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William Fulkerson. A life of quiet effectiveness, marked by a record of many duties well done and many responsibilities faithfully fulfilled, was that of the late William Fulkerson, who was a pioneer of Andrew County and was one of the men who developed and made that county what it is. In the round of everyday duties and in the faithful and intelligent performance of every task that was allotted to him during his long life, he left a record which may well be admired by the generations that follow him. His venerable widow is still living at
Savannah, surrounded by children and grandchildren, and is now well past the age of fourscore.
William Fulkerson was born in Rhea County of East Tennessee April 3, 1819, a son of Frederick and Sarah (Bradley) Fulkerson. Both parents were natives of Virginia, where they were married, and soon afterwards settled in East Tennessee. About 1829 they moved out to Missouri, and located on the frontier in Lafayette County. The father was a merchant and farmer, and died in advanced years in 1841, followed by his wife in 1845. Their large family of children were: Eliza F.; Dr. James M.; Reuben Bradley; Isaac; Dr. Peter Perry; William; Mary Hannah Davis; Caroline; Margaret Gordon; Frederick D.; Catherine Gordon; Emmet Bradley; and Susan Rebecca—thirteen in all, and death has claimed the entire family.
William Fulkerson was about ten years of age when the family moved to Lafayette County, Missouri, where he was reared on his father's farm, and had only the limited advantages offered by the country schools of that early day. In 1850 he joined in the great exodus from Missouri to the Pacific- Coast, and spent about twelve months in California, in the mining districts. In the spring of 1851 he returned to Missouri, and thereafter was content to follow the quiet vocation of farming. In 1846 he had bought a farm in Jefferson Township of Andrew County, and was one of the early settlers in this section of Northwest Missouri. He became the owner of 335 acres, improved and cultivated it, and was steadily prosperous in his varied activities. In 1892 he retired to Savannah, and died in that city December 11, 1894, when seventy-five years of age. He was a stanch democrat in politics, and a member of the Presbyterian Church.
On October 5, 1848, Mr. Fulkerson married Miss Sallie Brackenridge. She was born in St. Louis County, Missouri, April 1, 1830, and was fourteen years of age when her family moved to Northwest Missouri and located in Andrew County. Her parents were John and Eliza (Post) Brackenridge, the former a native of Kentucky and the latter of Vermont. Her mother died in Andrew County when about eighty-seven years of age, and her father passed away in Troy, Kansas, at the age of about eighty years. Mr. and Mrs. Fulkerson were the parents of nine children, namely: Eliza, wife of Robert Catron of Butler, Missouri, and she is the mother of four children; Monroe, who died at the age of twenty-one; John, who died in infancy; Frederick, who died at the age of forty-seven, leaving a widow and seven children; Elizabeth, who died in infancy; Margaret, who died aged two years; Ruth, who died in infancy ; Florence, who lives with her mother in Savannah; and William, who died at the age of twenty-one. Mrs. Sallie Fulkerson now lives in Savannah and is eighty-four years of age. She has eleven grandchildren and one great-grandchild. For more than forty years she had membership in the Primitive Baptist Church, but after her removal to Savannah united with the Christian Church, and both she and her daughter, Florence, are regular attendants at the services of that denomination.
[Source: A history of northwest Missouri, Volume 3; Edited by Walter Williams; Publ. 1915; Pgs. 1637-1638; Transcribed and submitted by Andrea Stawski Pack]


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