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Garraway Divorce
Mrs. Ola B. McGehee Garraway was granted a divorce from her hus­band, J. Smith Garraway today in chancery court. Earle L. Wingo was special chancellor, substituting for Ben Stevens, who disqualified himself in the case.
Mrs. Garraway won her divorce on a cross-bill of complaint in which she charged desertion. Mr. Garra­way had first filed suit charging habitual cruel and inhuman treat­ment.

Brief Testimony
Mrs. Garraway was on the stand for about three minutes during which time she testified that her husband had deserted her in 1938. She said that she "did not know where he was living" now, and that she did not give him any cause for leaving. There was no cross-ques­tioning of the witness by Mr. Garraway's attorneys.
The divorce decree also settled property rights which had previous­ly been agreed upon by Mr. and Mrs. Garraway.

The terms were:
The Garraway residence on West Fourth street is to be Mrs. Gang­way's for life or during widowhood; this grant will be terminated at her death or re-marriage.
Mr. Garraway is to pay taxes and insurance on the property; the in­surance premium to be $2,000.
Mrs. Garraway is to sign necessary papers in order to gain homestead exemptions.
Mr. Garraway is to pay a cash amount of $183. Future alimony beginning July 10, 1940 is to be $75 per month payable to the chancery clerk.
Mr. Garraway is to pay $300 with­in 90 days for repairs to the resi­dence or reimburse Mrs. Garraway if the repairs have been made.
Mr. Garraway agreed to pay $250 as fees for her attorneys, Mrs. Garraway's maiden name, Ola B. McGehee, was restored.
Mr. Garraway was taxed with all court costs.
Will H. Watkins, of Jackson, and John R. Tally, of Hattiesburg, rep­resented Mrs. Garraway. The firm of Heidelberg and Roberts repre­sented Mr. Garraway.

The actual signing of the divorce decree was held up for several min­utes while Mrs. Garraway and Mr. Garraway's attorney, M. M. Roberts, checked the description of the prop­erty as listed in the decree.
An unusually large crowd attend­ed the court session today. Some of those in the audience were: Mrs. W. W. Bedwell, Mrs. S. E. Travis, Mrs. W. A. Thomson, Mrs. Dudley W. Conner, Mrs. Joseph Sarphie, jr., Mrs. Lamar Henington, Mrs. Oma Mathews, Mrs. D. O. Segrest, Mrs. Thomas H. Freeny, Miss Emily Jones, Mrs. J. C. Thorns and Mrs. E. E. Hudson.
Additional spectators at the aft­ernoon session of court included: Mrs. J. I. Thompson, Mrs. S. S. Ringgold, Mrs. J. A. Cameron, Mrs. M. S. Richard, Mrs. Nathan Fine and Mrs. J. Claude Fields.
Included in this group were mem­bers of the Original Home and Gar­den club of which Mrs. Garraway is a member.
Unknown Newspaper Clipping -- Transcribed by Gene P.
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