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Coroners Inquests
1866 - 1932

(Source: Missouri State Archives)

Name of the Deceased County Date of death Cause of death
Adkins, Amos Andrew 1902 Heart Disease
Agee, Evelyn Andrew 1906 Natural Causes
Agee, William, Evander Andrew 1937 Cerebral Apoplexy
Akers, Allison Armstrong Andrew 1929 Natural Causes
Allen, David Andrew 1918 Automobile - Train Accident
Allen, Joseph R. Andrew 1930 Heart Failure "due To Over Exertion"
Anderson, John Andrew 1870 Suicide - Hanging
Artis, Charles H. Andrew 1904 Heart Failure
Asher, Joseph Andrew 1893 Suicide - Hanging
Augustine, Samuel Andrew 1905 Natural Causes
Austin, George Andrew 1889 Suicide - Gunshot Wound "in Cemetery At The Grave Of His Child"
Auxier, George Andrew 1933 Automobile Accident
Baasch, Peter Andrew 1928 Natural Causes
Bachman, Jacob Andrew 1934 Cerebral Hemorrage
Bales, Gladys Andrew 1937 Angina Pectoris
Ballard, Sanders Andrew 1899 Accidental Gunshot Wound
Banister, William Andrew 1901 Suicide - Hanging
Beall, Albert P. Andrew 1902 Suicide - Poisoning
Beasley, Miles Rutherford Andrew 1896 Accidental Shooting
Belcher, John Andrew 1899 Hit By Train
Bell, George Lee Andrew 1907 Heart Failure
Bellings, Ben F. Andrew 1934 No Cause Of Death Given
Berry, Edwin C. Andrew 1917 Automobile Accident
Berry, Thomas D. Andrew 1906 Fall From Train
Bitzberger, Emil Andrew 1912 No Cause Of Death Given
Blair, Loren Andrew 1938 Automobile Accident
Blakely, Robert Andrew 1899 Struck By Train While Intoxicated
Blakeslee, William H. Andrew 1902 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Blatz, George Andrew 1911 Suicide - Hanging
Bodenhansen, William Andrew 1929 Suicide - Hanging
Bolton, Robert Andrew 1908 Heart Attack
Bowlin, John Andrew 1877 Accidental Drowning 102 River
Bowlin, Thomas H. Andrew 1916 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Bowmer, G. W. Andrew 1922 Hit By Train
Brandley, Jacob Andrew 1924 Hit By Train
Branfield, Herrick Andrew 1934 No Cause Of Death Given
Branman, Michael Andrew 1924 Alcoholic Poisoning
Breit, Maude Andrew 1931 Automobile Accident - "fast And Reckless Driving By Harold Thomas"
Brooks, Joseph C. Andrew 1906 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Brown, Fred Andrew 1909 Drowned While Swimming
Brunner, Joseph Andrew 1903 Heart Failure
Bryant, Arthur Andrew 1901 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Bryant, William G. Andrew 1937 Automobile Accident
Buckner, James E. Andrew 1905 Heart Failure "found At County Jail"
Buehlman, Ferdnand Andrew 1929 Heart Failure
Buehlman, Ida Andrew 1933 Accidental Drowning
Burch, Henry C. Andrew 1927 Suicide - Hanging "influence Of Pain And Dope"
Burch, W.t. Dr. Andrew 1903 Overdose Of Morophine
Burnett, Marion Andrew 1882 Accidental Drowning
Burns, Charles M. Andrew 1930 Heart Failure "violent Exercise"
Bush, Samuel W. Andrew 1928 Natural Causes
Butt, Oliver Andrew 1921 Murdered "by Unknown" File Includes Bullet And Slugs
Butts, Joseph Andrew 1897 Natural Causes
Caldwell, J. W. Andrew 1908 Ran Over By Train - Fell From Box Car
Callen, William Gleaves Andrew 1927 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Calvert, James Andrew 1929 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Calvert, John Andrew 1907 Drowned In Well
Campbell, Shurman Lee Andrew 1935 Accidental Drowning
Carr, Harriett M. Andrew 1936 Cerebral Apoplexy
Cassles,John Henry Andrew 1901 Accidental Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound
Castle, Estella Andrew 1916 Suicide - Poisoning "overdose Of Bromidia"
Chapman, W. A. Reverend Andrew 1922 Hit By Train
Chilcoat, Maggie Andrew 1918 Automobile - Train Accident
Clemmons, Lewis Andrew 1883 No Cause Of Death Given
Clouse, Albert Sidney Andrew 1926 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Cobb, Alfred M. Andrew 1921 Thrown From Automobile
Cobb, Lyne Andrew 1921 Thrown From Automobile
Cokly, Cornelius Andrew 1901 Heart Failure
Collins, Frank Andrew 1897 Shock And Injury Caused By Jumping From Freight Train
Collins, Harry Andrew 1905 Unkown (body Fround On Railroad Tracks)
Combs, George R. Andrew 1877 Overdose Of Alchol And Opium
Cook, Martha Katherine Andrew 1914 Attack Of Apoplexy
Cooksey, Alex Andrew 1927 Hit By Train
Cooper, J. H. Andrew 1896 Falling Down A Stairway While Intoxicated
Cormady, William Andrew 1885 Accidental Drowning
Courtner, Winifield Andrew 1883 Concussion Thrown From Horse
Courtney, Paul Andrew 1938 Hit By Train - Decapitation
Cox, Oscar Andrew 1936 No Cause Of Death Given
Cox, Walter Andrew 1930 Suffocation In Well
Cox, William Andrew 1910 Hit By Train
Crigley, Joe Andrew 1907 Hit By Train
Criswell, D.w. Dr. Andrew 1935 Automobile - Train Accident
Daily, Samuel O. Andrew 1902 Congestion "heart And Lungs, Alchol And He"t
Dalton, Levi Andrew 1881 No Cause Of Death Given
Davidson, Dan Andrew 1934 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Davis, Calvin E. Andrew 1907 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Davis, Thomas P. Andrew 1920 Causes Unknown
Davison, Shadrick Andrew 1913 Blow On Side Of Head (trying To Separate His 2 Brothers Fight
Dean, Harvey Andrew 1911 Smothered When Cave Collapsed During Tornado
Dersch, Lewis D. Andrew 1917 Accidental Drowning-Intoxicated "fell Out Of Boat While Fishing"
Dever, Benjamin Andrew 1899 Suicide - Poisoning By Arsenic
Dewault, Hazel Andrew 1920 Murder - "pistol Shot By Some Unknown Person To The Jury"
Dickson, George W. Andrew 1923 Suicide - Hanging
Dimmerick, Abbie Andrew 1929 Murder - "beaten With A Stone In The Hands Of Charles Dimmerick"
Doe, Baby Andrew 1876 No Cause Of Death Given - Belonged To Hired Girl Of W.h. Armstron
Doe, Baby Andrew 1880 Blow To The Head - Body Found In "jenkins Well"
Doe, John Andrew 1881 Drowned
Doe, John Andrew 1883 Drowned
Doe, John Andrew 1891 Hit By Train "due To His Own Carelessness"
Doe, John Andrew 1892 Drinking Whiskey And Exposure
Doe, John Andrew 1892 Drowned
Doe, John Andrew 1894 Drowned
Doe, John Andrew 1899 Run Over By Train By Throwing Himself Across The Track
Doe, John Andrew 1901 Hit By Train
Doe, John Andrew 1911 Suicide - Hanging
Doe, John Andrew 1916 Accident - Falling Between Railroad Cars
Doe, John Andrew 1928 Colored Falling From Freight Train
Doe, John Andrew 1938 Stabbed In Back. . .and By Being Shot
Dreher, Wayne Dean Andrew 1936 Snake Bite "bite By Venormous Animal"
Drmdricks, Jacob Andrew 1903 Hit By Train
Duff, Mary Francis Andrew 1921 Suicide - Hanging
Duffey, Barnabus Andrew 1884 Sporidotick Cholora
Duffey, Mary Andrew 1933 Natural Causes
Duncan, Nancy E. Andrew 1938 Heart Attack "myocardial Failure"
Dunovan, Timothy Andrew 1884 Appendicitis
Duval, William Andrew 1888 Gunshot Wound - Gangrene-Amputation "shot By James Hayzlett"
Edwards, Alexander Andrew 1927 Natural Causes
Eiman, Christian A. Andrew 1922 Suicide - Hanging
Eldridge, Lavina Andrew 1902 Natural Causes
Elliott, Margaret K. Andrew 1931 Suicide - Poisoning (carbolic Acid)
Evans, Earl Nathan Andrew 1934 Heart Failure
Fancher, Myrtle Andrew 1914 Murder - "strangulation At The Hands Of Partes Unkown To The Jury"
Fansher, George Andrew 1938 Automobile Accident
Fay, Jess Andrew 1904 Hit By Train
Fisher, Conrad Andrew 1931 Hit By Train
Fisher, Milton Andrew 1924 Foaralytic Shake
Fontrup, John Andrew 1907 Drowned In Well
Ford, Fred Decatur Andrew 1937 Angina Pectoris
Fossel, Joseph Andrew 1882 Natural Causes
Frietchman, Joseph Andrew 1934 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Fueler, William Andrew 1926 Jumping From Second Story Window
Fuller, Cyrus Emsly Andrew 1925 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Furgenson, James Andrew 1903 Heart Failure
Gadding, Thomas F. Andrew 1881 Found In 102 River (shares Document With Selum, John)
Gaines, James Andrew 1907 No Cause Of Death Given
Gaines, Julius A. Andrew 1885 Gunshot Wound - Accidental Discharge Of Double Barrel Shotgun
Garrett, Robert Wesley Andrew 1926 Natural Causes
Garrette, Ruth Holly Andrew 1935 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Garrette, William C. Andrew 1931 Sturck By Automobile
Gaucher, Homer Andrew 1935 Fractured Skull
Gauter, Carl Joseph Andrew 1938 Heart Attack "myocardial Failure"
Gawatz, Louis William Andrew 1926 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Gehrin, Dare Andrew 1934 Natural Causes "heart Failure"
Giddens, Joseph G. Andrew 1927 Asphyxiation
Gifford, George Andrew 1936 Atuomobile Accident
Gilbert, Allen Stuart Andrew 1930 Accidental Shooting
Glooman, James B. Andrew 1930 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Goodman, Thomas Lee Andrew 1933 Accidental Shooting
Gordon, Orphens Andrew 1905 No Cause Of Death Given
Gotschall, Katheryn Andrew 1917 No Cause Of Death Given
Gotschall, Katheryn Andrew 1917 Accident - Ran Over By Train
Graves, Roxey Andrew 1916 Suicide - Drowining
Griggs, Ada Andrew 1922 Automobile Accident
Gurdike, Martha A. Andrew 1915 Accident - Burned To Death
Hadcock, Harris P. Andrew 1913 Accident - Stuck By Train
Haenni, Marion Rudolph Andrew 1914 Accident - Struck By Train
Hainey, T. C. Andrew 1903 Suicide (file Includes Ballistics Test Pattern)
Hall, Thomas W. Andrew 1921 Suicide - Poisoning
Hannah, J. F. Andrew 1921 Automobile - Train Accident
Harris, Vernon Andrew 1909 Suicide - Means Not Listed
Hartman, Wess Andrew 1919 No Cause Of Death Given
Hatfield, John Q. Andrew 1913 Acute Alcoholism
Haueler, Herman Andrew 1913 Accident - Caught In Belt
Hazelwood, John C. Andrew 1878 Drowned
Heartsock, John F. Andrew 1884 Suffocation
Hector, Roy Andrew 1913 Swimming Accident-Broken Neck
Heenan,John Andrew 1893 Train Accident - Fell Beneath Wheels Of Railroad Car
Henderson, Baby Andrew 1895 Head Injury Inflicted By Unknown Person Newborn Of Estella
Henderson, David M. Andrew 1901 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Herdon, James B. Andrew 1925 Suicide - Slit Throat
Hewitt, John Andrew 1892 Hit By Train
Hill, Frank Andrew 1904 Accidental Shooting (by William Shafer)
Hockaday, John Andrew 1884 Accidental Injury
Hocker, Scott Andrew 1906 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Hoffelmire, August Andrew 1866 Drowning
Holland, E. W. Andrew 1918 Suicide - "by His Own Hand"
Hopkins, George B. Andrew 1889 Hit By Train
Howard, George D. Andrew 1879 Injuries Inflicted Upon His Head And Neck In Kansas City
Howe, Wiliam Andrew 1921 Hit By Train
Hower, Earl Andrew 1921 Hit By Train
Huffman, Earnest Andrew 1921 Suicide - Hanging
Hull, Clint Andrew 1938 Heart Attack - Myocardial Failure
Hunter, Gene Andrew 1936 No Cause Of Death Given
Hunter, J. M. Andrew 1905 Suicide - Hanging
Jackson, Charles W. Andrew 1935 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Jann, John Andrew 1935 Heart Disease
Jenkins, Lewis Elmer Andrew 1897 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Johnson, Ellen Andrew 1879 Uterine Hemmorrhage
Karrasch, Edward Andrew 1901 Accidental Gunshot Wound
Kellerman, Joseph Andrew 1915 Accident - Struck By Automobile
Kephart, R. H. Andrew 1902 Pneumonia-By "violent Exposure"
Kinnerman, Alvin Andrew 1909 No Cause Of Death Given
Kitring, William Andrew 1915 Natural Causes
Knechtenhofer, Bertha Susan Andrew 1914 Accident - Window Sash Fell On Neck-Liggett School House
Knechtenhofer, John F. Andrew 1936 Heart Disease
Knowlton, George Andrew 1906 No Cause Of Death Given
Kolasky, Pete Andrew 1929 Stepped In Front Of Train
Kolb, S. . Andrew 1928 Natural Causes
Lake, Mary Phylinda Andrew 1936 Chronic Heart Disease
Latham, Corwin Andrew 1932 Poisoning - Strychnine "taken In A Manner Unknown"
Leach, Frank Andrew 1933 Automobile Accident
Legge, Otto Andrew 1929 Frozen To Death
Lemmon, Cordie C. Andrew 1928 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Lemon, William Andrew 1935 Hit By Automobile
Lester, David S. Andrew 1937 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Lilly, Rufus Andrew 1912 Drowned "while Bathing"
Limdley, Arthur Andrew 1912 Result Of Accident
Lueggata, Luigi Andrew 1911 Gunshot Wound - "inflicted By Sheriff's Deputies-Posse"
Lusch, H. I. Andrew 1906 Natural Causes
Lykins, W. R. Andrew 1912 No Cause Of Death Given
Lyons, George Andrew 1928 Hit By Automobile
Mack, David L. Andrew 1933 Accidental Gunshot Wound
Mann, Clement Jerome Andrew 1930 Suicide - "by Own Hand-Shooting Self Through Chest"
Mann, William A. Andrew 1929 Suicide - "jumping From Third Story Window"
Marion, Oakly Andrew 1890 Intoxicated, Fell Out Of His Wagon And Was Run Over By It
Martin, Anna Andrew 1914 Accidental Drowning-102 River
Martin, Henry Andrew 1918 No Cause Of Death Given
Martin, Theresa Andrew 1914 Drowned
Martinm Ludwig Andrew 1914 Drowned - 102 River
Mathias, Cal Andrew 1898 Accidental Ingestion Of Bug Killer, Mistook It For Wine
Mayer, Marie Andrew 1938 Cerebral Apoplexy And Arteriosclerosis
Mayham,Mary Andrew 1898 Natural Causes
Mcarthur, Alexander Andrew 1913 Acute Alcholism And Excessive Heat
Mcconnell, Thomas W. Andrew 1897 Hit By Train While Walking
Mccormick, J. E. Andrew 1916 Accident - Box Car Falling On Him
Mcfadden, Robert H. Andrew 1925 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Mcgaughy, Anderson Andrew 1920 Accidntal Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound
Mckillop, William Andrew 1880 Struck On The Head By A Club In The Hands Of George Montgomery
Mclaughlin, Austie Andrew 1884 Murdered And Raped By Newton Bateman
Mclaughlin, Della Andrew 1884 Murdered And Raped By Newton Bateman
Mcmillan, Ella Andrew 1911 Frozen To Death
Mcmillian, George Andrew 1911 No Cause Of Death Given
Mcmurry, Peter Carthwright Andrew 1914 Natural Causes -"organic Disease"
Mcpeek, Ernest R. Andrew 1927 Automobile Accident
Middleton, Josephine Andrew 1921 Suicide - Drowning
Miller, Hugh Andrew 1918 Accident - Caught In Belt Of Fee Grinder
Miller, Lester Andrew 1919 No Cause Of Death Given
Moore, Thomas Andrew 1905 Hit By Train
Moran, David L. Andrew 1903 Suicide - Slashed Throat
Moran, Steward Andrew 1928 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Morrison, Jacob Andrew 1926 Natural Causes
Murphy, James Andrew 1906 No Cause Of Death Given
Murphy, Mollie Andrew 1887 Drowned
Newman, Mary A. Andrew 1905 Murder - Gunshot Wound Inflicted By Martin Paulsgrove
Nichols, Rebecca Andrew 1917 Dilatation Of Heart. . .due To Overexertion And Chronic Nephritis
Nigh, M. Andrew 1938 Suicide - Hanging (female)
Obermier, William Andrew 1919 Accident - Fall From Ladder
Oliver, Oscar Andrew 1916 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Orr, Winnie Brock Andrew 1915 Epilepsy With Possible Organic Heart Disease
Osleen, Joseph M. Andrew 1919 No Cause Of Death Given
Owens, Murrey Andrew 1902 Heart Failure
Pappon, George W. Andrew 1936 Heart Disease
Parker, James Andrew 1934 Heart Disease
Parrish, Harvey Ross Andrew 1935 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Patton, Virgil Andrew 1936 Automobile Accident
Pearce, Jesse O. Andrew 1922 Accidntally Run Down By An Automobile
Pendleton, Rosing Andrew 1890 Sturck By Train
Pendleton, Samuel H. Andrew 1890 Sturck By Train
Perkins, Roy F. Andrew 1933 Suicide - Hanging
Pettis, Fred Andrew 1901 Asphyxia - "while Cleaning A Well"
Philpot, Maude Pearl Andrew 1907 Self Inflicted Abortion
Pittman, Paul Andrew 1928 Struck Or Falling Under Train
Polllock, Absolom Andrew 1899 Suicide - Hanging
Proffitt, Daisy Andrew 1904 Lack Of Medical Attention
Raines, Ralph Andrew 1927 Accidental Shooting While Hunting
Ranch, John W. Andrew 1903 Natural Causes
Randall, Elmer Andrew 1893 Suicide - Gunshot Wound (file Includes Suicide Note To Girlfriend)
Randall, Ira Oscar Andrew 1934 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Ratcliff, William Andrew 1928 Drowned - 102 River
Ray, Dale Andrew 1935 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Reddish, George S. Andrew 1913 Suicide - Hanging
Redheffer, William Andrew 1881 Suicide - Gunshot Wound "dead At Courthouse"
Reese, Virgil Thomas Andrew 1932 Murder -G Unshot "by Miss Teddy Lytle"
Reeves, John Andrew 1934 Natural Causes
Reynolds, John Andrew 1930 Drowning "death By Violence"
Richardson, Frank W. Andrew 1901 Murder - "shot By Unknown"
Richie, David Andrew 1911 Accidental Discharge Of Gun
Riley, George Andrew 1918 Blow Of A Club By Wes Hartman
Roach, Ellen Andrew 1927 Automobile - Train Accident
Roberts, Albert Andrew 1906 Accidental Drowning
Roberts,Benjamin Andrew 1904 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Robinson, W. M. Andrew 1922 From A Fall
Roble, Edgar H. Andrew 1934 Accident
Roble, Susie M. Andrew 1934 Accident
Russel, Samuel Andrew 1921 Accidental Fall
Sarvens, H. F. Andrew 1933 No Cause Of Death Given
Schoen, Robert Andrew 1918 Suicide - Hanging
Scott, J. W. Andrew 1881 Dismembered By Train Savannah Depot
Scott, R. C. Andrew 1911 Accidenta By Being Thrown Or Pushed By Lewis Crawford
Scott, Silas J. Andrew 1894 No Cause Of Death Given
Seckel, Sam Andrew 1938 Murder "drowned After Beaten And Thrown In Spring By Ed Seckel"
Selum, John Andrew 1881 Found In 102 River (shares Document With Gadding, Thomas F.
Shelby, Tom Andrew 1934 Heart Attack
Sheppard, William J. Andrew 1936 Heart Attack "coronary Occlusion"
Shubaugh, Charles W. Andrew 1914 Suicide
Siard, Mattie Leona Andrew 1915 Unknown
Sifers, Daniel Andrew 1931 Struck By Motor Truck Driven By Lewis Redfern
Sifers, Emery Andrew 1931 Struck By Motor Truck Driven By Lewis Redfern
Simerly, Laffayette Monroe Andrew 1928 Suicide - Hanging
Simerly, William Andrew 1904 Murder - Gunshot Wound By Joseph Simerly
Smith, George Andrew 1880 Pneumonia-Lack Of Care
Smith, James Andrew 1898 Murdered - Gunshot Wound Inflicted By A.h. Buschman
Smith, Thomas J. Andrew 1925 Struck By Train
Smith, Walter Andrew 1935 Fractured Skull
Smithers, Harry Andrew 1929 Accident - Jumped From Automobile
Snodgrass, Virgil Andrew 1928 Drowned
Spelliarn, Guy Andrew 1900 Fractured Skull -J Ury Unable To Determine Cause
Spence, George Richard Andrew 1933 Natural Causes - "colored"
Spender, William George Andrew 1935 Malnutrition
Speth, H. Andrew 1900 Fractured Skull - Jury Unable To Determine Cause
Spurlock-Sherlock, George N. Andrew 1887 Wounds Were Inflicted By . . .jasper Rhoades
Stafford, E. M. Andrew 1914 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Stafford, Mary E. Andrew 1922 Heat Prostration
Staley, Luther E. Andrew 1938 Heart Attack - "acute Dilitation Of The Heart"
Stanton, John D. Andrew 1877 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Steel, Frank Andrew 1916 Accident - Death While Swimming
Stephenson, John Andrew 1905 No Cause Of Death Given
Stevens, Harry Andrew 1936 Automobile Accident
Stewart, Elmer Andrew 1903 Crushed To Death - Head On Collison Of Freight And Passenger Train
Stewart, J. W. Andrew 1935 Automobile Accident
Suitt, W. T. Andrew 1927 Suicide - Jumping From Screened Porch-Dr. Nichol's Sanitorium
Suthers, Harry Andrew 1929 Automobile Hit By Train
Swartz, Lawrence W. Andrew 1928 Accidental Electricution-Putting Out Fire On Telephone Pole
Swift, Lousia Andrew 1902 Rupturing Of A Blood Vessel Near The Heart
Taylor, Henry Andrew 1904 Falling Off Of Horse Or Some Cause Unknown To Jury
Thomann, Frederick Andrew 1900 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Thomas, George W. (mrs.) Andrew 1929 Automobile Accident
Todd, James Andrew 1915 No Cause Of Death Given
Townsend, E. D. Andrew 1901 Hit By Train
Townsend, John H. Andrew 1929 Natural Causes
Trumbo, E. C. Andrew 1912 Poisoning - Arsenic
Vanmeter, William G. Andrew 1933 Suicide - Hanging
Vogel, Robert Andrew 1930 Suicide - Hanging
Vonart, Ray H. Andrew 1932 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Waddle, Vestal Andrew 1914 Accident - Smothered To Death By Horse Falling On Him
Waldan, Rhoda Andrew 1922 Natural Causes "colored"
Wallace, Elmer Andrew 1913 Accident - Struck By Automobile
Walters, Calvin Andrew 1881 Struck By Lightning
Wardlow, David Andrew 1877 Rupture Of Blood Vessel At The Base Of Brain
Watson, Lillie Andrew 1909 No Cause Of Death Given - Family Lived In A Tent
Watts, William F. Andrew 1918 Hit By Automobile
Weir, Charles Otis Andrew 1934 Murderd - Gunshout Wound Inflicted By Guy Farris
Weir, Grace Andrew 1899 Suicide - Poisoning Strychnine
Weir, Henry Q. Andrew 1917 Natural Causes
Welch, Herbert Andrew 1906 Broken Neck - "jumped From A Moving Train"
Wells, Martha A. Andrew 1894 Suicide - "set Herself On Fire"
Westfall, Charles G. Andrew 1925 Natural Causes
Wheaton, Leone M. Andrew 1918 Stepped In Front Of Train
White, Walter Andrew 1922 Struck By Flying Stone From A Blast
Whitefond, Ira J. Andrew 1929 Asphyxiation
Wilber, Andrew Andrew 1910 Accidental Drowning
Wilcox, R. S. Andrew 1900 Dropsey Of The Heart
Wilderman, George Andrew 1931 Natural Causes
Williams, William M. Andrew 1931 Natural Causes
Wilson, A. H. Andrew 1896 Murder - 4 Gunshot Wounds
Wilson, C.c. Jr. Andrew 1930 Struck By Train-"cause Unknown To Jury"
Wilson, Roy Andrew 1929 Suicide - Gunshot Wound
Wilson, Walter Andrew 1907 Run Over By Train
Wise, Charlie Andrew 1911 Hit By Train
Wise, Samuel Andrew 1897 Congestion Of The Brain
Wood, Lloyd Andrew 1935 No Cause Of Death Given
Wright, "mrs." Andrew 1936 Accident
Wyss, Fritz Andrew 1888 Accidentaly "by Exposure"
Yackee, D. F. Andrew 1914 Accident - Horse And Buggy
Yates, Lee Andrew 1937 No Cause Of Death Given
Yonkers, Niklaus Andrew 1936 Suicide - "self Inflicted Death By Strangulation"
Young, J. M. Andrew 1905 No Cause Of Death Given


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