Leake County History




History of Land Acquisitions Leake County Mississippi

Public Lands

Volume 1 1789-1809


First Settlers of the Mississippi Territory

Grants taken from the American State Papers Class VIII


There were three methods by which settlers came into this vast area that was to become the Mississippi Territory.  The earliest was by means of ocean going vessels which brought French and Spanish settlers to the coast where the first towns were located.  Second was by rivers.  The third way was to come along Indian trails.


Title to land in the Mississippi Territory could be confirmed either by residence or by settlement or by purchase.

In 1804 an Act of Congress provided that residence in the Territory on 27 Oct 1795 entitled the settler to confirmation of:

  1. Land held under British and Spanish grants fully executed before that day
  2. Land inhabited and cultivated on that day by him or for his use and held under British and Spanish warrants or surveys, dated before that date or provided the original grantee was at that date wither the head of a family or above 21 years of age.
  3. Land on which settlement was made by the Bourbon Act, namely between 7 Feb 1785 and 1 Feb 1788 on which last day the Act was repealed.  Residence on the last day entitles the party to confirmation of land not exceeding 640 acres which on that day be inhabited and cultivated, provided the settler was head of a family or above 21 years of age and does not claim any other tract under preceding provisions.













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