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Scott County Crime News


Scott County Register
Forest, Mississippi, January 3, 1906

On the night before Christmas Neal Sessions, a young man about twenty-five years of age, who lived with his parents near Hillsboro, had his throat cut by an unknown assassin while enroute home from a neighborhood wedding. It is thought that the murder was committed about 8 o'clock at night. His body was found by Mr. James Sullivan on the roadside Christmas morning, with the jugular vein severed and several knife stabs about his head. It is supposed that the young man was murdered for his money, as he was said to have had about $100, which he was exhibiting while at the wedding. When found his pocket contained only $15.65.

Deputy Sheriff Antley has been investigating the crime for several days, but has made no arrest. A great deal of talk is being indulged in about a suspicious fellow who left that neighborhood early the next morning after the murder, but aside from his absence there is nothing tangible that he murdered young Sessions.

The people of that vicinity and others have subscribed $250 for the arrest and conviction of the murderer, $100 to be paid when captured and the balance to be paid on conviction. Governor Vardaman has offered $150 reward which with statutory reward, of $100, will make a total of $500.

[Submitted by Pat & Wayne Parrish]

Scott County Register
Forest, Mississippi, February 28, 1906

Indictment found against Henry Randall "Ran" Walk, believed to now be in Texas.

Neal Sessions' tombstone is engraved. "He was murdered and robbed; In life beloved, in death remembered"

[Submitted by Pat & Wayne Parrish]

Note from submitter: I am submitting this article from the Scott County Register, Forest, MS for use on the website. I copied this from an old newspaper in the basement of the Scott County, MS courthouse. Cornelius Franklin "Neal" Sessions was my great-uncle. He is buried at Hillsboro Cemetery, Hillsboro, Scott County, Mississippi.

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