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A Mr. Davis, formerly from Illinois, has moved into the house formerly occupied by W.H. Clarke.
Source: The Andrew County Republican, Savannah, MO., Feb. 4, 1876

Dr. W.A. Lockett
who lives about three miles sourth of here, is talking of moving into Flag Springs.
Source: The Andrew County Republican, Savannah, MO, Feb. 4, 1876

Henry Molter
late of this county, removes to a farm in Holt county, three miles north of Oregon. We congratulate Holt county on the advent of a good citizen in Mr. Molter and also a sound Republican.
Source: The Andrew County Republican, Savannah, MO, Dec. 6, 1872

J.M. Shepard
J.M. Shepard is intending to remove to Illinois shortly.  He is a good citizen, and we regret to give him up.
Source: The Andrew County Republican, Savannah, MO., Feb. 4, 1876

Emigration From Andrew County
Source: "Missouri Pioneers County and Genealogical Records," Vol. 3, by Nadine Hodges, Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff, 1968, transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team.
Copied from the Savannah Sentinel dated 15 May 1852. Published at Savannah, Andrew Co., Mo.

We have been favored by A. Elliott, Esq., with the following list of heads of families with their families, and others, who have left this County for California and Oregon this spring – from which it will be observed that our population has decreased near a thousand souls!

B. F. Dillon

Wm. Ellis

R. Pettyjohn

N. A. Fields

M. Baily

S. Long

J. Shaw

L. Snodgrass

B. R. Holt

James Dixon

John Shrofe

Jackson Camlin

Joseph Mosier

John Mosier

Richard Willis

John Chinewoth

John Petre

Wm. Deakins

---- Crosby

J. B. Thompson

---- Camel

Edward Goodwin

Joseph Ogle

Edward Pyburn

Wm. Howard

John Rodgers

Lewis Jones

Joseph Pearl

Thos. Gadd

I. Zane

James C. Beavers

Widow Wardlow

David Henderson

John Smithers

Samuel Owsley

John Grimes

Thos. Hanby

Green Webster

J. P. Webster

J. Vanschoiack

N. R. Vanschoiack

---- Lacy

John Phillips

Wm. Murry

Widow Hankinson

N. B. Woods

---- Painter

---- Tabor

---- Fields

John Gilmore

Dan Bullin

Thos. Worthington

James Cox

Joseph Cox

Jacob Cox

James Vaughn

Daniel Miller

William Clemmens

John Maxwell

David Phillips

Jer Phillips

Wm. Phillips

John Hartman

Jonathan Summers

H. K. Skooling

James Skooling

Wm. Vanbuskirk

John Vanbuskirk

Joseph Vanbuskirk

Elijah Whisler

Thos. Henderson

Zach Johnson

Geo. Brumfield

John Petre

Jas. T. Richardson

Calvin Rohrer

Cyrus Rohrer

James Pearl

Green Vanschoiack

Peter Marlatt

John Cole

Jordan Peters

To. K. Chambers

Willis Gains

James Shields

Jack Smith

John Burgan

Samuel Miller

James Taylor

J. R. Fouts

E. L. Clark

---- Lacy

Stephen Cole

Clay Fountain

Matthew Fountain

James Herron

Reuben Glaze

Widow Shelton

T. Shelton

R. Shelton

J. A. White

Whole number of families – 105

Average to each family – 8

Total 840

The following is a list of young men who are not listed in the above:

James McCord

D. M. Steele

J. Blaine

James C. Beatie

D. McDonald

Jasper McDonald

J. S. Walker

C. L. Clark

P. J. Perkins

Thomas Clemmens

D. Richards

H. Summers

Sol Roberts

H. Clemmens



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