Sandhill Cemetery

Evergreen Community, Wayne County, Mississippi

Go West on the Eucutta Street, Shubuta, MS for .9 miles.  Turn left on the Shubuta River Road at the Davenport Cemetery.  Go 1.9 miles and turn right at the intersection of Shubuta-Eucutta Rd and the Shubuta-Waynesboro Road.  Go 4.3 miles and turn  right at the Georgia-Pacific Tree Farm.  Go down the dirt road .9 miles.  As you come up over the hill take the dirt road to the right.  Gravesite is just down the road on the right. 

Information compiled on 18 January 2000 by Jerry D. Mason

- Submitted By Jerry D. Mason


(From Left to Right in three sections)

Left Side:

In memory of Lillie N., daughter of J. H. and M. M. Harmons.  Born Feb. 22, 1897 - Died Apr. 22, 1897

    "Asleep in Jesus"  (Sandstone headstone with footstone) 

In Memory of William D., son of W. L. & A. V. Williams.  Born Aug. 4, 1896 - Died Sept. 9, 1896

In Memory of Jesse L. son of W. L. & A. V. Williams.  Born Nov. 19, 1893 - Died Feb. 17, 1894


(Inside wrought iron fence, no gate)

        David Gatlin, Born Dec. 26, 1889 - Died Sept. 5, 1910

             "Although he sleeps, His Memory doth live.  And Cheering comfort to his mourner give."  (F/S with D. G.)

        In Memory of Hugh Gatlin, born June 30, 1845 - died June 6, 1902.

              "Sleep on dear father it may not be long before we can see each other again."  (F/S with H. G.)


In Memory of Suzie, daughter of R. S. & Lonie Snellgrove.  Born Mar. 17, 1890 - died Apr. 1, 1890  F/S


(Loose bricks  could be unknown graves)


B. W. Williams.  Apr 6, 1865 - Jan. 31, 1923

    "He has gone to the mansion of Rest."  F/S

"To My Wife"  Mary E., wife of B. W. Williams, born Oct. 30, 1869 - died Apr. 22, 1913

    Age 43 yrs, 5 mos, 22 days.  "Not lost, dear wife, but only gone before and soon upon the plains of Paradise we'll meet to

    part no more"  F/S

Luther S., son of W. B. & Mary Williams: Born Sept. 30, 1893 – died Aug. 28, 1898

In Memory of Joe E., son of Joe & Martha Daily: Born Sept. 24, 1880 – died Aug. 24, 1889

In Memory of Elizabeth, daughter of J. F.  & Eliza Williams: died Feb. 3, 1892, age 12 years  F/S

Unknown grave  F/S


Children of S. L. & Jarusha Beach

     1st Infant Son: born Apr. 27, 1887 – died May 5, 1887

     2nd Infant son: born Feb. 21, 1889 – died Feb 22, 1889


Unknown grave, F/S with R. P.


Martha, wife of Jeff D. Williams: born July 21, 1860 – died Jan. 4, 1910

     “As a wife, devoted.  As a mother, affectionate.  As a friend, ever kind and true”

    “Farewell”   (large upright headstone)



Middle Section:


Various unknown graves with broken markers

William Oscar, son of S & J. G. Shoemaker: born Feb. 17, 1887 – died Sept. 20, 1888

     “Gone but not forgotten”

Ava Loise, daughter of S. & J. G. Shoemaker: born Mar. 10 & died Aug. 6, 1903.

     “Gone but not forgotten”

“Ned” Edward Gatlin: b 1804 S.C. – d after 1850

     (New granite headstone)

In Memory of Sholotie, wife of Ned Gatlin: died Apr. 30, 1880, age about 62 years.

    “Every Joy To Us Is Dead, Since Mother Is Not Here.  Honored, Beloved, And Wept.

    Here Mother Lies

    F/S   S. G.


*note following two graves or side by side.  Inclosed tombs.

 Wife of Hugh Shoemaker  (tomb falling apart, writing not eligible)

 In Memory of Hugh Shoemaker: born 1810 – died 18_4

    “God in his wisdom has recalled the (unknown) in Love had given and (unknown) the body moulders (unknown) the soul is

    safe in Heaven.

    (tomb is falling apart)


In Memory of Amos, son of J. S. & Gena Bonner: born Nov. 15, 1886 – died Aug. 20, 1889



Right Section:

Eleanor Barnet: born Feb. 14, 1848 – died Jan. 31, 1905, Age 56 yrs, 11 mos. & 17 days.

    “Rest Mother, rest in quiet sleep, while friends in sorrow o’er thee weep”

    (Headstone with bricks over grave   F/S

Lousia Williams:  Sept 5, 1842 – Feb 3, 1884,  “Farewell”  “She was the sunshine of our home”

    “Mother”   F/S

In Memory of Lousia, daughter of J. D. & A. E. Street:  born May 21, 1886 – died Sep. 17, 1887

O. J., son of I. W. & E. S. Reynolds: born Nov. 29, 1891 – died Dec. 26, 1891    F/S

E. E., daughter of I. W. & E. S. Reynolds: born June 22, 1898 – died Sept. 1, 1898    F/S

Unknown Grave with bricks


“Farewell”  E. L. Reynolds: born May 16, 1848 – died April 27, 1888

    “An amiable father here lies (unknown)

    As our God with his image blest;

    The friend of many, the friend of truth,

    The friend of age, the guide of youth.”

    (broken and repaired & braced with metal poles.)


“Farewell”  Susa Reynolds:  Age 72 years

     “Mother thou hast from us flown,

    To the regions far above,

    We to thee erect this stone,

    Consecrated by our love.”


Simpson McCarty: born Apr. 11, 1816 – died Mar. 15, 1892, age 75 yrs, 11 mo, 4 ds.

    “An amiable father here lies at rest.

    As ever God with his image blest;

    The friend of man, the friend of truth,

    The friend of age, the guide of youth.”

     (large headstoneleaning against base “Farewell” with shaking hands) also F/S with S. McC

    *note:  see Hepzibah Cemetery and McCarty Cemetery in Shubuta  and also the Beaverdam Cemetery for other family



Some form of brick monument to the left of Simpson McCarty’s grave.  Could be cemetery entrance


Nevell E., son of T. W. & E. V. Hudson:  born Sept 21, 1893 – died March 13, 1897

    “Gone to join the Angels.”   F/S  N.E.H.


*Note:  Many unmarked graves identified by loose red bricks.  Graveyard is cleared/cleaned twice a year by the Evergreen Church.




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