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Extinct Towns & Villages of
Madison County, MS


Extract taken from Publication of the Mississippi Historical Society, By the Mississippi Historical Society, Edited by Franklin L. Riley, Secretary, Volume V, Oxford, Mississippi, 1902, pgs 355-356 , from chapter entitled “Extinct Towns and Villages of Mississippi” by Franklin L. Riley

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Livingston[1] – The town of Livingston was the early seat of justice of Madison county, and was at one time the most important town in the county.  It is still a post office, and is situated about fifteen miles southwest of Canton.  Among the wealthy planters of that community were B. Ricks, John Johnson, ____ Hudnell, John Lowe, N. Hinton, and John Simmons.  It was the trade center of a large number of plantations before the War between the States.  Its acts of incorporation by the Legislature bear the following dates: 1836; May, 1837; 1848.

After the removal of the court house to Canton, Livingston began to decay and to-day only three dwellings and a church are left to mark the site of this once prosperous town.

Vernon – In the midst of a prosperous community of wealthy slave owners, about seven miles west of Livingston, was situated the town of Vernon.  This place was incorporated by the Legislature in 1833.  Some of the prominent planters living in the community were Dr. William L. Baliforer, Dr. J. P. Thomas, E. T. Montgomery, Col. Guston Kearney, Oscar D. Kearney, Col. McCord Williamson, Col. Wm. Gartley, Jno. Kipscomb, Newal Vick, C. P. Andrews, and Maj. C. B. Greer.

Madisonville – In 1828 Madison county was formed out of part of Yazoo, and Madisonville, a place situated in the southeastern part of the former county, about twelve miles from Canton, was made the county seat.  Its act of incorporation by the Legislature bear the following dates: 1836; May 1837; and 1848.

One of the early physicians of this place was Dr. James Anderson, and one of its mercantile firms was Joseph Coffman & Company, later of Grenada.  When the court house was removed to Canton, Madisonville declined rapidly.  Its former site is now part of the plantation of Maj. Walker.


[1] The sketches of the towns of Madison county are largely based upon information received from Col. W. G. Kearney, of Flora, Miss., and Robert Bowman, Esq., of Yazoo City, Miss.




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