron M 66 N. Carolina May Pleurisy 6
F. J. Catlett F 3 Mississippi December Spasms 1
F. Westmoreland M 1 Mississippi October Whooping Cough 30



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