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Smith County Mortality Schedule

1860 Smith County Mortality Schedule
Year Ending June 1, 1860

Transcribed by Debora Reese




Place of Birth

Month of Death

Cause of Death

# of Days Ill

Dupuy, Jane F 25 KY June Inflamation of Womb 63
Jones, Nancy E. F 4 MS June Flux 10
Royals, Malissa J. F 1 MS June Scarlett Fever 8
Cook, Nancy F 19 MS July Flux 2 mos.
Hailes, H. J. M 48 MS July Inflamation of Brain 15
Hardy, H. D. M 26 AL July Flux 13
Jones, John W. M 1 MS July Inflamation of Brain 14
Mayfield, Jefferson M 5 MS July Unknown 7
Means, Mary E. F 3 AL July Brain Congestion 1
Briant, Frances L. F 8 mos. MS August Unknown 8
Hailes, John M 73 S. C. August   15
Hitt, Sarah M. F 37 AL August Inflamation of Womb 63
Swigert, Barbary F 23 S. C. August Typhoid Fever 15
Ward, Sarah F 63 N. C. August Typhoid Fever 15
Ainsworth, Ferably F 57 KY September Typhoid Fever 20
Baker, William F. M 1 MS September Unknown 15
Shipp, Margaret M. F 3 MS September Croup 3
Wilkins, Louisa M. F 25 VA September Inflamation of Brain 10
Richardson, Celia F 46 N. C. October Pneumonia 15
Smith, Amelia F 47 TN October Brain Congestion 2
Flowers, Mary S. F 12 MS November   21
Long, Joshua M 3 MS December Pneumonia 20
McClour, Elizabeth F 60 S. C. January Consumption 90
Puckett, Sara A. F 18 MS January Inflamation of Stomach 5
Ward, Lamon M 63 N. C. January Dropsy 10 mos
Briant, Thomas M 55 PA February Unknown Sudden
Lane, Sarah A. A. F 42 VA February Consumption 7 yrs
Miley, Oliver M 8 mos. MS February Pneumonia 5
Husbands, Catherine F 23 AL March Inflamation of Lungs 90
Rawls, Jesse M 65 S. C. March Cancer 5 yrs
Royals, Rachel F 35 N. C. March Child Bed 2
Sandford, Louisa F 1 mos MS March Unknown 3
Stubbs, Sarah A. F 35 MS March Pneumonia 9
Barrow, George A. M 1 mos MS April Unknown 10
Briant, Mary Jane F 2 mos MS April Unknown 60
Jones, Henry M 20 MS April Flux 13
McDowell, Aley F 5 mos MS April Unknown 30
Shirley, Nancy F 29 MS April Burning Accident 18
Shirley, Phillip M 50 GA April Unknown 11
Smith, Tobia M 82 S. C. April Pneumonia 29
Thornton, Easter M. F 37 MS April Pneumonia 9
Davy, Ellen F 20 MS May Unknown 9
Hough, Elizabeth F 5 mos MS May Whooping Cough 15
Nichols, Columbus M 1 MS May Whooping Cough 5
Thomas, Manervy F 10 mos MS May Bronchitis 15


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