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World War II Honor List of Dead & Missing
Army & Air Force

Source: Missouri State Archives, Submitted by Tammy Clark

Meaning of the Abbreviations

KIA--killed in action
DOW--died of wounds
DNB--died non-battle
FOD-finding of death
DOI--died of injuries


Surname Given Name Serial No Rank Status
ANDERSON Chester A 37206472 PVT KIA
BODENHAUSEN Norman G 37515433 TEC 5 KIA
BOWEN Donald H 37139845 TEC 4 KIA
BRINSON Logan G 37518740 T SG KIA
DAVISON Clifford B 37492654 PFC KIA
DICKSON Arthur L 37745406 PVT KIA
DURTSCHI John K 02058436 2 LT KIA
EDWARDS Abraham 37014264 PFC DOW
FRASER Walter C 0-442466 1 LT FOD
GAY William H 37208880 S SG KIA
HORTON Billy L 37230458 TEC 4 DOW
HUFFAKER Larkin E 37135305 PVT DNB
JACKSON Merlin V 37010969 SGT KIA
KABEL Archie W 37745394 PFC KIA
KLEINSORGE Joseph T 37227658 TEC 5 DNB
LUTHER Clifton W 37135689 PFC KIA
MADISON Jack M 19004878 S SG KIA
OLIVER Charles H 37221318 S SG FOD
PACE George H Jr 0-926312 1 LT DNB
PURTLE Orel D 37532282 PVT KIA
PYLE Clarence E 37514551 TEC 5 KIA
REECE George A 37492665 TEC 5 KIA
SIPES Edwin H 37248626 PFC DNB
WENNEKOHL Donald C 37208909 PFC KIA
WARDLON Leo D 01823804 1 LT DNB
WASHBURN Ronald F 37001466 SGT KIA
WEBSTER Everett L 37015315 SGT KIA
WILKERSON Clarence R 37515450 PFC KIA


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